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Introduction In one of the Sun Zi’s Art of War and Business Strategies, first mover has a lot of advantages

. Sun Zi said who arrive first at the battleground will have sufficient time to rest and prepare against the enemy. In the business world, a first mover is a company that aims to gain an advantageous and perhaps insurmountable market position by being the first to establish itself in a given market. Once a first mover has become established, the fact that someone has already arrived becomes in itself a barrier to entry for prospective competitors and the competitors have to rush into business to perform good business. When competitors are success to perform good business they already exhausted because the first-mover have prospect new product or better product. The first-mover advantage refers to the first significant company to move into a market, not merely the first company. A first-mover needs to show the figure of the overall rewards is more than the beginning or underlying risks it becomes a success first-mover. Sometimes first-movers are rewarded with huge profit margins and a monopoly like status. First-mover is person that can adept in warfare seeks to control and manipulate his enemy instead of being controlled and manipulated. The first-mover is not able to capitalize on its advantage, leaving the opportunity for other firms to compete effectively and efficiently versus their earlier entrants. These individuals then gain a second-mover advantage. Examples of first movers include (books), Travelocity (airline tickets), and eBay (online auctions). Although each of these has encountered competition, their early arrival and commitment to becoming the predominant owner of their market has seemed to assure their success.

company who has invented something new. because of their high pay and bonus which can attract them to work for them. But. they have to consume a lot of time to build their business in successfully. the late competitor need to prepare by being “attack” from others competitor. When we use this principle applies to the business. . the late comer’s employees may face jobhopping to the first mover company. first mover has also the bigger opportunity to inflict damages to its competitors for not to approach. Besides that. Sun Tzu did mention about by holding out advantages to him.Content According to Sun Tzu. before others competitor arrive. For this principle. In the long run. it is because the others competitors may influence their incomes or reputation of their company. to gain a good population. he can make it impossible for the enemy to approach. he can cause the enemy to approach of his own accord. So. For those late comers in the market. the company have already make the important step with first enroll to the market which can build good reputation. it can advance its products so that other companies could not compare with the first mover. or. while those who arrive later and join the battle in haste will easily be fill into a defensive position. whoever is second in the field and has to hasten to battle will arrive exhausted which means those who arrives at the ‘battlefield’ first will be at ease and unhurried. they have to work harder in order to catch up the first mover because they lack of experiences and population. it has the more advantages such as it can monopoly the market. first inventor has the more experiences. Sometimes. Besides that. and will have the opportunity to seize the initiative. it is because in the market not only got one competitor. whoever is first in the field and awaits the coming of the enemy. So. So it is hard for the late comers to compete with the first movers. for the late comers of the competitor. there are still many more competitor. a big company will be interested to merge or co-operate with another company in order to make them stronger. by inflicting damage. will be fresh for the fight. population and have the big opportunity to initiate the market. first mover has the chance to cause competitors to be peace with it. Secondly.

Competitors could not stop struggling because they are attacked by first mover to their weakness. Some of the first mover would like to wait the late comers to take action first. and they cannot make any revenge since first mover is moving too fast to catch up. The competitors have to meet the challenge even if they are safe behind deep trenches and high ramparts because first mover attacks the area that the competitors must rescue. first movers have the advantages to attack the late comers and some of the late comers can’t even defense in the market. When first mover does not wish to engage the competitors. or else they have to quit the market. it can set up a place for defend anywhere like maintaining its businesses and the competitors will not come to attack it because it had diverted their attention elsewhere such as grab their attention to other competitors. You can ensure the safety of your defense if you only hold positions that cannot be attacked. because this method can make the first mover to increase their product and compare with the late comers. Findings . First mover could easily defeats competitors based on their general knowledge and experience. So in this situation. The late comer cannot compete with the first mover causes their product can even improve highly like the first mover or compare with them.Sun Tzu Art of War highlights that you can be sure of succeeding in your attacks if you only attack places which are undefended.

it is about 108 years late than Levi’s Jeans Company. For comparison between Levi’s Jeans and Calvin Klein Jeans. Company. Company. Guess Jeans Company is one of the competitors that late introduce on market than Levi’s Jeans Company. when people mention bout Levi’s Company. This theory can be applied to those companies that which late introduce on market than Levi Strauss & Co. Levi’s Jeans introduce to the market on year 1873 but Calvin Klein Jeans introduce on year 1980. Therefore. Levi’s have the most experience in selling blue jeans among other competitor which like Calvin Klein Jeans. Levi’s Company is the most experience and specialized in the jeans field. we know that the first introduce company will have more opportunities and advantages win the on the market. Therefore. Guess Jeans Company founded in year 1981. Levi Strauss & Co. they will automatically think about the Levi’s jeans. DKNY Jeans. Nowadays. also well known as Levi’s Company. the popularity . Company. Lois Jeans & Jackets. For example. This concept can be applied to company such like Levi Strauss & Co. In this company. At the first. From this comparison.In this assignment. Company. Sun Zi also said that the person adept in warfare seeks to control and manipulate his enemy instead of being controlled and manipulated. Guess Jeans and others. In the other hand. our group members have decided to choose first mover advantage which is the one of the concept for the weaknesses and strengths. it is the first company that invents blue jeans at 1873 by Jacob Davis and Levi Strauss. is the only company which sells blue jeans from 1873 till 1980. In the first mover advantage concept. this theory also can be applied to Levi Strauss & Co. Guess Jeans Company very hard to compete with Levi’s Jeans Company. Sun Zi said that those who arrive first at the battleground will have sufficient time to rest and prepare against the enemy. we may know that Calvin Klein Jeans Company less well know of the market than the Levi’s Jeans Company because of Levi’s Jeans Company has at least 107 years of experience in business before the Calvin Klein Jeans Company introduce. therefore Levi’s is the first mover advantage in the market. Sun Zi also said that those who arrive late at the battleground will have to rush into battle when they are already exhausted. This theory can apply to Levi Strauss & Co. Levi’s using the first mover advantage business strategies.

Levi’s jeans also did have the power of controlling the trend of jeans. Conclusion . Because Levi’s Company is the first mover advantage concept. therefore Levi’s Company have design many different type and style of Levi’s jeans. such like changing the style and design of jeans.of Levi’s jeans is the most famous among all other brands. and the most famous and well known jeans are Levi’s 501®. This concept has been follow by other jeans company such like DKNY Jeans Company.

These are the superiorities of the first mover Recommendation . we can conclude that there are many opportunities become a first mover to enter the market. first mover can also control and manipulate his enemies instead of being controlled and manipulated. First mover has priority to control the direction of the market. So. This is because the first mover can stand firm and forestall the enemies in the market so that when the competitors arise. the return also will become higher. Moreover. they also hard to overthrow or surpass the first mover. the first mover also has more percentage to become a dominator in the market. the enemies would not know what are the next steps will adopt by the first mover with the intention that the enemies cannot also compete or assault with the first mover. In addition.In conclusion. For example. we can also know that as a first mover. the one of the advantage is as a first mover will have enough time to prepare to against the enemies. The first mover can be used to adapt and familiar the new market and also capture the best time to take the offensive to the market. although the risk is higher. it will decrease the job vacancies and increase job opportunities in the country. Besides that. When the first mover opens a new market.

the company must maintain or try to increase the quality of product. Besides that. It should be change to the easy way by those customers can find our product easily in the website. It can improve the relationship of our customers and our company. Thirdly. or elsewhere. Advertising can be more attractive by offering the idol or artist wearing our product or promote our product. and then know yourself. the company should find a good Terrain such as Key ground. magazine. if we know the customers need and want by doing research. He who does not know the other side (the enemy) but knows himself will have an even chance of victory or defeat. We should occupy it and then camp on higher. we suggest that we should use the 4P strategic by applying the principles of the Sun Zi’s Art of War in this business project. So. we should open the boutique of our company faster or become the first mover than others company. Secondly. It means we should set the target by each state or each country allocates our branch and distributes it into different channels. Lastly. Sun Tzu also highlighted that if he who knows the other side (the enemy) and knows himself will not be defeated in a hundred battles. sunny ground to await the arrival of the enemy. the company should set the price of the product which is affordable for the customers and do some research or analysis which show the comment on our product price and quality. So in this concept. First of all. delivery cost should not charge on those customers who buy a lot of product. Example: An artist may influence their admirer to buy the product which they represent the company’s product. the company should change the way of promotion become more attractive and advertise our production in the website. Sun Tzu highlighted that when need to offend or defend based on the characteristics. If the enemy occupies the key ground first. We also should provide the online business by showing the product price. we can make the company become more effectively. which mean give them free of charge for their delivery cost. poster. It would make the company increase their sales more effectively by this method. We can make some guide payment by teaching the customers how to pay and how they received their product. to . He who does not know the other side (the enemy) and he is bound to be defeated in every battle. In this case. magazine. television program. he has to be lured away. This is the strategic of know the other side. So.As the recommendation. newspapers and etc. quality and how to buy it.

fight in the market. . certain information of our enemy is needed and we can based on their strength and weakness to force or make us become stronger and effectively.