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Press release The Cultural Union of Romanians in Hungary (UCRU) regrets that Romanian community in Hungary has become

once more a tool of political disputes between Romania and Hungary. As humans that daily live our fate of ethnic minority community we express our solidarity with other ethnic minority communities that live in another country. We believe, however, that it is a big mistake if any politicians are using the issue of nationality as their daily interest dictates. We are puzzled also because at the problems recently listed by the Romanian Foreign Minister, Mr. Titus Corl ean, Budapest answered only with generalities, focusing on the unnecessary comparison of the situation of ethnic Romanians in Hungary and the ethnic Hungarians in Romania. Nobody denies that Hungary has created 19 years ago, a legal background in representing the interests of ethnic nationalities in the country, but in the case of the ethnic Romanians in Hungary, this does not work as expected. Since the election of nationality, organized in 1998, more people that do not belong to the Romanian community in Hungary are elected in the Romanian local self-government bodies. Since 2006, through the ethno-business phenomenon, these people that do not belong to our community reach the self-governing bodies of Romanian community in Hungary. Thus it happen that the statement made by the Romanian Foreign Minister was assessed in the Hungarian press by someone who is not of Romanian ethnicity. Perhaps such a system of self-government, full of contradictions, is something that not even Hungary would want for the ethnic Hungarian communities beyond the borders of Hungary. We strongly reject the allegations which appeared in several media channels in Hungary, which suggests that civil organizations, established to represent the interests of Romanians in Hungary, would raise walls between the two countries. It is undeniable that in Hungary there are schools and churches for the Romanian ethnics, but beyond statistics, often viewed through rose-colored glasses, the bitter reality hides. The Romanian Orthodox churches (parts of the cultural heritage of Hungary) are in a deplorable state, Orthodox priests receive their salaries several months late and civil associations of Romanian ethnics are insufficiently funded, reaching the operation limit. At public administration level, the Romanians in Hungary do not have any specialist to represent their interests. The Cultural Union of Romanians in Hungary, as an umbrella organization of the Romanian civil sphere in this country, expresses sincere hope that through joint efforts the two countries will be able to analyze the real problems of the Romanian institutions in Hungary and, as a result of bilateral negotiations, will revert on common decisions and on the fulfillment of these decisions. We also hope that Hungary will follow, as soon as possible, their own vows made for the Romanians in Hungary, such as for example the real support of scientific life and the support of the press in Romanian language in Hungary. Gyula, August 17, 2012 the Presidium of the Cultural Union of Romanians in Hungary