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By Joyce Pangco Paares
and Ferdinand Fabella
THE monsoon rain that had been
pouring for one week on Tuesday
was described as worse than the
rain dumped by Ondoy in 2009
as it surpassed the rain brought
by that storm and affected thou-
sands of families in 11 regions,
ofcials said.
Mahar Lagmay, executive director of the Department
of Science and Technology, said the rain that fell in the
past 22 hours had reached 472 millimeters, which was
higher than the 455 millimeters that Ondoy dumped in
24 hours.
The rainfall had turned Metro Manila into an in-
land sea, ooded areas that do not normally become
ooded, and affected 199,485 families in 11 regions.
Social Welfare Secretary Dinky Soliman and Interior
Secretary Jesse Robredo joined National Disaster Risk
Reduction and Management Council chief Benito Ra-
mos at the operation center on Tuesday to monitor the
governments relief work.
More than half of Metro Manila was ooded by
Monday night, bringing the 638.55-square-kilometer
By Joyce Pangco Paares
PRESIDENT Benigno Aquino III on Tuesday admon-
ished the public to heed typhoon and ood warnings
as at least nine people died from the massive ooding
in Metro Manila and nine other provinces.
We condole with the families of those who have
died, but we are also making an appeal because some
people did not take seriously this southwest mon-
soon, the President said as he convened the National
Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Council.
There was one who died of a heart attack while
swimming in the ood, and some young people
who drank alcohol to warm their bodies before they
THE head of the Commission on Family and Life
of the Catholic Bishops Conference of the Philip-
pines called for truce on Tuesday on the controver-
sy over the Reproductive Health bill and said the
public should instead help the vicitms of ooding
in many parts of Luzon.
For the meantime, let us be united in helping
the ood victims. This is the real problem of the
countrypublic services, Melvin Castro said.
Moonson rain caused a deluge in Metro Manila
that meteorologists described as unprecedented,
but a Catholic priest said the continuous downpour
was not an accident and nature tells us to respect
the natural course of things.
He called on people to unite because nothing
happens by accident.
By Maricel V. Cruz and
Christine F. Herrera
THE advocates of the reproductive
health bill on Tuesday claimed an
initial victory after the House voted
to end the debates on the measure
on Monday, but President Benigno
Aquino III said lawmakers needed to
perfect the proposed law by includ-
ing amendments aimed at appeasing
the Catholic Church.
A Catholic Church leader said it is
not yet time for proponents of the bill
to rejoice as lawmakers only voted to
terminate the debates, which does not
mean that they already passed the bill.
While the RH bill is still in
a period of amendments before a
vote on second reading, let us set
aside this issue and instead help the
victims of flooding in many parts
of Luzon, said Melvin Castro of
the Catholic Bishops Conference
of the Philippines Commission on
Family and Life.
By Rey E. Requejo
JUSTICE Secretary Leila
de Lima has found an ally
in Iloilo Rep. Neil Tupas,
an ex-ofcio member of the
Judicial Bar Council and the
Houses lead prosecutor dur-
ing the impeachment trial of
former Chief Justice Renato
Corona, in her bid to be in-
cluded in the shortlist for the
post of chief justice.
Tupas on Tuesday admit-
ted that he made a proposal
before the council to amend
TROOPS on Tuesday pursued a
group of Muslim rebels who at-
tacked multiple Army outposts in
Mindanao, leaving seven people
dead and paralyzing a major high-
way that was in the path of rebel
sniper re.
More than 200 ghters from
the Bangsamoro Islamic Freedom
Movement launched simultaneous
attacks on Army camps and de-
tachments in four towns in Magu-
indanao and two outposts in North
Cotabato late Sunday.
The ghting continued through-
out the day Monday and into Tues-
day as troops tried to track down
the gunmen. The pursuit was com-
plicated by rebel snipers taking
aim at soldiers.
Maguindanao Gov. Esmael
By Joyce P. Paares
THE government and the Moro
Islamic Liberation Front resumed
their peace negotiations in Kuala
Lumpur on Tuesday despite the
weekend attacks on military in-
stallations in Maguindanao and
North Cotabato by a group led by
a former MILF commander.
The government remains rm
in its resolve to nd a just and
peaceful settlement to the conict
in Mindanao on the negotiation
table and not in the battleeld,
Great flood sinks Metro
Monsoon rain worse than Ondoy, turns wide areas into inland sea
Aquino chides
public for not
taking seriously
ood warnings
Tupas plan
may yet be
De Limas
CJ bid key
Dont party yet, pro-RH advocates told
Soldiers pursue Muslim
rebels; ghting still rages
Bishop seeks
truce over
RH bill issue
Govt, MILF resume peace talks in Malaysia
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P18.00 Wednesday, August 8, 2012
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Wheres the road? People sloshed through
the ooded streets of Quezon City on Tuesday as
relentless rain submerged many areas. AP
Hand signals. President Aquino gestures to make
a point during a meeting of the National Risk Reduc-
tion and Management Council at Camp Aguinaldo.
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Signs of war. The army
deployed armored personnel
carriers in Ampatuan town,
Maguindanao, where Muslim
rebels attacked military out-
posts on Sunday. AP
a provision on one of its rules
to allow De Lima to be short-
listed despite two pending dis-
barment cases against her with
the Integrated Bar of the Phil-
Tupas said the JBC was set
to tackle his appeal today be-
fore deciding on De Limas
case and voting on a shortlist
to be submitted to President
Benigno Aquino III.
We have to amend this rule
to be equitable and fair to ap-
plicants, Tupas said.
We dont know how the
council will decide on my pro-
posed amendment but theres
also a letter [from De Lima]
seeking a reconsideration of
that rule and we will act on that
on Wednesday.
Tupas was referring to the
councils Rule 4 in Section 5.
That rule says any person being
nominated or appointed to any
judicial position or to the post of
Ombudsman or deputy ombuds-
man is automatically disquali-
ed if he or she has a pending
criminal or administrative case.
Tupas said that should the ma-
jority of the councils members
vote to stand by that rule, De
Lima and three other candidates
with pending cases--Solicitor
General Francis Jardeleza, Se-
curities and Exchange Commis-
sion Chairman Teresita Herbosa
and Presidential Commission on
Good Governance chairman An-
dres Bautista--would be de-
nitely disqualied.
De Lima had asked the JBC
in a letter last week to reconsider
the application of that rule as
she insisted that the disbarment
complaints against her were ha-
rassment cases. She is accused
of defying a Supreme Court or-
der to lift the travel restriction on
former President Gloria Maca-
pagal-Arroyo and her husband
and disrespecting then Chief
Justice Renato Corona by call-
ing him a lawless tyrant.
When the IBP upheld the
case against her, De Lima ap-
pealed to the JBC itself.
I still hope that the JBC will
see through the nature of the dis-
barment complaints against me
as nothing but harassment cases,
and which should not be used to
disqualify me and do the same
for other similarly situated can-
didates, De Lima said.
Albay Rep. Edcel Lagman, the
bills principal author, described
the termination of the debates as an
emphatic validation by the peoples
elected representatives of the peri-
odic surveys that Filipinos want the
enactment of the RH bill.
It is a collective realization...
that as representatives of the
people they [the lawmakers] are
obliged to legislate with courage
and conviction their constituents
clamor for an RH law, unperturbed
by threats of hellre or reprisals at
the polls, Lagman said.
It is also a collective awareness
of the surveys consistent results
that the voters will elect candidates
with platforms that include family
planning and government funding
for medically safe, legal and effec-
tive contraceptives.
With resounding ayes, the
House ended the debates on the
RH bill despite protests from
some lawmakers that nominal
voting should have been used
to allow each of the 284 House
members to be heard.
The House also formed a
committee that will work on the
amendments to the bill, which
will then go to the plenary for a
second reading.
In a clear reference to the
Catholic bishops who launched
a vigorous campaign against the
bill, Lagman said its expected
passage would be an afrma-
tion that public funds have no
religion and can be used for the
general welfare independent of
the dogma of any church.
But at a meeting Monday ahead
of their vote to end the debates, the
President reminded lawmakers of
ve of his own proposed amend-
ments to the bill, and seven others
that were the result of discussions
with Catholic bishops last year.
Those include the removal
of a provision that targets two
children per family and specic
population targets, which have
already been excised from the
consolidated measure, renamed
the responsible parenthood bill,
pending before Congress.
In a February 2011 letter to
Lagman, a copy of which was
obtained by the Manila Standard,
the President also emphasized
his opposition to abortion.
I am in favor of giving cou-
ples the right to choose how to
best manage their families so that
in the end, their welfare and that
of their children are best served,
the President said at the time.
In a situation where couples,
especially the poor and the disad-
vantaged ones, are in no position
to make an informed judgment,
the state has the responsibility
to so provide, the President had
told Lagman.
He also agreed with Catho-
lic Church leaders that the bill
should include provisions to re-
duce poverty and not focus pri-
marily on population control.
It is not intended to set a pa-
rameter or target on the population
growth rate, but more on addressing
the allocation of the states resourc-
es, the President said.
There is no compulsion or tar-
get on the family size and in the use
of contraceptives. The decisions of
the couple will be respected.
House Majority Leader Nep-
tali Gonzales III said the Presi-
dent pressed lawmakers to honor
those concessions at their meet-
ing Monday.
The President shared his
thoughts with us about the respon-
sible parenthood [bill] because he
wanted some amendments that
could perfect the bill, Gonzales
said shortly after the meeting.
Lagman and his co-authors ac-
cepted the Presidents personal
position and the compromise
agreement between the Palace
and the Catholic bishops.
He said the bill was intended
to promote responsible parent-
hood and maternal and infant
health as well as sustainable hu-
man development.
Gabriela Rep. Luz Ilagan, an-
other RH advocate, maintained
that the government should be
able to have a national policy
on reproductive health care so
that women will have the basis
from which to assert their right
to proper health care.
Asserting womens full ac-
cess to free and accessible re-
productive health services and
programs should not be reduced
to the issue of contraception and
population control, Ilagan said.
What poor women need is a
national policy on genuine, pro-
poor, and comprehensive repro-
ductive health.
Carlos Antonio Palad, an anti-
RH activist, said the bills advo-
cates should not celebrate yet be-
cause the Senate might still vote
to defeat the bill.
To the supporters of the RH
bill: dont drink your champagne
yet. You might want to save it for
a better occasion, he said.
An editorial on the CBCP Web
site reminded the faithful that
the Church condemns contra-
ception and sterilization as in-
trinsically evil.
Yet they [supporters of the
RH bill] want to impose this very
same evil on the faithful, against
their religious protestations. This
makes the bill indisputably anti-
Catholic; its provisions smack of
religious persecution. Enacted
into law, it could turn our democ-
racy into a totalitarian order.
Still, the RH bill does not com-
pel couples to use any method of
family planning but offers them
access to various forms of contra-
ceptives. With Vito Barcelo
Mangudadatu, citing military reports, said
two attackers were killed during the initial
clashes. Eight people, including ve soldiers
and militiamen, were wounded.
Army Col. Mayoraldo dela Cruz said one
of his soldiers was killed and two others were
wounded when the gunmen red grenades on
his brigade headquarters in Maguindanao late
Two off-duty and unarmed soldiers were
stopped and killed by rebels Monday on a high-
way near Maguindanaos Datu Unsay town
and a third soldier was abducted, said Army
spokesman Maj. Harold Cabunoc. Two villag-
ers were found dead on the same highway.
One of the soldiers was repeatedly struck
on the face with rie butts before being shot
in the head, while the other had many hack
wounds, Cabunoc said.
The rebel group, led by commander Ameril
Umbra Kato, broke off last year from the larger
Moro Islamic Liberation Front, which is in-
volved in peace talks with the government bro-
kered by Malaysia. Katos group has opposed
the negotiations.
Kato has vowed to continue ghting for
an independent homeland for minority Mus-
lims in the south of the predominantly Roman
Catholic nation. He had a stroke in November,
plunging his group into uncertainty.
Abu Misri Mammah, a spokesman for the
breakaway rebels, said they were avenging the
death of a fellow militant who was killed when
Army troops advanced on a guerrilla strong-
hold in Maguindanao last June.
This is our revenge and this is part of our
jihad, Mammah told The Associated Press
by telephone Monday, adding his group had
no further plans to carry out attacks unless
government forces assaulted its hinterland
The 11,000-strong Moro Islamic Liberation
Front ordered its rebels to remain in their en-
campments as government forces battled the
breakaway guerrillas. Spokesman Von Al Haq
said his group did not want to be accidentally
drawn into the ghting.
The Philippine government said the at-
tacks by Katos forces were meant to de-
rail the negotiations but added the violence
would not affect the peace talks with the
larger Moro group.
The ghting is among the worst since 2008,
when the peace talks bogged down, ignit-
ing clashes between Moro Islamic Liberation
Front forces and government troops in Magu-
indanao and outlying provinces. That ghting
killed hundreds and displaced 750,000 people
before the two sides agreed to a ceasere. AP
crossed a raging river. There are
some who do not want to leave
their houses and choose to re-
main on their rooftops, prompt-
ing our rescue service to come
back for them repeatedly.
I think it is not too much to ask
for a little cooperation. We un-
derstand these residents want to
protect their properties, but they
are just adding risk to our rescu-
The President also ordered
the Trade Department to ensure
that hoarders and proteers did
not take advantage of the situa-
tion by raising the prices of basic
Mr. Aquino said he was satis-
ed with the color-coded system
of ood alerts that the weather
bureau started testing in June.
Metro Manila was put under
red, the highest alert level, on
Tuesday, indicating that resi-
dents could expect more than 30
millimeters of rain per hour and
serious ooding in the low-lying
The governments resources
are not innite. Our rescue ser-
vices continue, but we should all
cooperate. It is not fair to unduly
put at risk the lives of those whose
job is to rescue us by refusing to
cooperate, the President said.
Mr. Aquino, however, said
that, based on his observations,
people were not as desperate
as they were before when tropi-
cal storm Ondoy inundated Met-
ro Manila in 2009.
Everybody is doing what they
are supposed to do and improv-
ing what theyre supposed to
do, he said.
But he admitted that the gov-
ernment needed to improve on
structural things so we are not
at the mercy of the weather.
A critic of the President, mean-
while, criticized what he called
the governments slow response
to the latest calamity.
Noy, gising [get out of bed]!
Where is the President? Gis-
ing na ba [Is he up]? was what
people wanted to know at dawn
Tuesday, said Kabataan Rep.
Reymond Palatino.
The President was caught
noynoying [slacking off] again.
He should have been the one
waking up his people. He should
have made the government move
as early as [Monday] night since
the forecast was already known
that heavy clouds were already
hovering over the metropolis.
Palatino said the ooding
started Monday night and not
onTuesday morning.
But the President was no-
where to be found nor heard
Monday night. His press confer-
ence Tuesday was late, he said.
Palatino said the President and his
Cabinet were complacent because
no storm signal was raised over the
now ood-stricken capital.
Having no storm signal was
no excuse to be complacent. The
Aquino administration should
have learned already from On-
doy, Pepeng and Sendong, he
Palatino recalled that it took
the President ve days to re-
spond and make a public appear-
ance even after ve provinces
went under water last year.
At the time, the President was
roundly criticized when he was
seen attending a party at a ve-
star hotel while the people in the
ood-stricken areas were strug-
gling for survival due to the lack
of relief and clean water.
Meanwhile, House Speaker
Feliciano Belmonte Jr. suspend-
ed work, sessions and hearings
Wednesday to allow the legislators
to attend to their constituents who
were affected by the ooding. He
added that his ofce was mobi-
lized to carry out relief operations.
Parishes in Quezon City
were kept busy when evacuees
trooped to the churches after the
La Mesa dam overowed and
ooded several villages.
The Philippine Red Cross
called for donations in cash or
kind to help ood-affected fami-
lies across the country.
Red Cross chairman Richard
Gordon said the Red Cross had
already deployed medical per-
sonnel and social workers to
evacuation centers to care for the
families displaced by the oods.
Red Cross emergency response
teams had so far rescued 250
people in various ood-stricken
areas in Valenzuela, Rizal and
Quezon City using amphibian
vehicles, rubber boats, trucks
and ambulances, Gordon said.
Volunteers had also served
6,000 hot meals in 63 evacua-
tion centers nationwide, said the
groups secretary general Gwen-
dolyn Pang.
Reports of massive ooding in
Metro Manila triggered a deluge
of calls from the Filipinos work-
ing in the United Arab Emir-
ates who were worried about
their relatives back home. With
Christine F. Herrera and Sara
Susanne D. Fabunan
An inland sea. A man used a rope to cross a ooded area in
Quezon City on Tuesday. Relentless rain submerged half of the
sprawling Philippine capital, triggered a landslide that killed
several people, and sent emergency crews scrambling to rescue and
evacuate tens of thousands of residents. AP

God speaks through his
creatures as well. Nature tells
us to respect the natural course
of things, Castro was quoted
as saying by the CBCP News
as people struggled to go to dry
land one day after the House of
Representatives voted to end de-
bates on the bill that the Church
consider as immoral and anti-
The bill, which encourages
family planning through the
use of articial means such as
the pill, is now in the period of
amendments before the crucial
vote on second reading. Many
anti-RH bill advocates ooded
social networks with messages,
claiming that the bad weather
was Gods punishment for the
measure. Manila Rep. Amado
Bagatsing said the controver-
sial voting on Aug. 6 was a
bad omen because six was the
devils number.
The rain and the ood is an
expression of Gods wrath,
said one tweeter. Another said:
Flood almost everywhere. It
clearly shows that the Lord is not
happy with the RH bill.
Others disagreed.
presidential peace adviser Teresita
Deles said.
The government panel is pre-
pared and committed to tackle and
seek solutions to the hard issues
which will surely arise in this dif-
cult stage of the negotiations, de-
termined never to lose sight of the
big picture, which is the peace and
development our people have long
In a statement it released on Tues-
day, the MILF said the agenda for
the explanatory meeting included
power sharing, wealth sharing, ter-
ritory and possibly a further discus-
sion of the issue of the mechanism
that eventually would replace the
Autonomous Region in Muslim
The meeting in Kuala Lumpur
would be the 30th edition of the
talks that statered in March 2001
after the Estrada administration
declared an all-out war against
the MILF in 2000. The all-out
war displaced more than a million
people and destroyed property
worth millions.
In July, government chief nego-
tiator Marvic Leonen said both par-
ties were at the door of an agree-
ment as he urged the MILF to
continue working with the govern-
ment and persevere to nally bring
peace to Mindanao.
Earlier, the government vowed
to bring to justice the group led by
former MILF commander Umbra
Kato, the Bangsamoro Islamic Free-
dom Movement, whose members
attacked the military installations in
the towns of Datu Saudi Ampatuan,
Datu Unsay, Talayan, Shariff Aguak
and Ampatuan in Maguindanao as
well as in Midsayap in North Cota-
bato on Sunday.
The BIFM is not part of the
MILF, and thus is not covered by
any ceasere agreement, Deles
Denitely, our government
forces are ready for necessary
defensive actions to protect and
ensure the welfare of communi-
ties should the perpetrators launch
attacks again.
The MILF had earlier declared
Kato as a bougat or one who de-
es or does not obey an order.
The attacks initiated by this law-
less group during Ramadan only
demonstrate their disrespect for this
holy month of our Muslim faith-
ful and their disregard for innocent
lives that can be displaced or lost
during their irrational assaults,
Deles said.
Deles said the attacks were
meant to derail the peace process
between the government and the
We assure the public that these
incidents will not affect the substan-
tial gains that we have carefully and
persistently built with our counter-
parts, foremost of which is the
ceasere mechanism that continues
to hold on the ground and kept the
peace for our communities, she
We remain rm in our resolve to
continue engaging the MILF in the
negotiation table until we are able
to reach an agreement to nally
resolve the conict in Mindanao
and bring peace to our people who
have suffered the most. With Sara
Susanne D. Fabunan
capital to a standstill on Tuesday
and dislocating close to 200,000
families in the National Capital
Region and in nine neighboring
Outside of Metro Manila, the
provinces of Pampanga and Bula-
can were the worst hit by the heavy
Its like waterworld, Ramos
said of Metro Manila on Tuesday
afternoon as the government con-
ducted rescue operations.
He said the severely affected
areas included the cities of Caloo-
can, Malabon, Navotas, Valenzu-
ela, Quezon, Manila, Las Pias,
Marikina, Taguig, Muntinlupa and
Paraaque11 of the metropolis
17 constituent cities.
All cities and towns experienced
ooding, Ramos said.
The sea and the ood waters
looked like one single body of water.
Ramos was not able to provide
an immediate count of the casual-
ties, but a rain-induced landslide in
Quezon City buried 12 people alive
in Commonwealth village Tues-
day morning. Five of the victims
were retrieved but died while being
treated at the East Avenue Medical
Center in the city.
Rescue teams from the Metropol-
itan Manila Development Author-
ity, Philippine Red Cross, National
Police and the military were still try-
ing to search and rescue other ood
victims late Tuesday afternoon.
But their efforts were hampered
by the unavailability of govern-
ment helicopters, which had been
grounded because of the zero vis-
ibility brought about by the pouring
rain. Trucks could not rescue the
ood victims because of the ooded
and impassable roads.
Television news footage showed
rescuers dangling on ropes to save
children and other residents, who
had climbed to the top their ooded
houses waiting for help.
We need to be rescued, cried
one Josephine Cruz who was
stranded in her two-story house
with 11 other people, including her
83-year-old mother.
We cant get out because the
oodwaters are now higher than
The government put up at least
100 evacuation centers in the af-
fected areas, half of which were
in Metro Manila, to accommodate
some 199,485 families.
The weather bureau said the rain
spawned by the southwest monsoon
had surpassed the amount of rainfall
during Tropical Storm Ondoy in
September 2009.
The rainfall over the 22 hours from
4:45 p.m. Monday to 3 p.m. Tuesday
reached 472 mm, while Ondoys re-
cord was at 455 mm in 24 hours.
The La Mesa dam, which sup-
plies water to the capital of 12
million people, spilled excess
water early Tuesday into the riv-
ers owing into Quezon City, as
well as into the neighborhoods of
Malabon, Valenzuela and Caloo-
can, where several villages were
Along the swollen Marikina Riv-
er, police were deployed to move
more than 5,000 residents away
from the riverbanks in what Vice
Mayor Jose Cadiz said was an en-
forced evacuation With Jonathan
Fernandez, Rio N. Araja, Gigi Mu-
oz-David, Macon Ramos-Araneta,
Jess Malabanan, Orlan Mauricio,
and Butch Gunio
In Angeles City, the rampaging
oodwaters from the Abacan River
eroded a wide area of the embank-
ment and destroyed 12 houses.
In Dau, Pampanga, thousands
of passengers were stranded at
Dau Bus Central Terminal after
the buses coming from the north
were prevented from leaving the
station due to heavy ooding in
the North Luzon Expressway, par-
ticularly in Marilao City and Va-
lenzuela City.
In Santo Tomas, a wide section
of a tail dike that serves as the last
defense against ood in the towns
of Sto. Tomas, Minalin, Bacolor
and City of San Fernando, was
breached, forcing residents to ee to
higher grounds.
ManilaStandardToday AUGUST 8, 2012 WEDNESDAY
Comelec prepares for listing of PWDs
eyed for
Customs nds use for fake goods
Five people died after a row of houses
collapsed in barangay Litex along
Commonwealth Avenue, Quezon City (top
photo) in the aftermath of the continuous
rain that pounded Luzon and brought out
the best and the worst of this nation.Manny
Palmero, Danny Pata, and AP.
By Joel Zurbano
CUSTOMS Commissioner Ruffy
Biazon said his agency will do-
nate conscated items such as
canned goods and fake clothes
to families displaced by oods
brought about by continous rain.
The agency plans to donate
the goods to state-run evacuation
centers, Biazon said.
Were also considering do-
nating drinking water, blankets,
medicines and other goods. We
just have to follow legal proce-
dures to do it, said Biazon.
Biazon said his agency will
do an inventory of conscated
goods that have gone through
the process and are available for
donation. He added only goods
which have gone through forfei-
ture proceedings with nality can
be donated via the Department
of Social Welfare and Develop-
He explained that conscated
goods which have claimants or
are involved in litigation or legal
proceedings may not be donated.
Canned goods and used clothes
have been conscated by Cus-
toms authorities for having been
The used clothes will be donat-
ed to DSWD which is handling
relief operations.
In choosing the food items, Bi-
azon said they would only select
those that have clearance and
have been declared t for con-
Apart from used clothing and
foodstuffs, the Customs is also
considering donating smuggled
counterfeit clothing apparel.
Traditionally, trademark own-
ers refuse to release imitation
products to the public, but Cus-
toms ofcials said they can make
an exemption at this time of ca-
lamities which require everyone
to do their share and help out.
During the watch of Customs
commissioner Napoleon Morales,
the Intellectual Property Ofce
gave the bureau the go-signal
to donate smuggled counterfeit
clothes from China to victims of
storms Ondoy and Pepeng.
This after the IPO trademark
owners agreed to distribute
10,000 pieces of counterfeit La-
coste shirts and 16,000 pieces of
Levis Strauss pants to typhoon
THE Elections commission will
start accommodating applica-
tions for registration from Per-
sons with Disabilities (PWDs)
on August 11 which the poll
body has set as National PWD
Voter Registration Day.
Commissioner Rene Sarm-
iento on Tuesday appealed to
all qualied PWDs nationwide
to troop to the commissions of-
ce nearest them or to designated
registration sites in their area to
register or update their records so
they can vote via accessible poll-
ing places in the May 13, 2013
national and local elections.
He, however, claried that the
registration period for PWDs is
not limited to just one (1) day as
some sectors said.
The National PWD Voter Reg-
istration Day was originally slated
last month, in conjunction with the
celebration of the National Dis-
ability Prevention and Rehabilita-
tion Week, explained Sarmiento.
But the poll body had to resched-
ule to give way for the conduct of
the General Registration of Vot-
ers in the Autonomous Region in
Muslim Mindanao (ARMM).
Voters registration in all Non-
ARMM areas was temporarily
suspended last month to focus on
the ARMM poll-list up.
The National PWD Voter
Registration Day on August 11
is a special day for our PWDs,
said Sarmiento. On that day,
we honor our PWD voters as we
highlight our shared efforts to
ensure that no PWD gets left be-
hind when it comes to their right
to suffrage.
To afford PWDs equal access to
electoral processes, the commis-
sion on June 29, 2012, promulgat-
ed Resolution no. 9485 calling for
the establishment of accessible
polling places and providing other
forms of assistance for PWDs in
selected voting centers on elec-
tion day to ensure that they enjoy
the right to suffrage on equal basis
with others.
There are a total of 50,850,939
registered voters in the country
including the overseas absentee
The general registration period
started May 3, 2011 and will end
on October 31, 2012.
The next elections will be on
May 13, 2013 where 12 sena-
torial posts will be the highest
elective positions available.
Joel E. Zurbano
A BILL has been led in the
House of Representatives seek-
ing to grant former workers over-
seas a 20-percent discount on
medicine and on services such as
transportation and hotel among
others, among other things.
The bill was authored by Manila
Rep. Maria Theresa Bonoan-Da-
vid, but it would cover only those
who have reached the age of 50.
The bill would grant a 20-per-
cent discount to all Filipinos who
have worked in a foreign country
under contract for a period of not
less than 10 years, including but
not limited to professionals, sea-
men, entertainers and domestic
helpers regardless of their employ-
ment status in the foreign country.
The Overseas Filipino Work-
ers are our modern heroes whose
hard-earned dollars are responsi-
ble for buoying up our economy
to levels that have allowed us
to achieve growth as a nation,
and industrialization along with
modernization as a country, Da-
vid says in the bills explanatory
note. Maricel Cruz
Republic of the Philippines
Batanes District Engineering Offce
Basco, Batanes
(MST-Aug. 8, 2012)
The Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH) Batanes
District Engineering Offce, Basco, Batanes through its Bids and Awards
Committee (BAC) invites contractors to apply for eligibility and to bid for the
following contract:
a) Contract ID : 12BA0011
c) Contract Location : Batan Island, Batanes
d) Scope of Work : concreting of 850 m structural concrete.
e) Approved Budget : Php 14,475,000.00
for the Contract
f) Contract Duration : 389 CD
g) Cost of Bid : Php 10,000.00
The BAC will conduct the procurement process in accordance with
the Revised RR of R.A. 9184. Bids received in excess of the ABC shall be
automatically rejected at the opening of bid.

To bid for this contract, a contractor must submit a Letter of ntent (LO),
purchase bid documents and must meet the following major criteria: (a) prior
registration with DPWH, (b) Filipino citizen or 75% Filipino-owned partnership,
corporation, cooperative, or joint venture, (c) with PCAB license applicable to
the type and cost of this contract, (d) completion of a similar contract costing at
least 50% of ABC within a period of 10 years, and (e) Net Financial Contracting
Capacity at least equal to ABC, or credit line commitment at least equal to 10%
of ABC. The BAC will use non-discretionary pass/fail criteria in the eligibility and
preliminary examination of bids.
Unregistered contractors, however, shall submit their applications for
registration to the DPWH-POCW Central Offce before the deadline for the
receipt of LO. The DPWH-POCW Central Offce will only process contractor's
application for registration, with complete requirements, and issue the
Contractor's Certifcate of Registration (CRC). Registration Forms may be
downloaded at the DPWH website
The signifcant times and deadlines of procurement activities are shown
1. ssuance of Bidding Documents August 06, 2012- August 29, 2012
2. Pre-Bid Conference August 10, 2012
3. Deadline of Receipt of LO August 17, 2012
4. Receipt of Bids Deadline: 12:00 Noon on August 29, 2012
5. Opening of Bids 2:00 PM on August 29, 2012
The BAC will issue hard copies of Bidding Documents (BD's) at the Offce of
the Batanes District Engineering Offce, upon payment of non-refundable fee as
stated above. Prospective bidders may also download the BD's from the DPWH
web site, if available. Prospective bidders that will download the BD's from the
DPWH website shall pay the said fee on or before the submission of their bid
documents. The Pre-Bid Conference shall be open only to interested parties
who have purchased the BD's. Bids must be accompanied by a bid security, in
the amount and acceptable form, as stated in Section 27.2 of the Revised RR.
Prospective bidders shall submit their duly accomplished forms as specifed
in the BD's in two (2) separate sealed bid envelopes to the BAC Chairman. The
frst envelope shall contain the technical component of the bid, which includes
a copy of the CRC. The second envelope shall contain the fnancial component
of the bid. Contract will be awarded to the Lowest Calculated Responsive Bid
as determined in the bid evaluation and post-qualifcation.

The Department of Public Works and Highways, Batanes District
Engineering Offce reserves the right to accept or reject any bid, to annul the
bidding process at any time prior to contract award, without thereby incurring
any liability to the affected bidder/s.
Approved by:
BAC Chairman

Noted by:

OC Asst.District Engineer
Republic of the Philippines
Department of Education
Meralco Avenue cor. Saint Paul Road,
Pasig City
Tel. No. 634-4670 Fax No. 637-3093
The Department of Education Region V-MMAROPAthrough the Bids and Awards Committee
(BAC) invites bide for the CY2011 Kindergarten School Building Program to selected
elementary schools. Completion of Works is within the indicated duration of the contract
starting from the date specifed in the Notice to Proceed.
NAME OF PROJECT : CY 2011 Kindergarten School Building Program, Clusters 1 to 7
FUNDNG SOURCE : GOP FY 2011 General Approbations Act (GAA)
The project is divided nto the following clusters:
No. No. of School Sites Location
Approved Budget for
the Contract
1 Five (5) schools Division of Marinduque 120 c.d. Php 4,044,150,00
2 Four (4) schools Division of Occ. Mindoro 120 c.d. Php 3,156,777.36
3 Five (5) schools Division of Or. Mindoro 120 c.d. Php 3,885,750,00
4 Four (4) schools Division of Palawan 120 c.d. Php 3,207,600 00
5 Three (3) schools Division of Romblon 120 c.d. Php 2,471,040,00
6 Two (2) schools Division of Calapan City 90 c.d. Php 1,591,920.00
7 Two (2) schools Division of Puerto Princess City 90 c.d. Php 1,603,800.00
Bidding will be conducted through open competitive bidding procedures using a non-
discretionary "pass/fail criterion as specifed n the Revised mplementing Rules and
Regulations (RR) of Republic Act (RA) 9184, otherwise known as the "Government
Procurement Reform Act.
Prospective bidders should have completed, within ten (10) years from date of submission
and receipt of bids, a contract similar to the Project; must be a duly licensed Filipino citizen/
sole proprietorships, partnership or corporations with at least seventy-fve percent (75%)
interest or outstanding capital stock belonging to citizens of the Philippines, etc. as contained
n the Bidding Documents, particularly n Section . nstruction to Bidders,
The Bidding Documents shall be available at DepEd Regional Offce V-MMAROPA BAC
Secretariat, Meralco Ave. cor, St. Paul Rd., Pasig City upon submission of a Letter of ntent
and upon payment of a nonrefundable fee of Philippine Peso Three Thousand Pesos
(Php 3,000.00) per cluster. t may also be downloaded from the website of the PhllGEPS
provided the Bidders shall pay the required fee for the Bidding Documents not later than
the submission of their bids.
All bids must be accompanied by a bid security in any of the acceptable forms and n the
amount stated in TB Clause 18,
Bids will be opened in the presence of the bidders' representatives who chose to attend at
the address below.
Late bids shall not be accepted.
The schedule of procurement activities is as follows:
1. Availability of Bidding Documents
Aug.8 -27, 2012
8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.
DepEd Regional Offce V
MIMAROPA, Pasig City
2. Pre-bid Conference (for only those who
have purchased the Bidding Docs.)
Aug, 15, 2012
1:30 p.m,
DepEd Regional Offce V
MIMAROPA, Pasig City
3. Receipt and Opening of Bids -
Clusters 1, 3 & 6
Clusters 2, 4, 5 & 7
August 28, 2012 9:30 a.m.
August 29, 2012 9:30 a.m.
DepEd Regional Offce
VMMAROPA, Pasig City

The Department of Education Region V-MMAROPA reserves the right to accept or reject
any bid, and to annul the bidding process and reject all bids at any time prior to contract
award, without thereby incurring any liability to the affected bidder or bidders.
BAC Chairperson
(MST-Aug. 8, 2012)
Republic of the Philippines
Cordillera Administrative Region
Engineer's Hill, Baguio City
(MST-Aug. 8, 2012)
The Department of Public Works and Highways, Cordillera Administrative
Region (DPWH-CAR) through its Bids and Awards Committee (BAC), invites
contractors to bid for the aforementioned project/s:
1. Contract D : 12PI0066
Contract Name : Upgrading of Mt. Province Ifugao Road
(Paracelis Kiling Section)
Contract Location : Paracelis, Mountain Province
Scope of Work : PCCP, Grouted Riprap, Curb and Gutter, etc.
Approved Budget Cost : Php 7,143,000.00
Contract Duration : 92 calendar days
Cost of Bidding Documents: Php 10,000.00
The BAC will conduct the procurement process in accordance with Revised RR
of R.A. 9184, Bids received in excess of the ABC shall be automatically rejected at
the opening of bid.
To bid for this contract, a contractor must submit a Letter of ntent (LO),purchase
bid documents and must meet the following major criteria: (a) prior registration with the
DPWH, (b) Filipino citizen or 75% Filipino-owned partnership, corporation, cooperative
or joint venture, (c) with PCAB license applicable to the type and cost of this contract,
(d) completion of a similar contract costing at least 50% of ABC within a period of 10
years, and (e) Net Financial Contracting Capacity at least equal to ABC, or credit line
commitment for at least 10% of ABC. The BAC will use the non-discretionary pass/
fail criteria in the eligibility check, preliminary examination of bids.
Unregistered contractors, however, shall submit their applications for registration,
to the DPWH-POCW -CentraI Ofce before the deadline for the receipt of LO.
The DPWH-POCW Central Offce will only process contractor's applications for
registration, with complete requirements, and issue the Contractor's Certifcate of
Registration (CRC). Registration Forms may be downloaded at the DPWH website Letter of ntent submitted thru mail will not be accepted. Only
Authorized Liaison Offcer as refected in the Contractor's Registration Certifcate
(CRC) will be allowed to transact with the BAC.
The signifcant times and deadlines of procurement activities are shown below:
1. ssuance of Bidding Documents From August 8, 2012 - August 30, 2012
2. Pre-Bid Conference August 17, 2012; 10:00am
3. Deadline of Receipt of LO from Prospective
Deadline: August 24, 2012; 5:00pm
4. Submission/Receipt of Bids Until 10:00am; August 30, 2012
5. Opening of Bids August 30, 2012; 10:00am
The BAC will issue hard copies of Bidding Documents (BD's) at DPWH-CAR,
BAC-Secretariat, upon payment of non- refundable fee for Bidding Documents as
stated above. Prospective bidders may also download the BDs, if available from the
DPWH web site. Prospective bidders that will download the BDs from the DPWH
website shall pay the said fees on or before the submission of their Bid Documents.
The Pre-Bid Conference shall be open only to interested parties who have purchased
the BD's. Bids must be accompanied by a bid security in the amount and acceptable
form, as stated in Section 27.2 of the Revised RR of R.A. 9184.
Prospective bidders shall submit their duly accomplished forms as specifed in
the BD's in two (2) separate sealed bid envelopes to the BAC Chairman. The frst
envelope shall contain the technical component of the bid, which shall include the
eligibility requirements. The second envelope shall contain the fnancial component
of the bid. Contract will be awarded to the Lowest Calculated Responsive Bid as
determined in the bid evaluation and post-qualifcation.
The Department of Public Works and Highways, Cordillera Administrative
Region (DPWH-CAR), reserves the right to accept or reject any or all bid and to
annual the bidding process anytime before Contract award, without incurring
any liability to the affected bidders.
Approved by:
Chief, Maintenance Division
BAC Chairman
DPWH-CAR, Regional Offce
Engineer's Hill, Baguio City, 2600
Fax/Tel. No. (074)-444-88-38
ManilaStandardToday AUGUST 8, 2012 WEDNESDAY
Docs plea vs extradition junked
Audit twits Malabon expenses
Agency eyes price control
By Rey e. Requejo
A FILIPINO doctor facing a $3-million
grand theft and health care fraud court case
in the United States will have to remain
in government custody after the Court of
Appeals dismissed his petition for writ of
habeas corpus.
In a four-page decision penned
by Associate Justice Amelita
Tolentino, the CAs Fourth
Division denied the petition for a
writ of habeas corpus led by Dr.
Eric Uy Chan through his lawyer
Allan Paguia for being patently
without basis.
Uy is currently detained at the
National Bureau of Investigation
after his arrest last February on
the basis of an arrest warrant
issued by the Regional Trial
Court of Manila Branch 1 on
August 28, 2006.
On June 18, the Manila RTC
also denied the doctors motion
for reconsideration seeking the
withdrawal of the arrest warrant
issued against him.
Chan is wanted by the Superior
Court of California for the
Country of Los Angeles on fraud
and theft charges.
The 48-year-old Chan is
wanted by US authorities for
conspiracy to commit a crime,
grand theft and health care fraud
for presenting false medical
claims and collecting payments
amounting to more than $3
million from the California
Medi-Cal Program.
Two state courts in California
separately issued warrants for
his arrest in January 2000 and
February 2003 following the
ling of a complaint in 1996
accusing Chan and two others
of operating the Green Cross
Medical Clinic in Carson City,
California, without a license
or a medical service provider
Chan and his cohorts
reportedly managed to defraud
the US government by securing
payments from the states
Department of Health Services
through its Medi-Cal program
through the provider number of
a licensed doctor they had hired,
submitting claims for services
not actually provided by the
doctor amounting to $517,000.
But when the doctor
deactivated her provider number,
Chan and his cohorts allegedly
opened another clinic, Evergreen
Medical Clinic, in the same city
in March 1997.
They hired another doctor,
whose provider number they
again allegedly used to make
fraudulent claims of $1.7
Subsequently, Chan allegedly
put up West Coast Intermed
Management using the said
scheme and managed to defraud
the US government anew in the
total amount of US$900,000.
When the fraud was discovered
in 1999, charges were led against
Chan and his co-accused.
After the US government
learned that Chan is in the
Philippines, the US Department
of Justice led a petition for
extradition against him, but Chan
argued before the CA that the
extradition treaty between the
Philippines and the United States
of America is unconstitutional
because it was not ratied by
a two-thirds vote of all the
members of the Senate.
However, the appellate
court noted that there is no
court decision that declares the
extradition treaty unconstitutional
and is thus considered valid and
Associate Justices Ramon
Garcia and Danton Bueser
concurred with the ruling.
Call agents not noynoying
By Julito Rada
THE Trade Department said it may
impose price controls on basic
goods in areas affected by oods
and heavy rains but it will have
to be based on the ofcial report
from the National Disaster Risk
Reduction Management Council,
an ofcial said on Tuesday.
We have to review and base
it [price control] on NDRRMCs
assessment of damage and
presence of an impending threat
of unwarranted increases in
price of basic necessities, Trade
Undersecretary for Consumer
Welfare Zenaida Maglaya said
in a text message to the Manila
Standard Today.
In the wake of typhoon Gener
last week, the DTI implemented
price controls in some heavily-
ooded parts of Bulacan, Cavite,
Laguna and Camiguin which
were declared under the states of
calamity. The cities of Navotas
and Valenzuela were later added
to that list.
Basic goods include rice,
processed milk, canned goods,
coffee, laundry soap, detergent,
candles, bread, emergency lights
batteries and salt.
Under Section 6 of Republic
Act 7581 (Price Act), an
automatic price control is
implemented under a state
of calamity as a preventive
measure to avoid chaos that
may result from overpricing
of basic goods during times of
A price control can be
implemented for the duration of
60 days unless lifted sooner by
either the local sanggunian or by
the President of the Republic of
the Philippines.
Also, nes would be slapped
against those traders found
hoarding or jacking up their
prices in the areas where price
freeze was implemented.
But as several people in the
affected areas would reconstruct
their houses destroyed by oods,
the DTI said construction
materials are not covered by
price control.
ALTHOUGH religious folk may criticize call
center employees for their liberal lifestyles, most
of them have displayed tremendous commitment
to their work and this prompted the Business
Processing Association of the Philippines to advise
industry employees to ensure their personal safety
and security if they decide to report for work during
inclement weather.
History shows that our employees and our
industry has always responded professionally
and exceptionally to natural calamities and other
challenges. This instance will be no different, said
BPAP president Benedict Hernandez.
We are equally committed to them. Were not
just thinking about today and tomorrow, were
thinking about the next 10 years and beyond, he
added, stressing that the top priority of business
process outsourcing companies is the safety of
employees, their families, and the communities
they operate from.
Those that desire to work should coordinate
travel arrangements with their companies, as
circumstances vary from company to company,
Hernandez said, noting the guidelines the
government announced on salary premiums for
those who report for work in times of calamity.
Left to their own devices. Bystanders help a family relocate on a makeshift wooden cart after
oodwater hit their home near Espana Avenue in Manila on Tuesday. DANNY PATA
Commission on Audit.
Analysis revealed that actual
personal services expenditures,
as reported in the statement of
income and expenses, exceeded
the amount of allowable personal
services, COA reported, citing
the Local Government Code,
which limits the use of the citys
annual income from regular
sources for personal expenses by
45 per cent.
Moreover, a total of P8.38
million was not released by city
hall to the citys 21 barangays,
which could have been used to
fund priority barangay projects
although the amount was
collected from real property taxes
and community tax certicates
totalling P16.75 million.
The share in RPT and CTC
collections were not released
within ve days after the end of
each quarter, COA explained.
Inquiry with the citys Central
Barangay Accounting Section
disclosed that as of the second
week of February 2012, said
amounts were not released to the
respective barangays.
As a consequence of the
late releases by the city of their
shares from the RPT and CTC
collections, the barangays were
deprived of the timely availability
of funds to nance priority
programs and projects that would
benet their constituents, the
report furthered.
The city government also
bought P4.35 million worth
of unserviceable equipment,
including motor vehicles, medical
supplies, and communication
equipment, which could be
helpful in disaster response
services for the ood-prone city.
By Merck Maguddayao
MALABON City exceeded the
limit on personal expenses by
P6.9 million, according to the
2011 annual audit report of the
PRESIDENT Noynoy Aquino
braved the heavy rains and oods
yesterday, leaving Malacaang
Palace to be briefed on government
rescue and relief operations. It was
the rst time that anyone could
remember Aquino showing himself
in public while a national calamity
was still ragingalthough it could
be argued that the heavy rains have
been falling for more than a week
already without interruption, since
typhoon Gener entered the country
the Sunday before last.
Aquino even found time to hold
a press conference after the brieng.
Although there were some who
believed that
he didnt really
have to, given
the messages
stated and
he delivered to
the public.
Perhaps I
shouldnt be so
hard on Aquino
since he did,
after all, show
up while the oodwaters were still
rising all over Metro Manila and
a major part of the entire island of
Luzon. Ive always believed that a
President should show his face to the
people during emergency situations
and it seems that Aquino has also been
coming around to believing this, as
well, by his appearance yesterday.
But heres how a friend described
Aquinos maiden performance as a
hands-on, disaster-prepared President
yesterday, complete with a yellow
raincoat and matching yellow shirt
I just watched him on the
news. I was just incredulous at
his pronouncements. He didnt
want media saying that 50 percent
of Metro Manila is under water
because theres no proof. And then
he starts lecturing people for not
listening to warnings and for getting
in the way of the government rescue
efforts. And [nally, he] suggests
that his governments response to
the ooding is much better than the
previous [administrations] response
to the ooding caused by typhoon
Ondoy [in 2009]. Seriously. I dont
know how to react.
Okay, so perhaps I was wrong
in demanding that Aquino show
himself during national emergencies
like the one were having. All things
considered, perhaps its really better
for everyone concerned if Aquino
just disappeared like he always does
whenever theres a major ood or
* * *
A group calling itself the Concerned
Entrepreneurs Against Monopoly has
so far has spent over P3 million in
full-page ads published in two of the
countrys leading newspapers since
March this year to get the bill seeking
to raise excise taxes on cigarettes
passed by Congress. But the group
is using misleading data and even
outright falsehoods, in their print ads,
perhaps because the organization is
only a dummy fronting for some other
entity with a vested interest in getting
the bill passed.
The Securities and Exchange
Commissions records show that
this entity is not registered either
as a company, corporation, a non-
prot organization or as a private
foundation. The group also does not
list any members in its ads, except
to say that these were paid for by the
Concerned Entrepreneurs against
Monopoly/DB Law.
The latter part of the name
apparently means De Borja Law
Ofce, rst listed as having paid for
the early anti-tobacco ads in major
newspapers in March this year. The
law ofce was
again identied
as the one
paying for new,
similar ads right
after President
Noynoy Aquino
delivered his
State of the
Nation Address,
where he
mentioned the
sin tax bill as
among his administrations priority
The group appears to be strongly
supporting tax proposals that would
drastically increase prices of low- to
high-priced cigarettes to make these
at par with imported brands. Most of
the data presented in its ads echo the
position and statements released so
far by British American Tobacco, the
maker of Lucky Strike cigarettes.
The foreign rm has expressed its
intention in investing up to $200
million in the country once the sin
tax bill is passed by Congress and
enacted into law.
The groups ads point out that the
taxes proposed by the House in its
version of the sin tax bill does not
discriminate against local brands
because all cigarettes will be taxed
the same rate, regardless of where
the tobacco product is manufactured.
It even claims that imported brands
will also pay the high tax of P28.30,
just like the other locally produced
The true picture is this: imported
brands, now paying P28.30, will
not get any tax increase under the
sin tax proposal. They will pay the
same tax in the rst year of the bills
implementation, and will get a measly
P2 tax increase or 6 percent in the
second year.
The bill is strongly biased against
local manufacturers, but the CEAM
ads want us to believe that the House
measure is good for the tobacco
industry and the economy. The bill
is actually good only for British
American Tobacco, which threatened
the government by publicly declaring
that it would only bring in its $200
million investment in the tobacco
industry if the sin tax bill is passed
into law.
Opinion Adelle Chua, Editor
ManilaStandardToday AUGUST 8, 2012 WEDNESDAY
WHETHER we like it or not, we
now live under threat of extreme
weather conditions and we must
either adapt to them or continue
paying the price in human lives
and suffering.
The torrential rain that satu-
rated Metro Manila for more than
24 hours Tuesday indicated some
gains in our disaster prepared-
ness, but also highlighted the ar-
eas that must still be improved.
Certainly, the local govern-
ments and national agencies
were able to reduce the losses
simply by suspending classes
and work as early as Monday
evening. These decisions, no
doubt, were based on the weath-
er bureaus predictions of heavy
monsoon rain set off by a tropi-
cal storm over Japanbut those
warnings were not adequately
imparted to the general public,
which was still taken by surprise
by the prolonged downpour and
the ensuing oods.
The agencys new rainfall and
warning system with three levels
of alert yellow for heavy rain,
green for intense rain and red for
more than 30 millimeters of rain-
fall per hourgave the public
very little lead time to react.
Notwithstanding the suspen-
sion of work in ofces, waist-
deep oods paralyzed trafc
in the capital and triggered
the evacuation of tens of thou-
sands of residents. Vehicles and
even heavy trucks struggled to
navigate waterlogged roads,
where luckless commuters were
stranded and private vehicles
were stuck overnight.
The Metro Manila Develop-
ment Authority did a creditable
job providing regular bulletins on
ood conditions and used social
media to disseminate the infor-
mation, but the most that the pub-
lic could do with this data was to
avoid the ooded areas that the
agency identied.
Coming in the wake of typhoon
Gener, which left 53 people dead,
the paralysis caused by the most
recent rain clearly showed we are
not ready for the changes in the
climate that we have experienced.
The garbage that washed up
along Roxas Boulevard from
Manila Bay this week and the
ash oods throughout the city
were grim reminders of how
much refuse we are dumping
into our waterways.
Climate change is not somebody
elses problem. We cannot simply
view the images of oods in Chi-
na or India on our TV screens and
cluck our tongues at their misfor-
tune. This is our misfortune, too,
and we will likely see more of it
sooner rather than later.
The challenge then becomes
not only disaster preparedness
but ood reduction and adapta-
tion. To the extent that the ood-
ing is man-made, we are duty-
bound to change our ways. The
government is also duty-bound
to invest more in effective ood
control infrastructure and make
sure that the dams on which we
depend do not become threats in
And while we can do nothing
about torrential rain, we should
be able to nally move the com-
munities that insist on building
their shanties along waterways to
safer ground.
The climate is changing; we
need to change with it.
We are not ready
Heil, Himmler!
IGNORING the voices of many
Filipinos, including those who
represent the countrys most numerous
Church, President Benigno S. Aquino
III ordered his minions in the House
of Representatives during a working
lunch in Malacaang Monday to cut
short the debate and just act on the
foreign-backed reproductive health
bill. And with canine speed, the
congressmen did as told, bending their
own Rules.
Days before, the House had agreed
to decide on Tuesday, 7th of August,
whether or not the oor debates should
continue. On Monday, however, before
all the majority congressmen could
fully digest their Malacaang meal,
they decided to terminate. Now comes
the period of amendments.
The rst proposed amendments
are from a non-member of Congress,
ex-congressman and ex-senator
Noynoy, as reportedly endorsed by the
Legislative Executive Development
Advisory Council (LEDAC). By what
sleight of hand, the president is able or
allowed to propose amendments is not
explained in the Constitution or in the
Rules of the House. But he is assured
of the rst crack.
That is a great marvel to an old dog
like me, especially since the proposed
amendments were supposedly made last
September yet, before the authoritarian
impulse evolved. As Senate Majority
Leader for many years, I sat in so many
LEDAC meetings with then Presidents
Fidel V. Ramos and Joseph Estrada. I
do not recall a single instance when the
President ever proposed or the Congress
leaders ever sought amendments to a
bill from the President.
Now, one of the Presidents
proposed amendments is a retitling
of the population control bill to
read, The Responsible Parenthood,
Reproductive Health and Population
and Development Act of 2011----
emphasis on the rst phrase. But apart
from the title, the only thing related to
parenting in the bill is the provision
on compulsory State sex education
for schoolchildren from Grade V to
4th year high school, without parental
That can only suggest irresponsible
rather than responsible parenthood,
as the Constitution recognizes parents,
not the State, as the primary educators
of their children. Perhaps one cannot
blame our bachelor-president too much
for not knowing enough about this, but a
little more attention to the Constitution
should help.
Unless the administration is prepared
to make the bills entire thrust and
makeup conform to the Constitution,
no attempt to amend it will serve any
purpose. It cannot possibly result in
a valid law. Archbishop Jose S. Palma
of Cebu, the president of the Catholic
Bishops Conference of the Philippines,
has tried to show the congressmen
that the bill proceeds from a diseased
corea defective view of the human
person, the family and marriage.
Aside from imposing sex education
on minors without their parents consent,
the bill seeks to prescribe birth control
for all as an essential requirement and
component of marriage. Contraception,
not procreation, becomes the real
purpose of marriage.
Senator Pia Cayetano, who is
leading the push for RH in the Senate,
has been quick to say that Congress
cannot legislate anything that favors
one particular religion. The general
proposition is correct, but the good
senator, a Protestant, distorts the position
of the Church. As Archbishop Palma
puts it in his letter to the congressmen:
The Church is not asking the State
to become the ofcial enforcer of her
doctrine. She is merely asking, pursuant
to the moral law and the Constitution,
that no law be passed that violates our
freedom to practice our religious belief
and our right to equal protection under
the law.
Even those who do not share the
Church view that contraception is
intrinsically evil, if they know the
meaning of liberty, should be able to
agree that precisely because people
should decide on their own whether
or not to practice birth control, this
should not be imposed by the State on
The good senator should know the
powers of Congress are not unlimited.
Congress cannot amend the Ten
Commandments. It cannot alter the fact
that the State is a creation of man, not
the other way round, and that the family
and marriage are natural institutions that
do not owe their existence to the State.
The State cannot change this without
trying to play God and turning itself into
a totalitarian state.
This is specially so, in light of the
constitutional provision, which names
the State as the equal protector of
the life of the mother and the life of
the unborn from conception. Again,
as Palma puts it, As protector of the
unborn, the State is ipso facto the
protector of conception. It cannot be
the preventer of conception. As no law
prohibits contraception or sterilization,
the State may not be able to prevent
women from using contraceptives or
getting sterilized on their own. But
the State cannot be the author, source
or medium of contraception, or even
be a mere participant in a program of
This is a reasoned argument, which
only a superior reasoning can refute. It
would be quite a shame if Mr. Aquino
would simply call on his blind and
servile mob in Congress to silence it.
Himmler might look no more hideous
reaching for his pistol to win an
CHIN WONG/ RAY S. EANO Associate Editors
Philippine Press Institute
The National Association
of Philippine Newspapers PPI
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He should have
stayed home
Perhaps I was
wrong in demanding
that Aquino show
himself during
national emergencies.
home work relationship
Manila Standard TODAY
Gianna Maniego, Editor
Dinna Chan Vasquez, Assistant Editor
on the racks
Classic elements of
a gentlemans wardrobe
Vaults special issue goes beyond current trends to review the
staples of classic dressingelements of a mans wardrobe that are
neither dated nor fashion forward. In other words: timeless. This
special issue of Vault is dedicated to the building blocks of classic
style, whose longevity can be credited to good design and practical
use outside the world of magazine spreads and fashion runways.
From brogues to oxfords, Neapolitan to French cut suits,
pocket squares to silk ties, Vaults special issue is the ultimate
visual guide to creating a balanced and harmonious outt.
Vault is a modern, sophisticated mans lifestyle magazine
featuring global luxury brands, unique experiences, and ne
products that represent the best achievements of the human
hand. Its approach to luxury is informed by creativity,
craftsmanship, passion, and heritage.
In every issue you will nd exceptional people and brands,
which draw from the past to create the new icons of our age.
Published by ABS-CBN Publishing, each issue has sections
dedicated to automobiles, aviation, new establishments,
equipment, travel, timepieces, art, style, grooming, property,
and ne dining.
Vault is sold at all major bookstores in Metro Manila
and is available for download on Zinio. To download ABS-
CBNs magazines, users on Android devices must download
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available through the iPad App Store. PC and Mac users can
access Zinio at
When looking for a new home, there are a lot of things to consider-
-budget, location, accesibility and of course, your lifestyle. Do you
want a townhouse or condominium unit or a single-detached house?
Isit near major thoroughfares and major modes of transportation? How
manyminutes away is it from your place of work? Are there facilities
for leisure and recreation nearby?
moving in
By Joba Botana
More and more professionals
and starting families prefer living
in a township because it has
everything they need. But moving
to a new place still requires a lot
of time, energy and money and
for most people, saving on these
means a lot.
Setting a benchmark
With these in mind, Megaworld
Corp., one of the leaders in
residential condominium
development, commissioned its
latest marketing division Prime
Properties Investment to handle
the companys completed projects
and ready for occupancy
properties. The goal of this group
is to change the RFO (ready for
occupancy) landscape by offering
free interior design services to all
buyers so all they have to do is
move in.
Over the years, weve
categorized a specic segment
of our market that prefers RFOs
than pre-selling projects. They
are usually the more sophisticated
ones, who prefer their units to be
personalized--from the cuts to
the designs and furnishings. And
this is what we offer to them,
says Donna Racho, Megaworld
Prime Properties Investment vice
president for sales and marketing
during an intimate media
gathering at Old Vine Grille in
Eastwood City.
According to Racho, Megaworld
reserves pre-selected RFO units
even during the construction phase
to allow the company to forecast
separate inventory for pre-selling
and RFO units.
Megaworld has built
residential condominium
buildings in townships like
Eastwood, McKinley, Makati and
Greenhills. The companys Prime
Properties has a team of seasoned
in-house interior designers to
address the needs of the buyers
who want to personalize their
Not all Megaworld properties
have RFOs--we consider the
location and demographics.
And we are proud to say that
Megaworld is the rst company
that offers free interior designs
to RFO units, says Harold
Geronimo, director for strategic
marketing and communications of
Megaworld Corporation.
Choosing your own design
At present, Megaworld
offers three different designs-
-the Zen, Contemporary and
Modern Victorian--which
are all available for all unit
sizes. Buyers may also select,
negotiate and purchase their own
furniture, xtures and appliances
to suit to their needs and budget.
Our designs are based on
the clients personality, lifestyle,
color and mood preferences,
shares Fernando Buenavista,
Megaworld PPG senior design
Aside from assisting them
in creating their dream place
that speaks of their personality,
the group may also assist RFO
unit owners who want to lease
or re-sell their properties as well
as ensure the safekeeping and
maintenance of the units in their
absence, adds Geronimo.
Valuing clients
This isnt just about the
revenues. Our goal is to create
a long-lasting after-sales service
to our valued clients. We want
them to remember Megaworld
[in a positive way] so the next
time they invest for a property,
Megaworld will be top of their
minds, explains Racho.
Megaworld recently unveiled
its rst showats in Eastwood
to showcase the designs that
Prime Properties offers. All RFO
properties and after-sales services
were also showcased during the
weeklong gallery exhibit at the
Eastwood Mall Atrium.
Among the completed
projects with RFO units are
Eastwood parkview and One
Central Park in Eastwood
City, Stamford residences
and 115 Upper McKinley in
McKinley Hill; The Bellagio
III and Forbeswood Parklane
in Bonifacio Global City; The
Residential Resorts in Newport
City; Greenhills Heights in
San Juan and El Jardin del
Presidente II in Quezon City.
RFO studio units cost for as
low as P3.5 million while one-
bedroom units come as low as
P4 million and two-bedroom
units for as low as P5 million.
For more inquiries on
Megaworld Prime Properties
RFO units and free interior
design services, call (02) 867-
8913 or email primeproperties@
Meg takes on
reality TV
MEG magazine conquers the television screens with the countrys newest
and coolest reality competition.
Years back, MEG launched its banner campaign, the Meg Face Search.
The former magazine-based competition gave aspiring and deserving young
women the chance to be mentored and styled by experts in the industry.
Some of the most
notable nalists
of the competition
include: actresses
Ehra Madrigal
and Marian
Rivera; models
Audrey Ednacot
and Cheska
Sundiam; and VJ
and international
singer Kayla
Rivera. Recently, MEG launched its online lifestyle portal,
Going onto the next level, Megs signature campaign has also grown with its
audience, transitioning to a broader medium reality television.
I am Meg: Own The World In Style will be the countrys newest
reality TV competition that will look for the young woman who
epitomizes style, intelligence and empowerment above all. Meet the 14
young women aspiring to be the newest face in the industry. Hosted by
TV personality Kim Jones, catch I am Meg: Own the World in Style on
ETC every Saturday starting August 18, 2012 at 7 in the evening, with
replays every Tuesdays at 10am. I am Meg: Own the World in Style is a
prestige production of One MEGA Group.
For more details on I am Meg: Own the World in Style, please
visit Like Meg on Facebook at <www.facebook.
com/megmagazine> and follow MEG on twitter <@megmagazine>.
Megaworlds strategic marketing and communications director Harold
Geronimo, vice president for sales and marketing Donna Racho and senior
design head Andie Buenavista at a media brieng in Eastwood City.
Contemporary design
Zen design
68 Easter cel ebrati on
69 When brunch may
begi n
1 M u s i c a l w i t h
Mungoj erri e
2 Fl u symptom
3 Bossypant s wr i t er
4 Move up
5 Mother __
6 Shi l l y-shal l y
7 Garl i cky mayo
8 Li ke the vb. go, e. g.
9 Cl uck of reproach
10 Fi sh hamper
11 Rank
12 Peter out
13 Cul ti vated vi ol et
18 Goggl e
22 Get t i ng up on t he
wrong si de of bed, say
24 Lasts l onger than
25 Lake Nasser feeder
26 Mi gratory antel opes
27 Saudi royal name
28 Et __: and others
2 9 G o l d me d a l i s t
1 Hi dden drawback
6 Hol d your horses!
10 Cl ean, as erasers
14 L i k e Ci r q u e d u
Sol ei l performers
15 Takes outsi de
1 6 F i r s t n a me i n
17 Starti ng pi tcher?
1 9 _ _ A l mi g h t y :
Steve Carel l sequel
20 Cl othes l i ne
21 CI O partner
2 2 A n t i o x i d a n t - r i c h
veggi es
23 Stri ke zone?
27 __ Schwarz
30 Wahi ne s stri ngs
31 Bal l ot abbr.
32 Di spense i n shares
34 Li ke some bri des
39 Short stop?
42 L i ne t hr oug h t he
mi ddl e
43 Matter makers
44 NL E a s t c i t y , o n
45 New Deal fi g.
47 Eastern theater genre
48 Left fi el d?
54 Crammer s concerns
55 Over there, quai ntl y
56 Chi anti , i n Chi anti
6 0 Y e a r i n T r a j a n s
rei gn?
61 Batter?
64 Go off
65 Fanny __
66 Worth of the theater
67 CNBC topi c
3 3 O me g a , t o a
physi ci st
34 I m c-c-col d!
35 Noodl e topper?
36 Monopol y token
3 7 S o u g h t - a f t e r
cl ownfi sh
38 Nasty cut
40 __ gi rl !
41 Use one s outsi de
voi ce
45 Rushes (to)
46 Del any of Chi na
48 Get the hang of
49 Negatory!
50 Premari tal posti ng
51 Hog the spotl i ght
52 Does a fi l m edi ti ng
j ob
53 Si x-ti me U. S. Open
wi nner
5 7 Ho w _ _ Y o u r
Mother: CBS si tcom
58 Hal f a round
59 The yoke s on them
61 EPA meas.
62 Top bond
rati ng
63 Opti ma maker
Gianna Maniego, Editor
Dinna Chan Vasquez, Assistant Editor
home work relationships
Imported Spirits prices to further go up with HB5727
(PART 2)
Heard from the Grapevine
In the last HK VinExpo (biggest
wine show in Asia), I was talking
with some of friends and contacts
in the region who are also engaged
in wine importation. One of the
biggest wine importers in Thailand
was telling me that an informal
gathering among importers
was called by Thai government
officials to address a growing
clamor among liquor importers
to amend their present tax system
on imported alcohol products.
Thailand is one of Asias most
restrictive markets for wine and
spirits, with a complicated multi-
tier tax system that aggregates up
to 390 percent of invoice value.
But despite this, in Bangkok, a
wine could be as cheap as those in a
Rustans store locally impossible
given the tax structure, but
obviously happening because of
technical smuggling. In Thailand,
it is apparently no secret that
almost every importer undervalues
their invoice, and does double
invoicing to avoid being tracked.
Shipments are transshipped from
nearby Singapore or even HK.
Payments of invoice also come
from offshore banks, and the
By Ed Biado
THE hardest thing to do when
meeting someone new is striking
up a conversation. You cant
expect the other person to make
the first move. But someone has
to. And if that person happens
to be you, then youre
immediately sending the
right message. Youll
also be opening up a lot
of possibilities, depending
on who youre talking to
from career opportunities and
expanding your clout to social
and romantic connections.
Starting a
conversation is
not as simple
as, Hi! How
a r e you?
because the
stock answer
to that is, Im
fine, thank you. So what else is in
your bag of topics? The weather?
Dont really care. Innocuous
subjects are often dead ends that
lead back to awkward silence.
One way to get past this is to
be observant. Compliments work
best because people love to hear
fantastic things about themselves.
If you already know something
noteworthy about the person
youre chatting up, your job is
easy. You can simply open with,
I heard that youre the person
who [insert noteworthy tidbit
here]. Id love to hear more about
that. But if youre flying blind,
look at what theyre wearing.
Nice shoes? Tell them you
think so. Interesting neckpiece?
Express your interest. Youre
hot, on the other hand, is too
forward and borders on creepy.
If youre being introduced
by someone else (say, Bob), ask
how they know each other. Then,
relay your own story on how
you know Bob. You can always
use interesting/fun/funny tales
about Bob to get over the initial
awkwardness. This also works on
other mutual friends. You just need
to find the connection. If youre
invite to the same party/wedding/
baptism, chances are both of you
know the host. Talk about that.
Oftentimes, the easiest way
to start a conversation is by
assessing the situation. Examples
of situational conversation starters
include How are you enjoying
the party?, This talk has been
going on for two hours. Im
getting bored, Whats your
favorite piece in the exhibit?,
That was a lovely ceremony,
Wow! They really went all out
on this event, didnt they?, Is
it always this busy in here? and
Oh my gosh! I cant believe that
happened. Its really funny.
Another way to extend the
conversation beyond pleasantries
is to comment on or ask about the
surroundings. If youre the new
guy at work, ask about the office
culture or where a great restaurant
to have lunch is around the area.
At a coffee shop, say something
like, I love this place because of
the cozy ambiance. What do you
like about this coffee shop? At a
party, talk about the music blaring
from the speakers or the drinks
served at the bar. Along the way,
you might pick up on something
you have in common or share
similar views onand then, you
just have to keep talking.
CITI and Habitat for Humanity
recently launched the Citi-Habitat
Home Improvement Microsavings
Program in the Philippines, a regional
initiative which aims to help 3,000
low-income homeowners save a total
of $2 million to strengthen their homes
against natural disasters.
The program is part of Citi
Foundations $1 million commitment
to team up with Habitat for Humanity for
an innovative three-year multi-country
microsavings and nancial education
initiative targeted to disaster-prone
communities in countries such as the
Philippines and Thailand.
Shirish Apte, Citi co-chairman of
Asia Pacic Banking and Citi Foundation
board member visited Manila recently
and led Citi ofcials and community
partners during the launch ceremonies at
the Senior Citizens Center of Barangay
Santa Ana, Pateros. He was joined by
Habitat for Humanity Philippines chief
executive Charlie Ayco.
Individuals can join the Citi-Habitat
Home Improvement Microsavings
program by attending training sessions
with Habitat for Humanity and opening
a savings account for as small as
P200 ($4.50) with community-based
nancial institutions.
Participants who sign up for the
program receive incentives for every
P1,000 ($23) saved for the purpose of
strengthening their homes. This can
By Dinna Chan Vasquez
Born Oscar Gutierrez, wrestler Rey Mysterio is the
wrestler who wears a mask. He is also a father to two
kids, Dominik and Aalyah, who believes that every
person has the right to live in a positive environment.
"I am a parent and among my concerns
is for my children to grow up with the right
values, said Mysterio, who is known for
his high-ying style and the move known
as the "619."
He is one of the most popular stars of
wrestling and his trademark is the elaborate
mask he dons during matches.
Mysterio recently visited Manila to
take part in "Bully Buster," a symposium
focused on spreading awareness concerning
The event, which drew over a hundred
Filipino children, was hosted by family and
child development psychologist Honey
"It was quite fullling on my behalf
to be part of the endeavor. I believe this
campaign , said Mysterio.
Mysterio gained fame in the 90s via his
stint in World Championship Wrestling.
During his time in WCW, Rey
Mysterio won the WCW World Tag Team
Championship three times, and the WCW
Cruiserweight Tag Team Championship
once. In WWE, Mysterio is a three time
world champion. He also held the WWE
Tag Team Championship four times, and
the WWE Intercontinental Championship
He is currently listed as the lightest
world champion in WWE history.
Now, Fi l i pi no f a ns of t he
international franchise can enjoy WWE
Smackdown,WWE Vintage Collection,
WWE Bottomline and WWE Afterburn
vi a Fox and enj oy hi gh oct ane
ent ert ai nment from t hei r favori t e
wrestling superstars including John Cena,
Batista, The Undertaker and of course,
Rey Mysterio. WWE is committed to
family friendly entertainment on its
television programming, pay-per-view,
digital media and publishing platforms.
WWE programming is broadcast in over
145 countries and 30 languages and
reaches more than 600 million homes
Fox is available in the Philippines on
SkyCable, Destiny Cable and Cignal.
Visit Fox through their Facebook
page at,
t wi t t er@FOXChannel _PH and on for more information.
the talk
undervalued invoice paid for by
a local Thai bank to be used as de
facto document for tax appraisal.
This may soon change under
the new administration of Prime
Minister Yingluck Shinawatra.
In this meeting, the present Thai
officials acknowledged that
government is losing Billions of
Baht (Thai currency) in collections
due to smuggling, and want to
address it with a more simple
single tax system. And the same
importers I conversed with all
said they are convinced change
will indeed happen to their liquor
tax system. I found this story
amazing as this could be the
Philippines. It is important that we
admit the existence of the powerful
`grey market, then address the
tax issue. Increasing taxes with
seemingly awed implementation,
will probably even add more to
My unsolicited humble
As one can sense from my
column so far, I have not raised
any issue on the Still Wine excise
tax. Reality is our continuous
wine growth in double digit
improvements the last few years
is due to our countrys quite
reasonable excise on still wines.
The suggestion to increase by
36% from a low base will still be
far lower than any of our regional
counterparts, outside of HK being
tax free on wines (including
sparkling). But I do believe in what
my friends and
members of the International
Wine & Spirits Association
(IWSA), as headed by the outspoken
Ralph Joseph, are ghting for. The
spirits importers side will take
a real hit, and we also should
avoid possible sanctions by the
WTO. Continuing to widen the tax
disparity between imported brands
and the much higher consumption
locally manufactured brands will
not increase the government coffers
much. Instead, it will actually open
up to more creative smuggling of
imported liquors. Imagine on one
end, legitimate importers struggle
to fend off smugglers, and also
on the hind side, continues to pay
more taxes on the same brands
that gains more attractiveness to
the smugglers because of higher
margins! The best tax system is still
a single specic excise tax. This is
also the tax system Indonesia is
recently trying to implement, and
is also what Thailand is gearing
towards. A fix tax peg a single
amount to every bottle imported,
regardless of invoice value. This
way, those technically smuggling
has no recourse but to do physical
smuggling, and physical smuggling
is much easier to deter with the
right implementation agencies!
Now the single specic excise tax
amount has to be closely studied.
Favoring locally produced brands
is obviously acceptable from a
purely practical and nationalistic
point of view, but the excise tax for
imported has to be reasonable too.
May be a P100 per proof liter excise
to discourage bringing in of low
quality cheap spirits from Europe
is workable. IWSA is suggesting
a P40 per proof liter excise tax
across the board on spirits. On the
wine side, let us also do a single
specic excise tax, regardless of
whether sparkling wines or still
wines exceeding 14% alcohol.
Note that due to global warming,
wines are now higher in alcohol
than previous times, and it is no
longer surprising to see Australian,
Chilean and even Spanish wines
exceeding 14 percent in alcohol.
IWSA is proposing a P30 per liter
excise tax across the board on all
It is now in the hands of the
Senate. IWSA has in fact made a
detailed proposal letter to Senator
Ralph Recto, Chairman of the Ways
& Means Committee, to voice
the organizations disapproval of
HB 5727 Bill, and offer its own
amendments. We will find out
soon! All I know is I better stock
up on my Champagnes before the
new excise tax takes place.
For comments, inquiries, wine
event coverage, wine consultancy
Home improvement savings program launched
AUGUST 8, 2012
hirish Apte, Citi Co-Chairman of Asia Pacic Banking, together with the Citi and Habitat for
Humanity ofcials from the Philippines in Pateros
Isah V. Red, Editor
Manila Standard TODAY
Angelica Panganiban
It was the grandest reunion of
starsfrom Ang TV alumni, Star Cir-
cle batch members and todays hottest
Everyone went down memory lane
in the special opening number by Star
Magic groups The Hunks (Piolo Pas-
cual, Diether Ocampo, Carlos Agassi
and Jericho Rosales), Heartthrobs
(John Lloyd Cruz, Sam Milby and Pi-
olo Pascual), The Cover Boys (Zanjoe
Marudo, Victor Basa, Rafael Rosell
and Jake Cuenca), Teleserye Princes
(Sam Milby, Enchong Dee, Rayver
Cruz, Xian Lim and Gerald Ander-
son), Ultimate Dancers (Shaina Mag-
dayao, Rayver Cruz and Maja Sal-
vador), Giggerboys (Enchong, Sam
Concepcion, Robi Domingo, Arron
Villaor, Benjamin de Guzman and
Enrique Gil) and the Anime (Rod-
jun Cruz, John Wayne Sace, Em-
man Abeleda, Sergio Garcia, Mico
Aytona, Mhyco Aquino and Rayver
Cruz). Songbirds Jan Marini, Lind-
say Custodio, Dianne dela Fuente,
Denise Laurel, Rica Peralejo, Kaye
Abad and Nikki Gil to todays chart
toppers, Marcelito Pomoy, Bugoy
Drilon, Liezel Garcia, Erik Santos,
Jed Madela, Angeline Quinto, Nyoy
Volante, Yeng Constantino and Jovit
Baldivino proudly performed to show
how Star Magic molded them into pro-
Everyone was in awe as Star Mag-
ics big stars including new discoveries
and former Star Magic stars like KC
Concepcion, Ciara Sotto, Angelu De
Leon, Gio Alvarez, Carlo Aquino,
Rodney Shattara, Marc Solis, Diego
Castro, Farrah Florer, Andrea Del
Rosario, Maricel Morales, Wilma
Doesnt and Mylene Dizon gathered
on the stage.
The much-awaited fashion show
featured gowns and suits of the agen-
cys favorite designers and stylists
responsible for the stars total glam
Star Magics ofcial theme song
Ikaw Ang Magic ng Buhay Ko
served as the nale of the grandest
celebration of talent managements
20 awesome years.
Special video messages from Mar-
vin Agustin, Camille Prats, Luis
Alandy, Bojo Molina, Carmen Soo,
Tony Lambino, John Prats and Clau-
dine Barretto were also a highlight of
the celebration. All have spread their
wings to other opportunities and cited
how their talents were nurtured by
Star Magic.
Star Magics anniversary activi-
ties do not stop there. There was the
Star Magic Games on July 29, Star
Magic Ball on Sept. 1, Star Magic
Catalogue Launch on Oct. 30, Star
Magic fun run and charity show on
Nov. 24, and Star Magic movie be-
fore the year ends and many more!
Derek Lorenzo shares
celebrity spotlight
The countrys hottest stars came
in full force when Yahoo! mounted
its rst ever OMG Awards at the SM
Hosted by pretty model-host-
actress Solenn Heussaff, sexy ce-
lebrity endorser Isabelle Daza and
television talk show host Raymond
Gutierrez, OMG Awards became the
hottest event monitored by millions
when it happened.
The hottest names in showbiz add-
ed glitter and glamour to the event.
The night glittered with simply the
industrys best and brightest and
most popular.
But the merriest of them all was
Derek S. Lorenzo, PLDT MyDSLs
very own overnight sensation via his
lovestruck Anna Banana Youtube
video which generated over a million
hits and trended for days.
Derek presented OMG Awards
Child Star of the Year Award and con-
sequently awarded the winning trophy
to ABS-CBNs child wonder Xyriel
Being a kid celebrity himself with
over 1.6 million views for his Anna
Banana PLDT MyDSL Youtube
channel, it was tting that Derek be
the one chosen to award this years
winner in that category.
The young man took the opportu-
nity to thank his parents during the
occasion recognizing that every bit of
success he experienced would not be
possible without them.
Derek said, my familys support
is proof that the strongest connec-
tions can make any kids dream
come true.
SET in a ctional cable network,
The Newsroom is HBOs brand-
new series that chronicles the be-
hind-the-scenes events that give
audience the insight of what hap-
pens on and off cam while news is
being delivered.
Written by Aaron Sorkin, The
Newsroom is a 10-episode series
that follows a news team on its
quixotic mission to reclaim the
legacy of the Fourth Estate in the
face of a ckle audience, corporate
mandates and tangled personal re-
The series, dubbed as one of
HBOs biggest release this year,
has given it mixed reviews in
the US, some saying it is a long
lecture rather than an intelligent
discussion. Nevertheless, the se-
ries is a big hit among the general
public as it covers actual head-
line-making events in the past.
In the rst episode, in the af-
termath of his public tirade, ac-
claimed news anchor Will McAvoy
(Jeff Daniels) returns to his job to
nd that most of his staff are leav-
ing and his new executive producer
is his ex-girlfriend, MacKenzie
McHale (Emily Mortimer) and
when some breaking news about a
potentially disastrous oil spill in the
Gulf of Mexico hits the network,
the staff faces a new challenge.
The Newsroom airs Wednesdays,
9 p.m. on HBO. It is also telecast
an hour earlier on HBO HD.
Babae Sa Breakwater
The recent 8
Cinemalaya Film
Festival honored Mario OHara via
a screening of Babae sa Breakwater
as the festivals opening salvo.
At the launch held at TriNoma
Cinema, Laurice Guillen intro-
duced the lm to the media and to
some digital lm fanatics, saying
Babae sa Breakwater was invit-
ed for screening at the Directors
Fortnight at the Cannes Film Fes-
tival in 2004, the only local lm
invited to the prestigious festival
since Lino Brockas 1976 mas-
terpiece, Insiang.
With Guillens words, expecta-
tions were high most especially
from those who would be seeing
the lm for the rst time. But that
changed as soon as the feature was
on the big screen. The cinematog-
raphy is bad, the sound is terrible,
the editing is equally horrendous,
and the entire lm is unmistakably
of poor quality amid already be-
ing produced in 2004 (you might
think its an old movie because its
grainy and dark).
Yet, OHara failed to give justice
to the dramatic and unfortunate plight
of people living along Roxas Blvd.
due perhaps to budget constraint.
Babae sa Breakwater is not a
tting title as well as the dragging
lm centers on the life of Basilio
(Kristoffer King), who leaves
Leyte only to end up in one of the
slums of Manila with his younger
brother Buboy (Alcris Galura).
Basilio falls in love with Paquita
(Katherine Luna), who started
whoring so early in her life that
at her relatively young age shes
already spent, reeking with sexu-
ally transmitted disease. Together,
Basilio and Paquita dream of going
back to Leyte to start a brand new
life away from the unforgiving Ma-
nila slums.
If it had a better treatment, and
OHara used a better camera with
a top-notch sound engineer and
cinematographer, the lm would
have been better. But then again it
would be an entirely different lm
A peek into
the newsroom
Star Magic
Cheers to
THE star power of ABS-CBN Star Magic was
felt at its strongest in Asap 2012 on July 8 when
it celebrated its 20
Heartthrobs: Sam Milby, Piolo Pascual and John Lloyd Cruz
YouTube PLDT MyDSL sensation Derek
Lorenzo and Lovi Poe
The Giggerboys: Arron, Benjamin, Enchong,
Robi, Enrique and Sam
Xian Lim with Kim Chiu
A9 Sports Riera U. Mallari, Editor
Caluag, Rene go all out
Bayron seeks repeat
as Aboitiz golf starts
UAAP tiffs
3-way tie for Sandugo lead
Cone proud of his wards
I want to succeed. I want this
whole thing to be a success, said
Caluag, after watching a tape of his
90-minute workout at the 440-me-
ter track inside the Olympic Park
on Monday night at the Village in
the company of mechanic Steph-
anie Barrigan, coach Jason Rich-
ardson and a couple of friends.
Left with the tough task of pre-
venting another debacle for Team
PH in the 30th Olympic Games,
the 25-year-old Caluag takes his
baptism of re in a meet of this
size and prestige at 3:40 p.m. on
Wednesday for the time trial run
that will see the 32 daredevils take
a one-lap ride to determine plac-
ings for the next stage.
Dannys ready for this one,
said Richardson, his eyes glued to
the television set, watching every
movement and telling every spot
where his ward is doing bad and
where hes doing okay.
The team found some bad
moves, like when Caluag awk-
wardly started off in one of the laps
on board his Speedco bike, missing
to get the lead as he and other Ol-
ympic bets whom I raced against
a countless times before drove
down an eight-meter high ramp
and into a up-and-down strip.
CEBUJay Bayron sets out as
the marked man but a host of oth-
ers, including a crack international
eld, are tipped to get into the
scoring act right in the rst round
of the Aboitiz Invitational Present-
ed by ICTSI beginning today at
the Cebu Country Club here.
With the par-70 layout becom-
ing more manageable than the
last time out, a four-day shootout
looms in the $65,000 event of the
Asian Development Tour kicking
off a two-week swing of top-notch
golng action in the country.
Bayron won this tournament last
year with a four-under aggregate,
but the ace Davaoeo shotmaker
hinted at a much lower winning
output this time, given the highly
competitive form and depth of the
competing eld.
I think 10-under is possible.
The course is nicer now, said
Bayron, who is actually seeking a
three-peat feat in this event serv-
ing as the seventh leg of the ADT
where he is at No. 2 in the Order of
Merit race.
But it wont be easy. There are
just too many talented players in
the eld, added Bayron, who also
ruled the Aboitiz Invitational in
2010 as part of the ICTSI Philip-
pine Golf Tour before it was in-
cluded in the edgling ADT circuit
last year.
ADT OOM frontrunner Ryan
Bullock of Australia, winner of
the PGM Terengganu Masters
in Malaysia last May, heads the
strong foreign challenge that in-
cludes Johor Masters champion
Luke Bluemink, ADT Masters at
AFamosa winner Peter Richard-
son, Anthony Choat, also from
Down Under, Hsu Chia Jen of
Chinese Taipei, Jeremiah Kim of
Malaysia and Guido Van der Valk
of the Netherlands.
The local roster is also teem-
ing with talent, ensuring a spirited
chase for the top $11,375 purse
in the event sponsored by Aboitiz
Equity Ventures, Inc. and put up
by International Container Termi-
nal Services, Inc.
Local tours OOM leader Tony
Lascuna and teener Miguel Tabue-
na spearhead the hosts bid, both
condent of each others chances
for a third leg victory on the ICTSI
PGT, the event being the ninth
leg of the local circuit, along with
Sherwood Classic winner Elmer
Salvador, John Hay champion
Marvin Dumandan, rookie Negros
titlist Zanie Boy Gialon and recent
Iloilo Golf Challenge champion
Mars Pucay.
AFTER four days of action, there is a three-way tie for the lead in
the mens division of the Sandugo-Collegiate Athletic League with
Informatics-A, host school Trinity University of Asia and College of
St. Benilde all locked up with similar 2-0 slates.
Informatics-A posted back-to-back wins over Emilio Aguinaldo
College, 97-79, and University of Asia and the Pacic, 102-65,
while TUA followed its opening victory with an easy 93-54 win over
Informatics -B (0-2).
College of St. Benildes twin victories came at the expense of
Informatics-B, 83-60, and EAC, 85-75.
Colegio de San Lorenzo is at 1-0, while newcomer Don Bosco
Technical College has yet to show a win after its opening-day loss to
TUA in this developmental league sponsored by PC-Gilmore, Comm.
Akiko Guevarra of the Philippine Sports Commission and PHITEN, and
supported by Gatorade, Uratex and Primovit Multi-vitamins.
In the ve-team womens side, Adamson University and De La
Salle University-Dasmarinas are on a possible collision course for the
championship as they lead the way with similar 2-0 records.
Opening-day winner ADu got its second win with a come from behind
victory against University of Santo Tomas, 70-62, while UST nally got
its rst win after back-to-back losses by beating cellar-dweller DBTC
team, 70-33.
DLSU-D claimed CSB as its second victim, winning 55-50.
By Jeric Lopez

INSTEAD of crying over spilled milk, B-MEG coach
Tim Cone chose to look back and cherish a great season
for the Llamados.
After completing his rst season manning the sidelines
for B-MEG, Cones assessment of his teams campaign
was very satisfactory, even though they fell short of win-
ning the Governors Cup.
It was a good year for us. Im proud of the guys and
the season we had, said Cone.
The Llamados suffered a 4-3 setback at the hands of rst-
time titlist Rain or Shine as they dropped Game 7, 83-76, last
Sunday, falling a short of a second straight championship.
Cone likes his team to look at their accomplishments
the entire season on his rst year instead of pondering on
the one that got away.
For us, I hope we dwell on the whole year not just on
the last game, said Cone.
The Llamados went to two straight nals and won the Com-
missioners Cup. For Cone, thats something to cherish.
We had a great season in terms of growth. We won
the championship in the second conference and we got
to the nals for two straight times so thats something we
can be proud of.
Describing his rst year coaching his new team, Cone
had nothing but praise for the team and the players as they
all made his transition very easy according to him.
US stays unscathed. USAs Carmelo Anthony
(left) and Argentinas Luis Scola scramble for the
ball during a preliminary mens basketball game
at the 2012 Summer Olympics in London. The US
mens team scored a 126-97 wintheir fth in
as many gamesto move into the quarternals,
where the Americans meet Australia (3-2) on
Wednesday night. AP
Dynamic duo. Ateneo Grade Schools cousin duo Aidric Jose Baldonado Chan and Carl Jano
Baldonado Corpus both placed seventh in the recent Callaway Junior World Championship and
the San Diego Junior Masters, respectively. Chan will be competing in the same age bracket
next year since he is the youngest jungolfer at 11 years old in the Top 7 out of 128 players in
world who competed in the 11 to 12-year-old boys Junior World division. Corpus, on the other
hand, started strong with his Junior Masters debut, placing him on the Top 7 as well.
ORGANIZERS of the 75
versity Athletic Association of
the Phil-
i ppi ne s
s e a s o n
called off
t oda ys
scheduled mens basketball games
at the Araneta Coliseum.
UAAP president Nilo Ocampo of
season 75 host National University
said continuous rains and ooding
in areas around Metro Manila have
compelled authorities to reset two
important matches to another day.
Affected was the 2 p.m. show-
down between the La Salle
Green Archers and the Adamson
Falcons, and the 4 p.m. clash
between the University of Santo
Tomas Tigers and the University
of the East Warriors.
When and where it will be
played will be announced at a later
date, said Ocampo. Peter Atencio
Also on Wednesday, Rene Her-
rera competes in the 5,000-meter
race as he makes his rst Olympic
outing, mindful of the depth of the
opposition, ready to accept the fate
in store for him and aware of the
lessons to be gained from the race.
His target is 14 minutes and 10
seconds for the 12-1/2-lap event,
which is faster than her career best of
14.51 seconds he set while winning
in the National Games in Bacolod
last year and better than his seasons
high of 15.01 he achieved in his sil-
ver-medal nish in the Hong Kong
inter-city meet last May.
Caluag gasped in awe at the
sight of the 440-meter track on the
day in was opened for viewing for
competitors on Sunday, describing
it as fantastic, the best he has ever
seen in his long career.
When Caluag got a feel of it
as he practiced for a long time
on Monday, he found the track
to his liking.
I feel as if Im home right now.
It has a little bit of everything I
want, said Caluag, the son of a
Filipino couple of migrated to the
United States before he was born.
I enjoyed practicing at the track.
Its really good.
Richardson, whos been with
Caluag for almost three years now
as coach, said the training marred
by drizzles in the latter part was
very productive, adding the
fastest competitor in the time trial
should be clocking between 37 to
39 seconds for the single lap.
Several of the riders fancied to
dazzle as the sport makes its sec-
ond appearance in the Olympics
were also there, training side by
side with Caluag and getting a feel
of the track which took around $20
million to build.
LONDONIn the biggest race of his
career, at the biggest stage of all, BMX
rider Danny Caluag of Team Philippines
wants to come out the biggest of them all.
Games Saturday
(Philsports Arena)
2 p.m. UST vs Adamson
4 p.m. NU vs La Salle
PLDT, Globe booked
lower rst-half profits
Flooding shuts down
PH nancial markets
Hot money rises to $594.7mcentral bank
Thai manufacturer appeals DoJs ruling on Red Bull controversy
huge rice
Manila Standard TODAY
Ray S. Eano, Editor
Roderick T. dela Cruz, Assistant Editor
Listing anniversary. GMA Network Inc. marked its fth year listing anniversary on July 31 with a bell ringing ceremony
at the Philippine Stock Exchange. The broadcasting company, which airs on Channel 7 on free TV, debuted at the PSE on July
30, 2007. The companys listed shares have a market capitalization of P34.28 billion. Shown (from left) are GMA executive vice
president and chief nancial ofcer Felipe Yalong; GMA7 director Artemio Panganiban; GMA president and chief operating ofcer
Gilberto Duavit Jr.; GMA chairman and chief executive Felipe Gozon; PSE chairman Jose Pardo; PSE pesident and CEO Hans Sicat;
and GMA director Jaime Laya.
AT A time when droughts are
driving corn and soybeans to
all-time highs, farmers are
set to reap a record rice crop
and Thailand is building the
biggest stockpile in at least ve
decades, helping avoid a global
food crisis.
The largest exporting nation
bought 11 million metric tons as
of July, enough to supply the six
biggest importers, Commerce
Ministry data show. As corn
farmers from the US to Ukraine
endure drought, paddy elds
will yield 1.1 million tons more
milled grain, the US Department
of Agriculture predicts.
Benchmark 5-percent Thai white
rice will drop 14 percent to $480
a ton by Dec. 31, according to
the median of 10 estimates from
traders and analysts surveyed by
Shipments of the staple for
half the world will expand 2.6
percent to a record in 2012-
2013, the USDA predicts.
Those exports combined with
Thailands stockpiles, which
may be cut to clear space for
the next harvest, are a buffer
against grain reserves seen at
the lowest in at least ve years.
Cheaper rice may contain global
food costs the United Nations
predicts will rebound, ending
a retreat to a 21-month low in
Rice is the only bright spot
which is keeping us away
from a global food crisis, said
Abdolreza Abbassian, a senior
economist at the UNs Food
& Agriculture Organization
in Rome. The corn situation
is very worrisome, while with
wheat, the overall supply
situation is still adequate.
Rough-rice futures rose
7.1 percent to $15.92 per 100
pounds on the Chicago Board of
Trade this year, trailing corns
24 percent surge, the 32 percent
rally in soybeans and wheats 39
percent advance to a four-year
high. The MSCI All-Country
World Index of equities climbed
7.1 percent, while Treasuries
returned 2.4 percent, a Bank of
America Corp. index shows.
Thailands reserves expanded
after Prime Minister Yingluck
Shinawatra began a policy in
October of buying from farmers
at above-market rates to boost
rural incomes. Stockpiles may
reach 12.1 million tons in 2012-
2013, according to the USDA.
By Lailany P. Gomez
PHILIPPINE Long Distance Telephone
Co. and Globe Telecom Inc., the two
biggest telecommunications companies in
the Philippines, reported lower prots in
the rst six months of the year on higher
expenses and increased investments.
PLDT said Tuesday its core
net income from January to June
declined 11 percent to P18.7
billion year-on-year, despite
higher service revenues because
of higher operating expenses
relating mainly to manpower
reduction programs. PLDT
said selling and promotions
initiatives of unit Digital
Telecommunications Philippines
Inc. contributed to increased
It said core net income was
also affected by the recognition
of a P2-billion deferred gain
relating to the transfer of the
shares of Manila Electric Co.
from PLDT Communications and
Energy Ventures to Beacon Asset
Holdings Inc. following the sale
by PCEV of some of its preferred
shares in Beacon.
PLDTs reported net income
stood at P19.5 billion, down 8
percent, year-on-year, due to the
decline in core net income and
higher net foreign exchange and
derivative gains.
Globe, meanwhile, said
consolidated net income in the
rst half declined 10 percent to
P5 billion from P5.5 billion a
year ago due to investments in
network and IT infrastructure.
Consolidated service revenues
grew 6 percent to P42.8 billion
from P40.5 billion, on year, on
the back of the 6 percent growth
in mobile service revenues to
P33.3 billion, as well as the 7
percent growth in xed line
and broadband revenues to P7.5
We are very satised with
our performance this period,
allowing us to further extend our
growth momentum for another
quarter. ...we remain focused on
our strategy blueprint and were
able to extend our gains in key
business segments, said Ernest
Cu, Globe president and chief
Operating expenses and subsidy
rose 13 percent to P23.1 billion
from P20.3 billion last year.
Total capital expenditures
stood at P11.7 billion, 35 percent
higher than last years level of
P8.6 billion.
Globe said the amount
amount included investments in
network modernization and IT
transformation, coupled with the
usual spend to expand coverage
and capacity of the companys
broadband and mobile networks.
PLDTs consolidated service
revenues in the rst six months
of 2012 rose 12 percent to P84.7
billion, including the P11.1-
billion revenue contribution
from Digitel and reecting the
combined effect (before Digitel)
of a 4 percent decline in wireless
revenues, 1 percent decrease
in xed line revenues and a 17
percent rise in business process
outsourcing revenues.
THE Philippines on Tuesday
shut financial markets along
with government offices and
schools in the capital region
and several provinces in the
main island of Luzon after
heavy rains caused flooding.
Bangko Sentral Governor
Amando Tetangco said there
was no clearing and trading
Tuesday. Philippine Stock
Exchange president Hans
Sicat and Philippine Dealing
& Exchange Corp. president
Cesar Crisol said in separate
mobile-phone messages that
trading at their respective
bourses was suspended.
President Benigno Aquino
III ordered the suspension of
work and classes at all levels,
Abigail Valte, a presidential
spokeswoman, said in an
interview on local radio station
Heavy rains in recent days
caused rivers and dams near the
capital to rise, Office of Civil
Defense Director Susana Cruz
said. Thousands have been
evacuated. Damage caused by
typhoons and other calamities
reached P59.2 billion in 2011,
Economic Planning Secretary
Arsenio Balisacan told
Monsoon rains will continue
until today, Fernando Cada,
a forecaster at the weather
bureau told DZMM radio.
The government has
dispatched rubber boats to
rescue residents in heavily
flooded areas, Civil Defense
chief Benito Ramos told
DZMM. In Marikina City and
San Mateo town, residents
were evacuated as early as last
night as the Marikina river
overflowed, he said.
Neck-deep floods were
reported in Las Pias and
Paraaque cities and waist-
deep in the Caloocan, Malabon
and Navotas areas. Floods
reached the second floor of
some houses in Quezon City,
Ramos said.
Flooding was also reported
in the provinces of Laguna,
Bulacan, Bataan and Pampanga,
he said. Bloomberg
By Julito G. Rada
T.C. Pharmaceutical Industries
Co. Ltd. of Thailand, the
producer of Red Bull energy
drink, has asked Justice Secretary
Leila de Lima to overturn a
previous resolution issued by her
subordinate, who ruled in favor
of the former distributor in the
T.C. Pharmaceutical said
Tuesday it was shocked by a
resolution issued on June 21,
2012 by Justice Undersecretary
Jose Vicente Salazar ordering the
Legazpi City Prosecutor to le
criminal charges against it for
alleged unfair trade competition
and conspiracy to commit fraud
through misbranding.
T.C. Pharmaceutical said the
resolution smeared its reputation
as among the largest private sector
investors from Thailand that had
made signicant contributions to
the Philippines.
With regard to our investments
here, we are proud to say that we
have attached great importance
to business transparency,
ethics as well as the practice of
corporate social responsibility
and the return of benets to the
Philippine local communities and
society through various programs
and worthwhile activities for the
youth, T.C. Pharmaceutical
We are, however, currently
in shock because of a resolution
issued by your ofce through
Undersecretary of Justice Jose
Vicente Salazar dated June 21,
2012, it said.
By Anna Leah G. Estrada
FOREIGN portfolio investments, or hot
money, increased in the third week of
July to a net inow of $594.68 million
from $129.26 million in the second
week, the Bangko Sentral said Tuesday.
The gure brought the year-to-date net
inow to $1.920.33 billion, down from
$2.657 billion year-on-year.
Foreign portfolio investments, or
hot money, refer to overseas funds that
are parked in local stocks, government
securities and money market
Foreign portfolio investment is a part
of the countrys balance of payments
capital and nancial account.
Data gathered from Bangko Sentral
showed the balance of payments position
in the rst quarter of 2012 registering a
surplus at $1.2 billion, down 64.4 percent
from $3.5 billion in the same quarter last
year, as both the current and capital and
nancial account accounts yielded lower
net inows.
The surplus in the current account
was boosted mainly by higher inows
from overseas Filipino remittances and
business process outsourcing services
transactions, while the net inows in the
capital and nancial account emanated
largely from increased foreign direct
investments, the Bangko Sentral said.
Hot money in the Philippines has slowed
down, amid risk aversion stemming from
the European debt crisis.
The gross domestic product expanded
6.4 percent year-on-year in the rst
quarter, one of the fastest growth rates
in the region.
Net foreign buying in stocks, however,
contributed to the appreciation of the
peso against the US dollar in the past.
The peso hit a four-year high of 41.68
against the dollar on July 5, before
heading to a downswing.
The peso dropped the most in two
weeks after the Bangko Sentral tightened
rules on capital inows by limiting where
overseas investors can put their money.
Highlands nets P16.4m
LEISURE property developer Highlands Prime
Inc. is back on the black, posting a net income in
the rst half of the year on higher revenues from
real estate sales.
Highlands Prime said in a nancial report
led with the Philippine Stock Exchange that net
prot reached P16.4 million, a reversal from a
P27.8-million loss year-on-year.
Highlands Prime said total realized revenues
rose 61 percent to P254.6 million from P158
million on year.
The realized revenues for the current period
were better due to the contribution of the residen-
tial lot projects, which accounted for 58 percent
of the total realized revenues. Condominium and
log cabin projects contributed 42 percent of the
total, Highlands Prime said.
The property company has two projects under
construction, namely Woodridge Place phase 2
and Sierra Lago.
Woodbridge Place phase 2 is a condominium
project at Tagaytay Highlands, while Sierra
Lago is a subdivision development at Tagaytay
Midlands. Jenniffer B. Austria
Toyota output tops 200m
TOYOTA Motor Corp. said global cumulative
vehicle production has surpassed 200 million
units as of end-June this year.
The company said the milestone took 76 years
and 11 months to reach, beginning with the pro-
duction of the Model G1 truck in August 1935 at
Toyoda Automatic Loom Works Ltd.s Automo-
tive Department, which was spun off and later
became Toyota Motor.
Cumulative production in Japan totaled 145.21
million vehicles, while overseas production hit
55.12 million vehicles.
The most produced vehicle is the Toyota Corol-
la, accounting for 19.5 percent or 39 million units
of the global cumulative vehicle production.
I wish to express my heartfelt appreciation to
our customers the world over who made it pos-
sible for us to reach this milestone. I also have
the most profound respect and gratitude for the
efforts of all persons who were involved in de-
veloping, manufacturing, and marketing Toyota
and Lexus vehicles over the years, said Toyota
president Akio Toyoda.
Smarts Freedom
lets you Live More
If history has taught
the world anything, its
that the price of freedom
does not come cheap.
Today however, that is
about to change as Smart
introduces the Postpaid
Freedom Plan.
As the only postpaid plan
with no fxed monthly
service fee, Filipinos
f r o m a l l
wa l k s o f
l i f e c a n
n o w
enj oy
the most
r e l i a b l e
mobile services
without fear of
You only pay
for what you use
and you even get
notifed via text
if you are about to
reach the default credit
limit of P600.
We are rewriting
postpaid history because
we believe that every
Filipino deserves to
move up to and enjoy our
postpaid services, said
Smart Postpaid Business
Head Kathy C. Carag.
And true to its name,
Freedom does not lock-
in users with a long term
contract. That makes the
Freedom SIM the perfect
backup or second SIM
because they dont have
to use it even when they
dont need it. she added.
An electronic bill is
sent every month to via
email so subscribers can
keep track of their bill
every month. If thats not
enough, users can also
enroll their Freedom plan
on the my.Smart self-care
portal at Here, they can
avail of packages, pay
for their bills, and cash-in
rewards with the touch of
a button.
The best services
Just like the Smart All-In
Postpaid Plans, Freedom
has 15 service buckets
which users could avail
of. Choose from the likes
Trio Talk 150 which
offers 150 minutes of calls
to Smart, Sun, and Talk
N Text subscribers good
for 15 days for only P150,
and All Text 200 which
includes 2000 texts to all
networks and 150MB of
mobile surfng good Ior
30 days Ior only P200.
Heavy Internet users,
meanwhile can opt for the
UnliSurf package which,
for only P1,000, comes
with unlimited surfng
good for 30 days.
Whether for calling,
texting, or surfng the
web, Freedom gives its
users the ability to use
their plans the way they
see ft, said Carag.
ManilaStandardToday AUGUST 8, 2012 WEDNESDAY
We never learn
Standard Chartered
faces suspension over
transactions with Iran
HOUSES submerged in water, people huddled like
chicken on their rooftops, cramped evacuation centers;
rescue workers with rubber boats bravely paddling
amid the rampaging waters: these scenes could have
come straight from a disaster movie, except that they
were more real than reel. And to think there wasnt
even a typhoon since Gener has left the Philippine
area of responsibilityyet the devastation was so
reminiscent of Typhoon Ondoy, driving many people
almost to the point of panic.
Youd think our past experiences with devastating
oods would have been more than enough for people
to learn their lessonsyet squatters persist in treating
river banks and creeks as their private toilets and
garbage receptacles. And while it was impressive to
see disaster risk management and other government
ofcials holding a televised brieng session, it
doesnt remove the fact that oods have continued to
persisttyphoon or no typhoon.
No wonder Senator and UN Regional Champion
for Disaster Risk Reduction Loren Legarda could
only gnash her teeth in frustration. Was there de-
clogging of esteros? Was garbage in open dumps
collected? Were roads that needed repair done? Is
ood control implemented? Is there an updated La
Mesa dam protocol? she lamented.
While some may think the rains are nothing yet,
isolated from the chaos and the disaster, many more
are at their wits endnot wanting to leave their
homes due to fear of thieves and looters. Another
thing that could aggravate the problem are diseases
like leptospirosis that could spike up the number of
With ooding comes sickness, loss of livelihood
and chaos, the lady senator averred. While laws and
policies are already in place, the big question is when
these will be implementedor when people will start
following these laws. Unfortunately, Filipinos never
seem to learn.
Not business as usual
One good thing that came out of the disaster
is the way several establishments and companies
reacteddescribed by stranded Happy Hour friends
as not business as usual. Before 5 p.m. Monday,
many executives already decided to suspend work,
advising their workers to stay dry and safe.
Others, like Ayala Malls, announced that they are
staying open to be used as temporary shelters for
those who may be stranded. SM Malls also stepped
up to the plate, tweeting and issuing a statement that
the SM Malls are staying open as public service to
those who may need to purchase emergency and basic
items (such as batteries, ashlights, candles, bottled
water, noodles, etc.), and that individuals seeking or
in need of shelter may take refuge in the malls.
In his private message to President Noynoy Aquino,
Philipine Long Distance Telephone Co. chairman
Manny V. Pangilinan also shared the advisory he
sent to all his operating companies: Being a utility/
service or health care company, we cannot declare
no work in a time of calamity such as this, since the
public expects us to keep our services up. However,
in the interest of our employees safety, if employees
cannot come to work or need to secure their homes,
management will
be lenient in
treating any
Point well
appreciated, since
MVP companies
are critical
during times of
disastersuch as
electricity and
power, water, a
hospital and a TV
network. Indeed,
the actions of
MVP during
critical times
show his grit and
emit an aura of
concernike his
refusal to dwell on the losses that are being incurred
due to suspended operations of Philex Mining Corp.
in Padcal, Benguet, telling reporters he would rather
focus on rehabilitation rst, pledging that restitution
will be made for those who may be affected by the
tailings pond incident, which happened when water
and sediments accidentally spilled out due to the
incessant rain.
Go, going, gone
The past few days with drizzling rains must have
made Mr. Go crave for a hot bowl of Japanese noodles.
Last Saturday evening, Mr. Go went to Ukkokei
Ramen Ron in Pasay Roadarriving a couple of
minutes after 9:00 p.m., just as the noodle house was
closing. The customer wouldnt have minded being
turned away-except that the owner reportedly did
it in such a rude and arrogant manner, reminiscent of
the way small time noodle house owners behave, our
Happy Hour source commented.
Those familiar with the place aver that Ukkokei
(which some think means black chicken) indeed
serves a mean bowl of Tantanmen ramenbut the
rudeness displayed there is a big turn-off to potential
customers, they claimed. Apparently, there have been
a number of complaints about the establishmentand
if the owner doesnt watch it, his business may just
end up as Go, going, gone.

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and related concerns, readers may e-mail to
STANDARD Chartered Plc conducted $250 billion
of transactions with Iranian banks over seven years in
violation of federal money laundering laws, a New York
regulator said in an order warning that the rms US unit
may be suspended from doing business in the state.
Standard Chartered earned hundreds
of millions of dollars in fees for handling
transactions on behalf of Iranian institutions
that are subject to US economic sanctions,
New Yorks Department of Financial
Services said Monday. The London-based
bank, which generates almost 90 percent of
its prot and revenue in Asia, Africa and the
Middle East, was ordered by the regulator
to hire an independent, on-site monitor to
oversee operations in the state.
When the head of the banks US unit
warned his superiors in London in 2006
that Standard Chartereds actions could
expose it to catastrophic reputational
damage, he received a reply referring to
US employees with an obscenity, according
to the order.
Who are you to tell us, the rest of the
world, that were not going to deal with
Iranians? a bank superior in London said,
according to the New York regulatory order.
Standard Chartered fell as much as 14
percent in London trading and was down
13 percent at 1,273 pence as of 8:06 a.m.
Tuesday, heading for the biggest decline in
almost four years. The shares had risen 11
percent this year before Monday, making it
the third-best performing British bank stock
after Lloyds Banking Group Plc and HSBC
Holdings Plc.
The bank said in a statement that 99.9
percent of its transactions with Iran complied
with US Treasury regulations, and that the
total value of transactions that werent in
compliance was less than $14 million.
The lender said it strongly rejects the
position and portrayal of facts made by
the state regulator, run by Superintendent
Benjamin Lawsky.
Standard Chartered had previously
reported that it is conducting a review of
its historical compliance and is discussing
that review with US enforcement agencies,
the bank said in the statement, referring
to the Department of Financial Services,
the US Justice Department, US Treasury
Department, Federal Reserve Bank of New
York and New York District Attorney.
The lender said it waived its attorney-
client and work product privileges to ensure
that all the US agencies would receive all
relevant information.
The loss of its banking license in New
York would have a big impact on Standard
Chartereds ability to process dollar
payments, said Royal Bank of Canada
analysts Patrick Lee in London, who has an
outperform rating on the stock. Bloomberg
These are very serious penalties, Lee
said in a report to clients today. Standard
Chartereds US headquarters are in New
York, so a revocation of its license would have
potentially major implications on its ability
to conduct business in the US. Similarly, its
US dollar clearing operations, the seventh-
largest in the world, according to Standard
Chartered, would potentially impact its core
business trade nance business model.
The accusations against Standard
Chartered are the latest in a series of alleged
regulatory transgressions by the New York
ofces of British banks.
In August 2010, Barclays Plc agreed to pay
$298 million to settle claims it violated trade
laws by facilitating transactions involving
banks from countries under US sanctions,
including Cuba, Iran, Libya and Sudan.
In 2009, a unit of London-based Lloyds
accused of allowing Iran illegal access
to the US nancial system agreed to pay
$350 million to settle an investigation
by Manhattan District Attorney Robert
HSBC, also based on London, last month
made a $700 million provision for US nes
after a Senate committee found the bank
gave terrorists, drug cartels and criminals
access to the US nancial system. That sum
may increase, according to Chief Executive
Ofcer Stuart Gulliver.
Senate investigators said HSBC concealed
transactions that bypassed US sanctions
against Iran.
Robinsons Malls advocacy. Robinsons Land Corp. general manager for commercial
centers division Arlene Magtibay (left) hands over donations to World Vision executive
director Elnora Bailen-Avarientos. Robinsons Malls turned over donations gathered from
the nationwide promo Your Pocket Change Can Change Their Lives, where mall shoppers
donated P10 for every Robinsons Malls eco bag redeemed. The amount will be used to send
100 children to school from Cavite, Leyte, Palawan, Negros Occidental, Cebu and Urban
Development Program in Manila.
Asian stock markets climb
BANGKOKAsian stock markets were
moderately higher Tuesday, continuing to
get a boost from an unexpected improvement
in US hiring that added to signs the global
economy might be emerging from its
Sentiment was also underpinned by
expectations that the European Central Bank
will support struggling countries such as Spain
and Italy by buying their sovereign bonds.
Japans Nikkei 225 index rose 0.7 percent
to 8,788.18 and Hong Kongs Hang Seng
added 0.3 percent to 20,056.09.
Australias S&P/ASX 200 gained 0.5
percent to 4,292.80. South Koreas Kospi
rose marginally to 1,887.66. Benchmarks in
Singapore, Taiwan and New Zealand also
rose. Mainland Chinese stocks were mixed.
Hopes that Chinas central bank was
preparing to announce steps to spur growth
in the worlds No. 2 economy also helped
boost condence in stocks, analysts said. A
weekend statement by the Peoples Bank of
China was interpreted as a sign that more
monetary easing was in store.
Sentiment is turning more positive
right now. Market turnover is increasing
gradually. Money is coming back to the
market, said Linus Yip, strategist at First
Shanghai Securities in Hong Kong.
For instance, last weeks daily average
turnover in Hong Kong was 46.3 billion
Hong Kong dollars ($5.97 billion), while
Mondays gure stood at HK$47 billion.
Julys daily average was $HK43.3 billion.
You can see volume is gradually increasing,
which means sentiment is turning more
positive, Yip said.
Markets fell the rst four days of last week
after investors were disappointed by the
lack of specic action from central banks in
Europe and the US to support the economy.
The Dow Jones industrial average lost 197
points from Monday through Thursday.
The Dow soared 217 points on Friday,
however, following a stronger-than-expected
jobs report. The US economy generated
163,000 jobs last month, the fastest pace
since February and far more than economists
were expecting. The upturn was seen as a
sign that the US may be resilient enough
to pull out of a midyear slump and grow
Among individual stocks, Japanese steel
companies JFE Holdings and Nippon Steel
Corp. gained 4 percent and 3.9 percent
respectively. Shipping company Mitsui
O.S.K. Lines Ltd. added 2.3 percent.
Australias resources sector posted solid
gains. Mining giant Rio Tinto Ltd. rose
1.2 percent. Energy Resources of Australia
Ltd. added 1.1 percent. Mining equipment
maker Bradken Ltd. soared 8.1 percent after
announcing a 49 percent rise in prots due to
its exposure to booming resource sectors.
The Dow rose 0.2 percent to close at
13,117.51 on Monday. The Standard &
Poors 500 rose 0.2 percent to 1,394.23. The
Nasdaq composite index rose 22.01, or 0.7
percent, to 2,989.91. AP
Manila Standard TODAY
Edited by Leo A. Estonilo
Bicol shows 2.6% growth in 2011
THE Kadayawan
Festival in Davao City
got its name from
madayaw, a local
greeting which means
valuable, superior,
beautiful, good, or
proftable. This year,
amidst celebrations,
Smart gives Davaoenos
one more beautiful
thing to be happy
about as they go global
using the country`s frst
next-generation LTE
(Long Term Evolution)
We are bringing
Kadayawan to the
world, said Smart
Broadband Internet
and Data Services Head
Lloyd Manaloto. 'We
have set up several
booths around the city
where festival-goers can
share their Kadayawan
experiences to family
and friends worldwide
using Smart LTE. '
Known around the
world as the most
superior wireless
connection technology
in existence, LTE is a
perIect ft to the Iast-
paced Kadayawan
Iestival. With speeds
of up to 42Mbps, locals
and tourists alike could
upload their photos
and videos online in
We have kiosks and
booths, laptops and
tablets, USB dongles
and WiFi hotspots--
whatever you need,
theres a connection
option waiting for
you, said Manaloto.
Our versatile network
allows us to deploy
the latest services
which Filipinos could
rely on wherever and
whenever they are
needed, he added.
Manaloto refers to
the P67.1 billion mobile
network upgrade which
Smart, together with
parent company PLDT,
has completed last
month. With more than
9,500 base stations
nationwide now ready
to offer the latest 3G
and 4G technologies,
and the introduction
of portable equipment
such as the Mobile
Element On Wheels
(MEOW), Davao will
play a pivotal role in
leading Mindanao into
the Iuture oI mobility.
Earlier this month,
Davao also welcomed
another innovation as
the city launched its
frst mobile application
just in time for the
Kadayawan Iestival.
Simply called
Davao Life the app
features information
about Davao City
from attractions, to
restaurants, to places of
interest around the city.
The Smart-sponsored
app is available for free
download at the Google
Play online store
(ht t ps: / / pl ay. googl e.
com) and is compatible
with all Android-
powered devices.
"We already
completed network
modernization upgrade
of our base stations here
in Davao so the timing is
just right, said Rolando
G Pea, head of PLDT-
Smart network in IP
systems. 'This app is a
good example of how
mobile technologies can
be maximized by local
governments for their
projects," he added.
In late July, Smart
held the frst Tech
Fest at the University
of Southeastern
Philippines (USEP),
Smarts partner school
under the Smart
Wireless Engineering
Education Program
During the week-
long event Smart, held
the HTML5 DevDay
Davao, the frst HTML5
hackathon in Mindanao,
which brought together
the countrys top
HTML5 enthusiasts and
The festivities
ended with a one-
day bootcamp from
IdeaSpace Foundation
Inc. where aspiring
technopreneurs honed
their skills as they
pitched their ideas to
Smart powers
Kadayawan with LTE
Three dams stabilize Luzon grid
By Dexter A. See

BOKODThe 545-megawatt
combined output of Ambuklao,
Binga and Magat dams have helped
to stabilize the supply of the Luzon
grid which enabled the National Grid
Corporation of the Philippines to call
off its yellow alert, said an ofcial of
SN Aboitiz Power Benguet.
Emmanuel Rubio, SNAP B
president and chief executive
officer, said the refurbished
Ambuklao power plant is
rated for 105 megawatts, or
30 MW more than its previous
production while Binga has
only contributed 80 MW while
undergoing rehabilitation to
produce 125 MW.
While the yield of the two
hydroelectric facilities less than
the 185 MW produced by other
big power plants, any addition
to the supply would help stem
an outage.
Bingas rehabilitation is
right on track and we hope
we could maximize its power
production potentials by late
next year in order to help further
stabilize the grid considering
that the demand grows higher
every day, Rubio told Manila
Standard, adding that SNAPs
Magat plant at the border of
Ifugao and Isabela dispatches
around 360 MW to the grid
during the rainy season.
According to him, while the
production of plants fueled by
non-renewable sources is bigger,
surges in demand during peak
hours can cause a shortfall.
When one of our diesel or
coal-fired power plants suddenly
bogs down, the hydro plants are
the ones that fill the deficiency,
Rubio said.
When Malampaya plant sut
down last July, consumers
immediately found a higher rate
in their Meralco bills.
SNAP B won the bid in 2007
to purchase the Ambuclao and
Binga power plants from the
National Power Corp. for $325
Cagayan tops
regional police
ofce search
By Jessica M. Bacud
Rodrigo Purisima de Gracia
commended his ofcers
and members for making
Regional Ofce 2 based
in Tuguegarao City, the
champion in the search for
the best Police Regional
I am profoundly thankful
to our Police Regional
Ofce for it is through the
consolidated efforts of every
single personnel that brought
us to this coveted pedestal,
he said. We were named the
best not solely because of
the work of PRO2 leadership
but because of ordinary men
performing extraordinary
Sixteen competed for top
position with PRO2 obtaining
the highest score in the latest
Annual General Inspection-
Operational Readiness
Security Inspection Test
and Evaluation held
by the National Police
In Tacloban City, Chief
Supt. Arnold Revilla,
Region 8 director, turned
over command to Chief
Supt. Elmer Soria in
rites ofciated by Chief
Supt. Jaime Calungsod of
Integrated Police Operation
for Visayas.
Soria praised his
predecessors achievements
in ghting illegal logging,
gambling, mining and
dangerous drugs since 2010.
In 2008, he served as the
PRO-8 Comptroller and as
deputy regional director
for administration in the
Cordillera Administrative
Last year, President
Benigno Aquino III promoted
Soria along with other
ofcials to include Chief
Supt. Vicente Loot, present
regional deputy director for
With Ben M. Veridiano
By Florencio P. Narito
DARAGAThe Bicol regional economy
grew by 2.6 percent in 2011, one-half of its
economic performance in 2010, the National
Statistical Coordination Board Regional
Ofce 5 said.
Engr. Gil Arce, NSCB regional head, and
his counterpart lawyer Romeo Escandor
of National Economic and Development
Authority discussed the growth points in a
recent forum at Alvis Restaurant.
Arce said that like the National Economy
which posted an annual growth rate of only
3.9 percent in 2011 from a 7.6 percent in
2010, the Gross Regional Domestic Product
Bicol dipped from 5.2 percent in 2010 to 2.6
percent in 2011.
The service sector, the biggest contributor
to the regions output at 55.5 percent, grew at
a slightly faster rate of 3.9 percent from 3.7
percent the previous year, he said.
The industry sector accounted for 18.9
percent of the regions economy in 2011 or a
0.1 percent drop from 19 percent in 2010.
Agriculture, hunting, forestry and shing
contributed 25.6 percent to the regional
economy in 2011 or a decrease of 0.5 percent
from 26.1 percent in 2010.
Among the regions, Bicol ranks 11th
from the top and 8th from below in economic
performance, Arce said.
Escandor said Bicol can still achieve an
annual growth rate of 5 percent to 6 percent
as long as the total economy grow bigger.
We have high hopes in the service sector
like tourism, call centers or the Business
Process Outsourcing, he said.
He admitted that, although Bicol is
basically an agricultural region, the region
has not beneted much from farming for lack
of credit or extension services like fertilizer
and post-harvest facilities.
To attract investors to come to Bicol,
Escandor said the following policy
environment must be present: government or
the private sector should put up the needed
infrastructure, low cost power, reduce
corruption, good governance by making
transactions more efcient and transparent,
and improve peace and order.
Asked about the governments policy on the
conversion of agricultural lands into housing,
commercial or industrial projects, Escandor
said: We in the Regional Development
Council are encouraging LGUs to prepare
Comprehensive Land Use Plans.
He said a zoning measure is needed to keep
farms intact to boost food production.
We cant rationalize land use policy in
the Philippines if theres no land use act,
Escandor said.
Well-received. Lawyer Amado Vallejo, assisted by wife Nieves, takes his oath as Board
Member of the 4th district of Isabela before Governor Faustino Dy III witnessed by Vice
Governor Rodito Albano III (right, blue striped shirt), Rep. Giorgidi Aggabao (in maroon polo),
Mayor Wilfredo Tabag (partly covered behind Vallejo), SB Arthur Vallejo, lawyer Jenny May
Vallejo, Jones Mayor Florante Raspado, San Agustin Mayor Virgilio Padilla, Jones Vice Mayor
Leticia Sebastian (oral print)and local ofcials. Vallejo, former three-term Cordon mayor,
replaced Board Member Leoncio Kiat who passed away last year. JESSICA M. BACUD
Supply link intact. It is business as usual amid hostile weather for haulers transporting upland vegetables along Halsema Highway, the main
trading route in the Cordillera region. DAVID CHAN

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