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ABOUT THE COMPANY Cadbury, a subsidiary of Cadbury Schweppes is a dominating player in the Indian chocolate market with strong

brands like Dairy Milk, Five Star, Perk etc. Dairy milk is in fact the largest chocolate brand in India. Cadbury India Limited, now stands only second to Cadbury UK Limited in sales of Dairy Milk. The company is pushing the gifting segment, through occasion linked gifts. Chocolates contribute to 64% of Cadbury‟s turnover. Confectionery sales accounting for 12% of turnover, is contributed largely by Eclairs. Cadbury also has a strong brand Bourn Vita the malted health drink category, which accounts for 24% of turnover. PROFILE OF CADBURY Type Founder Current owner Country of origin Introduced 1905 Related brands Markets World Website A few facts and figures      We make and sell three kinds of confectionery: chocolate, gum and candy We operate in over 60 countriesJohn Cadbury opened for business in 1824 - making us nearly 200 years young We work with around 35,000 direct and indirect suppliers We employ around 50,000 people Every day millions of people around he world enjoy our brands 23 June 2008 BUSINESS OPERATION Confectionery George Cadbury Cadbury plc United Kingdom Cadbury products


umers inspire Five Company-Owned manufacturing Facilities:      Thane Induri (Pune) Malanpur (Gwalior) Bangalore Baddi (Himachal Pradesh) 4 Sales Offices:     New Delhi Mumbai Kolkata Chennai Corporate/Head Office: Mumbai 2 .

Cadbury then promotes its products in various ways such as the use of above the line promotion. •Sharpening company culture to reflect accountability. 5 Sales maximisation. Cadbury lost a lot of money testing out the combination of various ingredients and more than 250 were combined before the recipe of the chocolate was finalised. CADBURY TODAY 3 . creating a unique selling proposition (USP) i. a product with unique appeal which is not shared by any of its competitors. As the products are developed.which is the increasing of sales 6 Improving the product image-which includes creating a new logo or launching a new brand of product and creating more attractive packaging. For example. •Aligning our management rewards structure with the interests of employees & shareowners. Fuse. magazines. Cadbury set out two objectives for the development oftheir chocolate. which is where a product is advertised through consumer media such as television. newspapers and radio.e. To increase Cadbury's share of the snacking sector When launching a product the company Cadbury‟s had to make sure that any new product in the snaking sector must establish points of difference. aggressiveness and adaptability. •Creating an outstanding leadership capability within management. STRATEGIC PLAN IN CADBURY •Setting stretched financial objectives. These were: 1. Cadbury tests them to ensure that consumers are willing to buy them. 4 Diversificationwhich is the spreading of business risks by reducing dependence on one product. To grow the market for chocolate confectionery 2. Referring back to the example of Fuse. 3 Growthwhich includes Cadbury selling new products or expanding overseas.SALES OBECTIVE The common aim and objectives of the corporation such as Cadbury includes the following: 1 Survival 2 Profit maximisation which is often taken to be the reason why firms exists and to be the primary objectives in practices most firms have a hierarchy of objectives when a firms survival is threaten it may profit maximise in order to restore its financial health. •Adopting Value Based Management for major strategic and operational decisions and business systems.

North National Sales Manager (NSM) Regional Sales Managers (RSM) .   Technologically Advanced Customer Oriented Internal Customer Satisfaction BENEFITS AT CADBURY Centralization of Data . as well as provides higher-end services •Efficient Supply Chain – Master Schedule Planning •Better Forecasting . BASE MARKET MASS MARKET Base Chocolate (BC) All drinks All sugar EP Chocki SALES STRUCTURE Regional Sales Managers (RSM) .East Managers (RSM) .Effective & faster planning •Promotions – Need for localized promotions and bursts be tracked easily BUSINESS MODEL CADBURY INDIA LTD.Free flow of communication.South Regional Sales Managers (RSM) .West Manager (BSM) – Base Business Manager (BSM) – Base Business Manager (BSM) – Mass Marke Area Sales Managers (ASM) 4 .Flexible Sales & Logistics team •Forward Integration .Access to secondary (Distributor-to-outlet) sales data every week •Transparency .

defining the field action plan and authorizing the field activities. Business relationship management.JOB PROFILE Job Description : Area Sales Manger Current Locations: All India across both Core and Mass Market Job Title: Area Sales Manager Purpose: In Cadbury India we work together to create brands people love. networking and People development. which will deliver the Areas strategy at the point of purchase Reports to Branch Sales Manager Business Unit / Location Any location under the 4 branches located at Delhi. Territory development. You will contribute to this by managing the field force. Chennai and Kolkata Department Sales Role Objective: Volume Achievement. Focus Areas: Sales & distribution management   Ensure Visibility Systems adherence and Hygiene Developmental projects   People management Team building & motivating KEY RELATIONSHIP Retail Distributor   Commercial Finance Business Partner at Branch Brand managers & Trade Marketing Manager at Head office 5 . Mumbai.

7. notably the customer business team. you are free to develop your own individual style and approach accordingly. System Hygiene. 3. This framework has been developed further to indicate the kind of behaviours that would help you to succeed in this job and live up to our values. Influencing the brand managers to support local initiatives. delivers innovation to the customer Has excellent change management skills. 6. these should be treated as broad guidelines and. Liasoning with Branch Logistics and head office logistics to ensure adequate stock. is commercially astute 6 . moves quickly to seize opportunities and to counter competitive moves Responds to challenging goals and takes considered risks where appropriate Adaptable    Is open-minded. New Brand Performances. 4. and shows flexibility in approach for different situations. 5. 2. to deliver results Aggressive    Focuses on capability building contribution to business success and new value creating opportunities Has the drive and resilience to succeed. Innovation / cost effective and replicable. Accountable    Ensures clarity of purpose and responsibilities for self and others Measures and delivers the required capability building outcomes Takes responsibility for ensuring collaborative and effective working with teams.Retail Distributor Sales men   Branch Logistics coordinator at Branch Sales officer & Area Sales executives Key Performance Indicators 1. Volume achievement. as we value diversity. However. Values in Action We have a broad framework of leadership imperatives that demonstrate our values in practice. Learning and development initiatives for Sales Officers and Area Sales Executives. particularly skillful in leading culture shifts towards a consumer focus Has a customer service orientation.

Intermediaries 7 . – 2003 / 2004 Batch Experience  2. Depots – Around 24 depots throughout the country with an average of one in each state. Thane.Obligations     It is expected that you will: Carry out these accountabilities within the operating and process frameworks that apply to Cadbury India. Responsible for production of different products  RETAILER RETAILER Mother-warehouse    Exists at the Mumbai. Exemplify the Cadbury India Core Purpose & Values and Leadership Imperatives in practice – this will be a key part of your annual development cycle. Induri. A key part of your performance review each year will be based on input from these stakeholders. Work together with all your key stakeholders: line and functional. Responsible for dispatches to all the distributors or super stockists of that particular state.3 years of relevant sales experience in an FMCG company DISTRIBUTION NETWORK FACTORY MOTHER WAREHOUSE DEPOTS Channel Partners DISTRIBUTOR WAREHOUSE DIAMOND STORE SUPER STOCKIST Factory 3 Factories at Malanpur. Finished products from each of the factories are sent to this warehouse from where there is direct dispatch to the depots. PERSON SPECIFICATIONS Education  Masters Degree in Business Management from a premier institute.

–Get benefits and are eligible for the schemes undertaken by the Company. including Cash Discounts (CD). −For the Base Business category the number of such outlets is very low. INDIRECT 8 . as all the sales to them are on cash basis. Classification of Retail Outlets •Based upon Coverage •Based on products being sold •Based on Size A. Based upon Coverage COVERAGE DIRECT Direct vs Indirect Direct Retailers –Covered by the distributors or the super-stockists of the Company –Are visited directly by the representatives of the distributor. But for Mass Market products the number is very high. Indirect Retailers −Ones which are not on the coverage list of the distributor. −Catered by the wholesalers.Distributors and Super Stockists   Points of primary sales Have their own sales people Retailers    Come in direct contact with the customers responsible for converting secondary sales to tertiary sales. More than 30 lakh retail stores being covered throughout the country.

•Direct delivery of products from the depot of the state 9 .. •Getting the shelf-space is the main objective of each company here •Special treatment to such stores in terms of certain discounts and offers due to the bulk buying Economies of scale lead to advantage in terms of the bargaining capacity. Can also get sales in credit. B.−Exist more in Class D and Class E places. etc. −Benefit that these retail outlets get is that they do not need to pay in cash always. Based on products being sold Groceries        Confectionary Cosmetic Shops Department Stores Variety Stores Kitchenware Stores Plastic Products Shops Paan-wala C.Based on Size NORMAL OUTLETS DIAMOND STORES SIZE CLASSIFICATION Diamond Stores Organized Retail Sector •Big Stores like Nanz. Big Bazaar.

5-5 lakhs) 10 .5 lakhs) Class C (2.TERRITORY MANAGEMENT Control selling expenses Personal selling and advertising efforts Proper market coverage coverageEvaluating sales personnel Sales force morale METHOD OF TERRITORY MANAGEMENT Basic Geographical unit Control units in tentative territories Sales Potential in control units Coverage difficulty and redistricting tentative territories Outcome    Division of the country into major cities.5-2.5 lakhs) (5 lakhs above business) Class D (0. metropolitan statistical areas. town. trading areas Identifying the urban centers of these geographical units Measuring the capacity of sales in each of these initially through tentative estimation and then establishing them and using them futures forecasting and suitably redistricting tentative territories TERRITORY CLASSIFICATION Class A (Top 23towns by ORG report) Class B Class E (below 0. pin codes.

Pune. Jaipur. all base product Selected drinks. selected mass market items. All base products. Kakinada Sales item All base products. Chandigarh. Nagpur. Surat. Hyderabad. selected drinks. Kanpu Durgapur. Guhwati. Ludhiana. Mass market items. mass market & drinks CLASS B CLASS C CLASS D CLASS E SALES FORECAST Top-down approach         Uses Quantitative Technique of Forecasting 3-year Moving Average Method is implemented Year divided into 12 periods Seasonality also taken into account Major Emphasis on last year‟s data Statistical Tools being used SAP integration Promotional Offers according to Sales Forecast SALES ADMINISTRATION NATIONAL SALES MANAGER REGIONAL SALES MANAGER BRANCH SALES MANAGER AREA SALES MANAGER 11 . Nagpur. all drinks. Meerut. Bhopal. Coimbatore. mass market items Selected drinks. mass market & base products Limited base products. Lucknow. Kochi Allahabad. Bhubaneswar. Vijayawada Agartala. Trivandrum. Ahmedabad. Srinagar. Vadodra.CITY BASED SALES Class of cities CLASS A Cities Bangalore.

and yours? Look for 'synergy'.g. especially rural areas. –Offer credit to the customer. How much training and support will your distributor require?    Analysis of the distributors & super stockist: Exclusive Partner – Cadbury India tries to look for distributors that are exclusive to it. it is not possible.distributor fit . Once they were sold via a few specific stores. 12 . Market segment .Establishes the experience and track record of your intermediary.different channels can be exploited at different points in the PLC e. –Products and services are promoted and merchandised by the retailer. Retailers –Have a much stronger personal relationship with the consumer. Well-defined Territory – The areas of the distributors are geographically well defined so that no clash of interests takes place.Is there a match between their polices. Qualification assessment . Producer . The Company officials feel that if that does not happen then the partner might not be in a position to do justice to Cadbury. the Company has made a point to go in for the partners that can provide proper hygienic storing to the product. –Hold several other brands and products. –Give the final selling to the product. image. strategies. But in small places. A consumer will expect to be exposed to many products. Foldaway scooters are now available everywhere. So the super stockists appointed there are the ones that do not carry brands of competitors. Proper Storing Capacity – After the worm infestation incident. Changes during the product life cycle .SELECTION OF CHANNEL MEMBERS Distributor / Super Stockists    Key aspects to ponder while selecting for a distributor.the distributor must be familiar with your target consumer and segment.

Channel intermediary Distributor/stockiest Retail outlet Diamond outlet Margin 5-6% 10-12% 12-13% STEPS IN SALES PROMOTION Promotion choice Product choice Choice of market areas Protection from competition Role of discounts Promotion timing 13 .Products are stocked at different outlets depending upon: Type of store – This not only includes the type of products being sold at the outlet but also the size of the store is kept in consideration. •As far as the selecting criterion is concerned for the diamond outlets. Based on this criterion it is decided as in what all products could be sold at the outlet. This clause is kept in mind considering the worm infestation issue. no condition is laid because at all these stores the bare minimum requirements are automatically met in the process of giving better ambience to the customers. Proper Storing Capabilities – Must have a safe and hygienic place to store the products. A store in Jodhpur cannot store chocolates if there is no provision for cooling. Proper Infrastructure – Need to analyze the storing capability of the store.

3) Jars: These are provided to small outlets. 2)Visicoolers: Visibility for chocolates drops in the summer. At the retail level. 4) Vending machines: 14 . the visicooler serves the need for cooling while still maintaining the visibility of the product. in order to push primary sale. A box of chocolates free with every dozen purchased.000 worth of chocolates. It is also placed in the most appropriate position to cater to the impulse buyers. In high throughput outlets. This„first‟ from CIL has become so popular that is now the standard design for all chocolate manufacturers. ease of vending. as they disappear into the refrigerator. the following trade promotion measures may be adopted: Schemes such as . Sheet Metal Dispensers • • • • Presence in Amusement Parks Visicoolers Vending machines Jars 1) Sheet Metal Dispensers: This purple salesperson for Cadbury‟s is found in almost every shop stocking their chocolates.Step 1 : Promotion Choice • Trade promotion: The Company will have to offer lucrative trade promotion schemes. Shop Displays/Vizzy Coolers –linking them to sales Apart from these. a certain percent off on the purchase of Rs 5000 or Rs 10. WindowShelf space may be purchased outright. These include incentives to stockiest for pushing the sale of chocolates. it‟s design offers visibility. and protection from the elements. Since it is placed on the cash counter. where they are prominently displayed.

a win a personalized invitation for the annual carnival “MITHAAS”. “AAO SMILE WITH AURO” win a chance 2 spend a day with AURO – The new child sensation. 5)Presence in Amusement Parks: Cadbury‟s also maintains a presence in many amusement parks across the country.. comics etc. Chocolates in a toy truck etc. • • Bonus packs and increased usage Contests : 1. Money Savers 3. play games . dance and chit chat with AMITABH BACCHAN. strengthening the association of its chocolates with „fun‟ occasions.AMIR KHAN. supplemented by an advertisement campaign.HRITHIK ROSHAN and many more.DARSHEEL SAFARI. Consumer Promotion: Some of the consumer offers that could be introduced are : 1. SMS the code to win freebies . 2. The Company can announce consumer “contests” (with proof of purchase) with attractive prizes. 4. on return chocolate wrapper. 2. Free gifts like pen. Step 2 : Product Choice Step 3 : Choices Of Market Areas 15 .These high visibility machines are provided at busy locations. movie tickets etc. Get into a contest.

000 retailers • The company has a total consumer base of over 65 million. FREQUENCY : Depends when larger percentage of consumer are exposed to the promotional offer. Duration and Frequency TIMING : 1. DURATION: Depends on the basis of brand image. user retailer semiwholesale r distributor/stockist manufacturer Step 4 : Promotion . 2.1 2 • Chocolate needs to be distributed directly unlike other FMCG products which can be sold through a wholesale network. • Chocolates are kept at or below the eye level • This is to facilitate visibility of the chocolates for the customer who is visiting the store. • 16 The girl dancing on cricket ground : Way to express the happiness . 800 per week. • Medium size retailers sell chocolates of about Rs. When the goodwill got hampered. Timing . 400 – Rs. • Big retailers sell chocolate worth Rs1000 or more per week. High at the time of festivals. • 90% of chocolate products are sold directly to retailers 3 4 5 6 7 8 • Cadbury's distribution network used to encompasses 2100 distributors and 450.

one of the world's leading bubble gum brands came now with exciting new variant Bubbaloo Blueberry. 3. Bubbaloo. Anywhere 2)Thodi Si Pet Pooja 3)Kabhi Bhi Kaise Bhi 4)Baaki Sab Bhoola De 5)Bored Ho To Muh Chalao 6)Take It Lightly Sales contest 1. The recent ad saying “ Din hai suhana aj pehli tarikh hai” gave a reason for middle income group to celebrate one more event with Dairy milk Step 5 : Role of discounts .• • • 'Khanewalon Ko Khane Ka Bahana Chahiye„ : Social acceptance amongst adults. 2) Tie up with leading coffee chain Café Coffee Day for direct sampling 3) Product sampling for first two months across 25 towns 4) Raageshwari started advertising features of mischievous.Sales contest 1) 360-degree campaign with mix of television. bubbly teenagers getting out of their 'stuck and hungry' Strategy behind this add were 1) cover all the mischievous teenagers and rest other crowd will follow them. Popular children magazines like Chandamama and Bal Bhaskar will feature 'Go Blue with Bubbaloo' contests. 'Kuch Meetha Ho Jaaye„ : Celebratory occasions "Pappu Pass Ho Gaya“ : Use of street language to express joy in a moment of achievement / success. 17 . Contest will invite readers to take their own pictures in a whacky manner and send it back to the address given. A television commercial will be on air across channels. showcasing collective and shared moments. 2. etc. 2) If hungry than eat perk rather than having other things 3) To compete the chips & wafers Promotion Mantra 1)Anytime. consumer contact activities. terms and conditions.

5. The wackiest ones will win prizes and their photographs will get published in the magazines.greetings and view the latest commercials and listen to the radio spots from Cadbury. • • style perfor mance custom ization features duration reliability 18 .com wherein one can send meetha messages to your loved ones.4.Resulted Customer Satisfaction Step 6 : Protection from the competitors • Cadbury has extended its marketing strategy to the internet space for the very first time. They have launched an innovative & interactive website www. It allows you to send personalized e. Jumpstarting the season. Cadbury has created a Facebook application that urges all Facebook members to extend an invitation to fulfill wishes of their near & dear ones this Diwali. 2007 celebrating the special bond between brothers and sisters Then the worms crawled in PROJECT VISHWAS • • • New imported machinery Packing cost 15% higher Roped in Big B .meethamoments. the FM station presents the interactive Cadbury Celebration's Bandhan contest from Aug 13-17. Cadbury has entered into a strategic alliance with Facebook and Orkut to further promote the core message of the brand.

Performance: There are mainly four types of performance levels. and also variety in cashew nuts. But it should be taken care of refrigeration Reliability: Cadbury dairy milk mainly has a reliable product. high or superior. average . Customization: Cadbury dairy milk does have a customized product because they have a good brand element due to which they are able to sale the product easily in the market. It has an unique type of feature. eggless etc. Durability: The durability of the Cadbury dairy milk is very good.low. Style: It refers to the products look and feel to the buyers. Cadbury dairy milk has the highest level of performance quality. The product is able to survive under the stressful or natural conditions. egg. They have produced wowie for childrens . They were quite sure about the not malfunction or fail of their product within a specified time period. • • • • 19 . In Cadbury dairy milk there are different styles of packing and taste but then also there is no need to pay an extra money.• • Features: The feature of Cadbury dairy milk is such which is not so easy for the competitors to copy it. celebrations for gifts .