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ASSASSINSTRADECRAFT.COM The Assassins Bookshelf. The Assassins Tradecraft is an instrument of warfare.

The Assassins Bookshelf is a selection of academic resources, books and other publications that are easily and widely available on the internet. These publications will provide a research database for Law Enforcement, Private Security and Special Operations personnel. They are selected with a specialized operational framework in mind. If your units mission is to protect people and property from terrorist attack, you will find information that will help you do that. The goal in this situation is to reverse engineer a terrorist attack scenario. By acquiring an intimate knowledge of the skills and capabilities a terrorist or criminal organization may possess, you will better be able to allocate scarce security resources. If your mission is to operate in a covert or clandestine manner against terrorist personnel (in terroristfriendly territory) and take the fight to the enemy, you will find information that will enable you to do that as well. The task here is to select the methods, tactics, techniques, and operational procedures that best fit the real-world scenario.

Give a bully a good swift-kick in the crotch!

There is nothing new here. Criminal or terrorist organizations are ALREADY well-versed in this material. They are the badguys. (DUH!). The question is: Do we, as the GOODGUYS, have knowledge enough to be able to fend off such attacks? Another question is: Are we dedicated enough, to our own survival to attack the attackers; to terrorize the terrorists, and BULLY THE BULLIES when such action is called for? After all, a terrorist is nothing more than a school-yard bully all grown up. His evil intent and the rationale behind his actions are morphed into a distorted perception of the world. This writer learned a long time ago, that the only thing a school-yard bully understands is a good swift kick in the crotch! After that, the bully re- contemplates his place in the universe. Suddenly his goals and objectives dont seem to make so much sense. In some cases, the terrorists that threaten our freedoms are little more than under-educated country bumpkins; misinformed backwoods hillbillies. These are the illiterate poverty-stricken people, like the poor farmers in Afghanistan. They are duped by a distorted interpretation of Islam and the ridiculous promises of the Taliban. They are scratching out a living in the hardpan soil of isolated regions of that country. However, in other cases, and with increasing frequency, they are highly trained enemy soldiers that mean to do us harm! They are educated, motivated, physically fit, well-equipped, well-armed and well-supported. It doesnt make any difference whether the motivation of our enemies comes from a communist ideology, radical Islam, or a narco-terrorist organization. In any case, what these people do, time and again, is miscalculate American resolve. They also under-estimate our ability and downright willingness to SLAUGHTER them, by the tens of thousands, if we are threatened. This is a situation that What is proposed here is the Assassins Tradecraft as a legitimate tool of self-defense; an option, an instrument of warfare. Call it counter-offensive. It is a MEASURED and surgical response, that brings justice to

the terrorists, while minimizing injury to the innocent. This would be done if all other efforts of our Criminal Justice system fails, or is insufficient.