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Inclusive business projects supported by the Business Innovation Facility

Projects contracted and underway as of April 2012


Company (or brand) supported
Jita Rahimafrooz (Agora Stores) ERAS Shiblee Hatchery and Farms Ltd MCX (Gramin Suvidha Kendra)

Sector of company
Retail, manufacturing & consumer goods Agriculture & Food Agriculture & Food Agriculture & Food Agriculture & Food

Inclusive business focus
Sale of branded gods in rural areas through network of women distributors Supermarket produce supply chains Soil testing services for smallholder farmers Cage culture fisheries contract farming Information for farmers Personalised information services for farmers on a mobile platform Portable sanitation and waste management Smallholder nut production and local processing for international and national markets Linking smallholder women producers to distributors and retailers Micro-hydro; hydroelectric power Smallholder sourcing and fruit processing for pulp products Sourcing local cassava for production of high quality cassava flour Provision of affordable and accessible LPG clean stoves Locally sourced fruit and vegetables processed for the domestic market Integrating local carpenters into the furniture value chain Provision of internet connectivity and education resources in schools Integrating farmers and SMEs into supply chains Local sourcing of traditional vegetables Franchise-based low cost healthcare services



Tata Consultancy Services Agriculture & Food (mKRISHI) Saraplast (3S Shramik) Afrinut Microventures
Water sanitation & waste management Agriculture & Food Agriculture & Food Energy & Infrastructure Agriculture & Food Agriculture & Food Energy & Infrastructure Agriculture & Food Retail, manufacturing & consumer goods Education Agriculture & Food Agriculture & Food Health


MEGA Malawi Mangoes Universal Biscuits Oando


AACE Foods Furniture Village iSchool TATA Tannery

Zambia Sylva Foods Health Store Foundation

This list gets updated periodically. The latest version and summaries for all contracted projects are available on the Practitioner Hub: See ‘current projects’

. manufacturing & consumer goods Energy & Infrastructure Zambia Agriculture & Food Agriculture & Food Water. Nigeria and Zambia. sanitation & waste Malawi Energy & Infrastructure Agriculture & Food Nigeria Agriculture & Food Further information will be posted and this list updated once projects are underway The facility supports inclusive business projects in five countries: Bangladesh. Malawi. not finance. We provide technical advice and support. sanitation & waste India Water. The list above refers to projects recommended by our independent Selection Committee for support on a cost-sharing basis (BIF and the company contribute) and does not include smaller scale engagement with companies.Projects selected for support Country Sector Agriculture Inclusive business focus Sustainable contract farming based on profit distribution for landless farmers Inclusive supply chain for meat processing Street food franchise engaging the homeless as distributors Engaging small scale farmers in the biofuels value chain Climate resilience and sustainability of local produce sourcing programme Distribution model for smallholder agri inputs Low cost water purifiers for low income households Water management business model development Technology Solution for Verified Emission Reduction Tracking Smallholder Farmer Finance Scheme Inclusive supply chain for sorghum Bangladesh Agriculture & Food Retail. India.