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life. and how to have one.

January 22, 2009




... or should they stick to the book?


Oh, the weather outside is frightful

stuff to do inside thats delightful

what to get for free on your special day

Happy birthday to you!

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January 22, 2009 Volume 6, Issue 17

Photo by Chance Dibben

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6 MANUAL: how to score the most on your birthday 8 JAYPLAY SAYS ... : whats that smell? smencils! 12 OUT & ABOUT: lumberjacks, deer and gin 13 PLAY: dinner parties and movie nights 15 THATS DISGUSTING: putting your feet up 19 BITCH & MOAN: knowing its time to move out
January 22, 2009

4 Q & A: into the depths with John Scofield


friends or enforcers?
Clockwise from top left: Contributed photo; contributed photo; photo illustration by Jerry Wang; contributed photo

Cover photo illustration by Jerry Wang and Tyler Waugh

thursday, jan. 22
Hot Mess w/ Johnny Quest & Guests 10 p.m., The Jackpot Music Hall, $5, 18-20/$3, 21+ Guse 10 p.m., The Jazzhaus, $3, 21+ Superfresh with DJ Cyrusd 10 p.m., The Eighth Street Tap Room, 21+ Neon Dance Party 10 p.m., The Bottleneck, prices vary, 18+

friday, jan. 23
Midwest Reggae Showcase w/ The Irietions & Seedlove 10 p.m., The Jackpot Music Hall, $7, 18-20/ $5, 21+ Cosmopolitics 10 p.m., The Jazzhaus, $4, 21+ Hot Dog Skeletons/ New Franklin Panthers 10 p.m., The Replay Lounge, $3, 21+ Iggy Baby 10 p.m., The Eighth Street Tap Room, $3, 21+ The Led Zeppelin Experience featuring No Quarter 9 p.m., The Bottleneck, 18+

saturday, jan. 24
The Old Black/Waiting for Signal/The Turn On 10 p.m., The Jackpot Music Hall, $7, 18-20/ $5, 21+ Billy The Squirrel 10 p.m., The Jazzhaus, $4, 21+ Darren Keen 10 p.m., The Replay Lounge, $3, 21+ Breakdown with Bsears 10 p.m., The Eighth Street Tap Room, 21+ Sellout 10 p.m., The Bottleneck, 18+ Pat Green 8 p.m., The Granada, $25, all ages

sunday, jan. 25
polarOPPOSITEbear 10 p.m., The Replay Lounge, $2, 21+ Smackdown Trivia and Karaoke 8:30 p.m., The Bottleneck, prices vary, 18+ Club Wars 6 p.m., The Granada, $7, all ages The Kansas City Symphony 7:30 p.m., The Lied Center, prices vary, all ages Caroline Smith and the Good Night Sleeps 10 p.m., The Eighth Street Tap Room, $3, 21+

tuesday, jan. 27
Jimmy Spits/DJ Geeg 10 p.m., The Jackpot Music Hall, $7, 18-20/$5, 21+ Joshua Radin/Meiko/ Jesse Harris 8 p.m., The Bottleneck, prices vary, all ages Karaoke Idol Party 10 p.m., The Jazzhaus, $1, 21+

The Jazzhaus 926 1/2 Massachusetts St. Lawrence, KS 785.749.1387 The Jackpot Music Hall 943 Massachusetts St. Lawrence, KS 785.843.2846 The Eighth Street Tap Room 801 New Hampshire St. Lawrence, KS 785.841.6918 The Replay Lounge 946 Massachusetts St. Lawrence, KS 785.749.7676 The Lied Center 1600 Stewart Drive Lawrence, KS 785.864.3469 The Bottleneck 737 New Hampshire St. Lawrence, KS 785.841.5483

wednesday, jan. 28
Karaoke! w/ Natale and Drew 10 p.m., The Jackpot Music Hall, $2 18+ That Acoustic Jam Thing 10 p.m., The Jackpot Music Hall, $2, 21+ Quincy Qartz/1,000,000 Light Years/Hanz Bronze 10 p.m., The Eighth Street Tap Room, $3, 21+

Every birthday morning, from when I was old enough to sleep without a crib through high school graduation, I would wake up to a present that my mom placed at the edge of my bed. I was genuinely surprised in my elementary years, but by my adolescent years, it had become as customary as pretending Santa Claus was real for my younger brother. Even though the gifts evolved from the latest gotta-have LEGO set to envelopes of money, Id always appreciated the importance my mom placed on my special day. Whatever I wanted to eat that day, Id get. Whomever I wanted to spend the day with, theyd be there. And even though I didnt get whatever Id asked for, my mom tried her hardest for the most reasonable substitute. In my college years, birthdays come and go without a present on the edge of the bed. Friends plan my birthday party or the bar

editors note
trip instead of my parents. I usually dont see my parents on my birthday and I usually get only a card in the mail or a phone call sometime during the special day. Beckas story on page 6 enlightens what I can get around Lawrence for free on my birthday to make up for traditions lost. A free shot or free dessert can go a long way when turning a year older. Stand-up comedian Jim Gaffigan self-deprecatingly comments on why we place such an importance on our days of birth: I cant believe Im going to work on my birthday. I cant believe Im doing laundry on my birthday. I cant believe Im paying for sex on my birthday. For my last birthday, my big 2-1, it was Memorial Day, so I was legally obligated to not go to work. I avoided laundry all together. And I got the sex for free. Just kidding, but for my next birthday, Ill know where to go to get liquored up and fattened up for free on my big day. Matt Hirschfeld, editor

monday, jan. 26
Metal School w/ DJ MOTLEY CRUZ 10 p.m., The Replay Lounge, $2, 21+ Original Music Mondays 9 p.m., The Bottleneck, 18+

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January 22, 2009


Question & Answer

What were you like in college?
I was like me only young, and I was a jerk because everybody is when theyre that age. But when I was in college, I didnt go to real college. I went to music school, Berklee, which was the only place in those days where you could go for jazz. I was definitely musicobsessed.

with John Scofield

His claims to fame almost endlesshaving played with jazz greats such as Miles Davis, Chet Baker, Charles Mingus and many moreJohn Scofield remains one of the most prominent jazz guitarists in the world. Known for his eclectic styling, his playing styles span post-bop, funk edged jazz and R & B, according to his website.

What was the craziest thing that happened to you in college?

The craziest thing that happened to me was I lost my virginity. I hate to say it: In high school, I was a losernothing happened. But I wasnt actually in college. I was a college student, but I wasnt at the place that I went to school when it happened. So lets just leave it at that.

that? Because if some kid came to me and said, I want to be a jazz musician, from my perspective now I might say, Oh, its too difficult. But it was just as hard back then. And I think you have a shot at doing anything you want to do when youre that age because you have the energy. Just go for it, man. If you dont know what you want to do keep doing a bunch of stuff. I have a son whos a senior in college so Ive been thinking about this for a while.

I read in a bio that you teach as well. Do you have any advice for other professors with what youve learned through teaching?
I have advice for jazz professors. This is the line that has a great shock value but I really like it: Jazz can be learned but it cant be taught. I think we have to remember that. That [in the] arts, you teach them the techniques you know and the stuff that made you into a musician, and then after that, its up to god, if there is a god. Its up to the cosmos.

From a completely different place, my wife and I have been digging on this band Fountains of Wayne. Just as a songwritersinger type thing. Contributed photo Im not usually into John Scofields trio is playing the Folly Theater in Kansas City, Missouri, on January 31 lyrics; Im more for at 8 p.m. an instrumental thing. But this guy is great. He writes these my job really is to practice. But I like to read funny little tunes. books and watch movies and I go to the gym, so hopefully I dont atrophy into a complete nothing anytime soon. And thats about it. How do you view popular muNothing big. sic of today? Do you view it as if

What do you think of Lawrence?

Great, absolutely fantastic. I can tell you a good story about Lawrence. I played there a bunch of times. I was staying at The Eldridge and Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas was staying on my floor. So I came back from Liberty Hall at midnight with my guitar on my back and he was across the hall from me and there were Secret Service guys who were basically ready to kill me. They looked at me and they said, What the hell is this weirdlooking guy with a guitar coming down the hall towards Chief Justice Clarence Thomas? Ill never forget that.

there has been a shift away from a players ability into a marketable How do you view being successful, sense or what do you make of that? as in reaching it?
I think it was always like that. Pop music has always been popular and so youre selling stuff to the lowest common denominator. But the thing is, I like some popular music for sure, and Im not a snob that way. Im not a jazz snob or a music snob. I like a lot of different genres. But I think its always been about selling stuff, you know? But theres always been great pop music, too, and sometimes it doesnt make it. You know what, when I was a college student I just wanted to be on the music scene. I never thought I would be nearly what I am now. And I think that helped me. Because what I wanted to do was learn about the music and learn how to play guitar and learn how the music worked and just be part of it. I never thought I wouldve made my own records and gotten to lead my own bands and all that. So I think that youve got to go for the prize, and the prize is, for me, is playing really well and having musicians that you play with that make a unit that really works. And all the other stuff is secondary. So with success, Ive been really grateful and have been really lucky but Ive got to say that the success is secondary. Of course you want to be a success. And I guess after a while if I had been a success I wouldnt of thought about it anymore. I think youve just got to work on your art if you want to be a musician.

What are some of your favorite albums or favorite artists right now?
I love old jazz. Im always studying that stuff. Im 57 and I keep going back and finding music that I like. Lately Ive been listening to a John Coltrane record and especially this song called One Up, One Down, which is this really weird piece of music that Ive learned kind of what hes improvising on, which is this very difficult ninenote scale sequence and Im just amazed at his talent and I love him, John Coltrane.

You tour about 200 days a year. What do you do in a day when youre not touring?
Today Im helping my wife cook dinner for these friends of ours that are coming over. Im just like the sous-chef. I read books. I try to make myself useful around here. But you know what I do, manis I practice. I practice the guitar. When Im on the road, Im traveling all day and playing at night so I dont have time to work on the fine points of my art form. So

Do you have any words of wisdom for college students? Any advice?
Yeah, Im thinking of it as we speak. I guess, follow your dreams. Its a really important time, I think. And I was lucky enough to find something I really like to do and got into it. Now looking back its like, Wow, howd I do

Ross Stewart

January 22, 2009

It has been more than two years since Nintendo revolutionized how we play video games with the Wii. So it must be about time for another paradigm shift, right? That is what Emotiv Systems is hoping to achieve with their Emotiv EPOC headset, a new consumer level brain computer interface, or BCI. In simpler terms, you can control your computer with your thoughts. The headset holds 16 sensors that read electronic signals in the users brain. It is then able to recognize more than 30 different signals. Contributed photo These signals include conscious The headset was used to operate a car on the Discovery Channels thoughts, including the physical Prototype: This. manipulation of objects or facial expressions, and non-conscious thoughts like moods. At a demonstration at The Entertainment Gathering conference in December, a man from the audience, after a few minutes of setup, was able to rotate a digital cube in different directions and make it disappear and reappear with only his thoughts. It also contains a gyroscope to register the movement of the wearers head. The headset has been developed with video games in mind, but has already been applied for other purposes. A video on Emotivs website,, shows the headset used to control an electronic wheelchair with ones facial expressions. The Emotiv EPOC will be released later this year. Zach White

The thinking mans computer interface

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so, what did you get over break this year?

The grass is always greener on the other side of the hill

1741 Massachusetts
one free phone call.
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January 22, 2009


Where to score free food, drinks and a song on your birthday

Tell Amanda Yarbrough its your birthday, and she just might start singing. She might even hand you a free dessert. Yarbrough, Olathe junior, works at Applebees, 3900 W. Sixth St., where people celebrating their birthdays are serenaded and given free mini-desserts. Applebees isnt very strict about confirming birthdays, so some days, Yarbrough says, she sings a lot. Once its one persons birthday, everyone kind of remembers that its their birthday, too, she says. If its your birthdayor if you say it isApplebees is just one of the many establishments around Lawrence that wants to help celebrate. When your birthday rolls around, grab your ID, make sure youve signed up at the right websites, and then head to some of the following establishments on an empty stomach for some birthday treats.

PARTY for free with your ID

By Becka Cremer

Cielito Lindo
815 New Hampshire St. Free dessert or a shot of tequila

Sign up early
Sometimes getting free stuff on your birthday requires a little planning. Alvamar Golf Course, 1809 Crossgate Drive, offers a free round of golf during the week before or the week after your birthday. But you have to sign up first. Head to www. to sign up to receive a coupon valid the week before and after your birthday. David Dunn, head golf professional at Alvamar, says giving away a round of golf for someones birthday makes a lot of sense. Its a way that helps us promote our product to people, and we get to give something back to the customers that support us at the same time, he says. A birthday gift from Dunn Bros. Coffee, 1618 W. 23rd St., also requires a little thought in advance. Sign up for a RoastmasterRewards card for frequent visitors anytime and receive a free drink on your birthday.

Crimson & Brews

925 Iowa St. Birthday shot

11 E. Eighth St. Birthday shot

Bring your ID
Not all places are as trusting as Applebees, so make sure you have your ID handy. Some of the best dealsand mealsaround town are only available if you have proof that its your birthday. Head to Biembers BBQ, 2120 Ninth St., and show them your ID to receive a free pulled pork sandwich on your birthday. Make sure you thank Jim Biemick, owner of Biemers. Were just trying to do something nice on their birthday, Biemick says. Or, if youre in the mood for another kind of meat besides pork, hit up Jersey Mikes, 1601 W. 23rd St., for a free sub.

23rd Street Brewery
3512 Clinton Parkway Free dessert

A twist on the birthday treat

Free State Brewing Company, 636 Massachusetts St., offers a special birthday treat to customers who share the brewerys birthday, February 23. We give them a kind of rousing birthday party as well, says Chuck Magerl, owner of Free State Brewing Company. Well let them bring in a party of folks, usually within a threeday time frame of the 23rd, and they get a discount based on their age. For example, Magerl says, a customer who is 22 years old receives a 22-percent discount. He says the oldest customer to take advantage of the discount was 89 years old, so everybody in the party got 89 percent off their bill. Its always fun to see whos going to be the oldest person on that day, Magerl says. As long as theyve got an ID that proves its their birthday, were game for it. Dont worry if your birthday isnt February 23, Free State still wants to celebrate with you. We dont try to embarrass anyone. Usually what we will do is well provide a serving of ice cream with birthday candles plopped continued on page 7

Aladdin Cafe
1021 Massachusetts St. Free baklava with a food order

Anglers Seafood House

1004 Massachusetts St. Free dessert

Bambinos at the Grove

1801 Massachusetts St. Free dessert

Biggs Barbeque
2429 S. Iowa St. Free banana pudding

Carlos OKellys Mexican Cafe

707 W. 23rd St. Free sopapilla and a photo of you in a sarapi and a hat

Chilis Grill & Bar

2319 S. Iowa St. Free chocolate shake or a scoop of ice cream

746 Massachusetts St. Free dessert

Photo illustration by Jerry Wang

January 22, 2009

Your birthday can lead to freebies such as shots, desserts and dinner discounts.

continued from page 6 in the middle of it, Magerl says. Its just a nice homemade ice cream and it draws attention. Everybody likes to see people enjoy a birthday.

Cold Stone Creamery
647 Massachusetts St. Join the Coldstone Birthday Club online at to receive a coupon for a free ice cream on your birthday by e-mail

Come hungry
Bobick Sarraf, owner of Bambinos at the Grove, 1801 Massachusetts St., was raised to believe that birthdays are important. Thats why his employees get to take their birthdays off (with pay) and why he gives free dessert to people who eat at Bambinos on their birthdays. We dont advertise that anywhere, so theres not a real business reason, Sarraf says. Were not expecting people to come in here just for their birthdays or anything. Its just what we do. Cary Strong, one of the owners of Aimees Coffee House, shares the same philosophy. Aimees, 1025 Massachusetts St., offers a free expresso drink to those celebrating their birthdays. We do it because it seems like you should. Theres no deep reason for it, Strong says. It just seems like somebody deserves a drink on their birthday. JP


Bowline knot
However, Noah Hoelscher,Vinland senior and rock climber, says the bowline is a useful knot, but can be easily untied unintentionally when not under tension. The same principle works in your favor if you need to hang somethingwhat you are hanging will provide constant tension. Adam Schoof

Einstein Bros Bagels

1026 Massachusetts St. Sign up for Einstein Brothers e-club at to receive coupons to your e-mail address on your birthday and all year long

If you need to be rescued by a helicopter or hang something from your ceiling, then heres the knot for you.
The bowline knot is known by every Boy Scout, sailor and knot nut. The Ashley Book of Knots, first published in 1944 and one of the most extensive encyclopedia of knots, lists the bowline as an essential knot. The bowline is useful because it does not cinch, but rather bites on itself. If you are being rescued at sea by a helicopter and you tied a bowline, it would stay in place. Another knot might dangerously constrict around you.

Culvers Restaurant
2111 W. 33rd St. Join the Culvers e-club online at www. to receive a free sundae coupon for your birthday

Sonic Drive-In

1003 N. Third St. 3201 W. Sixth St. 1015 E. 23rd St. 2401 W. 31st St. Sign up for the Sonic Cruisers Sonic fan club at and receive a birthday surprise

Predict climate change with your idle computer
If you have a computer and an Internet use, so your computer doesnt become too connection, then you can help predict changes sluggish for your own work. in our climate. You can choose other projects, such as is a project that runs SETI@home, which sends you data from the climate models over and over to test their Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligences radio accuracy. This takes a lot of computing power, telescopes to process. so the project sends the data to volunteer computers to process.Conceptually, it makes Adam Schoof a lot of sense. There are a lot of idle computers laying around, says Jim Miller, associate professor of computer engineering. Why not use them? To volunteer your computer, download a program called BOINC, then choose as the project. It will ask you to create an account, send you data to process and youll be started. You can decide how much of your Contributed photo from computers resources Volunteer your computer to Climateprediction.nets climate model project and you want the program to help predict changes in our climate.

2 3 4

Photo illustrations by Adam Schoof

The bowline is simple to tietake a look at these step-by-step directions.You can use a mnemonic to remember: Pretend the end of the rope is a rabbit and pretend the loop end pointing away from you is a tree.The rabbit goes up its hole, around the tree and then back down the hole.

January 22, 2009

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If you need a little pick-me-up while taking notes in class, or want to add a bit of variety to your writing utensil collection, pick up some Smencils.Theyre #2 scented pencils, hence the name, and scents range from watermelon to root beer to cinnamon. Even better, Smencils are made of 100 percent recycled newspapers, so you can feel better about buying them (and now theres a reason for recycling this issue of Jayplay). Smencils are guaranteed to keep their scent for two years with help from a freshness tube, according to, the products official website. You can buy Smencils at www. or www. They cost $6 for five, $12 for 10 orif youre a real fan$40 for 50. You can even buy home kits, which contain the pencils, freshness tubes, Smencil stickPhoto illustration by Tyler Waugh ers and liquid scent Add a little fruit-inspired flavor to your homework assignapplications so you ments with Smencilsscents range from watermelon to can DIY. orange.

SUNDAY, JAN. 25, 7:30 p.m.


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boards : trucks : wheels : bearings : longboards : helmets : tools : wax


WEDNESDAY, FEB. 4 7:30 p.m.

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Use promotion code $5STU

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January 22, 2009

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January 22, 2009


By Madeline Hyden

The days of barking teachers with smacking rulers are long gone, and interpersonal relationships in the classroom can span from Facebook-adding buddies to cold authoritative overseers. But what sort of student-teacher relationship is best for learning? And more importantly, what do students desire from their teachers and professors?
Relationships between students and teachers evolve dramatically from early elementary school all the way to graduate programs. Robert Harrington, professor of psychology and research in education, explains that elementary school teachers play the role of educator, nurturer and safety supervisor; teachers have to keep structure in a classroom with children in order to establish organization and to foster proper socialization and behavior management. As children grow up and gain independence, a teachers role changes to provide an environment that allows students to make their own choices about their education. This freedom can be a blessing and a curse when it comes to establishing an authoritative line between teacher and student and creating an adequate learning environment. In lieu of the heavier supervision and nurture, as seen in elementary school, students can control their own learning in college. But students often feel that their overall classroom experience is enhanced when teachers become peoplewhen teaching goes beyond the lecture and notes. Nicole Simms, St. Louis, Missouri, senior, connected with an English professor when she discovered their mutual love of running. Simms felt that her professor understood her on a level that most teachers dont because of what they had in common outside of the classroom. They both ran in the same half marathon and Simms saw her teacher in a different light. Seeing your professor running the same race as you takes him down to your level. He wasnt only my teacher anymore but a fellow runner, a really good one at that. I could look up to him in more ways than one, and that was really cool, she says. Student-teacher relationships can also vary depending on the type of class or department. Pat McCahon, Overland Park senior and creative writing major, says his major requires a closer relationship with his teachers because of his major. Writing is a sensitive subject to teach McCahon says. If a teacher seems distant from a student, the self-esteem the writer needs just isnt happening, he says. Not everyone is born to be writer, McCahon says. Hell, maybe Im one of the unlucky few, but, its that relationship with the teacher that makes me unafraid to try harder. But classroom wants and needs are not just the students concern. Teachers and professors also have their own ideas about what works best for students and what sort of relationship is most beneficial for students and teachers. Steve Ilardi, professor of psychology, often looks back on his own college years to remember what he wanted from his professors. The professors I remember the most are the ones who reached us with an infectious passion, he says. They cared about my development as a person. Ilardi says that teaching is an ever-evolving process and he constantly adapts to find out what works and what doesnt in his classroom. He says making himself available to students outside of class and setting up expectations are effective strategies for creating a healthy student-teacher relationship. To me, the most meaningful moments every week come from time with students, he says. Joey Sprague, professor of sociology, fears that our education system is becoming more passive, where material is merely unloaded onto students who are then expected to understand the information without much engagement. She says the key to a healthy student-teacher relationship is mutual effort and hard work. The most effective relationship is one where everyone has responsibilities. The teacher has to be responsible for knowing the material and presenting it in a way that promotes learning and the students have to take responsibility for being actively involved in their learning and asking for her help when needed, she says. But Sprague says when a relationship passes friendly and becomes friendship, boundaries are crossed and goals are misconstrued. I think teacher-student relationships should remain professional, says Sprague. Im very nervous about people who cross the line. The line between an open, friendly relationship and a friendship is easily blurred when a teacher invests his or her time and energy into a student. When someone takes an active interest in students well being, it is difficult to avoid getting personal. Sometimes it can send the wrong message, say Harrington, professor of research in education. Individual attention can be misread as special attention, he says. Harrington explains that a major issue in education today is the question of what exactly is being taught. An education consists of more than textbooks and chalkboards and tends to venture into more inexplicable
Photo illustration by Jerry Wang


Just like Mr. Belding, teachers can struggle with the thin line between being a friend and an enforcer
Becoming friendly with a teacherto the point of fist jabbing with easecan help students in their studies and relationships.

lessons that often arent entirely based on academics. Teaching is more than just the transmission of information and it is the intangible effects, Harrington says, that really make a difference to a students relationship with a teacher. Those have to do with attitude, approach, values and ethical style, which are hard to grapple with. Those sorts of attributes are the ones students often remember most about a class or teachertheir eye contact, the way they phrase their questions or their overall presence in the classroom. Its not necessarily the material, but the subtle messages a teacher delivers alongside it.

Joel Cowart, Los Angeles senior, was inspired to change his major because of a teacher who noticed his potential and talent in another area. She guided me on how to get everything Id need to succeed as a physics major and on the many programs that were available to me. I love her to life, he says. Regardless of whether a teachers style is more passive or interactive, or whether a teacher becomes a friend, it is the everlasting effect that makes the biggest difference in students lives At the heart of the matter, you can tell if someone cares or not, Cowart says. JP

Student-teacher relationships in the movies:

some inspirational, others just plain inappropriate
Notes on a Scandal (2006) A young, married art teacher takes it too far when she starts an affair with her 15-year-old student. Rushmore (1998) Complications ensue when a 10thgrade private school students falls in love with a teacher, only to find out his lifelong mentor is in love with her too. Billy Madison (1995) Billy falls for his sexy third-grade teacher when he gets a redo of his K through 12 education. Dead Poets Society (1989) A prep school English teacher uses a secret poetry society to teach and inspire a group of boys to think for themselves. January 22, 2009 Freedom Writers (2007) Based on a true story, a high school teacher shows her inner-city classroom the value of tolerance and education through the use of daily journaling.

Photo illustration by Jerry Wang


January 22, 2009

Some students prefer an authoritative figure in the classroom to focus their learning experience.



Out About
[ whats the craziest dream that
you can remember having? ]
Darron Carswell, Hays graduate student: I was in a large house out in the wilderness. There was a party going on inside, but outside I noticed a lumberjack dancing with the corpse of a deer. In the basement of the house was a bathtub full of gin. Tim Bartlett,Topeka senior: I was running from Nazis, and suddenly I was at a football game where all the coaches looked like Roseanne Barr. I run from Nazis a lot in my dreams. Cassidy Creek, Kansas City, Kansas, senior: I dreamt that I was a synchronized swimming coach and in order to make the girls swim right, I had to crack egg yolks on their arms. Brett Spurlock,Topeka senior: I was hiding my television set in my dresser drawer for some reason. When I woke up, my computer was missing, which I found lying in my dresser drawer. Josh Walton, Olathe senior: While I was walking out of the grocery store a girl jumped on the trunk of my car and began breaking out in song. Her voice suddenly changed to whatever male singer was on the alarm of my radio, which I slept through. Elise Higgins,Topeka junior: I was on Louisiana Street in Lawrence and was being sucked into a tornado. I was able to hold on to the roots of some weeds while my clothes got ripped off. I went inside the School of Law and stole some persons clothes behind a stage. Vans Copple, Salt Lake City junior: I ran into my friends dead father at the gym and he offered me condoms. I said I didnt need them, but he replied, I still want you to have them. Charlie Hoogner, Lawrence junior: While I was on winter break in Phoenix for 10 days, I began having dreams of Lawrence the first day I arrived. I kept dreaming I was trashed in Harbour Lights. Each successive dream became more bizarre, and I remember worrying about a final I had already taken.

Brody Buster Band

Jay Leno. BB King. Quincy Jones. Chaka Khan. Phil Collins. Its hard to believe this list of legends all have a tie to small-town Kansas. Originally from Paola, Brody Buster and his harmonica have shared the stage with all of them. Before a performance at the Universal Amphitheater in Los Angeles, King introduced Buster as one of the greatest harmonica players of our time despite his age. When he was 7 years old, Buster started to learn the intricacies of the blues harmonica, and by 8 he was playing professionally in clubs on the hallowed ground of Beale Street in Memphis, Tennessee. At 10, Buster chatted with Leno and jammed with King in Los Angeles. However, Contributed photo one of his greatest accomplishments came at Check out Busters MySpace page, the age of 12 when Buster was invited to play brodybusterband, and see where the Wind takes you. at the esteemed Montreux Blues and Jazz Festival in Montreux, Switzerland, with the likes of Jones, Khan and Collins. Buster, now 24, has found his way back to the Midwest. Three years ago, Buster joined Chris Handley and Tommy Dimmel to form the Brody Buster Band. The group frequents the music scenes in Lawrence and Kansas City, Missouri, but would ultimately like to take its act to the West Coast. At least, Buster says thats the plan, but for right now playing in the Midwest works out for the best. Parsons senior Seth Martin, who has seen the group perform multiple times, says the band is definitely something special. If you like the blues, youd love them, Martin says. Even if you dont, youd still love them. Kristopher McDonald

Best Pool Hall

by Students
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January 22, 2009

925 Iowa

(Behind the Merc) 785.749.5039

By Kelly Breckunitch

Heres some advice on how to organize indoor activities with style

If you go stir crazy after too much time inside, then give yourself something to do, such as hosting a small party with friends. The possibilities are limitless and some students on campus have established party nights with friends weekly.

How to host with the most


Dinner parties

Keslie Kandt, Hays senior, is a member of the Friday Night Eats club that meets weekly during the semester at various friends houses. The host cooks dinner for the entire group. Kandt says the idea started because a large group of friends lived in the Meadowbrook apartment complex and they just wanted to make each others meal planning a little easier by rotating cooking nights. As the cooking nights evolved, Kandt says that other friends that live around Lawrence became involved and have hosted dinners. Sometimes the dinner party can set up other nightly activities, Kandt says. Well eat dinner and then decide what were going to do for the night, she says. Photo illustration by Jerry Wang Kandt says she not only enjoys the company, but also having In lieu of a rowdy keg party, why not throw an intimate game night? It can be a lot more fulfilling than a drunken night that youll forget the next day. the feedback from her friends. maybe a book club is something you should be on the menu. That gives me a whole group of 30 people to plan. Mary C. Davis, corporate affairs manager Local event planner Teresa Wolff, owner try out recipes on. of Borders, says the online book club section of Teresa Wolff Event Planning in Lawrence, It can even help her meal budget. You, only of the Borders website is one of the most traf- knows just how important organizing can be do it, basically, once a semester and then you ficked pages of the site. The site also features to a party. Wolff says its important to underget free meals every other Friday for the se- guides for discussion on certain books if you stand the interests of your guests and also sugmester. need help getting your own book club started. gests picking a theme for your party. When the company was developing the Borders Book Club, he [Vice President of While Kandt enjoys hosting these parties, Content Richard Folley] thought it would be Leavenworth junior Spenser Fitzpatrick is just a great idea to take it a step further and creglad to finally have the space to host a simi- ate some tips and suggestions for people who lar event after living in the dorms and the Jay- want to start their own book club, who are hawker Towers. inspired by what we are doing online, and want Fitzpatrick tries to host a game night to do something in their own hometown or monthly. He says he feels it is a better alterna- their own neighborhood, Davis says. tive than the common college drinking party. Its a lot more fulfilling to hang out with a few Get it together people and get to know them, he says. Organizing is an important factor to host-

Movie night ideas

If you dont want to set up a weekly gathering for friends and would rather enjoy one night of fun with your pals, a movie night isnt a bad idea. Here are some suggestions from fellow students on what movies to watch.
Trevor McReynolds, Gardner freshman Suggested movie: The Dark Knight or 300 Why: Theyre both action packed awesome movies that Ill never get enough of. Kathleen Sis, Kansas City, Kansas, sophomore Suggested movie: Zoolander Why: Ben Stiller is always good for a laugh and he knows how to do it right. Jordan Pollack, Overland Park freshman Suggested movie: Animal House or Spaceballs Why: Animal cause its just a classic college movie, and Spaceballs because its a really good movie and I always watched it as a little kid with all my friends. Chase Mader, Clearwater freshman Suggested movie: Transformers Why: I love how its so action-packed and they tie everything together really well and I just think its a great movie. Emily Sis, Kansas City, Kansas, freshman Suggested movie: Pirates of the Caribbean Why: I love Johnny Depp, and its actiony and intense and I just love it.

Kandt says it helps her and friends see each other by having a weekly event planned, because while they are busy during the week, they can take time to be together on Fridays before they handle their own weekend activities. Fitzpatrick says his game nights are good for fostering friendship within his group because it is a smaller group of people and the atmosphere is pleasant. Its just a very laid back event and I think people like that, he says They dont feel like they have to get dressed ing a small get together. Kandt says her group up and impress anyone. Book clubs The winter weather will probably continue of friends uses Facebook to organize their If you are a person more interested in weekly dining nights. It lets people know until mid-March. If you want to keep yourself sparking intellectual discussions with friends, where the dinner will be hosted and what will entertained, chances are youll be doing it in-

Game nights

side. Small gatherings are a great way to foster camaraderie between you and your friends. Besides, you know you want to show off your apartment or home to your friends. JP

January 22, 2009



This weekend: The X Fights Extreme 1 Event

Not your typical bar fight
After the first full week of the new semester has sufficiently kicked your tail, why not watch someone else take a beating for a while? This Friday, Extreme Fighter Magazine and Extreme Fight Productions present The X Fights Extreme 1 Event at Municipal Auditorium, 301 W. 13th St., in Kansas City, Missouri. Contributed photo Director of communications for the event Tonia Borgelt says this is the perfect event for students because it offers a vast array of enticements. With a live band, DJ, bikini-clad women and muscle-bound modern-day gladiators battling it out, there is a little bit of something for everyone to enjoy. Extreme 1 will feature 12 professional bouts and three amateur fights. Bryce Davin, Pine Top, Arizona, senior, says the event offers a different kind of entertainment. These guys are amazing athletes, Davin says. They put their bodies through a lot and sustain a tremendous amount of pain to do what they love. It should be exciting to watch. The main event features Kansas City, Contributed photo Missouri, native BobWrestlers, with the fight company Blue Corner, participate in ring fighting.The X by Voelker taking on Fights will feature UFC-style cage fighting. C.J. Fernandez. Ultimate Fighting Championship star Shawn Muscle Shark Sherk will be on hand to sign autographs and interact with fans before the event. Tickets start at $20, but for a VIP seat it will cost you upwards of $180. Doors open at 5:30 p.m. and the first fight will start at 7 p.m. Kristopher McDonald

S unday
10:30 am 2:00 pm

runch B
Every Sunday

omelette bar carving station made to order waffles eggs benedict fresh fish pasta feature

assorted desserts prime rib carving station different quiche each week all you can eat

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$3 off with KUID

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Contributed photo

The X Fights Extreme 1 Event will take place Friday at Municipal Auditorium in Kansas City, Missouri.


January 22, 2009


Shoes on the coffee table


You return home after a hard day at work or school. You lean back in the couch and stretch out your legs. But wait. Before putting your feet up on the coffee table, take off your shoes. Shoes can pick up bacteria and viruses in a public space and transfer them to your home, says Patty Quinlan, KU Student Health Services nursing supervisor. Keeping your home and furniture clean helps you stay healthy. Quinlan says shoes can carry the germs and bacteria that cause illnesses, such as influenza and common cold. Photo illustration by Sachiko Miyakawa Quinlan also recomUse disinfectant liquid to clean if you or your friends accidentally mends leaving shoes off at put their feet up on the table with their shoes. the door or in your bedroom. Keep all shoes in one place and prevent germs from spreading inside your home. It may be hard to get used to it at first, but once you start taking shoes off, its easier to clean the house and you can even sit or lie down on the floor. Sachiko Miyakawa

Nurture by




Heres some folk wisdom passed down through the ages. Vinegar has been used as a health remedy around the world and as a seasoning and preservative. Vinegar remedies include soothing cough and constipation and preventing dandruff, says Mehdi Khosh, naturopathic doctor at Natural Medical Care in Lawrence.While many effects of those folk remedies are not scientifically verified, he says, they have been practiced in different parts of the world. Khosh refers to a benefit of using natural remedies because they have almost no side effects. Khosh shares some alternatives for apple cider vinegar. 3 Relieve a cough while sleeping Spray apple cider vinegar on a pillow case before going to bed. 3 Prevent dandruff Apply apple cider vinegar on your scalp a half hour before

Photo illustration by Sachiko Miyakawa

Vinegars ingredients vary from fruits to grains, depending on the regions.

taking a shower. 3 Soothe sunburned skin Apply apple cider vinegar on your skin. Avoid cuts, though. 3 Soothe constipation Mix two to three teaspoons of apple cider vinegar in a cup of water and drink the mixture every morning. Fibers in vinegar help relive constipation. 3 Stimulate digestion Drink two teaspoons of apple cider vinegar in a cup water before eating. Khosh cautions if symptoms dont get better, stop using it and ask a doctor. Sachiko Miyakawa


1 to dance. 21 to drink. 8
$2 Domestics, Bacardis & Jagerbombs Dom


$ $2 Domestics & Bacardis
1 to dance. 21 to drink. 8

m meet an e e on oo r. t h e d c fl

84 1-5855
January 22, 2009


BOOK: Jan Burke, The Messengers
Despite a lot of positive hype and customer reviews, I must tell you the truth, Jan Burkes The Messengers is hardly the supernatural romantic thriller readers may have previously read. Are there elements of the supernatural and romance? Yes. Are there many thrills? No. Many of us have finished Stephanie Meyers Twilight series and are suffering supernatural love withdrawal. For some, The Messengers might cut it. A wounded captain left for dead at the battle of Waterloo, Tyler Hawthorne accepts a magical ring that renders him immortal and grants him the power to live. In exchange, he must communicate the almost-deads final wishes to those left behind. Fast-forward 200 years and meet the wealthy, if haunted, Amanda Clarke. Neighbor to the mysterious Hawthorne, Clarke quickly becomes drawn into Hawthornes shadowy world as her terminally ill best friend and a series of catastrophes force them together. Battling against Hawthornes old enemy, the previous owner of his ring, Clarke and Hawthorne become inseparable in ways readers may predict. Add some fluffy, anthropomorphized canines, the token henchmen and some snobby millionaire

MUSIC: Derek Trucks Band, Already Free

At age 12, Derek Trucks was touring with the Allman Brothers Band. Nearly two decades later, the slide guitar child prodigy has grown into one of our generations best guitarists and is the driving force behind the Derek Trucks Band. For the groups sixth studio album, Trucks and company wanted to get back to their roots with a more homegrown sound. To do so, they recorded Already Free at Trucks home studio in Jacksonville, Florida. With a sound similar to The Black Crowes and Widespread Panic, the DTB manages to create its own unique blend of blues, rock and jam-oriented music on Already Free. The albums opening track features a soulful cover of Bob Dylans Down in the Flood. A smooth, fingerpicked acoustic guitar begins the tune, as Trucks tawny slide guitar comes in powerfully.The deep and raspy voice of lead vocalist Mike Mattison flows nicely over Trucks melodic guitar work throughout the tune. Several spectacular guitar solos are sprinkled over the track and set the tone for the rest of the album. Sweet Inspiration is another great tune with a catchy and rhythmic guitar riff that will make everyone tap their feet to the music. Also excellent are the guest vocals by Trucks wife Susan Tedeschi on Back Where I Start-

relatives and youve got this 305-page novel. Pages of seemingly uninterrupted dialogue left me tired and confused. Though bestseller Burke is touted for her superb characterization, the characters vague motivations may leave readers wanting more.

ed. Tranquil, yet expressive,Tedeschis voice is beautiful with Trucks mellow acoustic guitar. I Know is a bluesy gem with some excellent rhythm guitar and great steel pedal work. Mattisons vocals are featured, highlighted by Trucks complementing guitar solos. Overall the album is excellent. Music fans in search of the next Jerry Garcia or Jimmy Hendrix, look no further. Derek Trucks has made a lasting impression on the music world with his latest release, Already Free.

Meghan Nuckolls

Danny Nordstrom








January 22, 2009


Your HOME when the team is AWAY.





Jo Shmos 724 MASS. 785.856.5667



how do you like your eggs? if you could have dinner with one person, dead or alive, whom would it be? what is your favorite college memory? is there any mistake you made in life that is now a blessing?


Matt Gogel
2002 PGA Tour champion at the AT&T Pebble Beach National Pro-Am and Kansas alumni

Nicole Lawson
Shawnee freshman

I am more of an omelet guy.

Definitely scrambled, with lots of salt and pepper. Maybe some cheese, too. Marilyn Monroeit would be a good talk. I could talk to her about everything that went on with the Kennedys.

Im a Republican. But I would love to have dinner with Barack Obama. I think he is incredibly intriguing and a huge hope for America. Too many to list just one! But it was tough to beat a beautiful spring Friday afternoon at The Wheel or The Bull with a bunch of friends. After I turned 21, of course. Absolutely! I went to Oklahoma my freshman year. Then I realized theres no place like KU and transferred.

Basketball gamesthey are unforgettable.

Yes, I lived with my boyfriend for five months. We broke up, but I would never take that back.

what is your favorite movie, and why?

I would say anything with Will Ferrell but thats not specific. I really loved Forrest Gump. Although totally fictional I think everyone can relate to something in that movie.

Tough oneI guess my new favorite is Step Brothers because I love those guys, they make me laugh.

Stephanie Schneider


January 22, 2009

Q: My boyfriend and I have been together for more than two years. Lately, weve grown pretty distant. Im realizing we dont have much in common other than the TV shows we like to watch and the bed we sleep in. Were about to graduate, and I havent told him about my plans to move to New York. What am I supposed to do? Do I break up with him? Beth, senior

Q: I just returned from studying abroad. A guy friend of mine (whom Im interested in) has been e-mailing me a ton since Ive been abroad. I told him when Id be home and he promised hed call when I arrived. But its been a week since I got back and no call. What gives?
Jackie, senior Elliot: Yup. Hes being an idiot. Whether hes intentionally doing so is a whole other matter entirely. Truth be told, from your question, its hard to tell. Part of me thinks that this guy is just absentminded. Another part of me thinks hes just stringing you along. Neither one would surprise me. If he really cared, he should have called by now. He knew your itinerary. You made your plans known to him. But the important thing to remember is that neither of these options speak highly of him. The next step is clearly your call.You can keep chasing him, or you can accept that (no matter how crazy you are about this guy) hes the kind of person who wont come through for you when you expect. So, even if youre coo coo for Cocoa Puffs over this dude, you must acknowledge the red flag. If he doesnt come through for you now, how likely is it that he

will in the future? Even if he calls you or in a week, or in a month, you have to ask yourself: Do you even want to pick up? Carly: Was there an understanding that when you got back, you two would start up some sort of romantic relationship? If that wasnt made clear, this could just be a simple lack of communication. And if hes just a friendwith no intentions of being anything morethen he probably didnt consider it too high of a priority to call and simply forgot. However, if you two decided to start dating, then maybe hes having second thoughts. Its not uncommon for people to freak out at the thought of someone leaving and then freaking out when they return, but with different results. He probably sensed hed miss your company and interpreted that to mean there are deeper feelings. When you came back to the States, he realized that his feelings werent romantic and now he doesnt know what to do. If you really want a clear cut answer, take some initiative and make the first contact. Guys arent mind readers. He doesnt know youre sitting and waiting.
Have relationship questions or need some advice? E-mail *Bitch and Moan is not to be considered as a substitute for professional help.

with Carly Halvorson and Elliot Kort

so much harder for girls than it is for guys, regardless of who the instigator of the breakup? Girls seem to cling to a relationships remnants until the very bitter end, whereas guys just seem to pick up and move along much faster.
Rebecca, junior

Elliot: Disclaimer: I dont know you. I dont know your boyfriend. I dont know the couple that is the two of you. There could be unspecified factors that are keeping you guys together right now. It sounds to me, though, as if youre getting ready to break up with him already. Four months away from graduating and you still havent told your guy of two years that youre moving halfway across the country? Theres definitely something going on. And if I know nothing else for certain, I know this: Communication is an issue here. Thats not to say that you guys would be problem-free otherwise, but you guys need to be talking. Youve spent two years together. Even if youre drifting apart, you owe it to yourselves to be honest with one another. Do what you want. Its your relationship. But if you cant even bring yourself to talk to one another about the future (or present, for that matter), it doesnt seem that things are looking sunny. Carly: Think about whats holding you back from telling him about your post-graduation plans. Do you want him there with you? It seems to me that this relationship has run its course, and its about time to call it quits. From what I can gather, the relationship is simply dissolving and neither party is interested in salvaging it. It doesnt sound like a breakup would be too traumatic, other than adjusting to sleeping alone (which I find to be the hardest part). To his credit, its possible that he doesnt see this pattern of your relationship as a problem. Its normal for a long-term relationship to dip into a comfort zone, and both people make a lot of assumptions about the other. His could be that if theres no fighting, theres no problem.

Elliot: First of all, I have to challenge your premise. Sure, many guys dont spend ample time moving on from a breakup. But, at the same time, Id argue thats generally not entirely the norm. Guys are affected by breakups, even if societal norms dictate that we cant be phased by anything, especially (gasp) emotions. Personally, its taken me anywhere from a few weeks to a year to pick myself up off the mat. Every relationship is different. Every recovery period will be different. Now, the only thought that I have that could explain both of our theories being true, simultaneously, is to focus on how guys deal. More often than not, if something deeply affects us, were disinclined to put it out there for all to see. We dwell on things in the dark recesses of our minds; we let thoughts marinate. And if we do share it with someone, its a close confidant or consigliere. So I wouldnt be so convinced that your ex got off scot-free. Carly: Unfortunately, women are genetically wired to become more emotionally attached than men.This is why women find it more difficult to move on than men, no matter if it was a serious relationship or a one night stand. Studies show that women release more of the neurotransmitter oxytocin than men. This chemical is responsible for lactation, giving women those motherly instincts after delivering a child, and heightening sexual arousal in both sexes. When a woman releases oxytocin during sex, it creates a bond between her and her partner, an attachment that may not always be reciprocated. Also, women have a tendency to dwell on things longer than men. Think about it. Im sure youve had a fight with a boyfriend where he seemed over it 30 seconds later, but you couldnt get it out of your head the next day. Its not that hes being heartless and uncaringhe was just born that way. And its not that were crazy and obsessive. Blame genetics.

How We Met
Scoring in Miami last January was something the Jayhawks and Brandon Leddy have in common. It was New Years Day 2008 when sleet and rain welcomed Brandon to Miami. Because hitting the beach was out of the picture, the nearby bar Casablanca made due. Crimson and blue overtook the bar, but one girl stood out above the rest. Brandon, Wichita native and junior at the time, walked up to Jani Gisi and got her digits, he says. It may have been lack of sleep or the noise in the bar because Jani, now a junior, put Brandons name in her phone as Miami. Their first date was tailgating together the morning of the Orange Bowl. These two are true KU fans, Miami says. For Brandon and Janis one-year anniversary, watching the Insight Bowl together in Janis hometown, Aberdeen, South Dakota, seemed quite appropriate. Wearing the same KU T-shirts they wore the day they met in Miami, Brandon and Jani cheered on another KU football victory together. Stephanie Schneider

Contributed photos

Brandon and Janis first date was tailgating at last years Orange Bowl.

Q: Why is moving on seemingly

January 22, 2009


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