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Note: These pages contain the substance of my talks at the Hotel Astor during December, 1922, in a form which is better suited for study and reference. What is here given in a few pages might easily be expanded into a good-sized book, hence it must be studied and pondered upon, not merely skimmed through.

The purpose of our work is the unfoldment of a higher consciousness, in order that we may obtain a better understanding of cosmic law expressed through human personality. When this higher

consciousness and better understanding take form in action, we shall develop more skill in applying our knowledge of cosmic law to the solution of every-day problems. To succeed in this understanding we must learn how to control and direct a force which, although it is occult, is really "hidden in plain sight," inasmuch as everything in our environment is a manifestation of it. The first step toward gaining the knowledge which

shall enable us to control and direct this power is to learn that although many names have been given to it, all these names are attempts to describe a single reality. Belief in a peculiar magic power employed by witch-doctors and medicine men is common among barbarous peoples. Africans know it as

ngai, Australian aborigines call it kutchi, in North American Indian dialects it is kukini, orenda, wakonda or manitou, and the Polynesian name is mana. This last suggests the Sanskrit manas, which has come down I

to us through the Greek menos and the Latin mrns, as the root of mind.

do not know whether there is any etymological connection between maria and manas, but it is a fact that the of the South Sea Islanders is a

force whose activities are in large measure directed by mind, a force

also which may be described with tolerable accuracy as the substance of our thoughts, so that it is very much like the "mindstuff" of modern psychologists. One of the best accounts is given by Alphonse Louis Constant, a French occultist, whose writings on magic began to be published about

Constant, who wrote under the pen-name Eliphas Levi, was a student In his day

of ancient symbols, of the Kabalah, and of the Tarot cards.

electrical science was in its infancy, yet he was able, as a result of his occult studies, to make the following remarkable statement: "There exists a force in nature which is far more powerful than steam, by means of which a single man, who can master it and knows how to direct it, might throw the world into confusion and transform its face. It is diffused throughout infinity; it is the substance of heaven

and earth, for it is either fixed or volatile according to its degree of polarization. This agent is precisely what the medieval adepts called When it produces radiance it is

the first matter of the Great Work. called light.

It is substance and motion at one and the same time; it is

a fluid and a perpetual vibration.

The will of int.elligent beings acts

directly upon this light, and, by means thereof, upon all nature, which is made subject to the modifications of intelligence. "This force was known to the ancients; the Gnostics represented it as the burning body of the Holy Ghost, and this it was which was adored in the secret rites of the Sabbath or the Temple under the symbolic figure of Baphomet, or the Androgyne Goat of Mendes. It is

represented on most ancient monuments by the girdle of Isis which twines in a loveknot around two poles, by the bull-headed serpent, by the serpent with the head of a goat or a dog, and by the serpent devouring its own tail. It is the double serpent of the caduceus (the wand of

Mercury), and the tempter of Genesis; but it is also the brazen snake of

Moses, encircling the Tau, that is, the generative lingam.

Lastly, it is

the devil of exoteric dogmatism, and is really the blind force which souls must conquer, in order to detach themselves from the chains of earth. By the direction of this agent, we can change the very order of the seasons, produce in the night the phenomena of day, correspond instantaneously from one end of the earth to the other, discern, like Apollonius, what is taking place at the Antipodes, heal or hurt at a distance and endow human speech with a universal reverberation and success. To know how to master this agent so as to profit by and direct

its currents is to accomplish the Great Work, to be master of the World, and the depository even of the power of God." I have given this long quotation, not only because it is full of clues to the real meaning of the ancient mysteries, but also because it demonstrates conclusively that the strange symbols of the ancient world do reveal a true science to those who know how to read them.

was from these symbols, remember, that Levi was able to formulate the doctrine just quoted, together with the remarkable prophecy in the preceding paragraph. Every detail of that prophecy has been fulfilled,

and these things have come to pass through scientific application of the laws of a "force more powerful than steam," which is "a fluid and a perpetual vibration," and which Levi, long before modern theories of the constitution of matter were developed, described as an "electro-magnetic ether, diffused throughout infinity, the substance of heaven and earth." He named it "Astral Light", thereby anticipating the modern scientific conclusion that light is an electro-magnetic phenomenon. scientists of 1860 laughed at him. Their grandchildren proclaim his Our inventors have The

doctrine, which they have been forced to accept. fulfilled his prophecy.

The pressure of a button can heal the sick or

kill a criminal. will.

An electrical apparatus can produce any temperature at

The telegraph and telephone make us practically omnipresent.

Wireless transmission of photographs is the forerunner of an invention certain to be perfected before long, which will enable us to see what is happening in London or Paris as easily as we see what does on in the next room. And when one voice can be heard and even magnified as it is by

radio, who can deny that human speech is "endowed with a universal reverberation and success?" Among ancient writers, the Astral Light is frequently designated by words which are the equivalent of the English "breath." In Sanskrit it is prana, in Hebrew ruach, in Greek pneuma, (translated Holy Ghost in our New Testament), and in Latin spiritus. Comparison of

the statements of Hindu writers with what Levi says about Astral Light shows that prana is the same thing. In Nature's Finer Forces, Rama Prasad says that prana is "the life principle of the universe and its localized manifestation; the life principle of man and other living beings. The suns are different centers

of the ocean of prana, and it is this ocean that moves the various heavenly bodies." Swami Vivekananda writes as follows in his Raja Yoga: "Out of this prana is evolved everything that we call energy, everything that we call force.

It is the prana that is manifesting as motion; it is the It is the prana

prana that is manifesting as gravitation, as magnetism.

that is manifesting as the actions of the body, as the nerve-currents, as thought-force. From thought down to the lowest physical force, The sum-total of all force

everything is but the manifestation of prana.

in the universe, mental or physical, when resolved back to its original state, is called prana. The knowledge and control of this prana is

really what is meant by pranayama.

"This opens to us the door to almost unlimited power. Suppose, for instance, one understood the prana perfectly, and could control it, what power on earth could there be that would not be his? He would be able to move the sun and stars out of their places, to control everything in the universe, from the atoms to the biggest suns, because he would control the prana. This is the end and aim of pranayama. When

the Yogi becomes perfect there will be nothing in nature not under his control. If he orders the gods to come, they will come at his bidding.

All the forces in nature will obey him as his slaves, and when the ignorant see these powers of the Yogi, they call them miracles." The Hebrew word for this force is ruach, spelled with three Hebrew letters which may be transliterated into our alphabet as R, V and Ch. In Hebrew, every letter of the alphabet is a word designating some
R, or Resh, means "head"; V, or V ' , means "nail"; Ch, -

natural object.

Cheth, means "field". The esoteric meaning of the word ruach is thus indicated by its letters. The Life-Power is an energy having its centers The same

of highest manifestation (as thought-force) in the head of man.

energy is also the "nail" or connecting link between thought and the conditions of human environment, which are themselves manifestations of the same force. Thus our definition of ruach by the very letters which

compose the word is completed by the letter Cheth, which indicates that

it is the "field" of all our work.

The Kabalists assign the letter Resh to the sun, so that the first symbol in the word ruach also serves to remind us that the LifePower is the energy which comes to earth as solar light and heat. Astrologers, moreover, say that the Sun is exalted in Aries, the zodiacal sign governing the head of man, which contains the apparatus for transforming the Life-Power into thoughts. The force required for this

process comes from food, air, light, and water, and this force is really

the solar energy stored in these different forms of matter, and extracted therefrom by the bodily processes of assimilation. The letter V, or E, corresponds to the astrological sign Taurus, the Bull, which is said to rule the throat. The throat contains

the organs of speech, which give expression to the ideas evolved by the brain. Speech is therefore truly the "nail" or link, between the aspects

of the Life-Power denoted by the letter


Resh and those indicated by


The letter Vav, moreover, is the Hebrew equivalent of our

conjunction "and", which makes even more definite the correspondence between this letter and all manifestations of the Life-Power, which serve

as connecting links between the mental processes of the head and the
bodily activities whereby thoughts are translated into actions that modify the conditions of environment. Astrologically, Cheth corresponds to the sign Cancer, which rules the breast and stomach. Psychologically it relates to the

instincts and feelings; physiologically, to the functions of the vital organs in the chest, particularly the stomach, in which most of the work of extracting the solar energy from food and water is accomplished. astrology Cancer is ruled by the Moon. work, the "field" of our work. In

Thus, it refers to the external

For as moon-light is a reflection of the

solar rays, so is every man's environment the reflection or mirror of his thoughts. In The Coming Race, Bulwer Lytton used the word . wonder-working force described in that story.

& for the

He was a profound student

of the Kabalah, magic and Rosicrucianism, and made use of his occult knowledge in coining this term,


which he describes in a manner that

leaves no room for doubt that he had in mind the doctrine of Eliphas Levi, with whom he is known to have corresponded, and with whom there is

reason to believe he was more or less closely associated by membership in a certain society of occult students. is obviously a contraction of the adjective "virile" which every dictionary defines as meaning "capable of procreation." Thus

Lytton's name for his magic force agrees with Levi's declaration, "God creates it eternally, and man, in the image of Deity, modifies and apparently multiplies it in the reproduction of his species." As a Kabalist, moreover, Lytton understood the esoteric meanings of the Hebrew letters, and these provide us with keys to the real significance of considered

s. first two letters we have already The in our analysis of r e . The Third, I or z means "hand", ,

and refers to all the works of man - the special modifications of natural conditions which are made possible by the marvelous construction of this servant of the brain. Even in English there is a close connection

between the ideas implied by "hand" and the letter "I", since nothing is more potent in developing our consciousness of selfhood, or "I-ness" than the work of our hands. Note also that in everything done by the hands of

man there is a combination of the two aspects of the Life-Power represented by cav or V, and R* or R, so that the third letter in

is really a synthesis of, and development from, the two letters that precede it. In like manner the final letter really sums up the whole word. For L is Lamed, the ox-goad. In Hebrew, the noun Lamed is spelt

with the same letters (LMD) as a verb which means "to teach", the rod, or goad being in the Orient, as it was not so long ago even in this country, the principle incentive to diligence in the school-room. Thus L or Lamed

is the letter-symbol for education, knowledge, wisdom and understanding, which result form the expression of those aspects of the Life-Power

represented by V and R through the work of our hands, indicated by the letter I. As the "ox-goad", moreover, L represents the means whereby the "ox" is controlled and guided, and in the Hebrew alphabet the "ox" is the letter Aleph, to which the Sepher Yetzirah assigns the Life-Power of ruach. Thus we see that the sequence of letters in developed into the following sequence of ideas:
V : nail, link, connection; that which joins together the clauses of a sentence as a Hebrew conjunction "V" ("and")does; hence that which links together the units in a series of manifestations. This is obviously the aspect of the Life-Power which makes provision for the continuance of its work through human life by those special dctivities that result in the reproduction of the species. Even the shape of the letter makes this clear to a student of symbolism.

& may be

R: head; brain; astrologically governed by the sign Aries, in which the Sun is "exalted". The center containing the organs where the solar energy, which is connected by Kabalists with the letter g , is raised to its highest rate of vibration as thought-force.

I: hand; creative activities peculiar to man; the modification of the Life-Power by works carried out in accordance with thought-patterns, in which the vital force, which, in lower forms of life finds practically no channel of self-expression but physical reproduction, is employed in a finer and more permanent kind of begetting, whose finest examples are those enduring works of art that truly reincarnate the artist in every person who feels their influence. Shakespeare is born anew in every reader of Hamlet, and the spirit of Praxiteles revives in all who have eyes to see the august beauty of his sculpture. L: ox-goad, that which directs and controls the "ox", or Aleph, hence that which guides and determines the manifestations of r a the Life-Breath, which Kabalists ascribe to Aleph. This guiding , influence is knowledge, the result of transmuting the Life-Power (which in lower stages of evolution does little more than provide for the continuance of species (V),) into thought-forms (R), which become patterns for works (I), whose execution not only expresses knowledge but also adds to it. Thus it has been said that we learn by doing. Here are the seed-thoughts for a right understanding of the Life-Power. I have made no attempt at elaborate exposition. Within the

secret recesses of your own consciousness dwells One who already knows all that is written here, and all that is implied thereby. Read these

pages until you are thoroughly familiar with their substance, and then evoke that One to develop these germs of thoughts into a full growth of conscious understanding.
I am deliberately reversing the process of

instruction ordinarily followed in our schools. you can find out for yourself.

I tell you nothing that

You cannot learn the Great Secret from

any book, nor is any teacher, no matter how high his attainments, able to impart it to you. Yet have I in these few pages given the keys to that

Secret, and you will be able to use them if you take them with you into your meditation. Meditate you must, for it is not from without, but from the
Hierophant wit,hin that your initiation shall come.

You are a center of

the inexhaustible treasure of the limitless substance of the presence of God. From that treasure you may take whatever you will, whether of

knowledge, or of power, or of possessions; but until you learn to depend on it alone, to recognize it as the true source of supply, no matter what the external forms taken by that supply, you will not be able to learn the Great Arcanum which makes you a Master of the Astral Light. ~f you can receive it, the very paper and ink by means of which these thoughts are translated into light-vibrations to affect your sense of sight, have come forth from that inner source of your supply. If you can receive it, every transformation of mental and physical force which has led up to your reading these words has proceeded from one single Source which is, at this moment, the central reality of your experience. Become as conscious of this as you are conscious that you

live, learn how to translate that consciousness into action, and you will have no further needs for books or lessons.

Part 2. The Life-Power is self-directing. When it works through the

mechanical and chemical forces of the outer world it seems to be blind and fatal, but this is because we see only part of what goes on about us. Really there are no blind forces nor is there an atom of the universe without life and mind. The age-long process of evolution which has

resulted in the formation of an instrument - the human brain - which can transform the Life-Power into mental states, is the expression of a mental or rational tendency which has always been present in the LifeP ~ w e ri t s e l f . In a crystal, nothing of that tendency appears but the

mathematical (and hence rational) principles which find expression in crystalline structure. In a strawberry plant more of this mental quality

is evident because the plant will show rudimentary will and perception in sending out shoots toward that part of its surroundings where there is best supply of water. In the animal kingdom we observe a gradually

ascending unfoldment of the mental quality of the Life-Power, until man appears. With the appearance on earth of human brains and hands, the

Life-Power begins to reveal itself as an energy which directs itself through thoughts and wherever there have been human beings whose brains were finely organized enough, the Life-Power working through them has taken form as true self-knowledge.
I have put the matter this way because, as I said in part 1,

our object is to enter into a mode of consciousness higher than that which finds expression through most people. In order to do so, we must

first see intellectually that what we are now is a result of processes that go back to the very beginning of the Life-Power's selfmanifestation. We have a mental habit to form, and our work to that end This rational basis for our practice

must have a reasonable foundation.

may be stated thus: All personal conditions are really particular manifestations of one universal principle. The logical consequence of this initial statement is particularly emphasized in Hindu philosophy, but it is also either expressly stated or else plainly implied in every sacred book. Human

personality is absolutely dependent upon universal Being for everything. Of ourselves we can do nothing, and all the notions that we have about personal initiative are merely evidences of our want of understanding, proofs that in us the Life-Power has not reached the same high level of self-expression which it attains when it works through the personalities of those whom the whole world honors as its wisest men. souls tell us over and over again: "Be not deluded by the sense of separateness. The Such illumined

limitations of your consciousness are slowly but surely being overcome as the Life-Power works through you. When you can see intellectually that

we are all, in very truth members of one body, know that it is not you who have seen, but the Life-Power which has brought your brain to a certain degree of fineness which permits the realization of the unity of Being to take this intellectual form. Know, then, that even as your

intellectual grasp of unity transcends that mental state of the savage who believes that he is surrounded by conflicting and hostile forces, so are there states of consciousness far above and beyond your comparatively feeble apprehension of the One-ness of All. Know that there is a direct

experience of this One-ness which cannot be put into words, and cultivate expectancy toward this experience. Expectancy, because that is the mood

which better than any other makes personality receptive to the influx of light from the higher regions of Being." You will, if you have read this paragraph carefully, have noted the paradoxical nature of all occult teaching - the apparent

contradiction which arises from the limitations of thought expressible in words. The same teachers who tell us that the Life-Power is the only

real work in the universe also advise us to cultivate certain moods. This advice seems to imply that w e can cultivate these moods or not, as . we choose.

As a matter of fact, those who take the advice thus given do

because the Life-Power has brought them to a stage of development Those who reject it do so because the Life-

which makes them responsive.

Power's expression through them has not yet made them susceptible to such teaching. The same universal energy takes form in the mental states that

give the advice in those what accept and act upon it, and those that reject it. Thus through humanity we may trace a triple manifestation of the Life-Power. Among us there are illuminated men and women, then there

are those in whom the Life-Power's self-manifestation takes form as a quest for light, and finally, those who seem to be lovers of darkness. Or so it seems, at first. But if we study humanity a little more

closely, it becomes apparent that in every one of us this triple aspect of the one Reality is at work. seek more light. We all have some illumination. We all

We all feel the pull, the fatal attraction, of the

"powers of darkness." In Sanskrit these three aspects of the One Life are called gunas or qualities. Their names are: Sattva, the quality of light and

wisdom; Rajas, the quality of passion and action (which is the driving force behind all questing and adventure, whether the object of the quest be material or spiritual treasure, since the root of Rajas is desire, or the feeling of lack); Tamas, the quality of inertia and indifference, which finds expression in slothful contentment with things as they are. When Eastern wisdom passed into the Western world, much of the philosophy and psychology of India and Egypt was restated in terms

which appear to relate to chemical operations.

~hus came into existence

the curious literature of alchemy, teaching the same ancient doctrine in a way that effectively concealed it from all who were not yet ready to receive it. Almost from the beginning the real meaning of alchemy was On

misunderstood by people who spent much time and money in studying it. this account there are two distinct classes of alchemical books, those written by true sages, and those produced by "bellows-alchemists" who

supposed the Philosophers' Stone was a material substance which would actually change base metal into gold. The real alchemists, however, knew better, and simply chose the names of material substances as symbols for mental and spiritual states. Like the Hindu philosophers, they realized that the Life-Power

has three aspects, and these they called: Mercury, which corresponds to the Sanskrit Sattva, inasmuch as Hermes or Mercury, the messenger of the gods, personifies illumination; Sulphur, the fire-principle, the flaming heat of desire, or Rajas; and

s,symbol of the

inertia because its use

as a preservative is based upon resistance to change, the characteristic quality of Tamas. (It should be understood that there are many, many

other points of correspondence between Mercury and Sattva, Sulphur and Rajas, and Salt and Tamas. Some of them will be brought out later on in

this chapter, others will be discussed in our special course on Alchemy.) In the Kabalah, the same three principles are associated with the three "mother-letters" of the Hebrew alphabet. We find a reflection

of this Kabalistic doctrine in the second part of Goethe's Faust, which speaks of the mothers who work "surrounded by a picture of everything created." Goethe does not state the number of the mothers but indicates

it by mentioning a tripod in his description of them. The names of the mother-letters are Aleph, K m and

m, and

the Kabalistic doctrine about them is based upon the teaching of a book

entitled Sepher Yetzirah (Book of Formation). says:

Chapter I11 of that book

r n Sect. I. The first three elements, Aleph, K and Shin, are typified by a balance, in one scale the merit and in the other the criminality, which are placed in equilibrium by the tongue. These three mothers, Aleph, Mem and Shin, are a great, wonderful and unknown mystery, and are sealed by six rings, or elementary circles, namely: air, water and fire emanated from them, which gave birth to progenitors, and these progenitors gave birth again to some offspring.

Sect. 111. The three mothers, Aleph, m & and in the world are: air, water and fire. Heaven was created from fire or ether; the earth from the elementary air, or spirit, which establishes the balance among them. (Kalisch's translation). Primitive fire is designated in Hebrew by the word



pronounced aysh), which is spelt with the two mother letters Aleph and Shin. A word identical in origin and formation, but pronounced

combines the same two letters in a noun meaning "entity"; and in the

language the two letters which spell a * y

are again used, with

vowel-points that make the word or "basis". This same word &A

w, to

form a noun meaning "foundation"

(aysh) is used in Deuteronomy 4:24 - "The

Lord thy God is a devouring fire," and according to Psalm 104: 4 "His ministers (are) flames of fire." The very same idea is found in the

eleventh chapter of the Bhagavad - Gita, where Arjuna sees Krishna as the soul of the universe, and says: "Thee do I behold, so difficult to ...... behold, immeasurable, on all thy sides the majesty of burning fire and sun. " The secret wisdom has always taught that fire is the aspect of Being which is the driving energy behind every form of manifestation. Even material science now recognizes the truth that the different forms of matter are produced by different rates of electro-magnetic vibration. Let this be rapid enough and you have heat and light - the primal Fire. By a cooling of the Fire or by a slowing down of the vibratory speed, nature's finer forces are projected into the grosser material forms, and

the Hebrew and Aramaic words just mentioned brings this out. Fire (aysh), is the "entity" (ohsh) of all that exists.

The Cosmic

(z) the basis or which is



Fire, therefore, is causal, and this is why

the Speher Yetzirah says that heaven, the plane of causes, was created from that primal Fire symbolized by the letter

This fire is the Rajas of Hindu philosophy, the quality predominating in action, passion and desire. This is the quality which The

incites to action, whether it be expressed in the cosmos or in man.

esoteric doctrine has always been that manifestation has its root in the desire for self-expression, and all desire is R d a z . This also is the alchemical Sulphur. that the word "sulphur" is derived from the Latin


or "sun", and the

Greek pyr, or "fire", and hence they interpret the alchemical use of this word as a reference to solar energy, or sun-fire.

I question the

accuracy of this derivation, but the conclusion drawn from it is correct. The same quality of the Life-Power which produces all the variations of desire when its vibratory activity is at work on the plane of consciousness, is what manifests as the light and heat of the sun when it is at work on the plane of physical existence. A definite color is associated with Ash-Rajas-Sulphur. This

hue is a flame-red, which has for its tonal correspondence the musical note "C". As Edward Maryon says, "Red



The correspondence

between the color and the tone is not fanciful nor is it anything we have to accept on tradition (although knowledge of this fact is preserved in a certain traditional presentation of the secret wisdom). established scientifically by the researches of Mr. It is a


Maryon and confirmed

by some of the leading physicists and mathematicians of Europe. To hum the tone "C", therefore, is to set up sound vibrations which have a true correspondence with the cosmic Fire. If, at the same

time, you visualize the corresponding color, and intone words (thoughtforms) whose meaning is in harmony with this tone and color, you will be able to get in conscious touch with a limitless store of energy. In like manner, if you hum the note "E", and bring before your mind's eye a sphere of pure, bright Yellow, you will put yourself in harmony with the rate of vibration represented by the letter Aleph, by the alchemical principle Mercury, by the guna named Sattva, or wisdom, in Sanskrit, and by what the Kabalists describe as = A (pronounced awyer). It is used

This word AUIR is not found in the old Hebrew.

only in rabbinical and Kabalistic works, and is obviously a technical term, a "made word", coined by placing the c r e a L i v e letter I, or


between the last two letters of the old Hebrew noun AUR, which means light. I shall explain this in greater detail in another lesson. Again, hum "G-sharp" (or A-flat), and at the same time visualize a pure, deep blue, like the blue of the Gulf Stream, and you put yourself in the vibratory octave of the letter E m , whose name means "the waters". The guns corresponding is Tamas, the stabilizing quality

of inertia, represented in alchemy by


To get the best results use a pitch-pipe to determine the tones, and follow very carefully the directions given in Edward Maryon's book on Marco-tone, which is sold by G. publisher, at four dollars. These three colors, red, yellow and blue, are the mothercolors from which all the hues we know are developed. Color is lightWhen Schirmer, the New York music-

vibration and light-vibration is the very substance of all things. we know how to use it scientifically, in combination with sound and

mental imagery, we have at our command the knowledge which, as Eliphas Levi says, makes man the depositary even of the power of God.

The first step toward this mastery consists in practicing to establish the three tones, C, E and G-sharp, which correspond to the letters

g, Aleph

and Mem.

Not over fifteen minutes a day is necessary

for this practice, which should be done in a room as free from noise as possible. But long before perfection is gained in this work of

establishing an absolute tonal sense, you can make practical use of the tone and color correspondences. Simply provide yourself with an adjustable pitch-pipe, which will enable you to sound any note of the scale at will. Then, if you

feel the need of more energy, you only need to get alone long enough to sound the not.e "C" on your pipe. Then close your

visualize a

flame-red, upright equilateral triangle, and hum the word


to the note

Take a good, deep breath, and hum the note on the long sound of "A"

in aysh, expelling the breath sharply when you have held the vowel as long as you can without strain or discomfort, and at the same time uttering the "sh" which closes the word. As a rule not more than five

repetitions are necessary to change your whole rate of vibration, and make you vividly conscious of an access of energy. The opposite course should be followed when you find yourself too feverishly active, or when an angry mood threatens to disturb you. Then the note to be sounded is "G-sharp", the color to be visualized (in an inverted equilateral triangle) is blue, and the word is K m , pronounced m x m . This exercise with the letter Mem sometimes overcomes It should be used sparingly, however,

insomnia when other remedies fail,

most of us have plenty of the quality of darkness and inertia in our make-up.

On the whole, the best of the three mother-letters for

general purposes is Aleph, because it preserves equilibrium. The

exercise for this letter is pitched to the note " E " , hummed while you are

visualizing a yellow sphere. has two syllables: aw-yer. prolonged.

The word is unlike


and K m in that it

The first is the one which should be

Some people find benefit from using the word "Power" with red

and the note "C"; "Poise" with yellow and " E M ; and "Rest" or "Calm" with blue and "G-sharp". You will remember that I spoke of this in my lecture. But I much prefer that my pupils should use the Hebrew words in They are more scientifically constructed, and

the preceding paragraph.

they are easier to vibrate. In practicing for tone-consciousness, you should be sure to follow strictly the directions given by Edward Maryon. And if you are a

really serious student of the secret wisdom you will not be contented to be dependent upon a pitch-pipe to get the correct tone. Remember these

are the foundations for practical work which will make your moods, your thoughts and the conditions of your body your obedient servants, as they are intended to be. Such mastery, however, demands daily practice, and I have no formula that you can memorize

assiduous attention to details.

in five minutes, nor do I pretend to be able to lead you along a royal road to freedom. Today, as it has been always, the way to freedom is

strait and narrow, and the entrance thereto is by no means easy to find. As Eckartschausen says in The Cloud upon the Sanctuary, none may enter the Inner School save those who are "ripe for entrance." When the Life-

Power has brought one of its personal expressions, through long ages of growth and development, to the point where the Hidden way opens, then begins the real initiation for which all the experience that preceded it is but the preparation. Thousands seek health, thousands wealth, and thousands are in search of happiness; but although near two millenniums have passed since it was written: "Seek ye first the kingdom of God, and all these things shall be added unto you," one, perhaps in ten thousand is able to

understand the inner meaning of these words, nor are all those who grasp their import fully prepared to devote themselves whole-heartedly to coming into harmony with the laws of the Life-Power. For to live in harmony with the Law means that we must definitely abandon the world's interpretation of life, and must often be at variance with customs and beliefs built upon that insecure foundation. This is why the true Way is a Hidden Way, and this is the reason why only those who pass the tests of drudgery, of rigid self-direction, and above all of wise silence can become sharers in the knowledge of the Great Secret.
If you have eyes to sce and ears to hedr, you know already

that I am pointing out to you the first steps on that "small, old path," which leads to liberation. If not, you will soon tire of me and my

teaching, which, after all, is not really mine, for it is but the formulation of knowledge even now latent in the Hidden School of your own inner and greater life.


Part 3. Let me say again that the connection between tone and color is not fanciful. It is as much a fact that red corresponds to C as that Every sound is caused by vibration. So many

two and two are four.

vibrations per second produce a given tone.

Double the number of Keep on doubling the

vibrations, and you get the octave of that tone.

numbers of vibrations, and presently you get beyond what the ear can distinguish. Continue this doubling, octave by octave, and finally you

have a number of vibrations per second which affects the sense of sight, and is expressed as color-consciousness. Thus, by repeatedly doubling the number of vibrations which produces the sound impressions we call "C" you come at last to a number which is that of the vibrations per second which produce the sightimpression "red". So it is with all the tones of the musical scale. Doubled vften enough, the number of vibrations which produces a tone, becomes the number of vibrations which affects the eye as a particular color. To Edward Maryon belongs the credit for the modern scientific demonstration of this correlation between color and sound; but he himself is the first to admit that his work is based on ancient wisdom. In large

measure, what you will find in these pages comes from the same ancient sources. I emphasize the scientific aspect, because I want you to

understand that to sing a note and visualize its corresponding color is not merely an exercise in auto-suggestion.
It is deliberate use of the

very forces which have brought the whole universe into material form. be thoroughly acquainted with the correspondences between tones and colors is to hold keys to almost limitless power.


In this lesson we shall take up the study of the seven colorrays proceeding from the three primary ones considered in Part 2. astrology these seven rays are called "planetary influences." In

In alchemy

they are designated by the names of seven metals, and these names are the same as those of the celestial bodies known to the ancients. In the

Kabalah, each of these rays is symbolized by a letter of the Hebrew alphabet, and these seven are called "double letters" in the Sepher Yetzirah. In the fourth chapter of that work we read:

Sect. 1. The seven double letters, Beth, Gimel, Daleth, Kaph, Pe, Resh, Tau, with a duplicity of pronunciation, aspirated and unaspirated, serve as a model of softness and hardness, strength and weakness. Sect. 2. Seven double letters, BGD KPRTh, shall, as it were, symbolize wisdom, wealth, fruitfulness, life, dominion, peace and grace. (Note: The Hebrew letters in the original text are grouped above, so the seven are presented to the eye as being composed of a triad, BCD, and a tetrad, K P R T h . T h i s is not the place for explanation, but I wish you to notice this grouping and remember it.) Sect. 3. Seven double letters serve to signify the antithesis to which human life is exposed. The antithesis of wisdom is foolishness; of wealth, poverty; of fruitfulness, sterility; of life, death; of dominion, servitude; of peace, war; and of grace, indignation. Sect. 4. The Seven double consonants are analogous to the six dimensions: height and depth, East and West, North and South, and the holy temple that stands in the center, which carries them all. (Note: The "holy temple" is man himself, as the Bible tells us, and in the phrase "which carries them all", we have a hint of the doctrine that man is a microcosm, containing in himself the six dimensions of space and the forces therein. Furthermore, as he carries them they are dependent on him.) Sect. 5. The double consonants are seven, BGD KPRTh, and not six, they are seven and not eight; reflect upon this fact, inquiry about it, and make it so evident that the Creator be acknowledged to be on His throne again. In the fifth section the letters are again grouped as a triad and a tetrad, and the phrase "seven and not six", "seven and not eight" is a characteristic Xabalistic formula.

It is used to call attention to

In our

some classification as being not arbitrary, but a fact in nature.

studies of the Kabalah we shall go more deeply into these teachings of the Sepher Yetzirah. The first of the double letters, Beth, is represented in the English alphabet by B . Its aspirated or hard pronounciation is like "b"

in "boy", and its unaspirated or soft sound is like the Spanish "b" in "Habana", which we pronounce "Havana". The hard sound is indicated by a dot, called "Dagesh," placed in the center of the letter. The planet corresponding to Beth is Mercury. Any primer on astrology such as Alan Leo's little manual, Planetary Influences, or Max Heindel's larger work, The Message of the Stars, will give you all the informat.ionyou need as to the astrological m e a l r i n g of this and the other planets. You should also see what you can find in some standard

reference book of mythology about the Greek god Hermes, and the Egyptian Thoth, who also personify the same influence. It is from Mercury, or Hermes, that the Western version of the secret wisdom takes its name, "Hermetic Science." In alchemy, as you

learned in Part 2, Mercury is that one of the "three principles" which corresponds to the quality Sattva, or wisdom, in Hindu philosophy. So,

in Greek mythology, Hermes is the messenger of the gods, the measurer of time and the inventor of numbers. The influence thus personified in the

old Pantheons is a cosmic force, or aspect of the One Life-Power, which is behind all those activities of human consciousness which lead to our grasp of the natural laws. Notice that I say "personified." The gods of all peoples are always to be understood as cosmic forces, crystallized into human form by the imagination of primitive minds. The gods of


peoples, I repeat, In reality,

and this statement applies also to the angels and devils.

the gods, angels and devils are aspects of a single Life-Power, that we may call "God", with a capital "G", if we like, but that we are far from

understanding so long as we regard it as being a "person", even on the grandest scale. This Life-Power has the quality of personality (for

which Judge Troward coined the noun "personal-ness") but It is Itself impersonal. I have elaborated upon this point, because in the course of

your studies, you will have occasion to learn many divine and angelic names, and I want to make sure that you never think of those names designating personal beings. They are names for cosmic forces, and all

aspects of the one Life-Power; and because


cosmic forces, and all

aspects of the Life-Power, are concentrated or focused into each human personality, there is a very real sense in which man may be regarded as a temple of all the gods. The Kabalah makes it very clear that every aspect of the Life-Power may be regarded as a phase of consciousness. Gods, angels and

devils on the one hand, and all forms of physical existence on the other, are referred in the secret wisdom of Israel, as they are in the wisdom of Egypt and India, to a single source. the Life-power. That source is the consciousness of

The sages of old are all agreed with the opening words

of John's Gospel: "In the beginning was the THOUGHT, and the THOUGHT was with God, and the THOUGHT was God. God. The same was in the beginning with

All things were made by him ... In him was life; and the life was the

light of men." Theologians have almost succeeded in "spiritualizing" all the meaning out of this plain statement that Thought is the original formative power, the maker of all things. But the comparatively few

"ripe ones" in every generation who have been able to receive the true spirit of the Scriptures, have always known that this text of John's means just what it says

that THOUGHT is the animating power of LIFE, Get this firmly fixed in mind. Accustom

made manifest to man as LIGHT.

yourself to thinking of these three words as designating, not three

different things, but three phases of the One Thing, and you will be surprised to find how many dark sayings in the Bible and in other ancient writings will be transformed into messages of light. To return to the letter Beth. The aspect of consciousness

that it is associated with is called "Intelligence of Transparency" or "Intelligence of Light." The Kabalistic text says this is because it is

the image of Magnificence, that is to say, the reflection of the Limitless Light, for which "Magnificence" (Gedulah, GDULH), is a technical term in the Kabalah. "Intelligence of Transparency" clearly

means "the mode of consciousness which lets the light shine through," the mode of consciousness which transmits the wisdom of the Life-Power from Its universal to Its specialized and personal aspects. Thus it is,

indeed, the mode of consciousness which is the "messenger of the gods." In human life it is the consciousness that gives names to things, that works out mathematical problems, that discovers the laws of the LifePower by patient observation of various sequences of cause and effect. In

brief, it is the objective consciousness which we use in our waking hours. The light-vibration corresponding to this letter is yellow, the same as that assigned to Mercury-Sattva-AUIR in Part 2. course, is E. The note, of

The parts of the body in which this color-ray has

important centers of influence are those governed by the planet Mercury, namely: the eyes, since sight, more than any other sense, is the one we rely upon for information; the arms, shoulders, neck and lungs, which are ruled by the zodiacal sign Gemini, the "day-house" of Mercury; the intestines, liver and pancreas, ruled by Virgo, the "night-house" of the same planet. To some considerable extent, also, the influence of this

planet is felt in the hands, particularly in the little finger.

The dual pronunciation of the letter, hard and soft, is related to a duality of antithetical ideas associated with it, in accordance with sections 2 and 3 of the chapter of the Sepher Yetzirah quoted above. Beth is the "house," so that its name suggests locality,

dwelling-place, habitation, and similar ideas connected with the manifested existence which finds its mental correspondence in objective consciousness. To it are assigned the opposites, Life and Death. This

will remind students of alchemy that the philosophical Mercury is at once a deadly poison and the basis of the Elixir of Life. So, also, is the

objective consciousness the cause of the seeming opposition between Life and Death. Nay, more than this. Its unripe, imperfecL manifestations

bring death into our experience, even as it is written that in Adam all die; but when it is ripened, when the objective consciousness, purified and perfected, becomes the "Intelligence of Transparency," then does it show forth the redeeming and transforming power of life eternal. Do I seem to speak mystically and without that definiteness that you expect from these lessons? words.

Be patient and ponder over these

They are seeds of understanding, but that understanding cannot be Try to trace out the connecting links

given to you in predigested forms.

of thought that made the Kabalists give these attributions to the double letters. Your mind works by the same law as did theirs. Given the same materials to work upon, it will produce the same results. Continually

ask yourself the questions: "Why are these attributions what they are?" and "What is their deeper import?" Keep a note-book to jot down the answers you receive from the Limitless source of all supply, "both spiritual and material," of which you are the manifestations. You will

find that today it is as true as ever it was that if you ask you shall receive, if you seek you shall find.

Your work on this lesson, then, is just begun when you have read it. The tracing out of connections that you do afterward, is what More than

will enable you to discover the true purport of the Kabalah.

this, such work will develop your skill in using a mental power which gets little training in our schools

the power of discerning hidden The more you see

relationships between things which seem to be unlike.

how everything in the universe is linked up with everything else, the deeper becomes your consciousness of the One behind the veil of the Many. This is one of the main virtues of Kabalistic studies; for whatever leads us from the falsehood of separateness into the truth of unity, leads also into an ever-increasing realization and actualization of freedom.
I have therefore made the explanation of the remaining six

double letters much briefer than that of the letter Beth.

You should

learn the following paragraphs practically by heart, so that you may ponder on them at odd moments, instead of letting your mind wander unchecked through a series of purposeless reminiscences of anticipation. The whole art of getting control of thought-force consists largely in having something worth thinking about, and these attributions certainly supply that need. Gimel (GI as in "girl") CAMEL: "Ship of the desert"; commerce; transportation; communication. The ability of the camel to store water should be noted, in connection with the color-attribution below. MOON: "Ship of the skies"; ruler also of the tides. Through this attribution, Gimel has influence upon the lymphatic system, which is governed by the moon; also upon the breast and stomach, governed by Cancer, the zodiacal throne of the moon; and to some extent the throat, through the sign Taurus, in which the moon is said to be exalted. Astrologically the moon is particularly the ruler of Personality, as contrasted with Individuality. UNITING INTELLIGENCE: The mode of consciousness which joins the waking consciousness of one day to that of the next, and, on a grander scale, links life to life; the consciousness whose chief power is memory; the subjective, or subliminal mind of modern psychology.

BLUE: Assigned to the moon's letter because moonlight is blue and cold, also because the subliminal consciousness is the seat of the Tamas quality of inertia, a fact which accounts for much that is written in various scriptures concerning the part played by Woman in bringing evil into the world. This color, it should be noted, is that of the Virgin Mary's robe, according to canonical color-symbolism, just as it is the color of the robe of Isis. The musical note is G-sharp, and when it is intoned for the special purposes connected with this letter, it may be used either with the letter-name (pronounced ghee-mel, with accent on the first syllable), or with Chokmah, "Wisdom". PEACE AND STRIFE: This pair of opposites of course, is related to the pair noted in connection with Beth. In fact all the pairs of opposites assigned to the double letters are variations of the fundamental opposition attributed to the letter Resh and the Sun. This particular pair is given to Gimel because that letter as a symbol of commerce and transportation implies the working of all the real causes of war and peace. Remember, in this connection, that external events reflect internal causes. Your personal peace is a manifestation of the Gimelray, in its positive expression. Daleth (D) DOOR: The leaf of the door, not the opening. which admits. That which bars, and that

VENUS: Ruler of the feelings and affections. The "lesser fortune" in astrology. Governs the reproductive system, the veins, kidneys and throat. (See any text of elementary astrology.) ILLUMINATING INTELLIGENCE: Said to be "The institutor of arcana and the foundation of holiness". See any good dictionary for the derivation of the word "arcanurn". In many occult allegories itr is made very clear that what Venus governs and represents is the foundation of the mysteries and the basis for true "holiness", that is, for true "completeness" in every-day living. This particular mode of consciousness is a subjective, or subliminal response to objective impressions. It is the subjective mind as mother of ideas.

Emerald green, on account of the Venusian attribution, and for other reasons which will be mentioned in later lessons. The note corresponding is F-sharp.

KNOWLEDGE AND IGNORANCE: or "Wisdom and Folly," the "Vidya" and "Avidya" of Hindu philosophers. Bondage is Avidya or ignorance; liberation is Vidya, or knowledge. Daleth is the "door" through which the I AM enters into the illusions of existence. Through this same door the I AM escapes, by return to itself, from all illusion.

PALM OF HAND: Regarded throughout the Orient as the map of life, hence connected with all the ideas of fortune, destiny, Providence, and the like.

JUPITER: The "Lord of destiny" in mythology and in astrology. Jupiter's ray is active in the sense of smell, and has special centers in the feet and thighs. Thus it implies discernment (smell) and is related to the act of walking, which traces the path of personal unfoldment, and marks that path on the palm. The influence of this ray is also felt in the whole digestive system. INTELLIGENCE OF CONCILIATION: Called "the rewarding intelligence of those who seek. It receives the divine influence, and it influences by its benediction all existing things." Compare with the astrological idea that Jupiter is the "greater fortune." VIOLET: This color is beyond blue in the color-scale, and contains a certain amount of red. It suggests the ascent of the Fire-power through the form-giving water-element. In nature this is evolution, and personal evolution is destiny, marked in the palm. The musical note is A-sharp. WEALTH AND POVERTY: The extremes of "fortune". Wealth in its best sense represents LIFE (Beth) guided by WISDOM (Gimel). On the other hand, poverty is the visible symbol of IGNORANCE (Gimel), and the essence of that ignorance is belief in DEATH (Beth). If you get the full meaning out of these two sentances, you will be well on your way to getting the Great Secret. Pe (PI Ph) MOUTH: "Out of the mouth are the issues of life" is a clue to the occult meaning of this letter. The mouth as the organ of speech, the formulator of words. MARS: Activity is the characteristic of this planet. See mythology for the story of Mars and Venus. In astrology this planet has active centers in the head, the entire muscular system, and the external reproductive organs. It is fiery, expansive, and therefore apparently destructive, since it breaks down old forms in making new ones. EXCITING INTELLIGENCE: Also called "Active Intelligence" for thence is created the spirit of every creature of the supreme orb, and the activity, that is to say, the motion to which they are subject. "This is the inherent consciousness of the Life-Power, in its FIRE or RAJAS aspect. RED: The same red as for the mother-letter Shin, with which has many close affinities, even as Sin, the "tooth" is obviously connected with it. The color is related to the tone C. GRACE AND INDIGNATION: Sometimes these opposites are given as "Grace and Sin." The key to understanding this pair of opposites is to remember that these are aspects of an activity whose forms are determined by speech and by thought, which is unuttered speech. As it is written: "By thy words shalt thou be justified, and by thy words shalt thou be condemned."

HEAD OF MAN: Seat of brain; directive center; seat of authority; hence government, rulership and all related ideas. SUN: In astrology the principle luminary; governor of Individuality, as opposed to personality; the I AM as opposed to the ME. The Sun is "exalted" in Aries, which rules the head, and thus the letter Resh is exalted in the sign which is the throne of the planet Mars. In other words, the mental activity of the Fire-Principle, expressed in speech and thought, is the means of exalting, lifting up, or "raising" the Solar energy. Ponder this; this ray governs the whole circulatory system. COLLECTING INTELLIGENCE: The mode of consciousness which gathers together and unifies the experiences of a day, a year, a life, and a series of lives. The consciousness of the real Self, as opposed to the partial consciousness of its reflection, the Personality. The physical center of this higher consciousness is in the head, and this consciousness itself may be termed "solar". ORANGE: Observe that this is the complementary color of the BLUE which is assigned to Gimel, to the Moon, and to the Personality. Its musical note is D. FRUITFULNESS AND STERILITY: This is the basic pair of opposites, of which the others are variants. Sunlight makes deserts and covers the land with vegetation, according to its transformations. And we can determine what transformations shall occur, by exercising powers having active centers in the head and brain. Tau (Th) CROSS: Probably originally a symbol for cross-roads, or the intersection and interaction of two streams of activity. See any good encyclopedia for evidence that the cross has always symbolized the union of positive and, male and female. It also symbolizes obstruction, corrosion and so on. SATURN: Cold and limiting, restricting and binding, according to astrologers. Physical Centers of its influence are bones and spleen. also governs the excretory system. It is the ray of elimination.


ADMINISTRATIVE INTELLIGENCE: Said to "direct the operation of the seven planets." This agrees with the astrological idea that Saturn gives concreteness, fixity, stability, purification, and the like. VIOLET BLUE: Cold, like blue, but with the undertone of higher vibration suggested by violet. Here is the beginning of ascent from inertia, but inertia predominates. To understand Saturn's ray is to know an important practical occult secret. A hint: Purification and elimination are at the beginning of unfoldment. DOMINION AND SLAVERY: If Saturn dominates you, you are the slave of your environment. If you know how to use this ray, you become master of all things, and take active part in the administration of cosmic law. The secret of Saturn is what transforms us into gods. Its beginning is restrictive and purificatory. Its end is the perfect freedom of a life at all points in harmony with cosmic law.

My comments on these attributions only give hints.

Work them

out and be sure to make a record of what is communicated to you from within. Understand, too, that these hints are but one or two out of These attributions are susceptible to They should be thoroughly learned, so that

hundreds that might be given. almost unlimited development.

you can use them as starting-points for meditation wherever you happen to be. Do not be surprised if you feel somewhat bewildered by them at first. That is natural because they are more or less unfamiliar. In

due time you will begin to see the connections and the practical applications. These first steps are really the hardest, like those of a By-and-by these attributions will be second

baby learning to walk.

nature to you; you won't have to try to remember them, for the process of recalling anything you are using constantly is practically automatic. But now you must do the drudgery of memorizing. and trouble later on.
It will save you time

THE LIFE-POWER Part 4. The twelve paragraphs immediately following are a condensed summary of the teachings of the Sepher Yetzirah and other Kabalistic works as to the esoteric meaning of the twelve simple letters of the Hebrew alphabet, together with certain other material not generally known. Each paragraph is headed by the name of a letter, as usually

spelt in English, followed by a transliteration of the Hebrew spelling of the letter-name, in parenthesis, and the English letter, or letters, commonly employed for transliterating from Hebrew. In each paragraph the

order of attributions is: 1. English or Hebrew letter-name; 2. Faculty or function symbolized by the letter; 3. Name of the Yetziratic Intelligence; 4. Name of the astrological sign; 5. Parts of body ruled by sign; 6. Color vibrations and musical tone. These attributions should be

memorized, as should those of the mother and double letters already given. Heh (HH); H or E.
1. Window;

2. Sight;

3. Constituting Intelligence, so called because it

4. Aries, the Ram,

constitutes creation on the darkness of the world;

the first sign of the fiery "triplicity", ruled by Mars, and the place of the Sun's exaltation;
5. Head, brain and face;
6. Flame-red (C), the

color of the mother letter Shin, and the double letter Pe (Mars). Vav (VV); V, U or 0.
1. Nail or hook;

2. Hearing;

3. Triumphant and eternal Intelligence,


the delight of glory, the paradise of pleasure prepared for the just; Taurus, the Bull, the first sign of the earthy triplicity, ruled by Venus, and the place of the Moon's exaltation; 5. Throat;

6. Red-orange,

(C-sharp), blending the rays of Shin and Aleph, with the red ray of Shin predominating.

Zayin (ZIN); Z.
1. Sword, or weapon;

2. Smell;

3. Disposing Intelligence;

It disposes

the devout to perseverance, and thus prepares them to receive the ~ o l y Spirit. (Understand by "devout" all those who are self-dedication to

living in harmony with cosmic law, and the "Holy Spirit" the creative energy of the Life-Power. words). Attach no theological significance to the

4. Gemini, the Twins, first sign of the airy triplicity, ruled

5. Shoulders, arms and lungs;

by Mercury;

6. Orange, (D), blending

equally the rays of Shin and Aleph. Cheth (ChITh); CH.

1. Field, or fence; 2. Speech;

3. Intelligence, or house of Influence,

Thence are drawn the arcana and the concealed meanings which repose in the shadow thereof. (The "house" is the body, which is the "field" of The "influence" is the influx of the
4. Cancer, the

the work in practical occultism.

universal Life-Power into a specialized personal form).

Crab, the first sign of the watery triplicity, ruled by the Moon, and the place of Jupiter's exaltation;

5. Breast, chest and stomach;

6. Yellow-

orange, (D-sharp), a blending of the rays of Shin and Aleph, with Aleph predominating. Teth (TITh); T.
1. Serpent;

2. Digestion;

3. Intelligence of the secret, or of all

spiritual activities, (this is the knowledge of the Great Arcanum of the direction of the serpent-power);
4. Leo, the Lion, the house of the Sun,
5. The heart;

second sign of the fiery triplicity;

6. Bright, pure

yellow (E), the same as the ray of Aleph, which is somewhat intensified in the ray of Beth. Yod (IVD); J, I or Y.
1. Hand, (in Oriental languages euphemistic for the lingum);

2. Coition,

(denoting the union of positive and negative in reciprocal activity on

every plane, particularly "copulation"); 3. Intelligence of Will, Prepares all created beings, each individually, for the demonstration of the existence of the primordial glory. carefully. (Consider this sentence very

It reveals an important secret of the ancient wisdom);


Virgo, the Virgin, ruled by Mercury, and the place of Mercury's exaltation (These astrological attributions are keys to alchemical secrets); 5. The intestines, particularly the small intestines, where
6. Yellowish-green

Prana in food is transmuted into bio-chemical energy;

(F), a blending of the rays of Aleph and Mem, in which the ray of Aleph predominates. Lamed (LMD); L.
1. As a noun, "ox-goad", but the same three letters (LMD) spell a verb

meaning "to instruct"; 2. Work, or action (very nearly the same as the root-meaning of the Hindu word Karma, and implying that all real knowledge must be perfected through work, or as the bible says: "Faith without works is dead").
3. Faithful Intelligence, because spiritual

virtues (understand by "spiritual virtues" various differentiations of the Life-Power, for strictly speaking, the "virtue" of anything is its ability to effect some specific result) are deposited and augment therein, until they pass to those who dwell in the shadow thereof;


Libra, the Scales, second sign of the airy triplicity, ruled by Venus and the seat of Saturn's exaltation; 5. The kidneys;

6. Pure green,

(F-sharp), the same as the ray of Venus, a color in which the rays of Aleph and Mem are equally balanced. Nun (NVN); N.
1. As a noun, "fish", and as a verb, "to sprout", to grow; 2. Motion, or


3. Imaginative Intelligence.

"The ground of similarity in the

likeness of beings who are created by agreement after its aspects." (This passage will be explained in a later lesson);
4. Scorpio, The Scorpion,

ruled by Mars;

5. The reproductive organs;

6. Greenish-blue, (G), a

blending of the rays of Aleph and Mem, with Mern predominating. Samekh (SMK); S.
1. Prop, support, (some say "tent-peg"); 2. Wrath, or anger (here

referable more particularly to Rajas, and akin to the Greek Thumos, desire or appetite);
3. Tentative Intelligence, or Intelligence of

Probation or trial, because it is the first temptation by which God tests the devout (Here again, beware of theological interpretation); Sagittarius, the Archer, ruled by the planet Jupiter (Kaph); thighs;
6. Blue, the same as the mother-ray, Mern, (G-sharp).


5. The

Ayin (OIN); 0.
1. Eye, but the same three letters (OIN) spell a noun meaning "a


2. Laughter, or mirth (usually caused by incongruity);


Renewing or renovating Intelligence, for thereby God renews all which is capable of renovating in the creation of the world;
4. Capricorn, the

Goat, ruled by Saturn, and the place of the exaltation of Marss; knees;

5. The

6. Blue-violet, sometimes called "indigo", blending the rays of

Mern and Shin, with Mern predominating, (A). Tzaddi (TzDI); Ts, Tz.
I . Fish-hook;

2. Meditation (which lets down a hook into the sea of

subliminal consciousness); 3. Natural Intelligence, whereby the nature of everything found in the orb of the Sun is completed and perfected. (Man is the highest of created beings on earth, summing up the evolution of all other modes of expression of the Life-Power, and through meditation man comes into harmony with the intelligence of nature, is thus completed and perfected, and in this way completes and perfects the nature of all things).
4. Aquarius, the Water-bearer, ruled by Saturn; 6. Violet, an equal blending of the rays

5. Legs, from knees to ankles;

of Mern and Shin, (A-sharp).

Qoph (QVP); Q.
1. "Back of the head", "knot" (location of the medulla oblongata, which

forms a knot on the spinal cord near the nape of the neck.

It controls

many functions which make it directly responsible for the maintenance of bodily life; and these functions, now instinctive, were once willed, so that many are our inheritance from the ages of animal evolution); Sleep (during which the body is repaired and the medulla keeps the necessary vital functions going; while in these periods of bodily rebuilding are brought about those subtle changes of cell-structure which constitute the physical expression of the "ripening" already referred to in these pages);
3. Corporeal Intelligence;


it informs, (this is an

obsolescent usage of the verb "inform" meaning "to enter into form as") every body which is incorporated under all orbs and is the growth thereof. Compare this last phrase with what is said in Sect 2 of this
4. Pisces, the Fishes, ruled by Jupiter, and the exaltation

Paragraph); of Venus;

5. The feet, governed by Pisces, and thus, in the symbolic

sense, all instrumentalities of progress, the means of following the path

of evolution;
6. Violet-red (B), a mixture of the rays of Mem and Shin,

with the red predominating. Get yourself a few horoscope blanks, such as are used for casting nativities. Or divide a circle into twelve equal segments.

Write the data given in the twelve preceding paragraphs in these segments, and you will have a valuable diagram of the meaning of the simple letters. You will notice that the segments opposite each other

always show complimentary colors, as Lamed, green, is opposite to Heh, red; zayin, orange, is opposite to Samekh, blue, and so on. If you know

anything about astrology, the study of the color values of the various aspects will bring out some interesting details.

TO the three fiery signs, Aries, Leo and Sagittarius are assigned the three primary colors, Red, Yellow and Blue. The three

earthy signs, Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn, each show a blending of two primary colors, with a predominance of the lower vibration in each instance. The three airy signs, Gemini, Libra and Aquarius, show the

equal blending of two rays, even as their astrological symbols Twins;


the Scales; and 2 the Water-bearer) are pictures of balanced

forces. The three watery signs, Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces, show a blending of two primary colors, with the higher rate of vibration predominant. fixed in mind. Note also the colors of the planets ruling, and exalted in each sign. Aries is ruled by Mars, and the Sun there is exalted, so that All these details are significant, and should be thoroughly

this sign, itself Red, is the vehicle of the influence of the Red and Orange rays. Directly opposed to it is Libra, whose ruler, Venus, has

the Green ray, complimentary to the Red of Mars, while the Blue-violet of Saturn, exalted in Libra, is complementary to the mingled rays of Mars and the Sun in Aries. The Green of Venus, ruling Taurus, has its The yellow of Mercury,

compliment in the red of Mars, ruling Scorpio.

ruling Gemini, has its compliment in the Jupiterian Violet of Sagittarius. The mingled influences of the planets ruling and exalted in

Cancer produce a Blue-violet, with Blue predominating (since it is the color of the ruler of the sign). Opposed to it, in Capricorn, is a

mingled influence, also combining the fundamental rays of Red and Blue, but with Red predominating, since the Red ray of Mars combines with the Red in the Blue-violet of Saturn. The ruler of Leo is the Sun, with an

Orange ray, to which the Blue-Violet of Saturn, ruling the opposite sign, is not the true complement; but the colors of the Sun and its sign, Orange and Yellow, blend into Yellow-Orange, which is complementary of

Saturn and Aquarius.

Finally, the Yellow of Mercury, ruling Virgo, is To read all

exactly balanced by the Violet of Jupiter, ruling Pisces.

these details may sound confusing, but if you will make the diagram I have mentioned, you can follow what I have just given you more easily. Bear always in mind the fact that you are not learning these things just for the sake of acquiring curious information. object primarily the formulation of a philosophical system. Nor is our As these

seed-thoughts germinate in your consciousness, they will, to be sure, unfold a philosophy, but that is not all. The ultimate goal is

application, use, conscious expression of the laws of life and light in your every-day thoughts, words and deeds. All men are subjects of the

Kingdom of the Spirit, for the laws of the Life-Power are immutable, and cannot be broken. A few, in generation, are free citizens of the

Kingdom, who have won the right to that designation because they know and are able to demonstrate that the Law itself proceeds from THAT which is identical with the real, most innermost self of every human being. Not

because hey accept a creed, not because they believe a dogma, not because they have absorbed a mass of facts from books and teachers, are they granted citizenship. Only because they know, and can demonstrate, that a

man who has ripened into a true likeness of the ONE Source of all things, is truly the depository of the power of God. To know these laws of light-vibration, and their tonal and astrological correspondences, is to possess means for strengthening those phases of character and temperament, which need building up, and a means for toning down anything unduly emphasized in your horoscope. One skill

in applying these laws can minimize the so-called "evil" influences of adverse planetary aspects, and strengthen the good influence of benefic aspects. Let me caution you, however, against experiments of this kind In due course you will be taught just how

at this stage of your studies.

to use these vibratory forces. your notes.

Your present task is, so to say, to learn

In conclusion let me remind you again that the three preliminary rays, represented by the mother-letters, the seven planetary rays, and the twelve rays corresponding to the signs of the Zodiac, are really the sum total of all things, visible and invisible. Vibration is

the substance of all things from a grain of dust to a chain of worlds. Everything has its note. The pitch of that note may be so low that we

cannot hear it, or too high for our ears to catch; but there is no break anywhere in nature and everything that exists has a fundamental vibration which can be raised, octave by octave, until it corresponds to some note of the scale you have been given in these lessons. Therefore is my title

justified by the text, for in these scales of color and sound are the keys to every possible form of manifestation, even as the Sepher Yetzirah teaches: "The twenty-two letters which form the stamina, after having

been appointed and established by God, He combined, weighed and changed them, and formed by them all things which are in existence, and all those which will be formed in all time to come." (Chapter 11. Sect. 2. Kalisch's Translation.)