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. TAFSIR BY AMINA ELAHI VERSES 21-30 This is the responsibility that rests upon all of us; to convey the message and after that the ball is in their court; if they obey Allah they will be rewarded and if they turn away they will be punished for that. Indeed those who disbelieve in the signs of Allah and kill the prophets without right and kill those men who order justice then announce to them a painful torment. The Prophet pbuh was once asked by companions who will have the most severe torment? And he replied One who kills a prophet and then one who kills someone who is teaching people that which is right. And if we think about the killings of the scholars that have taken place in our countries then we should read this ayah. They are those whose works will be lost in this world and in the hereafter and they will have no helpers. Have you not seen those who have been given a portion of the scripture; they are being invited to the book of Allah to settle their dispute, then a party of them turn away and they are averse.

Every time someone tells us that this is what is in the Quran for example that riba is haram, what is our response, will we try and implement it, will we pray for halal rizq or will we just shrug our shoulders and say oh we cant do anything about it. Look at the words Allah says when those Jews who were invited to the book of Allah. It is not just an ordinary legal book or a book of laws or commandments. Kitab-illah we should feel its sanctity. And then they turn away and they are still averse. Now what gives people the strength to disobey Allah, the guts to disobey Allah. This is because they say the fire shall not touch us but for a number of days and that which they used to invent regarding their religion has deceived them. Muslims today also say the Prophet pbuh will have us forgiven, so what if we will be thrown in the fire for a few days, thats all isnt it? We cant even bear being burnt for even one second, how then could any human being bear being burnt for years upon years. And that which they used to invent regarding their religion has deceived them. How will it be when we gather them together on the day about which there is no doubt. They are making these glib statements in the world. Have they ever thought about the Day of Judgment? Each person will be paid in full for what he has earned. We wont be rewarded for our ancestors deeds or our friends deeds. Each man for himself that day. And they will not be wronged. This again was one of the duas that the Prophet pbuh used to frequently read

Qul allahumma malik-al-mulki tu-te almulka man tashao wa tanziu almulka mimman tashao wa tu izzu man tashao wa tu thillu man tashao biyadik-al-khair inna ka ala kulli shayin qadeer" Say, "O Allah , Owner of Sovereignty, You give sovereignty to whom You will and You take sovereignty away from whom You will. You honor whom You will and You humble whom You will. In Your hand is [all] good. Indeed, You are over all things competent (Surah al-Imran, ayat 26) Say O Muhammad pbuh (and the address is to all of us) O Allah possessor of the Kingdom, you give the Kingdom to whom you will and you take the kingdom from whom you will and you honour whom you will and you humiliate whom you will. Victory and defeat, power and humiliation are all in Allahs hands. If someone is powerful today he should not pride himself on that or let that lead him into arrogance. Indeed you are able to do all things. You make the night enter into the day and you make the day enter into the night. You bring the living out of the dead and you bring the dead out of the living. A mumin can give birth to a kaafir and Ibrahim ASs father was a kaafir yet he gave birth to Ibrahim AS who become the friend of Allah so this is in Allahs hands, just as night follows day in the same way someones fortune can rise or fall; nobody can say if I am wealthy today I will be wealthy forever. But we see examples of that all around us. You give rizq to whom you will without limit. So when rizq is in Allahs hands who is it that we should be obeying, our own nafs, the people around us who are trying to mislead us? Allah goes on to say let not the believers take the disbelievers as helpers instead of the believers. Now we need to understand that Muslims are allowed to interact socially with the non Muslims, we are allowed to have business dealings with them, we are allowed to have pacts and alliances with them. What is being forbidden here? Intimate friendship. Now does that seem harsh or intolerant that Islam is so biased that you cant even be best friends with a non Muslim? If you think about it, Allah is clarifying our notions of loyalty. If you hear someone has been cursing your parents or someone has been abusing your parents or you know that he derided your parents, would you even want to look at such a person let alone sit with them or become their confidante. So its a question of loyalty. If our loyalty belongs to Allah then we will not be best friends with someone that is denying Allah or any aspect of Allahs commands. And whoever does that will never be helped by Allah in any way. Obviously if he is running after the kuffar Allah will say then get your reward from them. Except if you fear a danger from them. In other words politically we are allowed to have alliances with them. And Allah warns you against himself. And to Allah is the final return. Allah says dont just assume Allah is ghafoor ur-rahim, I can go on sinning as much as I like. And tell them whether you hide what is in your hearts or reveal it, Allah knows it. If in your heart of hearts youre still feeling resentful and thinking no no, well im not going to accept that and nobody knows, Allah knows it well. And he knows what is in the heavens and what is in the Earth, and Allah is able to do all things. Again and again this ayah is being repeated. On the day when every person will be confronted will all the good he has done and all the evil he has done, so lets just close our eyes and think about all the good deeds we have done, can we even

remember the evil deeds we have done? There are so many. We tell a lie and we forget about it the next minute, but on that day we cannot run away from them. We tell a lie and its something intangible, no-one even knew about it maybe. On that day it will come before us in a tangible form. We find in Islam mans spiritual state in the world will be translated into his physical state in the hereafter. Thus we find that if a man had two wives, we learn from a hadith that he was cruel to one of them, he neglected one of them and paid attention only to the other, on the Day of Judgment he will come with half a body. We find that on the Day of Judgment there will be people who will be crawling over pul-siraat, the bridge we all have to cross that leads to jannah. There will be people who will be racing across pul siraat. Who will race across pul siraat? Those who race towards obeying Allah. Who will crawl over pul siraat? Those who were Alright, ill obey Allah, ill just get up and pray, who were reluctant about obeying Allah. On the day when every person will be confronted with all the good he has done and all the evil he has done like a student when he gets his report and there is an F mark against certain subjects, what does he wish he could do with that report? He will wish that there were a great distance between him and his evil. Obviously he will be ashamed of it. And he knows he is going to be punished for it. And the whole world will be watching that day. And Allah warns you against himself. And Allah is full of kindness to his slaves. This is not Allah swts sadism anaoodhobillah that He is telling us this. This is Allahs mercy that He is warning us right now while we can do something for ourselves.