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*Blue-White Light*

Q: I've had some real funny pains in my teeth... B: Are you laughing? Q: Well, no, but I was kind of excited. B: All right. Q: I don't have very many weird things happening. I wonder if you had any insight on it. B: Well, maybe you created it so that you /would/ have some weird things happen to you, so you could be excited about it. Q: I know, but I'm a little worried too. B: Ohhh... Ohhh. (In a mock sympathy tone) Q: It's getting kind of serious. B: In what way do you think your belief system will allow you to transform the idea? Q: Uh, well, whatever happens to me is all right, so I could just ... B: All right. But that does not mean you do not have choice of preference. Q: Right. But I... B: What is it doing for you? What are you learning? Q: Well, that there are things outside of the ordinary that I can connect with myself... B: All right. Q: ... that usually don't happen. B: Do you find that when you explore some of those things, that now and then you might feel you have bitten off more than you can chew? Or are you comfortable with the amounts that you take? Q: Um, sometimes my ideas, I think, are greater than I can handle. B: How can they be? If you are able to conceive of them, how can they be bigger than the one that has created them? Q: Well, it's more like I don't want to let go... B: Let go of what? Q: Well, my other ideas.

B: Let them go? Q: Yeah. B: Where will they go? There is nowhere for them to go to. They will always be there if you want them again. Q: Yeah, that's true. B: You are free to explore anything, and always, every other idea will be just as equally within your reach. There is nowhere for anything to go. If you explore one idea and find it is not to your preference, then you will choose another one that is. Q: Right. B: Do you like blue light? Q: Yes. Well, blue the color; I don't know about blue light. B: Blue, the color. Q: I don't like... B: How do you perceive blue the color, if not by light? Q: Well, the color of the sky. B: Is that not lit up? Q: Well, yeah. But I mean there's red lights, and I don't like them. B: I did not ask you about red. Q: I like white light, and I like the color blue. B: I see. Will you shine some blue light on your teeth? Q: Okay. B: You will? Q: Yes. B: Why, because I said so? Why are you going to do it because I said so? Q: Well, because I figure you said that, thinking maybe it would change something that I could live comfortably with. B: Oh! Is that why I said it? Q: I just imagined that, yes. B: Oh, you imagined that's why I said it. Oh, thank you. Then you are vibrating in resonance with your own reality. Q: Yeah. B: Allow your imagination to alter that suggestion of mine in any way, shape or form it so desires. All right?

Q: Yes. B: Have a good time. Q: Thank you. Would you clarify something? You have referred to the use of crystalline blue-white light. And you used it as a suggestion in the imagination. What exactly did you mean by that - the light itself, which you don't see necessarily... B: That particular vibration that you call blue-white is very closely associated in your mass consciousness to the electromagnetic field that represents the balance of your system. Therefore, to infuse your entire system - whether in your imagination of non-physical reality or in your imagination of physical reality - with blue-white light or blue vibrational light, will be a representation, generally speaking, in your mass consciousness, of the re-balancing of the electromagnetic field that you are. And therefore, a realigning of all the original zero-point blueprint definition patterns that you created yourself to be. Q: Okay. I understand that. It's more a functional question that I have here, though. When I look at an object in physical reality, the object appears to have color. It might be white or it might be blue. Blue-white might be more of a faded blue. Or it might be both colors intermixed on the same object. But I feel like I don't actually see the light, although my eyes do receive the light and transmit the light into a perception of physical objects. B: We understand. Q: But I don't see the light going across the space - only when it enters the eye. And therefore... however, there are ideas of lasers wherein you can apparently see the light. But what it's actually doing is illuminating some floating substance in the air... B: Yes. Q: ... smoke or whatever. B: Yes. Q: So when you say, imagine a blue-white light, are you referring to some kind of imagined object which has that color or... B: Any way your imagination wishes to perceive it. We are simply giving you a very general concept and allowing you to alter it to whatever form you are comfortable with. It can be an object; it can be a crystal; it can be light itself; it can be a laser beam; it can be an animal that is blue. It does not matter. Whatever you relate to when you think of that idea, as we have suggested it to you, is the way your imagination needs to translate it. Q: So one of the ways would be, for instance, that you say, "imagine bluewhite light infusing your body," and you could literally imagine yourself looking at your body, and your body creating, as a source of light, bluewhite light. B: Yes. Q: Now, my next question: how can you have blue and white light at the

same time? B: You can have the variation of the different overlapping vibrations in that sense. We are simply using a reference point to allow you to make connections that will be made - whether it makes any analytical sense or not. Q: I understand that. I was... I just... I created for myself the idea of difficulty in imagining exactly how to use this tool you had suggested. B: All right. But you can have blue-white light in the same way that you can have the idea of orange light, recognizing it to be the vibrations of red and yellow combined. Q: Okay. That I understand. Thank you. B: Thank you. Q2: I would like to thank you for, once again, calling to our attention the fact that, indeed, our imagination is the perfect tool. And I have been noticing, in contacting different portions of my life this time, and probably in parallel times as well, that indeed that is what I have done, over and over again, and it worked beautifully. But I didn't happen to notice it. So I want to thank you for reflecting that. B: We thank you, and we remind you once again that it is not only the perfect tool, it is what you are. Q: Yes. B: We again, We bid loving extend our unconditional love and appreciation to you all, once for the sharing that continues forever, the interaction that we are. you exciting dream lives and life dreams; we bid you a fond and good evening.

AUD: Good evening, Good evening.