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room raiders

the link between your mess

and your mind
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raising the bar
broaden your bar-hopping
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February 14, 2008
INSIDE | why
yOu ShOuLD
pAgE 11 | AND A
StEAmy pLAyLISt fOr
pAgE 13
life. and how to have one.
its all about the love
VOL. 5 ISS. 20
interesting fact: Contrary to popular belief, the title for Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds was prompted by 4-year-old Julian Len-
nons description of a painting he brought home from school, not the drug, LSD.
jayplayers EDITORlhEy jEw
Dani hurst
Megan hirt
Brenna hawley
Bryan Marvin
jessie Fetterling
Gina Souders
jeff Briscoe
Kaitlyn Syring
peyton Baldwin
josh patterson
Dianne Smith
Chris Bell
Rebekah Scaperlanda
Elise Stawarz
Travis Brown
joe hunt
Deepa Sampat
Carol holstead
The University Daily Kansan
111 Stauffer-Flint hall
1435 jayhawk Blvd.
Lawrence, KS 66045
(785) 864-4810
editors note Im a pretty random
and disorganized person.
just look at my bedroom.
Those who know me
best can attest to this,
but a quick glance into
my humble abode will provide hard evidence. My
computer desk is littered with books and papers.
My chair has more contact with my clothes than
my butt. My shelves still hold photos and drawings
that I keep forgetting to hang up. My room got so
messy a few years back that my friends coined it
the abyss.
This isnt something Im particularly proud of, but
its the truth, and Im not ashamed. I clean my room
from time to time, but I really just dont like the
color of my carpet.
Clean freaks, slobs, and everyone in between, be
sure to read Joes story on pg. 8 to fnd out what
your room says about you.
Oh yeah, and happy Valentines Day.
lDani hurst, editor
On the cover:
photo/Rachel Anne Seymour
show some pride!
how your space speaks
me, my bedroom and i

Smoke a hookah for $10.99. Two
tobacco flavors included & comes
with 2 FREE entrees
Sun-Thurs, 5pm-12am Friday-Sat, 5pm-3am
730 Massachusettes (Next to Vermont St. BBQ) (785)856-8630
Steak Chops Pasta & Pizza With Student ID Dine-In Only
1/2 OFF all Pastas
Todd Snider. The Granada,
6 p.m., all ages, $15, www.
Vanguard Jazz Orchestra.
Lied Center, 7:30 p.m.,
all ages, $21-$42, www.
Wade Bowen/Roan
County Split. The
Bottleneck, 8 p.m., 18+, $11,
Film: American Gangster.
Kansas Union, Woodruff
Auditorium, 8 p.m., all ages, $2.
Nightmares: An Artful
Demonstration of the
Sublime. Lawrence Arts
Center, 8 p.m., all ages, FREE,
Apollo 13/Log Lady/The
Aqua-Symphonics. The
Jackpot, 9 p.m., 18+, $5-$7,
Left On Northwood/
Censura. The Gaslight Tavern,
10 p.m., 21+, $3, www.myspace.
Jason Boland and The
Stragglers. The Beaumont
Club, 7 p.m., all ages, $15, www.
Visiting Artist LATEX
Trombone Quartet.
Murphy Hall, Swarthout Recital
Hall, 7:30 p.m., all ages, FREE.
Joseph Israel. The
Bottleneck, 8 p.m., 18+, $11,
Galactic/MC Chali 2NA.
The Granada, 8 p.m., all ages,
Film: American Gangster.
Kansas Union, Woodruff
Auditorium, 8 p.m., all ages, $2.
Reba McEntire/Kelly
Clarkson. Sprint Center, 8
p.m., all ages, $40-$60.
Limbeck/John Ralston/
The Jen Say Kwahs. The
Jackpot, 9 p.m., 18+, $8-$9,
Cosmic Bowling. Kansas
Union, Jaybowl, 10 p.m.-1 a.m.,
all ages, FREE.
february 14
Valentines Day Open
House. Kansas Union,
Traditions Area, 12 p.m.-3 p.m.,
all ages, FREE.
KU Wind Ensemble. Lied
Center, 7:30 p.m., all ages, $5.
Tesla/Cinder Road.
Uptown Theater, 7:30 p.m., all
ages, $35-$75,
Film: American
Gangster. Kansas Union,
Woodruff Auditorium, 8 p.m.,
all ages, $2.
Lonely Hearts Party. The
Granada, 9 p.m., 18+, $3.
Miles Bonny/Archetype/
Johnny Quest. The Jackpot,
9 p.m., $5-$7, 18+, www.
Seedlove/Joseph Israel.
The Record Bar, 10 p.m., 18+,
Midnight Vinyl/Rusty
Scott. The Replay Lounge,
10 p.m., 21+, $2, www.myspace.
february 15 february 16 february 17
february 18
Takacs Quartet with
Joyce Yang. Lied Center,
2 p.m., all ages, $14-$17.
Martin Sexton. The
Granada, 7 p.m., all ages, $20,
Coat Party/Ad Astra
Per Aspera/Health.
The Record Bar, 7 p.m., 21+,
Kid Rock/Reverend
Run. Sprint Center, 8 p.m.,
all ages, $30-$45.
Beyond Blue Mondays
with Pat Nichols and
Jimmie Mead. The
Jackpot, 6 p.m., all ages, FREE.
Bang Camaro/Dead
Girls Ruin Everything.
The Bottleneck, 7 p.m., all
ages, $5, www.bangcamaro.
The Spanktones Open
Jam. The Jazzhaus, 10 p.m.,
21+, $2.
february 19
february 20
Every Time I Die/From
First to Last/The Bled/
August Burns Red.
The Beaumont Club, 8 p.m.,
all ages, $18, www.everytimeidie.
High on Fire/A Life
Once Lost/Saviours/
Intronaut. The Bottleneck,
8 p.m., all ages, $12,
Brown Derby/(of) Tree.
The Record Bar, 10 p.m.,
21+, $7,
North Mississippi All-
Stars/Alvin Youngblood
Heart. The Granada, 7 p.m.,
all ages, $16, www.nmallstars.
Stoney LaRue. The
Bottleneck, 8 p.m., all ages,
The Fairer Sex/
Kennedy Luck Club.
Eighth Street Taproom, 10
p.m., 21+, $2, www.myspace.
Beaumont Club
4050 Pennsylvania St.
Kansas City, Mo.
(816) 561-2560
Eighth Street Tap Room
801 New Hampshire St.
(785) 841-6918
The Jackpot Music Hall
943 Massachusetts St.
(785) 843-2846
The Jazzhaus
926 1/2 Massachusetts St.
(785) 749-3320
The Record Bar
1020 Westport Rd.
Kansas City, Mo.
(816) 753-5207
The Replay Lounge
946 Massachusetts St.
(785) 749-7676
Uptown Theater
3700 Broadway St.
Kansas City, Mo.
(816) 753-8665
VOL. 5 ISS. 20
interesting fact: The Beatles 1 album reached number one in 34
countries and sold 20 million copies.
where its at
C' |o-c|c
(7c') 7--7C
0pen 9 am - 2 am ally
I 1ahle
(unllmlte all)
.c coc| cuc |o||- cc cu


VOL. 5 ISS. 20
show some pride!
Gay pride nights focus on diversity and dancing the night away
graphic by: Rachel Anne Seymour
for more information:
By Deepa Sampat
On a typical Wednesday night, Toni Grady, Dodge
City junior, can probably be found dancing with her
friends and having a drink at The Granadas new
event, Pride Night. Grady says she is a regular on
Pride Night because she likes the atmosphere and
feels like she can be herself, and another perk is the
cheap cover and drinks.
Last month, The Granada became host to the
weekly gay pride nights that used to be held at Liquid
Bar and Nightclub. The event ended after Liquid
closed last year for renovations. PhDJ Chris, who
used to deejay at Liquid, contacted Ryan Campbell,
executive director of the KU student organization
Queers and Allies, to see if the club would be
interested in hosting pride nights at The Granada.
Campbell, Olathe junior, says it was an offer he
couldnt refuse.
You are going to be in a crowd of people that
you know are going to be really accepting, Campbell
says. Its a great time. Everyone lets loose and drinks
too much. Its bad decision-making because everyone
has class the next day, but its so fun.
David Mixner, gay rights activist and author of
Stranger Among Friends, says pride nights strengthen
communities as a whole, and community members
should be supportive regardless of their sexual
They should never be afraid of meeting new
people, new ideas and new ways, Mixner says.
Embracing diversity in our lives enables us to
be richer and kinder people. Knowing different
communities enables us to cut through fear and build
Korrie Johnson, Queers and Allies activities
coordinator and Topeka freshman, says that Pride
Night is a good place to see old friends, meet new
ones and be in a comfortable and accepting setting.
Johnson says you dont have to be gay to have a great
time at Pride Night.
Its not like a tall-people club where only tall
people can go, Johnson says. But we dont want
people who are going to be disrespectful and make
idiots of themselves.
Pride Night happens every week, but on the
second Wednesday of the month, Queers and Allies
sponsors a themed Pride Night and the organization
receives $2 of each cover charge. The frst themed
night was Stoplight Night, in which people dressed
in green if they were single, in red if they were taken
and in yellow if their situation was complicated.
Queers and Allies made $460 from the event.
A drag show by Diva DeVine and the Girls kicked
off the frst Pride Night. PhDJ Chris plays a variety
of dance music, and Campbell says the music isnt
that different from other clubs, though it
wouldnt be gay night if Cher werent
on the playlist.
Ashley Stites, Overland
Park junior, went to
Pride Night once and
says she will probably
go again. She says she
went to gay nights
at Liquid, but she
likes The Granada
better because
there is more space
and more people
Its fun, theres
dancing and
theres a diverse
group of people
you might not
see at other
bars, Stites
Matt Foreman, executive director of the National
Gay and Lesbian Task Force and a founder of
Heritage of Pride, a nonproft corporation that
organizes gay pride events in New York City, says
discrimination against the gay community is still
a problem across the nation. It is still legal in 32
states, including Kansas, to discriminate based on
sexual orientation, but Foreman says events like
The Granadas Pride Night are a step in the right
The atmosphere on many college campuses is
light-years ahead of where we are of having legal
equal rights, Foreman says. There is a perception
out there that we are further along than we actually
are, so my message to folks in college is we need
your help, voice, energy and talent to help move
Granada Pride Night
Where: 1020 Massachusetts St.
When: every Wednesday
Price: $8 (18+), $5 (21+)
Time: 10:30 p.m.

You are going to
be in a crowd of
people that you are
going to be really
Ryan Campbell
nooks & crannies
Nothing against video games that let
gamers live out their rockstar fantasies,
but its about time KU students had a
means of fnding their inner-musician
while still being social. Encore Caf, 1007
Massachusetts St., has fnally made that
The New Asian cuisine restaurant
opened in October 2007, but it just
recently unveiled private karaoke rooms.
The manager of Encore Caf, Wanna
Zhao, is a KU junior who has lived in
China and New York. Wanna says she
opened Encore Caf with the hope of
bringing the New York Asian cuisine
experience to Lawrence.
And a big part of that experience,
Wanna says, is karaoke.
Encore Caf has three small rooms
that ft up to 10 people, and two rooms
that can accommodate 20 people.
Reserving one of the rooms costs
$35 per hour, or you can just order a
minimum $35 worth of food and drink,
and the room is yours.
Encore Caf is open until 2 a.m. and
welcomes customers to stay as long
as they want whether they are eating,
drinking, singing or just lounging.
l Travis Brown
encore cafe
VOL. 5 ISS. 20
interesting fact: Timothy Leary and Tommy Smothers did some of the background clapping on Johns song,
Give Peace a Chance, recorded in a hotel in Montreal.
Do your part to end genocide in Darfur by attending
the Darfur Fundraiser at Liberty Hall on Saturday at 6
p.m. Pay $5 admission with your KU ID gets you food
from downtown restaurant Ingredient and entertainment
from radio personality Scott McCann, D.J. Furst Bass
and four local bands. At 7:30 p.m. a documentary will be
shown, followed by a speech from a Darfur refugee who
escaped from a slave camp. Fundraising events include
a silent auction and a date auction featuring Kansas
defensive tackle James McClinton and other athletes.
Come early and stay late: The bands will be rocking until
the early hours of the morning. Event organizer Max
Stettner, Overland Park senior, says the beneft is more
about raising awareness than money, though all admission
and auction money will go to sending nurses and teachers
to Darfur.
l Joe Hunt
red heart
At a restaurant, expect to pay three to fve dollars for a credit card-sized slice of baklava. But for
$10, you can make an entire cookie sheet of this crunchy yet juicy Greek dessert. It takes about 30
minutes to prepare and an hour to bake. Gillian Armstrong, Manhattan junior, was kind enough to
share her recipe for baklava and make a batch.
Start by making the syrup that you will pour over the layers of flo dough. Pour sugar and 1
cups of water into a saucepan and stir over high heat until the sugar is dissolved. Then boil for fve
minutes. Reduce heat to low and simmer until the syrup thickens slightly. It usually takes about fve
minutes. Stir in cup honey and cup lemon juice and cook on high for two minutes, then remove
from heat and allow to cool.
Brush the base and sides of the baking tin with melted butter. Next, cover the base with a single
layer of flo dough, lightly brush again with butter and repeat until 10 sheets have been used.
Combine the ground walnuts and cinnamon in a bowl. Sprinkle half the nut and cinnamon mixture
evenly over the pastry. Repeat the buttering and layering of fve more flo sheets, sprinkle with the
remaining nut mixture, then continue layering 10 more sheets of flo dough.
Using a large, sharp knife, cut the pastry into diamond shapes, making sure to cut through the
bottom layer. Bake for 30 minutes at 325 degrees. Then lower the temperature to 300 degrees and
bake for 30 more minutes.
Immediately after baking, re-cut your diamond markings, then strain syrup evenly over the top.
To achieve the right texture and crunch, Armstrong says its important for the syrup to be cold and
the baklava to be piping hot.
l Josh Patterson
VOL. 5 ISS. 20
interesting fact: Strawberry Fields was named for a real place: Strawberry Field, a childrens
home run by the Salvation Army in Liverpool.
cook it
make your own baklava
contact the writer: pbaldwin@kansan.
2 cups white sugar
cup honey
15 oz. fnely chopped walnuts
2 teaspoons group cinnamon
6 oz. melted butter
12 oz. ready-made flo dough
cup lemon juice
1 cups water
toilet paper rolls
reuse it
Instead of instinctively tossing that toilet paper or
paper towel roll into the trash (or into a recycling
bin), use it to create a party favor or a last-minute gift.
1. Cut one-inch long slits on opposite sides of
the toilet paper roll (think of the end of the
roll as a clock and cut at 12 and 6 oclock). If youre
using a paper towel roll, cut it in half frst. Fold the
ends towards the middle to create a bottom for the
roll. Tape or glue the ends together.
2. Find some used wrapping paper, scraps of cardstock
or just some colorful markers to decorate the
outside of the roll. Add stickers, glitter or writing to
personalize the gifts. Print names on your creations
if youre giving them as party favors or even as
thank-you gifts.
3. Attach ribbon or string to the top to create a
handle. Fill with candy, pens, pencils or other small
My sister-in-law received a Christmas gift from her co-
worker like this. With so many different ways to decorate
it, a jazzed-up TP roll flled with goodies makes the
perfect inexpensive gift for friends, family, co-workers or
partygoers for many different occasions.
lPeyton Baldwin
VOL. 5 ISS. 20
interesting fact: After the song Penny Lane became a hit, the street signs for the actual
Penny Lane in Liverpool disappeared so often that the town reverted to simply painting Penny
Lane on the buildings.
contact the writers: cbell@kansan.
what its like
Imagine youre sitting in the cockpit of a T-38 Talon
fghter jet, thousands of feet in the air and pushing over 300
mph. Your hands are sweaty, your heart is pounding, and the
force of every bank and dive throws you back into the seat.
Then the pilot offers you a chance at the wheel.
Jared Anderson knows the feeling.
Anderson, Topeka senior, got the chance to ride along
with the 435
Black Eagles Fighter training squadron in
San Antonio, Texas, last semester while he was with the KU
Air Force ROTC. He and three other cadets rode along on
a training fight, experiencing the thrill of fying in a fghter
jet and even mock dogfghting.
Anderson even got the chance to pilot for a short time
while fying in formation. He was nervous, he says, worried
about impressing the pilot, knowing that the lightest touch
of the joystick would send the plane off course. He says the
feeling was exhilarating. Its probably like the coolest thing
Ive done in college, he says.
l Chris Bell
to fly in a fighter jet
josh anderson takes to the sky.
wescoe wit
Girl 1: Wait, youre going to be pregnant for the
next nine months?
Girl 2: I know, right. I guess thats the way it works.
Guy 1: (Singing)
Guy 2: Dude, you dont even know the lyrics.
Guy 1: I was in band in high school, not choir. My
voice isnt my instrument.
Guy 2: But still.
Guy 1: What is this? American Idol?
Girl 1: (eating fruit) Its shocking at frst.
Girl 2: (pause) Theres a sock in my purse?
Girl: Um, so I totally just farted.
Guy: Yeah, youre my girlfriend. And my girlfriends
dont fart.

Guy 1: I saw the Hannah Montana movie with my
little sister this weekend.
Guy 2: Im judging you for that. Is it wrong that I
think shes sort of hot?
Girl 1: (pointing at guy) What about that guy?
Girl 2: No. I dont like Grizzly Adams-looking guys,
Guy 1: I want to make sweet love to Ron Paul.
Guy 2: (pause) Um, isnt he against the gays?
l Elise Stawarz
They both lived in a town named Ottawa, but were hundreds of miles apart. More than two years
ago, Jennifer Harnes, Ottawa, Kan., junior, joined the blog ring Ottawa may suck but the band rocks.
Peter Metzger, who lived in Ottawa, Ohio, messaged Harnes, thinking she was a fellow high school band
Harnes and Metzger, a sophomore at Bethel College in Mishawaka, Ind., soon realized their
misunderstandinga misunderstanding that led to chatting online and talking on the phone. As they got
to know each other, they learned how similar their beliefs and interests were, and it wasnt long before
their conversations were lasting for hours.
Harnes and Metzger met in person for the frst time in December, and the couple made their
relationship offcial on New Years Evean easy way to remember your anniversary, Harnes says.
l Gina Souders
how we met
from ottawa, with love
jennifer harnes and Peter metzger

820 Massachusetts St
(785) 838-4600
820 Massachusetts St
My Bedroom
Lesley Lathams bedroom is meticulously
organized. Each corner refects a different area of
her life, be it love, prosperity or health. To most
people, a green bedspread is no different than a blue
one, unless they have an aesthetic preference. But
Latham, Republic sophomore, is convinced her green
and blue bedspread is making her sick.
Latham practices Feng Shui, the ancient Chinese
art of arranging objects to create harmony in an
environment. She has arranged her room into nine
distinct squares, and each square only contains items
and colors that are appropriate to it. An exception
is the green and blue bedspread, which sits in the
health square of her room. According to Feng Shui
principles, blue is not a good color for health, and
Latham plans to change the bedspread as soon as
she can afford it. Until she does, she can plan on
being sick. My bedroom directly affects my life,
she explains as she sips on
some hot tea to help
with her cold.
However, you dont
need to subscribe to
the idea of Feng Shui
to see a correlation
between yourself
and your bedroom.
Whether you have
dedicated a corner of your
room to relationships, you cant leave the house
without making your bed or you organize your
clothes in piles on the foor, your space can say
something about you.
One of Lathams frst projects began about
six months ago when she decided to beef up the
relationship corner of her room. One month after
outftting it with red colors and fowers, Latham
began to start casually dating for the frst time since
high school. I called my mom, and asked Mom, what
are three things I never do? Drugs, drinking and
dating, her mother replied. Well, Im doing one
of those things, she said. The response from her
mother? What? Youre drinking?
Although Latham and her roommate both practice
Feng Shui, only three KU students list it as an interest
on Facebook. In fact, the majority of students can
be lumped into two different categories: those who
are messy and those who are clean. There is some
wiggle room between the two not all students will
be entirely messy
or entirely clean
but those with
bedrooms that
tend toward one
extreme admit
their room does
refect their
Brad Dillard,
Wichita senior,
describes himself
as a laidback,
carefree person.
A quick look
into his room will
confrm that. The
room is dimly lit,
and the foor is littered with clothes, both clean and
dirty. He says he can tell whats clean and what isnt,
though to the untrained eye it might be diffcult. A
couple dirty plates sit atop the television. Dillard will
take them upstairs to the kitchen sooner or later, but
hes in no rush. Im far from uptight, he explains.
This doesnt mean Dillard is irresponsible or
unsanitary, though. His room hasnt been thoroughly
tidied up in a while, but it doesnt give off any offensive
odors. Im not a slobby asshole or anything, Dillard
On the opposite side of the spectrum is Erin
Inciardi, Leawood sophomore. Although living in Chi
Omega sorority with three roommates has made
it more diffcult for her to keep clean than when
she was in high school, Inciardi is still incredibly
I get stressed out when things are messy,
Inciardi says. For that reason, she spends about 20
to 30 minutes a day putting things away or organizing
her room. Drawers, desktops and laundry all must
be neatly arranged before she can relax. Sometimes
I cant sleep until I make sure everything is tidied
up, she explains. Indeed, every night before bed, she
puts her books into her backpack to get ready for
the next day.
Laura Leist, certifed professional organizer and
author of Eliminate Chaos, a book about how to get
organized, says everybody has different ways of doing
it. For instance, Leist explains that some people just
arent good at putting things away in
drawers and out-of-sight places.
Visual organizers can forget
where something is if
its not out in
plain sight,
while others
like Inciardi
prefer everything
to be tucked away
neatly. That could explain
why Dillard and other students
like Brian Cordes, Leavenworth
sophomore, dont put their clothes in
I seem to forget about things in
drawers and fnd them again months later,
Cordes says. Instead, he just piles things up
on his foor and on top of his desk. This
leaves his room quite a mess, but as long
as the clothes and other junk stay on his
side of the room, he says his roommate doesnt seem
to mind.
Unfortunately for his roommate, Cordes would
probably be messy even if he did use all his drawers.
He admits to keeping six pairs of shoes in the room,
even though he wears the same ones every day. He
hasnt worn one pair in four years.
Leist says that it is common for people to
have trouble parting with items that could still
be potentially useful. Some people want to keep
control of all their things, even if they dont need
them, because some other area of their life is out of
control, Leist says.
While Cordes doesnt seem to have an emotional
attachment to anything in his room save his television,
he does say that his parents gave up policing the
cleanliness of his room when he was about 12 years
old. He hasnt seen the foor since.
Inciardis household is a little different in that
respect. She has always kept her room clean, but her
mother, Pam, takes it an extra step by cleaning out
drawers and closets a few times a year and donating
any unused items to Goodwill. You could say Inciardi
inherited her tidiness from her mother, but her
mother says Inciardis vigilance even surprises her
We were going out to dinner for my birthday
last year, and it was the end of the semester, so Erin
had just moved all her stuff from school back to her
bedroom, Pam remembers. We had reservations
and took two cars to the restaurant. Erin and her
sister were supposed to meet us there. They were
late because she couldnt stand to leave her room
a mess.
Inciardi remembers that night and laughs, though
she says she felt a bit more like crying at the time.
Even though her neatness can cause her some stress
when she least needs it, she thinks it helps her get
better grades. She takes all her notes with different
colored pens, and intricately highlights handouts and
study guides. Daily to-do lists keep her on top of all
her assignments.
Cordes says his personality is much like
his room: scattered. If I tell a story, I cant
stay on the same path; I go in different directions,
he says. I can be holding my phone and not know
where it is. This leaves him scrambling when it
comes time to do schoolwork, and he spends more
time looking for things than he does actually studying.
Despite this, he doesnt write his assignments down.
Ive got a good memory, he says.
Though Cordes haphazard approach to
organization may be troublesome when he cant fnd
things, some experts think being messy can actually
boost productivity and effciency. The book A Perfect
Mess by Eric Abrahamson and David H. Freedman
says the ability to improvise and deal with random
and inevitable changes to plans and routines is an
important skill. When such things come up in life, a
messy person may be better equipped to improvise
a solution, and they could save a lot of time by not
organizing things every day.
Leist would argue that Inciardis more structured
approach to organization is more effcient and
effective than cleaning sporadically or not at all. Its
a lifestyle that you choose, and if there are defned
places for things, you want to always have those
places be kept constant, Leist says. Its kind of like
a ftness routine. Lets say you go on a diet and lose
a bunch of weight. In order to maintain that weight
loss, you need to work at it a little bit each day.
Every method of organization has its pros and
cons, and everyone is different, so it only stands
to reason that everyone will have different ways of
arranging their things and their bedrooms.
What does your room say about you?
VOL. 5 ISS. 20 photos by: Rachel Anne Seymour 08
VOL. 5 ISS. 20
interesting fact: The Yellow Submarine movie poster was #20 on The 25 Best Movie Posters Ever list.
feature feature
What your personal
space says about your
By Joe Hunt
Lesley Lathamlounges on her blue and green bedspread. According to the ancient Chinese art of Feng
Shui, having the color blue in certain places can be detrimental to your health.
Leavenworth sophomore Brian Cordes says his unorganized roommatches his laidback, carefree personality.
Messy is best: Brian Cordes says he tends to forget where his things are if he puts themin drawers.


good for you/
bad for you
Some nicknames dont make sense.
(Why is Bill short for William?). But
other nicknames ft quite well. Gonorrhea,
as it turns out, has a very well-known and
very ftting nickname: the clap.
Daytha Lindburg, a physicians assistant in
obstetrics and gynecology at Mowery Clinic
in Salina, says the term the clap has roots
in World War I. Some of the soldiers had
gonorrhea during the war, and the doctors
had no idea how to cure it. The disease causes
severe pain in men, so the doctors knew they
had to do something. Their solution, says Lindburg,
was to have two men stand on either side of the
ailing soldier and literally clap their hands together
on his penis in an effort to release the discharge
The remedy sounds horrifying, but Lindburg says
a lack of suffcient antibiotics required desperate
They had no alternative, she says. I think
that at times, the poor fellows actually felt better
So, unfortunately for some men in the early
1900s, the clap makes perfect sense.
l Kaitlyn Syring
VOL. 5 ISS. 20
interesting fact: Stuart Sutcliffe (one of the Beatles early band members), Marilyn Monroe, Karl Marx, Bob Dylan and Shirley Temple are all on
the cover of Sgt. Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band. When the Beatles requested Temples permission to use her image on the album, she
was the only celebrity who insisted on hearing the disc before granting permission..
thats disgusting
snacking before
you sleep
contact the writer:,
Many health-conscious folks worry that eating before bed will lead to the body storing all that food in the
form of fat overnight as the metabolism slows down. And, while the metabolism does slow while you sleep,
this doesnt mean you have to go to bed hungry. Dan Kottmann, a specialist in performance nutrition, says
many foods can actually be benefcial to eat before bed.
Kottmann emphasizes the need to consume proteins, which digest slowly and can thus keep the bodys
metabolism active during your sleeping hours. Kottmann says the best form of protein comes from protein
shakes, dairy or eggs. Protein powder for shakes costs around $20 for a two-pound bottle, and the shakes
make an easy bedtime snack or a cure for midnight hunger cravings.
Generations of adaptation have programmed our bodies to prepare us for starvation. When our bodies
are deprived of food, they feed on muscle to stay energized. However, a pound of muscle can burn as many
as 50 calories a day. So, by increasing protein that the body can use to build muscle at night, you are actually
helping your body reduce fat in the long run.
Nichole Habashy, Wichita senior, says she recently became more health-conscious when it comes to
late-night snaking. While she used to eat popsicles to abate late-night hunger,
Habashy now snacks on cottage cheese, another good source of
Kottmann says you should eat about 15 to 20 minutes
before bed to give your stomach some time to begin
digesting the food. He says you should also not shy
away from getting up in the middle of the night to eat
something healthy if you are hungry.
Staying away from carbohydrates and fatty foods
is also essential to keeping off those extra pounds.
These types of food have less value to adding to
muscle and thus get stored as fat more easily.
Kottmann says trying to remember to eat healthy
when drunk could also be a way to minimize the
effects of sleeping on a full stomach of beer.
l Jeff Briscoe
the clap
For people who dont see the environmental
benefts of using reusable bags, they need to be
notifed of the four Rs (reduce, reuse, recycle,
remember this phrase) and shown the monetary
beneft they would gain.
Larger chain stores, such as Wal-Mart, do not
offer a discount for bringing in your own bag, but
assistant manager Robert Garner at the store at
3300 Iowa says that the store welcomes people
who want to BYOB.
You can bring your own bags inthats fne, he
says. We probably dont offer a discount because
we have a very big recycling program that the
company uses for all stores, so that the bags are
used as many times as possible.
Although reusable bags are omnipresent at
all types of stores now, larger corporations are
still dragging their feet on the issue.
Customers can buy a reusable bag for
$1 at the store, but we do not offer a
merchandise discount, Wal-
Mart spokesperson Bill
Wertz says. That may be
something well consider
in the future, but I wouldnt
want to speculate at this
Bringing cloth bags to the
grocery store is more common
now than it was in the 1980s
or 1990s, Janie Wells says. She
estimates that 30 percent of
The Mercs customers now
bring their own bags.
Wells says that The
Merc has resisted charging
customers for using the stores
bags, a trend that is becoming
increasingly popular on the West Coast.
Its the Midwest, she says. Thats pretty harsh.
I would rather approach this through education and
offering a reward for making a good choice.
Now that youve got the facts, dont be left
holding the wrong bag.
College students should start a new BYOB: Bring
Your Own Bag.
At the grocery store, when asked if you want
paper or plastic, your answer should be neither.
Plastic bags are made from polyethylene, which,
like all plastics, is derived from oil. According to, fewer than 1 percent of plastic
bags are recycled, leaving the other 100 billion to
clog streams and take up space in landflls.
It takes 11 barrels of oil to make a ton of plastic
bags. Our reliance on this seemingly innocent staple
of American life could be continuing our countrys
dependence on oil from the Middle East.
Because of the plastic bags detrimental effects
on the environment, San Francisco banned them last
year. It is the frst city in the United States to do so,
but other large cities like Boston and Chicago are
considering similar proposals.
Even though nothing that green is growing in the
Midwest, consumers can still curb the amount of
waste generated by their everyday shopping habits.
Some stores in the Lawrence area offer a
discount for customers who bring in their own bags.
Both The Merc, 901 Iowa St., and all Dillons stores
offer a fve cent discount for every reused bag.
We do this for grocery bags, produce bags and
coffee bags, says Janie Wells, general manager of The
Merc. I started in 1996, and weve been offering the
discount at least since then.
Sheila Rowrie, Dillons spokesperson, says
that Dillons has been offering the discount
for as long as any of us can remember,
and that she has been with the company
for 11 years.
Even though fve cents may not
seem like much money, the spare
change adds up over time.
The problem with
offering this discount is
that many customers
have no idea that it
even exists. Rowrie says
that the discount is not
explicitly advertised.
Its more of a word-
of-mouth thing, she says.
Wells says that The
Merc has some in-
store signs about the
discount and that it is
occasionally mentioned
in advertisements or
greening it
your guide to
greener living
VOL. 5 ISS. 20
Contact the writer:
By Lauren Keith
Plastic bags:
by the numbers
lPlastic bags take 1,000 years to disintegrate in
lLess than 1 percent of bags are recycled
lWidespread use in supermarkets started in 1980
l84 billion bags are used every year in the United
Sources: GOOD magazine,
Environmentalists typically turn up their noses
at anything Wal-Mart-related, but the company
recently started to become more environmentally
At the Wal-Mart Live Better Sustainability
Summit last October,
reported that Wal-Mart has developed several
environmentally friendly initiatives, such as a goal
to sell 100 million compact fuorescent light bulbs,
a fve-year plan to reduce packaging, personal
sustainability programs for its employees and a
general goal of sustainability.
Even though Wal-Mart is making a good
effort to jump on the green band-Prius, it should
probably not be the top choice for people who
are looking to live a more environmentally
friendly lifestyle.
The eco-label might still be a little too much
for the company to swallow, and CEO Lee Scott
was quoted in the GreenBiz article as saying, We
have simply started this process. We lay no claims
to being a green company.
To Wal-mart or
not to Wal-mart
interesting fact: Paul McCartney got Rigby from the name of a store and Eleanor from actress Eleanor Bron. McCartney
wasnt sure what this song was going to be about until he came up with the line, Picks up the rice in a church where a wed-
ding has been. Thats when he came up with the story an old, lonely woman.
VOL. 5 ISS. 20
Lawrence has
more than 70
bars. Why not try
something new?
photos by: Travis Brown
for more information:
By Travis Brown
After three and a half years in Lawrence, Ive
grown weary of my usual nightly haunts. So I
decided to check out some of the other enchanting
saloons, pubs, clubs and taverns that this town has
to offer. And, what the hell, why not all in one night?
The following are my observations and
meditations throughout this journey.
Friday Jan 25, 2007
10:12 p.m. Shenago Lounge
I begin my night at the Shenago Lounge, 2907
W. 6th St. This place is intimate: two pool tables,
a popcorn machine and a few tables that belong
in an offce break room. The bar glows red from
the billiard lighting and neon beer signs. There is a
thick stench of cigarette smoke, but not the usual
outside-the-bar scent Im used to. Its strangely
welcoming, though. It is more like old people
smoke. It reminds me of my grandmothers living
room. I approach the bar and the bartender tries
to guess my age. A lady sitting next to me joins
the game. She decides that I am around her sons
ageshell go with 24. The bartender bets that Im
26. I order a beer and sit down to write.
Everyone sits at the bar except for a lone pool
player. I count 14 people, one dog, six moustaches,
two mullets. The dog stares at me from two feet
away, holding a stuffed animal in its mouth.
I feel a lot of love in the room. Everyone here is
a close friend of everyone else. I expect the Cheers
theme song to playright after the jukebox fnishes
with this strand of Motown hits.
10:43 p.m. duffys at the
Ive heard many people talk about going to
Duffys, 2222 W. 6th St., for the karaoke and cheap
Long Island ice teas. I walk in and I am knocked
back by the lurid smell. It is like a cat ladys house. I
sit down and the bartender calls me boss. I think
Ive secretly always wanted that to happen. I order
a Long Island ice tea because, apparently, thats what
this place is known for. I take a sip and gag a little.
The smell grows worse every minute. This, mixed
with the overwhelming amount of tequila in my
drink, nauseates me. The walls have large chunks of
wallpaper ripped off, there are holes in the ceiling
and there is a ladder leaning against a wall. I dont
understand how a bar can operate under these
conditions, so I go searching for answers. I talk with
the general manager of the EconoLodge, Randy
Disoso, because he seems like a guy who would
know things. He tells me that the bar is undergoing
a complete renovation. He talks of hardwood
foors, an Internet jukebox, and a projection screen.
It all sounds very pretty. I must come back, but if I
smell cats, never again.
11:14 p.m. Coyotes night Club
I came to Coyotes, 1003 E. 23rd St., because I
had heard rumors of a mechanical bull. I walk in
and see no such machine; only a large barren dance
foor. I decide that it is not
worth the $2 cover.
11:31 p.m. Cross
Town Tavern
The Cross Town Tavern,
1910 Haskell Ave., has a
$5 cover. I am unsure if I
should pay, but then a man
runs by with a microphone
yelling No. Smoking. In.
Side to a beat while
dancing. I decide it is well
worth the money. This is
by far the happiest bar Ive
been to all night. There is
a lot of dancing, singing,
hugging, and laughing. A man
sits down next to me and
tells me hes never seen me
before. Then he asks me
what kind of candy I like my
bitches with.
I talk to the owner,
Anthony Gauna. He says this place is defnitely a
towney bar, but theyve been seeing more students
recently. It makes me wonder if other students
have been straying from the regular college bars.
I remember when Jet Lag was deemed a local bar.
Now on a Thursday night youll fnd nothing but
students occupying the bar stools, throwing darts
and clustering outside under clouds of smoke.
11:58 p.m. Charlies East Side
Grill & Bar
Charlies, 900 Pennsylvania St., isnt what Im
looking for. I see a group of college students. Screw
this place.
12:22 a.m. Latino Si
I walk in to Latino Si, 518 E. Locust, and
experience one of the most surreal moments
of my life. Every head in the bar turns towards
me. The bartender whispers to a few people at
the bar before approaching me. She looks at me
curiouslynot in a are you 21? kind of way, but in
a are you with the ABCs ? kind of way. I sit down
and the bartender keeps stepping out of the bar
and peering over at me. Techno mariachi music is
blaring at around 120 decibels. The lighting makes
me feel like Im on an acid trip. The glares are too
much to bare. I need to leave.
As Im driving away the bartender opens the
door and looks both ways. She breathes a sigh of
12:34 a.m. Shenago Lounge
I head back to Shenago Lounge for an evening
snack of freshly popped popcorn. Even though I
dont ft in, I think Ive found my niche. But none of
you bastards can go there. Youll ruin it. Find your
own damn bar.
A view from outside the Shenago Lounge, 2907 W. 6th St.
Travis Brown does research for his article at Duffys at the Econo Lodge, 2222 W. 6th St.
music guy
A road map to
music utopia
VOL. 5 ISS. 20
By Ben Garmisa
In light of the fact that today is Hallmark Appreciation Day (or more commonly called Valentines Day),
this column is going to be the four best songs to make out (and/or whatever else youd like to do) to.
Be forewarned that paying too much attention to the music can detract from other, far more interesting
activities when with a lover.
Anyone Else But You The Moldy Peaches
This song might not really qualify for underground or unknown anymore, as it
recently served as it was recently featured in the indie-now-mainstream breakout
flm Juno. The Moldy Peaches wrote this song, though its performed by Ellen
Page and Michael Cera in the flm. Regardless, with lyrics like Up up down down
left right left right B A start / just because we use cheats doesnt mean were
not smart / I dont see what anyone could see in anyone else but you, how can
anyone not feel weak in the knees?
West Coast Coconut Records
Some connoisseurs of Wes Anderson flms (Rushmore, The Royal Tenenbaums)
may already be familiar with this bandthen again, most probably arent. Jason
Schwartzman, star of countless Anderson flms, recently released Nighttiming,
the freshman effort of his solo side-project Coconut Records, and it is pretty
impressive. I was having trouble deciding which song from this album to use
for this list, and I only settled on West Coast because I love the intertwining
classic and electric pianos. Honestly, this entire album would make a pretty good
soundtrack to some heavy cuddling. If And Ill miss you / Im going back home
to the west coast. / I wish you / would put yourself in my suitcase. / I love you /
standing all alone in a black coat. doesnt set the mood for some what if I never see you again? hanky-
panky, then I dont know what will.
Lovecraft in Brooklyn The Mountain Goats
I think this might be among the pop-iest songs that The Mountain Goats have ever
written, which really is saying something considering their discography lists 13 full-
length albums, 14 single EPs and more than 30 other compilations and vinyls. This
song isnt really romantic in a lyrical sense, but if you listen to it, I think youll agree
that the drum and guitar beats mixed with waning violins that then lead up to a
powerful crescendomuch like something else you might be interested in. Come
to think of it, the more time I spend writing this the more I realize that listening to
the Mountain Goats while fooling around might just be the best fantasy Ive ever
Take It Easy (Love Nothing) Bright Eyes
I would be remiss to leave out Bright Eyes from any list of indie music, even if the
band is much more popular than your typical indie group. This song starts with the
line frst with your hands, then with your mouth, just in case she wasnt getting
the message. That said, there really arent any other lyrics in this song that you
or your partner should listen tothough hopefully youre already too busy with
other activities to pay attention to anything other than each other.
interesting fact: Since 1990 Paul McCartney has traveled over 800,000 miles in concert, through 22 countries, and set the Guin-
ness world record for the largest stadium crowd in history of rock n roll, 184,000 in Rio de Janeiro.
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We Are Famous
Just cross the bridge 401 N. 2nd
In the past three years, Jessica Alba has
starred in snoozers like Fantastic Four, Into
The Blue and Good Luck Chuck. But its not
bad acting that ruins her movies. Its her
MTV body, which attracts proft-obsessed
studios that want movies with sex appeal
and non-stop action at the expense of good
old-fashion storytelling.
In The Eye, an adaptation of a Chinese
flm released in 2002, Albas character,
Sydney, gets a cornea transplant that grants
her sight, but at a lofty price: She sees dead
people (gasp!). Of course, it takes a while
for her doctor (Alessandro Nivola, who
looks like a not-so-buff Dr. Kevin Lenihan)
to buy her story, but when he fnally comes
around they venture to Mexico to uncover
the mystery of her donor.
To say that what they fnd is anti-
climactic gives the movie too much credit,
for it implies that suffcient suspense was
built up during the course of the movie
so that a disappointing ending was even
possible. Co-directors David Morneau and
Xavier Paluds idea of rising action is a cheap
shriek every fve minutes with a Jessica Alba
shower scene thrown somewhere in the
middle. Its sound-bite-era horror, The Sixth
Sense for teenyboppers on Ritalin.
Ian Stanford
VOL. 5 ISS. 20
interesting fact: Before she was Cher, singer Bonnie Jo Mason recorded the novelty
song, I Love You Ringo.
the eye
The Perfect Way
to say...
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I love
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