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Creative Team: Valenisha Client: Ritter Sport Product/Service: Ritter Sport mini Job Title: 15s Online advertisement

Budget: TBC 1. What is the Background? Ritter Sport started as a small family confectionary in 1912, by Alfred Ritter and his wife Clara. It is now sold in 80 countries and is now passed down through the Ritter family. Alfred Theodor Ritter, the grandchild of the founder, now leads it and the company has 800 employees in Waldenbuch. Ritter Sport is the chocolate with a difference. The company aims to make and keep their products a deal; attractive to both consumers and market. They stressed in the duty of acting in an environmentally responsible manner. Advertising problem: There has not been a solid advertisements or campaign done (in Singapore) by the company to reach out to the target audience. There are a lot of other brands which are more known in Singapore; but due to ads clutter, Ritter Sport has to find another method in order to get their message across without being lost in the sea of ads.

Possible competitors: Toblerone Kitkat Hersheys

2. What is the Objective? To convey the message that small things can mean big things to other people; that the mini Ritter Sport is just more than small chocolates. To promote the brand and raise consumer awareness about its selling point.

3. Who is the Target Audience? Primary Demographic: o Age 18-27 years old o Young adults o Female / Male o Students o Tertiary Students o Single o Attached o Newlyweds Psychographic: o Loves chocolates o Sociable often hang out with friends (eating outside) o Give chocolates as small gift to loved ones o Have people they care for o Do not like to buy huge chocolate bars for the fear it will melt o Love different flavors/experiment of flavors of chocolate and something else

Secondary Demographic: o Age 13-17 years old o Teenagers o Female / Male o Single o Attached o Students Psychographic: o Loves chocolates o Appreciate small treats from anyone o Have people they care for o Young and in love (with friends, families, bf/gf, etc.) o Likes anything cute and mini-sized

4. What do we want the Target Audience to Think/Feel about the Product/Service? That Ritter Sport is the small thing that gives a big impact to everyone; that small things matter more than we think it is. That Ritter Sport Mini is the right thing to give someone special.

Strategy: By demonstrating how the product affects someones life, along with his/her special one, through a 15s online advertisement that appears before a YouTube video. 5. What is the Selling Proposition/Promise/Benefit? (Single Minded Proposition) Ritter Sport Mini is sweet, special and creates a special bond between you and the special people in your life.

6. What is the Support? In 1998, for the first time in its history, RITTER SPORT exceeds the half-billion mark with a turnover of 507m DM. The 100g chocolate bars hold a 22% market share in the food trade. In 2001, the RITTER SPORT Chocolate Shop Visitors Center opens. It vividly and interactively showcases the production of chocolate as well as RITTER SPORTS history. In 2002, RITTER SPORT opens their very own power plant. The RITTER SPORT combined heating-and-power station comes to life, allowing the company to produce approx. 30% of its own electricity and approx. 70% of its own heating needs. It is especially environmentally friendly: Heat is a deliberate waste product of electricity generation that can now be used for heating purposes. Through this system of cogeneration, RITTER SPORT saves approx. 12m kWh of primary energy per year (this corresponds to approx. 1m liters of heating oil) and reduces its CO2 emissions by approx. 6,800 tons in the same period.

7. What is the Tone and Manner? Warm

8. What is Required? A 15s online ad (before YouTube). 9. What is Mandatory? Tagline: The small things that matter. Logo:

Product Shot:

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