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Table of contents

Preface Executive summary Chapter one 1.0 Business description 1.1 Background information 1.2 Business name 1.3 Assumptions 1.4 Primary objective 1.5 The mission statement 1.6 The sponsor 1.7 Location 1.8 The market 1.9 The infrastructure 1.10 The industry 1.11 Technological trends and prospects 1.12 Growth expansion forecast 1.13 Entry and growth strategy 1.14 Customer benefits 1.15 Distribution channels Chapter two 2.0 Marketing plan 2.1 Target market 2.2 Target market structure 2.3 Corporate image 2.4 Purchasing strategy 2.5 Warranties and guarantees 2.6 Market share 2.7 Proximity to populace 2.8 Competition at least 4 competitors SWAT and SWOT analysis 2.9 Pricing strategy 2.10 Advertising and promotions 2.110 The internet 2.111 News papers 2.112 The radio 2.113 Personal advertising


3.1 Organizational structure 3.2 The management personnel, qualification, experience and duties 3.3 Evaluation and selection of members of staff 3.4 Recruitment and selection/interviews 3.5 Nature of employment and employees 3.6 Appraisal, training and promotions 3.7 Salary/remunerations 3.8 Support services CHAPTER FOUR 4.0 OPERATIONAL AND PRODUCTION 4.1 Introduction 4.2 Location 4.3 Facilities 4.4 Production design and development 4.5 The production process 4.6 Cost of assets 4.7 Repair and maintenance availability of spare parts 4.8 Quality control 4.9 Monthly/quarterly e.t.c labour requirement 4.10 Office layout 4.11 Government regulations/requirements

CHAPTER FIVE 5.0 FINANCIAL PLAN 5.1 Proposed capitalization 5.2 Pre-operational costs 5.3 Working capital requirements 5.4 Proforma profit and loss account projection 5.5 Proforma balanced sheet 5.6 Cash flow statement 5.7 Break even analysis 5.8 Expected profitability ratios APPENDIX 1

Executive summary
Business Description.

Ziontech solutions will be the name of the business dealing with printing,
photocopying, typesetting, internet services, selling of computers, computer accessories/peripherals, and IT consultancy, computer assembling e.t.c. K.M

Shopping center, will be the location of the business operating on profit

maximization, job creation and self employment hence improving standard of living.

Marketing plan.
We will be offering sales services, delivery to potential customers with a market share of approximately 2000 customers per month. The pricing will depend on:- Quality of products, adaptive price, cost of production, demand and supply, profit margin, tax level and government policy.

It will comprise of the Business Executive Committee (B.E.C), accounts clerk and staff. Remuneration and incentives will be considered inclusive of supportive services of the business.

Operation and production plan.

Execution of duties will be upon Ziontech workers to serve and meet clients satisfaction. The process and stages of conversion of the material into finished products will be as follows: storage in central workshop for assemblage section, item test and for display unit.


Background Information The population growth in Kenyan Universities has gone up by a very high percentage in the recent years. This has been attributive by double-intake and school based programs. Most of the programs offered in these campuses have embraced the use of computers and internet devices. There has been a major transformation, innovation and inventions in the computer technology. This has been so especially in computer applications, internet connectivity etc. The demand of these services has significantly grown due to the increasing number of clients needing the services from both within and without universities and the competitors cannot satisfy their needs fully. The advancement of technology has increased the demand of the services offered to the customers thus boosting the business to achieve its long-term goals. With the above, it is expected that many computer investors will come on board and offer the service to the ever increasing demand. Currently, there are a good number of players in this sector but due to the anticipated increase in the use of these services, there is a grat need for more investors in this area.who will be able to meet clients needs adequately in terms of quality and time. Having realized the gap in the computer and internet service provision, we intend to start a shop that deals with printing, photocopying, typesetting, internet services, selling of computers, computer accessories/peripherals, and IT consultancy, computer assembling e.t.c in K.M Shopping Center. This is attributed to the fact that there has been a significant growth in the number of customers requiring these services including hospitals, private offices, public and private and schools within K.U and its environs, commercial and residential buildings coming up in the region and hence there is a need for provision of computer products close to them. The aria is highly populated hence it is expected that there will be ready market for this service. Other services that go hand in hand with this service like computer repair, consultancy, installation etc will be offered.


The name of the business will be Ziontech

solutions shop. We decided to name our business Ziontech solutions shop because, Zion is the
name of our ultimate home after life here on earth tech is the short form of technology. This will imply that we are dealing mostly with the selling of computer products as opposed to installation.

Customers will be readily available in the region where the business is going to be located. This is due to the fact that most people in the area are students who by default will require services that are going to be availed. Also there is likelihood of the current population shooting in the near future due to more and more people requiring education. High competition is not expected from already established businesses in that area because the population is very high and anticipated to rise in future and computer shops here are not enough to fully satisfy customer needs. The business will capitalize on pricing and marketing strategies to attract more customers. The location of the business is going to attract customers as well. This is due to the fact that the business is located in a market area where it will be accessible by all people and it is a conducive and secure place for customers as they shop. Other Social amenities such as electricity, water etc also come in handy as the shop will be located in K.U environ and and is served by the Nairobi water and sewerage company who are obliged to cater for such essentials social amenities.


The long term objective of this business is profit maximization through offering sufficient and cost effective services to its customers. The business also intends to fully establish

itself in the market. To achieve the long term objectives, the following short term objectives have been set; a. To cut cost in the first few months after starting the business b. To employ high qualified personnel/staff to run the business c. To provide high quality, sufficient and affordable goods/services. d. To carry out an intensive market research to improve our services in order to meet the market demand. The following are the SMART objectives set up by the business; To do our best in order to be the leading computer services shop in the area in the first six months. To have a market share of over 50% in the first two years of business. To increase its profit to double the capital invested in the first 10/2 years of interception.

1.5 Mission statement.

Aims at offering a leading, safe and secure service as well as the best quality services and goods by taking into consideration market demand and expected growth in the computer product industry. We will pay personal attention to all our customers by providing a key account management. Adequate, well educated and highly trained personnel will be hired to ensure a high quality service.

1.6 Sponsors of the business.

Source Amount [Ksh] Percentage

Personal contribution Family contribution Friends Bank Loan [Cooperative] Total

450,000 375,000 275,000 100,000 1,200,000

33.3% 25% 12.5% 29.2% 100%

1.7 Location of the Business.

The business will be located in at KM shopping center in KU. It is located Ten meters from total petrol station and two kilometers from Jomo Kenyatta university of agriculture and technology. It will be located in a building called Mach Plaza at the ground floor. Next the buildings are commercial and residential buildings. Next to this building is Kenya Equity Bank and directly opposite is Annex college Other crucial businesses are coming up in the surrounding hence making the place a perfect sight for starting a business. A sketch map leading to the business from the junction is shown in the drawing in the appendix in the last page of this book. The address contact of the business is:

Nyambstech solutions shop

P.O BOX 3548-00100, Nairobi Tel: 0714355731 Cell: +254-00000000 Email:

1.8 The Market

Currently there are three beauty shops in that area which have already been established and doing well. However they offer their goods and services at a very high price. This has attributed to many dwellers to look for this products else where. These shops are locally run by people from around and hence do not pause a threat in terms of competition as compared to if they were nationally run. This shops that are already there are purity beauty shop which make up 30% of the market, Smart beauty shop which make up 25% of the market and Carol beauty shop which make up 45% of the market. The market gets from around one thousand to one thousand five hundred customers per day. This means that when you convert the percentage in to numbers is as follows; Carol beauty shop holds most of the customers which are four hundred and fifty or more, followed by Purity beauty shop with three hundred or more customers and then Smart beauty shop holding the rest which are two hundred customers. Having this knowledge is important in that it will influence the type of marketing strategy will be employed to make the new business a success and to achieve its goal. Princesss beauty shop will employ a few strategies to realize its goals and to also differentiate them from the rest. These strategies include; offering a discount to any customer who buys goods worth over a thousand shillings, offering a transport service to any customer who buys goods in bulk, every customer who comes to be plaited for the first time will be offered a free pedicure/manicure. This will have a great impact on the business in that those new customers will tell their friends about these offers hence attracting more customers and also this will create along term relationship with these customers who will be offered this after sale services and hence will become loyal customers.

1.9 THE INFRASTRUCTURE. This area has a high potential in that the infrastructure is well developed. There is a high way connecting Nairobi and kisumu through nakuru. The business location will be at njoro which is slightly away from nakuru and there is a junction from the high way connecting njoro and nakuru. There is also a rail way line which passes through njoro. As a matter of fact this shopping center developed from the presence of the rail way line after the Indians settled there as they were constructing it. Finally, the government has recently allocated a big area where they are going to construct an air port which is currently an air strip. All this transportation modes will help in boosting the development of the business in that the necessary materials will be transported straight from the factory. Also the customers traveling from far will have many alternatives to use as a means of transport. As a result of well developed infrastructure it is expected there will be an increment in population in the area as well.


Princesses beauty shop will be a beauty based industry. It will deal with offering such services such as manicure, pedicure, hair plaiting, massage, hair treatment and chemical application, blow-dry, and wave plaiting. It shall also offer beauty products such as wives, chemicals, facial scrubbers, toners beauty soaps etc. The business will order its products directly from the manufacturers or importers in order to be in position to cut on cost of production and for that matter to charge a fairly lower price to our customers. This will also help in selling high quality products as the chances of having counterfeits will be low as products are ordered directly from the manufacturer. The services will be of high class as well since our working personnel will be well educated and highly trained. 1.11 TECHNOLOGICAL TRENDS AND PROSPECTS 1.12 GROWTH AND EXPANSION FORECAST. The business will especially focus on pricing and offering high quality goods and services to its customers in order to grow, realize its goals and to become the leading business in the market as well. On quality the business employ high quality and well trained personnel, offer first class goods which will be of the best quality. Our pricing will be based on the taxes and revenue being charged by the government on a day to day basis. The business is expected to grow and expand to other major towns and cities of the country in the next five years. This will be determined by the growth and performance of the princesses beauty shop. The business intends to cut down on marginal costs in the long run and using the strategies applied in the first business in the subsequent business. 1.13 ENRY AND GROWTH STRATEGY. 1.13.1 ENTRY STRATEGY. For the business to have an impact on the people of that region, it shall capitalize on marketing strategies to enter the market. It will use marketing strategies such as pricing, promotions, advertising, etc. the pricing strategy will be done in a manner that the company gains profit and does not exploit its customers at the same time, creating a win win situation for both the customers and the company. Pricing of its products shall be based on the current market price as well as the competitors prices. The business intends to price its products a little bit lower than its competitors. Promotion will be a key to enter the market as well. This will be through after sale services to all our customers as will as offering a 20% discounts to all of our royal customers. A key account management shall also be a part of the promotion. Advertising will be part of marketing. It shall include distribution of posters and flyers for the opening of the business one week before its opening. The flyers shall also include the description of the business, what it will be selling as well as the services it shall offer. The name of the business shall also be included. 1.13.2 GROWTH STRATEGY.

As the business grows and profits increase, the business shall widen its products and services based on the area as well as to other regions within and without nakuru. It is expected that as the business grows, it shall graduate from selling beauty products to selling jewelry as well as other ladies accessories. This will only be realized through the success of princesss beauty shop. It is expected that the business will cut operational costs as it continues with its operations. It is expected that for rest of the businesses that will come up as a result of the first on, the strategies used in the first business shall be replicated in order to realize their achievement. 1.14 CUSTOMER BENEFITS The business intends to lower its prices thus the customer will benefit. It also intends to offer high quality goods and services to its customers hence customers benefiting from this. Offering employment to people from the surrounding will be another gain to them and to the society by reducing unemployment rate in the society. 1.15 DISTRIBUTION CHANNELS. The business shall use a direct channel of distribution. This will help eliminate intermediaries involved in the channel of distribution and consequently saving a lot of time and money spent. This will help in lowering of the pricing of the products. The business shall also be involved in the bulk breaking of the products and later giving them to other retailers who shall distribute them to customers in other regions in return. The business shall use road or railway transport as a means of transport to transport its goods from the producer to the premises and as well as from the premises to other consumers. The major mode of communication shall be through the internet. Producers Retailers Consumers. Firm (services) Clients(Servers).


2.1 TARGET MARKET. The target market of the business includes; Local Area Residents It is expected that the major target market will be the residents who reside around the business venture. The business will capitalize majorly in offering the best services and beauty products to the residents. At is also expected that other related services such as solon services, barber shop, kids salon, massage etc will be offered. Social institutes / public facilities The business is surrounded by public institutions such as schools, colleges and other businesses. It is that these facilities require beauty products and related services which make them a suitable target as well. Local administration offices The located near the local police station as well as the area district commissioner and the area county council offices. the residence of the policemen is located in the station and it is expected that they will be requiring our services. People visiting the other offices will also be a good target since they will be attracted by our shop. 2.2 TARGET MARKET STRUCTURE The area population is very high and thus the business expects that the target market is very high. 2.3 CORPORATE IMAGE The business intends to create a good image and maintain it by offering the best products as well as offering c the best services to it customers. We believe that by satisfying our customers we will build a strong customer relationship and capture value from them in return hence creating a good image to our customers and the local area residences. 2.4 PURCHASING STRATEGY To help come up with a fair price to all our goods and services, princesses beauty shop will purchase its products directly from the producer and manufacturers of our necessary products. The business will also consider giving discounts in an aim of rewarding our royal customers, increase sales as well as to ensure that our goods move fast so as not to expire before selling them.


The business intends to build a strong customer seller relationship. The business will do this by giving guarantees and warranties to the customers. This will be a good strategy to employ since most of the businesses in this area do not offer this to their customers. 2.6 MARKET SHARE Since the competitors have their own customers, the proprietor has to try her best to attract more customers than her competitors. The proprietor has decided to have a targeted customer number of 500 customers per day. To achieve this, the proprietor has decided to capitalize on the competitors weakness. Purity beauty shop has an approximate number of 300 customers per, smart beauty shop has around 200 customers while carol beauty shop has an approximate number of 450 customers per day. In each case the number of customers would have been higher were it not for their weaknesses. The proprietor has decided to make her business a success much more than her competitors in order to realize her long term as well as the short term goals. The table and the column chart below shows the percentage of the market shares between Princesses beauty shop and the other competitors who offer the same kind of goods and services NAME OF THE COMPETITOR Princesses beauty shop Carol beauty shop Purity beauty shop Smart beauty shop TOTAL MARKET SHARE IN PERCENTAGE 33.3% 30% 20% 16.7% 100%

MARKET SHARE (Percentage)


The high population in the surrounding area is expected to give a good market to our goods and services. The location of the business is also a success key to the business. The location of the business is surrounded by local residence as well as up coming commercial buildings. The area is also surrounded by other well established businesses which will help in stabilizing our new business. The surrounding businesses are like banks, supermarket, schools and colleges as well as warehouses. 2.8 COMPETITORS The area where the business is located has other competitors which are located between one kilometer and five hundred meters. The competitors of princesses beauty shop include; a) Purity beauty shop b) Smart beauty shop c) Carol beauty shop a) Purity Beauty Shop Purity beauty shop is located 500 meters from princesses beauty shop. It is the crossest competitor of Princesses beauty shop Purity Beauty Shop Strengths Purity beauty shop has been in the business for quit some times now. This makes her have some experience in the field. He has a large amount of capital and consequently has opened other branches in other towns. Purity Beauty Shop Weakness Purity beauty shop is lazy in that she works very few hours per day. She opens very late in the morning, 9.00 a.m. and closes down the business at 5.00 p.m. She has untrained employees who are rude and keep on harassing the customers. This makes the customers to run away from premises. Due to lack of sufficient customers, she sells out dated products some of which have expired. b) Smart Beauty Shop Smart beauty shop is located 700 meters from Princesses beauty shop. She deals with selling beauty products only and does not offer any other service.

Smart Beauty Shop Strengths

She has been in the business field for a long time making her to have much experience just like Purity shop. She has well trained employees who know how to interact well with the customers. She also has a well maintained business because she has a large amount of capital. Smart Beauty Shop Weakness She doesnt open early either but opens a bit earlier than Purity beauty shop which is at 8.30 am and closes at the same time as Purity beauty shop which is at 5.00 pm. She doesnt open on Saturdays and on Sundays. This leaves the customers stranded on weekends not knowing where to buy commodities from. C) Carol Beauty Shop Carol beauty shop is located one kilometer from Princesses Beauty Shop. She deals with beauty services but does not offer any beauty products. Some of this services include; weave plaiting, hair plaiting, massage, pedicure & manicure etc. Carol Beauty Shop Strengths She is very experienced in the field and has well trained personnel who treat customers very well and talk to them politely. This makes her to have very faithful and royal customers. She also sells to her customers on credit making her attract more customers through this. She also gives her customers after sale services to her customers. Due to the large amount of capital she has, she has opened other branches in other towns. Carol Beauty Shop Weakness She usually opens very late in the morning which is at 10 am in the morning and closes down at 6.00. pm. She does not open her business on weekends; on Saturdays and on Sundays.

2.9.1 SWOT Analysis

NAME OF THE BUSINESS Princesses Beauty Shop

STRENTHS The business will offer after sales services, offer discounts, employ high and well trained working personnel, open early than all her competitors and offer products on credit to her royal customers. Purity beauty shop has been in the business for a long time and hence has gained a lot of experience. Due to the long period she has been working, she has gained a lot of capital enabling her to open other branches in other towns. They open during the weekends.

WEAKNESS The business is new and shall face some difficulties in attracting more customers in the first few weeks.

OPPORTUNITY The location of the business is surrounded by residential buildings as well as commercial buildings which are a good opportunity of stabilizing the business. There is a high way passing by and a rail way line. People using this services will be potential customers. The busy public facilities and offices will also hold potential customers. The area residence are used to this business hence might tend to have confidence to their products. It is centrally located hence easy to access.

THREAT The competitors might feel threatened by the new business creating an unhealthy competition. The customers might lack faith and confidence in the new business in the first few weeks hence little sales will be made during this time and consequently we might suffer a lose. Due to their high charges of their commodities they might lose their customers. Their employees do not know how to treat their customers hence face a risk of losing them.

Purity Beauty Shop

She has untrained employees who are rude to customers and harass them as well. Opens late at 9.00 am and closes down at 5.00 pm. Due to lack of regular customers she sells out dated commodities some of which have expired. They charge their customers very high prices.

Smart Beauty Shop

Carol Beauty Shop

She has been in the business for a long time and hence she has working experience. She has well trained employees who interact well with the customers and treat them well. She has a large amount of capital hence keeps her business well stocked and well maintained. Since she has been in the business for a long time, she has experience as well and has a good relationship with the customer because she sells her commodities on credit . she offers after sale services and has branches in other towns.

She opens a bit earlier than Purity which is at 8.30 am. And closes at 5.00 pm. She does not open on Saturdays and on Sundays.

Due to her well stocked business most customers tend to buy from her much more than other business. The well trained workers attract more customers by been polite and kind to them.

Due to their lateness in opening the business customers tend to look for the commodities elsewhere. They also dont open on weekends and thus customers lack their services on this days.

She opens late in the morning which is at and closes down at 6.00pm. She also doesnt open on weekends.

Since she has been in the business for a long time she has established a good relationship with her supplier hence they can supply goods to her on credit.

She opens late and does not open on weekends hence face a risk of losing most of her customers.


The prices of our goods and services will e different from the competitors prices. The following will be the determiners of our prices; a. Competitors price All the competitors offer their goods and services at almost the same price. They only differ in the goods they offer to their customers. The prices they have set are too high compared to the salary the people in area get since most of the area residence dont get earn large amount of salary. This makes the people not to afford most of the commodities easily forcing them to look for alternative where the commodities are cheaper which a bit further. The aim of the business will be to make profit. With prices lower than those of its competitors it is expected to attract more customers. We shall also offer best quality goods and services. The pricing shall be done in such a way that it shall meet the cost of production and realize profit. The consumers shall also be considered so as not to exploit them.

b. Quality of the goods and services The quality of commodities and services the proprietor shall be offering shall be of high quality. This shall help in that the business shall receive a large number of customers. Getting high quality goods at a fair price is very hard but the proprietor intends to get her commodities straight from the producer lowering the number of middle men involved in the channel of distribution as well as the price. c. Demand and supply The demand of the goods and services offered shall determine our pricing and the frequency of supply as well. The proprietor shall however consider the common area residences when pricing her commodities. D Government policy The government normally sets a fixed price for all commodities sold locally. When the proprietor shall be setting her prices she must have this in mind and there for setting a price which goes hand in hand with the government price policy. e. Tax levied This shall include all the tax levied in imported goods at the port as well as the tax charged by local count council government. This shall highly affect the pricing in that all the commodities should be able to cover for all the tax charged and still bring in profit to the proprietor.

2.11 ADVERTISING AND PROMOTIONS Advertising shall be considered vital in informing prospects about the new business. This shall also attract potential customers making the business intercept in a short period. The methods of advertising that shall be used will include the following; 2.11.1 Social sites/ The Internet This shall be considered a good way of advertising since most people have embraced the internet as a method of communication. The business intends to use sites such as face book, twitter, Google etc on its advertising strategy. The reason behind this is because this method is cheap, its fast and its social and known to most people. There might be short comings of this method as well which include that some of the clients might not be serious, most people on these sites rarely open the advertisement post and the clients meet on this sight might be having very little trust in our commodities.

2.11.2 The Radio The radio is another site where advertising can get a lot of prospects who are willing to purchase our goods and services. Most people listen to their radios when driving to or from work, on their free time or when relaxing. The advantages of the radio is that at has a lot of listeners hence there is a 90% possibility of getting clients, if done at the right time, advertising through the radio can be very interesting to the listener, its quick since the listener hears directly. Some of its shortcomings include that its quit expensive, it can be monotonous to the listener if done repeatedly, it can backfire if the words used are not well choose that is the listener might not like it. 2.11.3 Billboards The proprietor has also decided to use billboards as a method of advertisement. These billboards shall be located on different locations in order to catch attention on different parts of the town. The billboards shall indicate all the details of the business including the location, direction, services that it shall be offering as well as the goods and the contact incase one needed to call for more details. Some of the advantages of billboards as a method of advertisement is that they are cheaper, their location is on highways hence most people can see them while driving by and most importantly is that there are no human labor required every now and then. The only shortcoming is that it is only available to those people passing by only and it is prone to weather changes especially wind.

2.11.4 Others

Other advertisements may include key holders, calendars, biro pens, T- shirts, bags etc. the advertisement will be printed on each of this items mainly focusing on the goods and services offered as well as the business contacts incase a prospect needs to call for more details. This will be a good strategy considering that it will be the cheapest means of all. Those things will be given for free to passers by hence they will get to more people. The only short coming is that people might not take it seriously.

CHAPTER THREE 3.0 ORGANISATION AND MANAGEMENT PLAN The business shall require human labor as the major source of work power. This shall include all the staff starting with the manager all the way down to the watchman and the cleaners. The proprietor shall be running the business as the manager since she is well trained and has also attended the school of business hence in a better position to handle the post. 3.1 ORGANISATIONAL STRUCTURE Managing Director

Assistant Manager

Purchasing Manager M

Marketing Manager M

A Accountant







3.2.1 Managing Director The business shall have only one managing director. This shall help in minimizing the cost of production in terms of payment and allowances. Qualifications Degrees in business administration, have good communication skills, have a good potential in entrepreneurship and be a social person. Duties and Responsibilities Supervising The manager shall be in a position to see to it that the business run effectively and efficiently according to the set goals and standards. She shall also be supervising all the workers to ensure that they carry out their duties on time and as required. Planning She shall also be in a position to plan all the necessary plans of the business including the salary of each and every worker. She shall also be the planner of the necessary stock that shall be purchased which shall also include consulting the purchasing manager. This shall be based upon the profit that the business gets every month. Managing This shall include managing the business towards the direction of getting to its target which is to maximize its profit and on the same time offering the best goods and services to its customers. Coordinating This will be based on ensuring that all the workers coordinate and work together in order to get maximum profits. This shall also include coordinating all the business activities such as purchasing, supplying, transportation, warehousing and the rest. Hiring and firing She will be the one in a position to hire or fire all the businesses employees. She shall do this based on the qualifications of the person, hard work and the amount of customers received per day i.e. the high the number of customers, the high the number of customers required.

3.2.2 Assistant Manager The business shall also have one assistant manager as well. This shall be in favor of the business to minimize the usage of money. Qualification Diploma in business administration, diploma in human resource management, a certificate in customer care, excellent communication skills.

Duties and Responsibilities Managerial This shall involve acting as the manager when the manager is not in which means that he shall also carry out all the managers duties when shes not in. HRM Functions He shall be in charge of allocating resources to all the units. This also involves allocating money to perform various transactions for the business e.g. purchasing of machinery, commodities and the necessary stock for the business. Problem Solving He shall be the one in charge of solving all the problems arising from the business such as those of complains from the staff from the suppliers and any other department. He shall also handle complains from customers. 3.2.3 Purchasing Officer The business shall employ one purchasing manager. Qualifications Degree in purchasing and logistic from a recognizable college, diploma in supply chain, good communication skills and entrepreneurial skills. Duties and responsibility Purchasing The purchasing officer shall be in charge of handling all the purchasing involved in the business. This is mainly the purchase of stock and necessary equipment. Supply He shall be in charge of handling all the supplies made in the business. He shall also be in charge of fore casting the future success or fail after taking certain cause of action. 3.2.4 Marketing Officer The business shall also require a marketing officer. For the sake of capital usage minimization, the business shall only employ one marketing officer but shall consider hiring other sales personnel who shall mainly forecast on marketing and selling of our goods and services. Qualification

When employing a sales officer the business shall consider the following qualifications; degree in sales and marketing, an entrepreneurial personality and good communication skills. Duties and Responsibilities The duties of the officer shall include; marketing all the goods of the business, conducting research of marketable goods and inquiring about information of our competitors on behalf of the company, satisfying the needs and wants of all our customers. Most of these activities shall also be backed up by the sales team which shall be made up of about ten people. They shall carry out the selling responsibility of either in major town malls or doing it through the internet. 3.2.4 Accountant The company shall hire one accountant Qualification The business is looking forward to hiring an accountant who has the following qualifications; diploma in accounting, diploma in CPA II, and have good communication skills. Duties and Responsibilities The main function of the accountant shall be to control all financial transactions performed in the business. She shall also perform the duty of saving all the money of the business at the end of each day. She shall be the one performing the duty of money allocation i.e. the payment money, purchasing money etc. 3.2.5 Cashiers The business shall employ about seven cashiers. This will be necessary since the business is expecting to be handling approximately five hundred or more customers per day. Qualifications The business shall be looking the following in a cashier; diploma in CPA III, have at least six months experience in accounting, ability to adopt fast and work fast according to the number of customers queuing and have good communication skills.

Duties and Responsibilities The main functions of the cashiers will be receiving of payment from the customers after they shop. They shall also be required to communicate to the manager incase of any complications arising in the business.

3.2.6 Secretary There shall only be one secretary in the business. This shall be enough considering that she shall only be needed in the front office. Qualifications The business shall be looking for the following when employing a secretary; certificate in secretarial, certificate in computer packages and a certificate in book keeping. Duties and Responsibilities Typing The secretary shall be the one in charge of typing all the businesses work required such as receipts, letters, declarations, business cards, business fill inn forms etc Book keeping This shall be mainly arrangement of all books and documents in the office, retrieving documents when required and arrangement of the important documents. Communication This shall include communicating to clients and assisting them in the business. She shall also be the one to take minutes during meetings. She shall also be required to communicate to the necessary unit incase of any complications. 3.2.7 Drivers The business shall employ five drivers. This shall be necessary since it is expected that the business shall be making various supplies, transportation of commodities from the producer to the business store as well as transportation of the workers since the business shall be offering transportation to the workers as a support service. Qualifications Each of the drivers will be expected to have the following; a driving license which should be a BCE class, at least three years experience and a certificate of good conduct. Duties and Responsibilities The drivers shall be expected to deliver goods to the doorstep of a client who purchases goods in a large quantity, delivering goods from the producers store to the business store when asked to do so, keeping records of any trip made from the business premises to any destination or any fueling of the vehicle made, as well as informing the assistant manager incase of a break down or any complications. 3.2.8 Cleaners The business shall employ about ten cleaners who shall be allocated various sections to clean.

Qualifications A KCSE result slip, a secondary school leaving certificate and a certificate of good conduct. Duties and Responsibilities Maintaining cleanliness in the premises and the premises selves where goods will be place. 3.2.9 Watch persons The business shall employ four watch persons. There will be alarm and sensors placed all around the premises as well. This will be two ladies and two men. Qualifications A KCSE result slip and a secondary leaving certificate and a certificate of good conduct Duties and responsibility Their duties will be to keep watch of the premises during the day and night and searching every one entering the premises as any suspicious person leaving the premises.

3.3 EVALUATION OF MEMBERS OF STAFF The business intends to employ the best employee who have the ability and will to offer their best to our customers. The business intends to achieve this by selecting the best candidates with all required qualifications after doing the recruitment. These employees will be assigned their various duties according to their qualification and experience. By doing this the business will achieve one of its major goals which is to offer the best services to its customers.

3.4 RECRUITMENT AND SELECTION/INTERVIEWS Recruitment is the process of searching for prospective employees and stimulating them to apply for jobs in the organization while selection is the process of choosing the most suitable candidates out of many interested. Since the business is new, it doesnt have internal sources of recruitment but will only rely upon external sources. This will mainly be; educational institutions, press advertisement, unsolicited applicants and management training schemes. The business will mainly follow the scientific recruitment process to determine its employees. It will also high a recruiting panel to do the recruitment process on its behalf. This process is as follows;

3.4.1 Collection of applications This will involve the prospective candidates dropping their application forms in the business premises on a given date. 3.4.2 Scrutiny of applications This is where the applications dropped by the prospective candidates will be read, analyzed and an action decided upon by the recruiting panel. After having read all the applications the panel will choose the potential employees and plan on the date when a test will e carried out on them. This shall be communicated to the chosen applicants accordingly. 3.4.3 Trade / written test At this stage the chosen applicants will be given a written test to fill. This will be a method of reducing the number of applicants since only those who will pass the written test will e the only ones who will move on to the next step. 3.4.4 Psychological test This will be done to determine whether the remaining applicants are psychologically ready to run a business according to the set standards of the business. The best will be selected and the remaining will be eliminated. 3.4.5 Personal interview The remaining applicants will be given a date when they will attend a personal interview. On this date they will be required to bring their personal documents including their curriculum vitae. The hired panel will be conducting the interview to all the remaining applicants. 3.4.6 Reference check After the personal interview has been conducted the panel shall contact all the referees to confirm whether they are genuine. This will help in getting only the best out of the applicants. 3.4.7 Medical examination Out of the selected applicants after all this steps shall be required to undertake a medical test to check on their health and whether they have any critical conditions such as asthmatic, cancel, etc which will e crucial for this business will not be employing people with certain conditions. 3.4.8 Final selection for appointment After this the panel will be remaining with only the best out of the rest and this will be considered as the finalists and they shall be given the vacancies in the business at their respective posts according to their qualifications and experiences. 3.4 9 Actual employment After all the process the remaining and the best candidate shall e contacted and given the job.

The business will also follow the stages involved in selection process which are almost similar to the recruitment process. 3.5 NATURE OF EMPLOYMENT AND EMPLOYEES For the first six months the business shall only offer jobs at a contract basis. This will be due to the low amount of capital it shall be having, according to the acts and regulations of the government as well as to determine the best employees. After this first six months the business shall only hire those who are serious and true to their job on a permanent basis. The rest will be eliminated.

3.6 APPRAISALS, TRAINING AND PROMOTIONS The business intends to conduct its appraisals through taking its employees to seminars for at least once per year. This will help in establishing a strong relationship between the employee to employee as well as between staff and management. After the business has established its self in the market the business plans to get its employees internally only. This shall be done through training. The business shall take its royal employees to training centers and colleges and paying their fee. This shall also be another way of rewarding its royal employees. After the training, the trained employees will e posted to the vacant positions. The only challenge faced by this strategy is that some of the employees may be trained and later quit and seek employment in other institutions. To avoid this the business will set rules and regulations on which one has to follow in order to be taken to the training center. The employee will sign this rules after reading them and understood it. One of this rules will include that the employee will work for the business for a minimum of five years before quitting or resigning. 3.7 SALARY / REMUNERATIONS The salaries and wages will depend on the post one holds in the business, qualifications and experience. The business will also give overtime to all its employees who work before opening hours or after working hours. This shall be done hourly. Small incentives will also be given to employees who will work on weekends and during holidays. The business will sponsor its employees school going children and also its employees who are interested in various games. It shall also give shopping vouchers to the best five employees per month. The table below shows the basic salary and remunerations of all the staff members


BASIC SALARY (Ksh) 50, 000

ALLOWANCES (Ksh) (10% of the basic salary) 5,000

NHIF (Ksh)

NSSF (Ksh)

SALARY (Monthly)

Managing Director (1) Assistant Manager(1) Purchasing Officer(1) Marketing Officer(1) Accountant (1) Cashier (7) Secretary (1) Driver (5) Watchman (4) Cleaner (10) TOTAL



45, 000




40, 000




40, 000 35, 000

4,000 3,500

200 200

150 150

210,000 @ 30, 000 20, 000 75,000 @15,000 40,000 @10, 000 100, 000 @ 10,000 655,000

21,000 @ 3,000 2,000 7,500 @1,500 4,000 @1,000 10,000 @ 1,000 65,000

1,400 @200 200 1,000 @200 800 @200 2,000 @200 6,400

1,050 @150 150 750 @150 600 @150 1,500 @150 4,800

3.8 SUPPORT SERVICES The business will require support services for its smooth and efficient running. Some of this support services are as follows; 3.8.1 Banking service The business will require banking services for payment record keeping service, capital deposition at the end of every day and the payment of the businesses employees which the business intends to do through the bank. It shall also be a good source of capital in case the business needs a loan. In that case the business will seek banking services from the local banks found in the region. The business intends to seek this service from KCB bank. 3.8.2 Postal services For email and postal services the business will seek these services from Post Kenya. This will be a good strategy of cutting its total cost. This is because posting is cheaper compared to transportation cost. The business will use postal services to post parcels to customers who order goods from our business and are located far. 3.8.3 Auditing services For transparency and accountability, the business will require external auditors from recognizable companies. The business plans to carry out an auditing operation after every six months. The business shall seek its auditing services from Delloite Auditing Company. 3.8.4 Insurance services The business intends to insure the premises and all its facilities such as vehicles and computers as well as all the goods inside the premises. This will be of big help incase of an accident like fire, theft and others. The business will e seeking this service from CIC Insurance Group.


4.0 OPERATION AND PRODUCTION PLAN 4.1 FACILITIES Since the business does not have enough capital to buy a plot / premises, it shall rent a building which should be big enough to cater for all the needs of the business such as a store / warehouse and a parking lot. The premise should also be able to house the following offices; managers office, assistant managers office, purchasing and marketing officers offices, the secretary, accounts office, a board room where meetings will be held, a small officer where the cleaners will keep their equipments and a watchmans house. In the start there shall be basic things which the business will require, this are such things like; all the offices should be fully furnished i.e. office desks, chairs, computers, a drawer desk in the accountants office which shall be used to store all the important documents and records and benches at the front office which the customers waiting to see any of the management will seat on. The cleaning crew shall also require brooms, buckets, mops tiding equipments and wipes to keep the premises clean. Other things that will be necessary will be things like land line telephone systems, water, receipt books, overalls, electricity circuit breakers and funs to cool down the place in case its too hot. The business shall also require a generator to take over incase of electricity breakdown, Lorries and pickups for transport and little pushing barrows for transportation. All this facilities and equipments will ensure that the business runs smoothly and effectively according to the set standards.

4.2 PRODUCTION DESIGN AND DEVELOPMENT The business intends to buy its products directly from the manufacturer in large quantities and later it shall be involved in bulk breaking of the cargo into smaller quantities which the common area residences can afford to buy. Buying of the products in large quantity will help to reduce on production cost since buying products in smaller quantity is

much expensive. Buying directly from the manufacture will also help in reducing cost since there will be no middle men involved who increase the costs incurred in production.

The table below clearly indicates expected monthly production cost PATICULARS Advertisement Transport Water Electricity Postal bills Telephone Legal fees Rent TOTAL COST IN KSH 30,000 5,000 1,000 5,000 1,500 2,500 6,000 50,000 100,000

4.3 THE PRODUCTION PROCESS The following flow chart shows how products will move from the producer to the seller.











The business will send an enquiry note to all the potential suppliers enquiring whether they have the goods that the business requires. The business shall only send the enquiry note to those suppliers who only offer high quality goods. 4.3.2 Placement of order The business shall evaluate the best supplier and after that the purchasing officer shall place an order to the chosen supplier describing in details the number and the type of products the business desires. 4.3.3 Purchasing This stage will be mainly dealt with by the purchasing officer. He shall take a copy of placement of order to the manager who shall evaluate it and make any necessary collections. The purchasing officer will include the number and prices of al the ordered products. After the necessary correction the purchasing officer shall send a purchasing note to the supplier. 4.3.4 Delivery of products After having done the purchase the business will be waiting to get the products from the supplier to the premises. 4.3.5 Invoice The person who shall make the delivery of the goods to the business is expected to come with an invoice from the supplier clearly stating the number of the products delivered and their prices. 4.3.6 Payment After receiving the goods and checking whether they are the right ones the business shall e expected to make a payment to the supplier which he shall be expecting.

4.4 COST OF ASSETS The following table shows the estimated cost of assets and their quantity required in the business based on current market prices.

ITEM Office Desks Chairs Drawers Benches Brooms Mops Wipes Buckets Receipt Book Overall / Uniforms Computers Telephone Circuit Breakers Funs Generator Lorries Pickups TOTAL

QUANTITY 6 50 2 2 10 5 5 5 5 15 15 6 5 10 1 2 2

ESTIMATED COST 5,000 500 1,000 250 50 100 50 200 100 500 20,000 3,000 1,000 15,000 200,000 1,000,000 500, 000

TOTAL COST IN KSH 30,000 25,000 2000 500 500 500 250 1,000 500 7,500 300,000 18,000 5,000 150,000 200,000 2,000,000 1,000,000

4.5 REPAIR AND MAINTENANCE The business intends to buy goods in organizations where there shall be guarantees and warranties to be in the safe side but if the equipment bought spoils after the warranties have expired, the business intends to take those reputable companies as well as those who have specialized in repair to avoid damages. As for the cars, they shall be taken for servicing to a recognizable garage on every weekend to maintain their performance. They will be washed every evening by the businesss cleaners to keep them tidy and clean. For maintenance of assets like computers and other electronic device, the company intends to let a special IT specialist work on them. This shall be done by the person visiting the premises on every end of month to check on all the computers including those in various offices.

4.6 QUALITY CONTROL The business shall only offer the best to its customers. This shall be through offering the best quality goods and services.

The business intends to maintain the high quality standards on its products by employing well trained personnel from high performing colleges. This will greatly affect the business positively since those employees will handle the customers politely and serve them in the best way. The business shall also ensure that commodities sold to its customers are of high quality standards. This shall be done by ordering goods directly from the manufactures who manufacture high quality standard products. Though high quality goods might be expensive, the business shall price its products in such a way that it favors the customers, cover for the production cost and at the same time leave the business with a tangible profit.


4.8 GOVERNMENT REGULATIONS / REQUIREMENTS For any business to be fully operating in Kenya, it must meet some rules and regulations set by the Kenyan government. These regulations include; 4.8.1 Health and Safety Regulations This shall be the first and most important measure to be undertaken. The business intends to stock the business premises with safety measures such as equipping the business with fire extinguishers and educating all the personnel how to use them., install posters / signs pointing the direction to run towards incase of a fire outbreaks, installing automatic water condensers which switch on automatically incase of a fire and most importantly educating all the personnel what to do incase of an emergency. The business shall also provide protective attires such as gloves and gumboots to all cleaning personnel. 4.8.2 Public Health Act The business intends to fulfill this act by obtaining the required document of health regarding the business from the concern office. The health officers shall choose the most appropriate date to come and inspect the business premises to decide whether its environs are fit enough for it to start operating and whether it has a conducive environment for the people who will be operating within. 4.8.3 Insurance Cover The government also requires that businesses be insured. The business shall take an insurance cover against risks such as fire, natural calamities, routs, strikes and flakers. The business shall also insure it operational machines especially the cars from any damage or accidents. All the businesses personnel shall be insured from sicknesses or accident which might occur while at business.

4.8.4 Building By laws The business shall book an appointment from the concern office to come and check the building stability since it shall be a rental building. This shall ensure that the building does not collapse after some time. 4.8.5 Trade License and Permits The business intends to acquire its license and a permit to operate from a government office which shall fall under Nakuru county council. 4.8.6 Employment Act This is an act that ensures that all employees work under conducive environment as they are entitled to by the Kenyan constitution. The act also ensures any business gives its employees allowances and a reasonable payment and that they are provided safety and protective gears while they are at work.

4.8.7 Taxes The business intends to meet all taxation acts y ensuring that it pays it tax on time as well as ensuring that all its employees pay their taxes as well.

4.8.8 Zonal Regulation The business shall also pay attention to the zonal regulations which include regulations such as the payment of security guards from that area.


Working Capital = Current Assets - Current Liabilities

ITEMS Cash at Bank Cash at Hand

CURRENT ASSETS COST IN KSH 1,000,000 237,300 130,000

Stock of Raw Material

CURRENT Stock of Finished Goods LIABILITIES 160,000 ITEMS COST IN KSH Debtors Creditors TOTAL CURRENT ASSETS Rent Advertisement Telephone Fee Legal Fees Electricity Bills Water Bills 220,000 50,000 1,747,300 50,000 30,000 2,500 6,000 5,000 1,000 Working Capital = 1,747,300 882,200 = 865,100

Postal Bills Transport Wages and Salary TOTAL CURRENT LIABILITIES

1,500 5,000 731,200 882,200

5.2 PROFORMA PROFIT AND LOSS ACCOUNT PROJECTION PRINCESSES BEAUTY SHOP Proforma Profit and Loss Projection PATICULARS Cash Sales Cash from salon services Less Total Purchases Gross Profit LESS EXPENSES Salaries and Wages Water Bills Postal Bills Telephone Bills Electricity Bills Legal Fees Advertisement Transport Rent Bank Charges Loan Repayment Miscellaneous TOTAL EXPENSES NET PROFITS 2013 11,500,700 4,500,700 3,500,000 12,501,400 8,774,400 12,000 18,000 30,000 60,000 72,000 150,000 60,000 600,000 10,000 50,000 50,000 10,096,400 2,405,000 2014 16,600,500 5,500,500 5,200,100 16,900,900 8,774,400 12,000 20,000 35,000 65,000 70,000 100,000 70,000 600,000 10,000 50,000 30,000 10,936,400 5,964,500 2015 23,000,000 7,500,300 9,000,000 21,500,300 8,774,400 12,000 22,000 40,000 70,000 70,000 150,000 80,000 600,000 10,000 50,000 20,000 9,898,400 15,535,800

5.3 PROFORMA BALANCE SHEET Princesses Beauty Shop Balance Sheet as Per 2013 ITEMS Fixed Assets Computers Telephone Furniture Business Books Uniforms 300,000 5,000 57,500 5,00 7,500 Capital + Profit Long Term Liabilities Bank Loan 100,000 237,300 + 2,405,000=2,642,300 AMOUNT ITEMS AMOUNT

Current Assets Cash at Bank Cash at Hand Debtors Stock of Finished Goods Stock of Raw Material TOTAL 1,000,000 237,300 220,000 160,000 130,000 2,117,800 2,742,300

Princesses beauty shop balance sheet as per 2014 ITEMS Fixed Assets Computers Telephone Furniture Business Books Uniforms Current Assets Cash at Bank Cash at Hand Debtors Stock of Finished Goods Stock of Raw Material TOTAL 1,200,000 250,500 100,000 200,000 120,000 2,241,000 6,251,800 Capital + profit 300,000 5,000 Long Terms Liabilities 57,500 Bank loan 500 7,500 50,000 237,300 + 5,964,500 = 6,201,800 AMOUNT IN KSH ITEMS AMOUNT IN KSH

Princesses beauty shop balance sheet as per 2015 ITEMS FIXED ASSETS Computers Telephone Furniture Business Books Uniforms CURRENT ASSETS Cash at Bank Cash at Hand Debtors Stock of Finished Goods Stock of Raw Material TOTAL 1,000,000 200,000 50,000 300,000 125,000 2,045,500 15,773,100 Capital + Profit 300,000 5,000 57,500 500 7,500 237,300 + 15,535,800 = 15,773,100 AMOUNT IN KSH AMOUNT IN KSH ITEMS

5.4 CASH FLOW STATEMENT Princesses beauty shop cash flow statement as per 2013

Opening cash


651,50 0

621,54 0

700,15 0

630,53 0

797,12 0

1,150,28 0

1,100,15 0

1,109,66 0

1,201,32 0

1,374,40 0


Cash flow sales Loan

Total Cash Outflow

200,50 0 50,000
1,050,00 0

450,0 00

500,0 00

600,0 00

800,0 00

450,0 00






1,101,5 00

1,121,5 40

1,300,1 50

1,430,5 30

1,600,0 00






3,632,28 0


Cash out flow purchases Wages and salaries Water bills

Advertisemen t

300,00 0 731,20 0 1,000 15,000 5,000 50,000 5,000 1,500 6,000 2,500 1,000 5,000 2,000
1,225,2 00

130,0 00 731,2 00 1,000 15,00 0 5,000 50,00 0 5,000 1,500 6,000 2,500 1,000 5,000 2,000
955,20 0

100,0 00 731,2 00 1,000 15,00 0 5,000 50,00 0 5,000 1,500 6,000 2,500 500 5,000 2,000
924,70 0

150,0 00 731,2 00 1,000 13,00 0 5,000 50,00 0 5,000 1,500 6,000 2,500 500 5,000 2,000
971,70 0

130,0 00 731,2 00 1,000 10,00 0 5,000 50,00 0 5,000 1,500 6,000 2,500 500 5,000 2,000
949,70 0

130,0 00 731,2 00 1,000 10,00 0 5,000 50,00 0 5,000 1,500 6,000 2,500 500 2,000 5,000
949,70 0

150,000 731,200 1,000 11,0000 5,000 50,000 5,000 1,500 6,000 2,500 1,000 5,000 5,000

190,000 731,200 1,000 11,000 5,000 50,000 5,000 1,500 6,000 2,500 1,000 2,000 5,000
1,014,20 0

200,000 731,200 1,000 10,000 5,000 50,000 5,000 1,500 6,000 2,500 1,000 2,000 5,000
1,020,20 0

220,000 731,200 1,000 10,000 5,000 50,000 5,000 1,500 6,000 2,500 1,000 2,000 5,000
1,040,20 0

200,000 731,200 1,000 15,000 5,000 50,000 5,000 1500 6000 2,500 1,000 2,000 5,000
1,070,20 0

370,00 0 731,20 0 1,000 15,000 5,000 50,000 5,000 1,500 6,000 2,500 1,000 10,000 10,000
1,208,20 0 2,424,08 0

2,270,000 8,774,400 12,000 150,000 60,000 600,000 60,000 18,000 72,000 30,000 10,000 50,000 50,000

Transport Rent Electricity Postal bills Legal fees Telephone Bank charges Loan repayment
Miscellaneous Total Cash Outflows
Net cash flow c/f

Princesses beauty shop cash flow statement as per 2014

JAN 1,450,250 FEB 1,610,550 MAR 2,000,950 APR 2,385,450 MAY 2,615,800 JUN 2,780,290 JUL 3,050,570 AUG 3,185,950 SEP 3,495,520 OCT 3,483,700

PARTICULAR Opening cash

NOV 3,866,690

Cash flow sales















width=6 1 valign=t op style='wi dth:45.4 pt;border top:none ;borderleft:none ; borderbottom:s olid windowt ext 1.0pt;bor derright:soli d windowt ext 1.0pt; msobordertopalt:solid windowt ext . 5pt;msoborderleftalt:solid windowt ext .5pt; msoborderalt:solid window