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Summer Internship Project Report

To study the market (Educational, Banking, Tourism) for prerecorded Media(CDs,DVDs,USBs) manufactured by Moserbaer.

Submitted by Amneet Pal Singh Bali A0102211222 MBA-M&S Class of 2013 Under the supervision of Mr.R.BAGLA In partial fulfillment of the requirements for the Degree of Masters of Business Administration – Marketing and Sales At Amity Business School Amity University, U.P Sector 125, Noida-201303, Uttar Pradesh, India 2012

Title Of the Project “To study the market (Educational, Banking, Tourism) for pre-recorded Media(CDs, DVDs, USBs) manufactured by Moserbaer”. I Declare a) That the work presented for assessment in this Summer Internship Report is my own, that it has not previously been presented for another assessment and that my debts (for words, data, arguments and ideas) have been appropriately acknowledged (b)That the work conforms to the guidelines for presentation and style set out in the relevant documentation.

Date- …………….. A0102211222

Amneet pal singh bali

MBA- M&S Class of 2013

DVDs.BAGLAhereby certify that Ammeet Pal Singh Balistudent of Masters of Business Administration – M&S at Amity Business School. Amity University Uttar Pradesh has completed the Project Report on ―Project Title: To study the market (Educational. RAMESH BAGLA Senior Professor Amity University .USBs) manufactured by Moserbaer.CERTIFICATE I Mr. Banking. Tourism) for pre-recorded Media(CDs.R.

Amneet Pal Singh Bali A0102211141 . Under his brilliant guidance I could complete the project being undertaken on the “Consumer Behavior of real estate in Delhi/NCR along with assessing brand awareness of BOP” successfully on time.ACKNOWLEDGEMENT I express my sincerest gratitude and thanks to Mr. I would like to thank the support of all the people who gave me opportunity to learn and gain knowledge about the various aspects of industry.IQBAL SINGH for whose kindness I had the precious opportunity of attaining training at “MOSERBAER INDIA LTD”. Thanks and appreciation to Mr. I would like to thanks Mr R BAGLA (Faculty Guide) for her devoted encouragement and valuable suggestions without which this project would not been successfully completed.Srijith S for his support and guidance. His great attention and suggestions have helped me in making project.

cost leadership and "can do" attitude to become a global market leader in every business. digital video discs (DVDs). It has over 6. the company has transformed itself from a single business into a multi-technology organisation. and software. Recently. DVD-Audio. Moser Baer has the distinction of being preferred supplier to all top global OEM brands.The newly developed DVD-Audio with super big disc capacity and unprecedented high audio quality and multi-channel music signals coupled with interactive menus rich in content.Primary products include DVD-Video. Moser Baer's products are manufactured at its three state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities. Educational Industries. headquartered in New Delhi. Vision "Touching every life across the globe through high technology products and services" Mission We will drive growth through our excellence in mass manufacturing. Products include prerecorded audio compact discs (CDs). audio and video cassettes. and has strong tie-ups with all major global technology players. film. serviced through six marketing offices in India. DVD-ROM and Blu-ray Disc while CDs are secondary products.Companies in this industry manufacture and distribute mass quantities of audio and video material on magnetic or optical media. brings more realistic and live music concert atmosphere to music lovers. Moser Baer has a presence in over 82 countries. is one of India's leading technology companies. Home Entertainment and IT Peripherals & Consumer Electronics.000 full-time employees and multiple manufacturing facilities in the suburbs of New Delhi. Moser Baer. Established in 1983. Moser Baer successfully developed cutting edge technologies to become the world's second largest manufacturer of Optical Storage media like CDs and DVDs. Moser Baer India Ltd. These discs are produced for the music. Europe and Japan. diversifying into exciting areas of Solar Energy. and compact disc read-only memory (CDROMs). The company also emerged as the first to market the next-generation of storage formats like Blu-ray Discs and HD DVD. We will leverage our relationships. . Moser Baer stands committed to supplying highest quality fully licensed media to its customers. the US. distribution. We will move up the value chain through rapid development of technology. products and services.

.Among the top two media manufacturers in the world. In-house developed and patented technology has been considered as one of the four standard media to be included in the Blu-ray Disk Association The first storage media company in the world to ship HD DVDs using a special disc structure using common materials. Foray into the fast growing Home Entertainment Business in 2006. Entered the highly exciting and emerging global technology space of photovoltaic in mid2005. Lowest-cost manufacturer of optical media in the world Highly R&D-focused company OEM supplier to all the 12 leading storage media brands in the world.

In the process. Moser Baer Solar Limited erstwhile PV Technologies India Limited is a subsidiary of MBIL and were launched between 2005 and 2007 with the primary objective of providing reliable solar power as a competitive non-subsidized source of energy. Moser Baer made its foray into the burgeoning domestic optical storage market with the launch of the `Moser Baer label in 2003. Telugu. Marathi. Gujarati. English.DIVISIONS Storage Media Moser Baer India. In the Indian market. Kannada. Our strategy is to straddle multiple technology platforms and to drive scale to be able to drive down the costs of the technology and make it more affordable to consumers globally. Moser Baer Entertainment has a large collection of titles in all the popular languages and has already released close to 6. is a preferred OEM for all 12 of the world's optical media manufacturers and commands a 16% development. In a market estimated at US$ 350 million in 2005-06 . We have leveraged our core competencies in high volume manufacturing of optical media products to create a world class photovoltaic manufacturing facility. Moser Baer is one of India‟s leading technology companies.Moser Baer is already the leader with a share of over 40%. It currently offers home video titles in Hindi.000 of them in the market. Entertainment The company is the first to offer home videos in every popular language of India and it is today India's largest Home Entertainment company. Tamil. Moser Baer India Limited (MBIL) has successfully developed cutting edge technologies to become the world‟s second largest manufacturer of optical storage media. The company has blazed a new trail by introducing technologically innovative and truly world-class product in the Indian market. Moser Baer's new range of Gold and Platinum CD-Rs have been developed keeping native conditions in mind in terms of enhanced durability and resistance to both environmental and human-induced hazards. SOLAR Established in 1983 in New Delhi. the second largest manufacturers of optical media in the world. it is among the very few Indian companies to have contributed to the establishment of new global technology standards. As a result of this single-minded drive and commitment. Malayalam. manufacture and supply of optical media across the globe. . Moser Baer's flagship company. Bengali and non-film categories. Moser Baer became the first storage media company in the world to ship HD DVDs. With a strong R&D thrust. the company has been able to lead the technology curve in the optical media business.

Banking.  To study the factors responsible for low market penetration of Moserbaers pre-recorded media. Purpose of the study  To study the size of institutional market comprising of Education.Headquarterd in Mumbai. DVD Players. In IT Peripherals the product range comprises of USB drives. . In the Consumer Electronics arena. Digital Photo Frames. IT Peripherals & Consumer Electronics Moser Baer has entered into IT Peripherals and Consumer Electronics. the company has come up with a product range with medium to hi-end positioning comprising of Ultra Advanced LCD TVs. Banking.  To study the market share of Moserbaer in Education. the company is establishing a strong presence across the country in all major metros as well as in smaller towns through an active and well-organized multi-tiered channel. TFT Monitors. This move will take advantage of the established Moser Baer production capability and a well developed distribution network. Portable DVD Players. Tourism sector for pre-recorded media. Memory Cards. Tourism sector for pre-recorded media. Media Players and Multimedia Speakers. UPS and External Hard Drives. PC Peripherals. DVD writers.

Tourism) for pre-recorded media(CDs. To make suitable recommendation for increasing the market share of Moserbaers pre-recorded media. USBs) manufactured by Moserbaer and suggest suitable changes to expand its market share. DVDs.Plus the company needs to know its potential customers who actually depend upon prerecorded media for their various activities. Banking. Tourism) for pre-recorded media(CDs. This understanding was kept in mind while designing the questionnaire and conducting the survey. As the topic of the research talks about „to study the market (Educational. Theoretical Framework Theoretical frame work of the research revolves around knowing the market (Educational. Banking. therefore consumer perception plays a major role to penetrate the product PEN in the Indian market. . DVDs. USBs) manufactured by Moserbaer .



The report consists of brief summary of the company.ASSESSING CONSUMER BUYING PREFERANCE OF REAL ESTATE IN DELHI/NCR ALONG WITH BRAND AWARENESS OF BOP ABSTARCT The research is about knowing the buying preferences of consumers of properties in Delhi/NCR by meeting property brokers as well as consumers and also assessing the brand awareness of company Better Option Prop mart Pvt Ltd. . Apart from assessing these it also includes some work of business development.

increased the demand for commercial and housing space especially rental housing. plots and structures on it can be classified as real estate. Noida and Gurgaon. commercial and industrial properties fall under real estate category. The real estate sector has gained great importance. With its huge potential growth it has emerged as major growing sector in recent time. sale and development of land. It is also referred to as realty. the report consists of the findings that Delhi and NCR is the major attraction for the real estate investors and has more scope to grow in terms of property market. All types of residential.South Delhi. The increase in business growth opportunities and migration of labor force has. The report consists of detailed view of tasks. . Besides this. The details of methodology used by me for the accomplishment of the project is stated as below:AREAS COVERED: . The input was first hand from property dealers and consumers as well.Structured and non disguised questionnaire SAMPLING METHOD: . in turn. which are undertaken to analysis the scenario of real estate market and buying behavior of consumers while purchasing a property. Real estate involves purchase. Land plus anything permanently fixed to it including buildings.Primary and secondary DATA COLLECTION METHOD: .The data collection method used is structured non disguised questionnaire in which the types of questions used are multiple choices and semantic differential scaling is also used in questions. sheds and other items attached to the structure can be called real estate. space.Convenience sampling CHAPTER 1: INTRODUCTION Introduction to the Industry All immovable properties including land. SOURCE OF INFORMATION: .

 In the Union Budget 2011-12. Some of these includes:-  Raising the limit on housing loans eligible for a 1 per cent subsidy in interest rates. . building materials etc are totally dependent on real estate industry.The real estate sector is also a major employment driver. built-up infrastructure and construction development projects through the automatic route. Mr. steel. All this is because of linkages that the sector has with other sectors of the economy. housing. especially focusing on affordable housing. Many ancillary industries such as cement. brick. This sector is flourishing rapidly and widely. making interest rates cheaper on them. Government Initiatives The introduction of many progressive reform measures by the government to unlock the potential of the sector and also to meet increasing demand level has provided a better exposure and also helped this sector to emerge as a fully fledged grown up player among all other sectors in the market. timber.Pranab Mukherjee. subject to guidelines as prescribed by DIPP Allowing 100 per cent FDI under the automatic route in development of Special Economic Zones (SEZ). Some of the major government initiatives include: Allowing 100 per cent FDI in townships.  Widening the scope for housing under "priority-sector lending" for banks. Union Finance Minister presented various initiatives for the real estate sector. especially with housing and construction sector. subject to the provisions of Special Economic Zones Act 2005 and the SEZ Policy of the Department of Commerce.

03 million for the urban infrastructure development project. The Urban Development Ministry received US$ 1. Allocating US$ 20.      . Brokers have a very strong stay in market and can influence the market greatly. Large number of approvals required to start construction process.5 billion. an increase of US$ 68. Construction activities are funded in major part by the client who is required to make cash advances at various point of time during the course of development and construction of a project. Some of the risks like economy risk. These projects may be promoted by different developers but are typically located in close proximity to each other with very difficult to differentiate. This is an extremely cumbersome process. As a result in normal times the developers chase customers and only in good times we find the reverse happening except for some exceptionally good projects. Industry Characteristics The Indian real estate industry has the following characteristics: Most of the development typically takes place around existing urban agglomerations or projects. hence marketing the project typically requires close coordination with the broker‟s community. price risk. customer preference and some degree of credit risk are also associated with this industry.53 million from the last fiscal 2010-11. Entry barriers are low and anyone having access to land can develop a project.

Real estate in Delhi/NCR Growth Story The real estate prices have peaked in Delhi and national capital looked cramped up for space. And by the time recession hit the world and spread its tentacles to India. Proximity to Residential Lesser cost Free space Better panned . Developers carries huge contingent liabilities on account various performance guaranties and construction contract. This also created demand for premium or luxury property in region. This is one of the main reasons that property buyers are increasingly turning towards the National capital region that includes places like Noida. Faridabad and others. the prices had already become exorbitant. Gurgaon. Greater Noida. The reasons people are flocking to buy properties in these places are:   colonies  township  Delhi If we see in the retrospect. then the prices started increasing ten years ago and the robust economy growth along with creation of upper-middle class in Delhi/NCR further pumped up prices.

The reason that real estate players in India and abroad cited through apex business chambers such as FICCI and CII was that Indian states have a complex taxation structure. which most future looking real estate companies do now.effective. Many buyers saw this as the opportunity and thus trend of affordable housing that almost become obsolete in the initial period of 2008. Those days of anarchy even saw all sales being routed from one-room outfits owned by real estate agents popularly known as property dealers. Now companies have understood that dealing with customers and building an image of customer care is important if not essential for the long term.May 2010. The global slowdown did contribute a great deal to a slowdown in real estate in India and particularly the NCR region but the industry did develop and mature a great deal with this adversity that it faced during that time. . and was revived once again. As the price of real estate inventory in India is worked backwards and not from cost of material onwards.Apart from price correction in the period October 2008. It is not possible for a real estate company in India to become a pan-India player at any time as the real estate activity here is largely local. this piece of liberalization did not help bring any FDI into India. the NCR real estate scenario is different and more customer-oriented compared to what we faced in 2008-09. Today. For instance. Some start with nothing from being aggregators of real estate enquiries. Surprisingly. the realtors also started targeting the middle-income group and the period saw the frequent launches of affordable housing projects. The value addition in real estate logistics and project management is usually in personal contacts with the local government agency office to expedite clearances for a certain project. most companies did not even have an official customer relationship department those days. The prices were kept tantalizingly low and the focus was given to streamline the project management and make it cost. Real estate players are of all kinds in India. FDI in real estate shows growth in Delhi/NCR The Indian Government under the Ministry of Real Estate headed by KumariSheilja as minister announced with the help of FICCI 100 per cent foreign direct investment in the real estate sector in India. the value addition in project management is negligible and inefficiencies in the complete workflow are adjusted to a great deal. The prices have again started skyrocketing and the future of Delhi NCR looks stable and is slated for a sustained growth in the coming years.

the real estate industry has been thriving in the NCR and posting steady growth. transparency and professionalism. The lack of a specified or dedicated law does not help either. Despite all these odds. we have to accept that this will only happen when the real estate sector offers itself with the required bit of legitimacy. This also does not create a common pool of professionals for the real estate industry to tap from. Banks will have to vertically integrate by buying equity in large township projects being built by reputed companies with a proven track record. All this gives rise to diversity in culture in this industry with no unified objectives or processes. This is the only way to grow in the real estate sector. In fact. Public sector banks have already been advised by RBI to reduce interest rates on housing loans and other loans immediately. Still others are agents with expertise in clearances in government offices and take up other people‟s or company‟s land to process for real estate objectives. Source: The Economic Times . they have already started cutting rates a notch or two. Commercial private banks will follow suit to stop customers from flocking to the other banks.Others are corporate entities with unrelated businesses such as textiles or chemicals find themselves sitting on large tracts of land and eye a potential future in real estate. Demand has come back again and with a cut in the RBI repo rate cost of finance will go down again and demand for real estate will peak in times to come. The Real Estate Regulation Bill has been languishing for quite some time and it has not taken up any space in legislation till now. At the same time.

Moreover. Grape city etc. Among the top IT companies which have chosen the region as their favorite destination include HCL. . A lot of multi-national companies (MNCs) have opened their corporate offices in Delhi and NCR. Delhi and National Capital Region (NCR) has witnessed phenomenal infrastructural development in the past couple of years as people have started migrating to neighboring cities of Delhi. which the region has shown is hardly comparable with any of what its counterparts have accomplished. Tech Mahindra. The authority recently announced allocation of an additional 240 square km for expansion of which 96 square km will be developed completely as green cover. Prices of commercial as well residential properties in NCR are quite reasonable and the availability of spaces has been one of the reasons for the emergence of the city as a commercial hub. With Mumbai real estate being expensive both in terms of residential and commercial. Delhi has now becomes the first choice for these companies to set up their offices.Why Delhi/NCR favorite destination to invest in? Delhi and national capital region (NCR) has become famous as India‟s outsourcing capital. This pattern not only suggests that the IT industry is rapidly growing in Ghaziabad and Noida but also indicates that these cities are also growing in terms of urbane populace. The greater Noida Industrial Development authority (GINDA) prepared a detailed plan to make the city greener. Delhi and Mumbai have always been cities which have attracted MNC‟s as well as large Indian corporate to have their offices. With the influx of people from all over the country to the NCR region. Being the hub of labor intensive. Adobe. The impressive growth in terms of infrastructure development. it has become quite easier for the IT companies to get their human resource.

Developers in NCR are busy developing new commercial projects. Greater Noida. There is no dearth of modes of transport to facilitate smooth transfer of public from one place to another. . Similarly. With an average sale price of Rs 2800 per sqft. thousands of architects. Therefore. The upcoming real estate projects in Delhi & NCR will provide jobs to lakhs of workers. Faridabad too has emerged as the most sought after cities in NCR. this leaves a decent gross profit margin about 16 percent. The Noida-Greater Noida region is the second largest destination in the country in terms of rupee value of commercial real estate assets. An expressway runs between Delhi and Gurgaon and connects to NH8 (Delhi –Jaipur-Mumbai National Highway). After Noida and Greater Noida Yamuna express way will be the new destination for the commercial activities and soon this region will become the hub of new commercial projects.income group. Ghaziabad has an offering the most value for money commercial projects making it the most preferred choice to invest in. it will not be wrong to say that this region is bound to grow in real estate sector and will witness more reality firms setting their projects in this region. the new Dwarka expressway and southern periphery road has also helped to reduce the time between the satellite city and the national capital. every bank worth it credit line and dozens of ad agencies. infrastructure development Rising The business model of developers is straightforward. Apart from this. New avenues This clearly shows that Delhi& NCR offer investment opportunity at low prices as well as smaller unit sizes making it much affordable and much convenient for middle.  for investment The prominent builders have successfully built their projects and many more are either in the pipeline or are under construction in this industrial region. Gurgaon and Faridabad. A lot of multinational companies (MNCs) have opened their corporate office in Noida.

Source: Hindustan Times .