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ENVIRONMENTAL MANAGEMENT SYSTEM (Standards, Registers, Procedures)

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SIZ - 1
Origination Date 1st March 2008 Last Revision Date 1st July 2010 Version no.

Environmental Policy and Procedures Manual

Approval: General Manager Signatures

Overall Responsibility of this Policy

Approval: Department Head


HOD responsible for the implementation of this policy

Next Revision Date 1st July 2011

Approval: Environmental officer / Co ordinator


Person responsible for the managing and monitoring of the EMS

Total Number of Pages

Approval: Environmental Committee Chairperson



Person responsible for chairing the environmental meetings

To update, monitor and manage the whole Environmental Management System (EMS) and Manual on an annual basis together with a review of all responsible parties involved as indicated in the Structures and Responsible Policy (SIZ- 4.1)


The entire Falls Resort EMS document


The Falls Resort

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EMS Environmental Management System, a comprehensive business / organisational approach designed to incorporate environmental protection into the operation of any business/ organisation. EMP An Environmental Management Plan (EMP) describes the processes that an organization will follow to maximize its compliance and minimize harm to the environment. This plan also helps an organization map its progress toward achieving continual improvements. EPPCA Environmental Protection and pollution control Act
SIZ The Falls Resort EMS filing key

REFERENCES Environmental Structures and Responsibility policy SIZ-4.1.1 RESPONSIBILITIES General Manager

Ensure, through the Departmental Head, Environmental Officer and Environmental Committee (Green Team) that this Manual is maintained, reviewed and updated when required, and or on an annual basis within a period of 12 months.

Environmental officer / System Co-ordinator

The Environmental Manager / System co-ordinator is responsible for overseeing this policy, and shall; o Report to the General Manager and environmental committee and keep them appraised on all matters pertaining to this policy o Formalise this Environmental Policy and Procedure Manual and ensure it is brought to the attention of all employees o Ensure that the Policies contained in the Manual are implemented and managed accordingly. o Ensure that all Policies, Procedures, Instructions and Guidance notes are regularly reviewed and amended as necessary

Environment Committee

The Environmental Committee is responsible for the managing, monitoring and review of this Manual in association with the environmental officer and shall; o Ensure that the Policies are applied and understood by all those directly responsible o Review this Manual and its Policies on an annual basis in association with the environmental officer / co-ordinator and ensure that it remains current at all times. o Report, control, manage or suspend any aspect of this Manual that could be noncompliant or contradictory to the EMS and its Policies.


An annual review of this Manual will be undertaken to ensure that the Policies, Procedures and Controls remain valid and relevant to the work activities of the business. Further review may be carried out as and when required or as indicated by the General Manager, Environmental officer and/or Environmental Committee members.

The Falls Resort

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This Environmental Policy and Procedure manual will reflect the entire EMS of the business and comply with the Heritage Environmental Filing Key System as indicated in Annexure A below.

Annexure A

HERITAGE ENVIRONMENTAL MANAGEMENT SYSTEM FILING KEY 2009 1. 1.1 Environmental Plan Environmental Management Plan

A property specific EMP must be developed and used to ensure that the objectives, vision and targets set by management and outlined in the environmental statement are achieved. 2. Environmental Scope & Policy 2.1 The published environmental policy should include the following: 2.1.1 Environmental Policy Statement; 2.1.2 Mission, vision, core values and beliefs; 2.1.3 Strategies and policies in respect of communication of above; 2.1.4 A commitment to continuous improvement; 2.1.5 A commitment to the prevention of pollution; 2.1.6 Coordination of environmental policy with others quality, safety and health; 2.1.7 Details of specific or local conditions that are applicable to property; 2.1.8 Compliance with regulatory or similar requirements 2.1.9 Guiding principles of policy 2.2 3. Environmental Scope

Environmental Planning and Strategies

3.1 Environmental Aspects and Impacts Policy 3.1.1 A detailed register outlining the possible or actual environmental risks posed by the operational activities of the Business. 3.2 Legal Impacts Policy 3.2.1 A register detailing current environmental legislation that is or could be impacted by the operational activities of the business 3.2.2 A register of all-current licenses and permits as required by local, national or international environmental law

The Falls Resort

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Environmental Targets and Objectives Policy 3.3.1 A document detailing the environmental objectives and targets that are set by the Hotel on an annual basis a basis for effective reporting. 4. Team 4.1.2 Details of the responsibilities and authorities of structure Training, Awareness and Competence Policy 4.2.1 Training and Awareness strategy and environmental skills development plan for Green Team and general staff 4.3 Communications and Marketing Policy 4.3.1 Details of the communication and marketing strategies to raise awareness and visibility of the communications/marketing activities internally and externally Documentation and Control 5.1 Environmental System Procedures and Policies for activities associated with environmental actions/activities or matters of the business including: (KPA) 5.1.1 Purchasing and Procurement policy 5.1.2 Resource Management policies: Water; Air; Energy; Gas; Hazardous Material, Chemicals and Pesticides; Waste Glass Disposal Noise 5.1.3 Design, Construction and Refurbishment policy Contractors Buildings, Habitats & Maintenance Work Policy Contractors Compliance Checklist 5.1.4 Transport and Maintenance policy 5.1.5 Fauna, Flora, Land and Game policies 5.1.6 Employment policy 5.1.7 Corporate Social Responsibility policy 5.2 Emergency Preparedness and Response Policies to deal with potential accident and emergency situations that could affect the environment 5.2.1 Pollution Control Policy 5.3 Records Control Policy 5.4 Mitigation Policy 5.4.1 All mitigations must be documented and recorded on the Mitigations Register. Monitoring, Measurement & Mitigation 6.1 Monitoring and Measurements Policy 6.1.1 Datasheets with resource consumption and other measurable data 6.1.2 Information on processes, procedures and strategies implemented to mitigate consumption and use 6.1.3 Non-conformance Register that Reports on causes of non-conformance 6.1.4 Environmental Incident Register that details all incidents of an environmental nature 6.2 Compliance Evaluation Policy 6.2.1 A Policy and records-keeping systems to periodically evaluate compliance with applicable legal requirements. 6. 5. 4.2 Implementation and Operations 4.1 Environmental Management Structure and Responsibilities Policy 4.1.1 Details of the management structure and composition of Green


The Falls Resort

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6.2.2 A Policy compliance with other applicable subscribes. 7.



system to periodically evaluate requirements to witch it

Reviews and Audits 7.1 Copies of all Heritage Environmental Reports and Datasheets 7.2 Copies of all Internal Audit Reports 7.3 Details of any Environmental Review, Audit or Assessments undertaken 7.4 Copies of all management reviews 7.5 Copies of all promotional, press and publicity material 7.6 Copies of all Environmental Committee Meeting Reports 7.7 Copy of Annual Environmental Report Unit Specific

RECORDS Green team register

Mitigations Register 5.4.1

The Falls Resort