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Report On

Porter’s Diamond Model Course Title: International business
Course code: BUS 302 Sec: B

Prepared for
Gouranga Chandra Debnath Lecturer Department of Business Administration Faculty of Business & Economics Daffodil International University.

Prepared by:

Name Md.Farhad Sarker

Id no. 091-11-924

Date of Submission October 25, 2011 Daffodil International University.



Daffodil International University maintains a good organizing system. Information is collected from primary and secondary sources. earning good grade and gathering experiences for future. It applies different job designing. It tried to make its organizing perfect by maintaining six element of organizing. 2 . It departmentalization follows several approaches. has a very good delegation process. lack of information and some unavoidable conditions. It maintains unity of control and scalar principle has a tall span of management. The objectives of this study are .Abstract This term paper focuses on the overall activities of Daffodil International University. This term paper is not perfect for some of our limitations like.gaining practical knowledge. time shortage.

091-11-924 3 . We truly appreciate this assignment as it helps us to understand the different of business.Farhad Sarker Id no. Here is our group assignment for international business Course on analysis of “Porter’s Diamond Model ”. Thank You Sincerely Name Md. We will also be glad to clarify any discrepancy that may arise. We sincerely hope that you will appreciate our report. We have incorporated the most complete and important information available. Dear Sir.Letter of Transmittal 25th October. 2011 Gouranga Chandra Debnath Lecturer Department of Business Administration Daffodil International University Subject: Submission of the report.

Declaration This is informing that the research Porter’s Diamond Model has been prepared in partial fulfillment of the course International business. We are really thankful to our honorable teacher Gouranga Chandra Debnath who has given us the opportunity to do this term paper on organizing. newspaper and websites. journal. those enlighten us with the knowledge which will be very helpful for us in near future. Then we would like to thank all of our friends who helped us to complete our term paper. It has been prepared for academic purposes only. 4 . Lastly. Firstly we would like to thank almighty Allah for help us all the way and after that we like to thank our parents for their love. We also like to thanks some more people who make our way easy for make this term paper. we would like to thank Daffodil International University (DIU) for offering us such a course that assigns us such research paper. We have collected information by visiting Daffodil International University.Acknowledgement All praise to Almighty Allah. This is not copied from any book. care and support which was always our strength.

2.Table of content No 1. 3. Introduction Porter’s Diamond Model 08 09 Evaluation Porter’s theory for Daffodil International 11 University 8. Factor endowment: 11 9. Structure and Rivalry Threat of new entrants Recommendation Reference 12 12 14 14 14 5 . 12. Demand endowment Firm strategy. Contents Objectives of the report Methodology Limitation Scope of this Report Page No 06 06 07 07 5. 10 11. 6. 13. 7. 4.

 Methodology The term paper’s information has been collected from both primary sources and secondary sources. book. newspaper and websites as our secondary sources.Objective of the Report There are some objectives of this report:     To gain practical knowledge To submit this term paper To know about organizing of Daffodil International University To get exemplary grade. To gather experiences for future. Limitation of the Study 6 .  We take interviews of employees of Daffodil International University as our primary sources  We collect our information from magazine.

The university has been founded by Daffodil 7 . this report will provide full view of organizing system of Daffodil International University Introduction Daffodil International University (DIU) is recognized in independent government assessments as one of top graded universities in Bangladesh. And there has some suggestion about those weak points which can recover these weaknesses. And it will help to know about the threat of doing new business. Unavoidable condition.Despite of our effort to the highest level. This report will also help to know about the opportunities and threats of organizing of Daffodil International University. At last it can says that. They are  Lack of information Limitation of time. we had some limitation in study of the report. This report will also help to know about strength and weakness point of organization of Daffodil International University in details.  Scope of this Report This report will provide information about Daffodil International University.

integrity and innovation in every aspect of activity. a strong collaborative approach. learning and teaching of international distinction for the benefit of the nation. and uniqueness of the institution which continue to effectively respond to the needs of students and other constituents. The University has proved that it provides students broad access to the institution's educational resources. Features of the setup vision and mission are striving for excellence. Porter’s Diamond Model 8 . The mission is to pursue research. courtesy and respect. has been set for the university. the university is giving high priority on the use of new and outreach technologies available in the emerging information era. and values which are essential to educate and make citizens responsible as well as to ensure specialized career preparation for students. teaching. the university is emphasizing on high quality education including a comprehensive general education that imparts the broad knowledge. The University is serving the citizens of the country through its instructions. The vision reflects the service to the society.) The University has paid the highest priority to resource allocation to graduate and post graduate education and for future development of those areas that represent the traditional strengths. In establishing the primacy of education which is the institutional mission. the University is assuring the escalating strength of its faculty with the realization that the quality of instruction is directly related to the quality of the University's faculty and the commitment of the faculty to ensure excellence in education. quality. open and effective communications and an inclusive culture based on dignity. and outreach programs and preparing Bangladesh to respond successfully to the challenges of global economy. faculties and other activities that can realize the full potential of the academic community that is Daffodil International University. To be among the very best in Bangladesh which is the most challenging goal. (Possible suggestion: For educational programs in campus and beyond. the University today combines impressive modern facilities and a dynamic approach to teaching and research with its proud heritage of service and achievement. reputation. This has done so because it is only through working we can achieve the very highest level of standards in curriculum. skills.Group with the approval of the Ministry of Education under the Private University Act of 1992 and its amendment in 1998 and Daffodil International University came into being on 24th January 2002. Daffodil International University's mission is defined by its IT-based traditions of service and access. Consistent with this commitment. research.

natural resources. but Porter argues that the "key" factors of production (or specialized factors) are created. Domestic rivalry for final goods stimulates the emergence of an industry that provides specialized intermediate goods. Random events can either benefit or harm a firm’s competitive position. The diamond promotes clustering. Factor endowment • Factor endowment refers to inputs used as factors of production .such as labor. Porter emphasizes the role of chance in the model. b. land.A. not inherited. capital and infrastructure. This sounds similar to standard economic theory. acts of war and destruction. Specialized factors of production are skilled labor. B.Four Determinants of National Competitive Advantage a. then the local institution will be competitive in the global market. capital and infrastructure. The Diamond . Demand endowment • • Porter argues that a sophisticated domestic market is an important element to producing competitiveness. Institution that face a sophisticated domestic market are likely to sell superior products or service because the market demands high quality and a close proximity to such consumers enables the firm to better understand the needs and desires of the customers If the nation’s discriminating values spread to other countries. or dramatic shifts in exchange rates. Keen domestic competition leads to more sophisticated consumers who come to expect upgrading and innovation. c. These can be anything like major technological breakthroughs or inventions. The Diamond as a System • • • The points on the diamond constitute a system and are self-reinforcing. Related and Supporting Industries 9 .

where many companies compete vigorously in most industries. Some countries’ capital markets have a long-run outlook. Structure Porter argues that the best management styles vary among industries. Structure and Rivalry 1. Countries with a short-run outlook will tend to be more competitive in industries where investment is short-term. This includes suppliers and related industries. International competition is not as intense and motivating. A country will be competitive in an institution whose key personnel hold positions that are considered prestigious. while others have a short-run outlook. Countries with a long run outlook will tend to be more competitive in industries where investment is long term (b) Individuals’ Career Choices Individuals base their career decisions on opportunities and prestige. 3.• Porter also argues that a set of strong related and supporting industries is important to the competitiveness of firms. 2. Evaluation Porter’s theory for Daffodil International University 10 . Strategy (a) Capital Markets Domestic capital markets affect the strategy of institutions. Rivalry Porter argues that intense competition spurs innovation. This usually occurs at a regional level as opposed to a national level d. Industries vary in how long the long-run is. With international competition. Some countries may be oriented toward a particular style of management. there are enough differences between companies and their environments to provide handy excuses to managers who were outperformed by their competitors. Firm Strategy. Competition is particularly fierce in Japan. Those countries will tend to be more competitive in industries for which that style of management is suited.

 Climate: In Bangladesh for daffodil International University has positive environment to continue their activities-“make a quality full student”.  Geographic Location: The main campus of Daffodil International University Situated at Sukhrabad in Mirpur Road. AIUB. 11 . Brac. It established in 2002. and North South.At the time of starting university faces some problems like quality full teacher.  Research: They are going as a market leader using innovative research by their researcher.  Technology: Daffodil is one of the leading Universities of the country. capital. Daffodil is dedicated to advance technology and the pioneer in introducing innovative ideas. building.Daffodil International University is one of the best universities in Bangladesh.  Advanced factor endowment  Skilled Faculty Member: Daffodil International University captured highly qualified teacher and they are performing best than any other competitor of daffodil international university. So that they are researching at market for expanding or keeping market position.  Factor endowment:  Basic factor endowment:  Natural resources: For Daffodil International university natural resources are the domestic students. And there have easy to communicated with the other three campus. but now this university lead with other university like East West.

Structure and Rivalry: Strategy 12 . Daffodil International Collage (DIC). Creates sophisticated and demanding consumers: The market leader position is showing that the demand of organization’s service is more demandable than others do. Related and supporting industries: Daffodil International Information Technology (DIIT). Internationally Daffodil International University also very popular.  Firm strategy. Their service means teaching quality is creating loyal student day by day.  Demand endowment: To emphasis on the quality of services leading to growth of the institution imbibed with good governance practices. Daffodil International School (DIS) are the supporting institute of Daffodil International University but they are internally competing each other. For this reason some of foreign students also admitted their self in this university. Creates capabilities. Education: To better improvement they recruit higher educated person whose are able to provide better performance in their organization.

Sabur Khan Mrs. and highly productive citizens to attain meaningful careers. and the broad access to the university provided through the innovative use of information technology. Md. Faculty of Humanities and Social Science Registrar Director. Mominul Haque Majumder Board of Trustees Person Mr. Nasima Akther Md. Md. BoT Dean Faculty of Science & Information Technology Dean. Mizanur Rahman Professor Dr. DIU is achieving its mission by providing: ■ An excellent student-centered learning environment ■ Professionally accomplished faculty who are strongly committed to student learning ■ High-quality integrated. Md. One constant effort is to keep the 'Daffodil Spirit' intact. Board of Trustees Member. Shahjahan Mina Prof. and to make contributions to the nation. Finance & Accounts Person Mr. Board of Trustees Member. Md. Board of Trustees Member. and social responsibility. Fatema Begum Md. Board of Trustees Member. Eunus Khan Mrs. The mission of Daffodil International University is to prepare well educated. technologically proficient. The university will be widely recognized for the quality of its undergraduate and postgraduate educational programs. Golam Rahman Dr. Rowshan Ara Begum Mrs. the effectiveness of its research and outreach programs. Dr. Zafar Iqbal Khan Mrs. Board of Trustees . interdependent programs that build upon the country's assets and offer a broad range of choices ■ Exceptional student support services. S. Sabur Khan Professor Dr. to enjoy enriched lives. respect. Structure Management Personnel Position Chairman. and facilities ■ To stimulate the search for knowledge ■ To encourage inquiry and conversation across the traditional academic disciplines ■ To promote opportunity for students to develop as independent thinkers and leaders ■ To foster a campus community characterized by compassion. Emran Hossain 13 Position Founder & Chairman Member. Board of Trustees Member. Faculty of Business and Economics Dean. Fokhray Hossain Mr. Mahbub-Ul-Haque Majumder Professor Dr. Lutfar Rahman Professor M. Board of Trustees Vice Chancellor Advisor. Md.M.Daffodil International University emerged as one of the nation's preeminent IT-based universities in Bangladesh. The university will ensure the quality of its programs through careful utilization of its resources in institutional strengths. Board of Trustees Member. ethical concern. resources. Shahana Khan Md.

Recommendation Daffodil International University is doing business in our own boundary as a market leader but there are huge opportunities to do best than before. City Collage. Dhaka Commerce College etc. Jahaghirnagar University. Bangladesh . Jagannath University.Md. Royal University of Dhaka. Market is becoming competitive day by day so they have to keep market information than others. Threat of new entrants Central Women's University .City University. Khorshed Alam Khan Member. Such as Dhaka University. They have to keep their market position. especially made cheaper. taking good student by admission examination. World University of Bangladesh Threat of substitutes: A product or service can be substituted. For improving educational system authority will take different types of step like heir highly qualified teacher. Dhaka Collage.Viqarunnisa University Queens University . Board of Trustees Rivalry Rivalry among the existing firms: As a developing country we have to improve our educational system and to be producing qualified student to compete rest of the world. 14 .

www. Course materials 2.daffodilvarsity. Web site ( 3.Reference 15 .