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In all democratic countries To all Global Freedom fighters All the World Humanist

Democracy is founded on the belief of women and men, not based on the market's belief. The vote is an instrument of democracy, is not and should not be, a good trade material. The owners of the money have been evolving in its lawful way of obtaining the goods and the dignity of others. The process of alienation through the mass media of those who have been criminally lawful and proper, has created a new way of obtaining political power, which no longer have to corrupt political elite democratic countries to obtain special dispensations to increase their wealth accumulation, now are they, who primarily using television blatant and lawfully impose their presidents. Mexico currently how much the misfortune of having a 10 Mexicans on the list of the richest in the world, they, their families and their partners, in recent years created the conditions licit to do what they do very well, Buy, and bought a mannequin, who trained, dressed and combed to sell as part of its inventory. Also impoverished the country in more than 20%, if we know that these numbers do not add to GDP, but our economy is not measured by their earnings, measured by our losses, that 20% is not money, that 20 % are over 20 million people who were not poor before the current president arrived, and after they bought into liquidation impoverish a good price, I paid $ 10 for his dignity and the shame and loss of hunger, are presented to the polls to vote for the puppet who brutally promoted as the new artist of television, they did all this for over 6 years, bought the referee blatantly election, laws, judges, to newspapers, to pollsters, reporters and opposition parties to make it appear to be indignant, but just a little. They had an old adage that says "Cats open their eyes after 10 days, Mexicans never" Fortunately this is here and never did reach youth. At this point we are already millions of Mexicans who opened our eyes and we are opposing this ridiculous, brutal and lawfully imposed. But we need the support of every one of the free men and women on the planet to stop them, we will not allow humans in Mexico or anywhere in the world to be governed by a good stupid, neophyte and empty. For the owners of money, is just the beginning, remember that they are owners of the media in their countries and or associated and partner with their homelands operators to do the same worldwide. Democracy and its defense cannot handle trends, we all fit in it, even when in disagreement with outrageously ruler, but the ruler should be part of democracy, and EPN is not part of democracy. The owners of the money, their political parties and their candidates, bought the election. This is not democracy. We must avoid at all costs that Enrique Pea Nieto is president of Mexico, so just stop the onslaught of the dictatorship of money on the world's peoples. "When the dictatorship becomes law, rebellion is a Right"

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