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Project ((.

mOv)) Videoarte en mOvimiento 2012
((.mOv)) Videoarte en mOvimiento is an international itinerant videoart sample that will be realized in Lima for the second time taking as a topic axis "Memory". Date: Second week of November General Objective:

General objective: To spread the videoart across an itinerant projection of diverse national and international proposals

Specific objectives: Create a network of centers / alternative spaces for the dissemination of videoart in Lima Encourage the production of videoart in society as an artistic and communicational tool to bring to collision the importance of memory (personal, historical, social, etc.). As transcendental element for the change.

Beneficiaries: Local and international artists. Public in general

Why videoart? We livein times of creation, expression and experimentation. In times in which, across different formats, the human being seeks to communicate and relate. Where the technology forms a part of our daily life and brings us closer to more people. Times for reflection and autorecognition. It is here where videoart responds to the demand of experimental creation that ascends in the soul of the artist called. It is the art of not convencional or schematic, which seeks to create new languages and codes, which is in constant mutation, , manipulating space and time, linking diverse cultural and artistic expressions. It’s an art of simulation, of representation, of the real and unreal. The videoart with its diversity and hybridity conglomerate all the arts, from painting, sculpture, photography, theater, design, poetry, etc. It reflects through images, the feeling of the artist and simultaneously it connects with the sensory projections of who sees it, hears and feels. Einfühlung "To be thought inside (of the other), to be daydreamed inside (of the other)

Why memory? We are products of events, situations, experiences and circumstances that shape us in thinking, acting and feeling. It is the basis of our memories that we mark our present, we are what we were and we will be the product of what we are, our now is a result of our past. The exercise of making use of our memory helps us remember everything that we want to be repeated or not.

Why show these memories in ((. mOv))? Because it is on the basis of these individual memories that we create collectivity, a memory that agglomerates the individualities and take them into consideration. Each of the videoart in ((. Mov)), are representations of individualities and at the moment of being part of the sample they will be part of a whole. What will say to us that whole? What collective memory will go out of this experiment? Why in Lima? Our starting point is Lima. In Lima abound an artistic offer rich in cultural diversity but is not shown, Lima have thirst of hunger and seeks to be satisfied. This is just an excuse to meet with different expressions, it is only the beginning of this journey. Background of ((. Mov)) ((. Mov)) Videoarte en movimiento realized for the first time in May 2011 with the thematic Body and Women. The show brought together national and international artists in various cultural centers in the capital: ”El Galpón”, 2Casa Ida”, “Cholas Bravas” y “Centro Cultural España”. The selection consisted of about 20 videos with the participation of: Maya Watanabe (Peru) Aphanausia, Angie Bonino (Peru) with Fama, Cris Bierrenbach (Brazil) with "Identities", Ximena Pereyra (Argentina) "The need to obsess", Annalisa Furnari (Italy) with M_other, Poppy (Peru) with RE: and others. Currently the sample has been exhibited at the International VideoArt Festival in Camagüey Cuba.

CONTACT: Curators and organizers: Nadia Morilllo 997230648 Maria Gracia Cordova 993889544

"We are our memories, are this chimerical museum of forms, that heap of broken mirrors" Jorge Luis Borges