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KMT - RPS Aff Supplement

KMT - RPS Aff Supplement

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A nuclear meltdown would kill at least 25 million
Russell D. Hoffman 2004
[“MELTDOWN on FX,” May 27, 2004,
http://www.animatedsoftware.com/environm/onofre/2004/MELTDOWN_on_fx_essay.htm, Liu]

25 million people need to be evacuated, according to the trailer for the show. That would be about right for the immediate area (say,
50 miles around the San Onofre plant, which would include most of San Diego and Orange counties, and parts of Los Angeles, San Bernadino, Imperial,
and other nearby counties). Unlike the U.S. Government's official position, a real evacuation may not be orderly or even
possible. The producers have said that they have tried to be "accurate." They had ribbons of highways with stopped cars in the trailer. Will they have
fights? Flare-ups, riots, chaos? Swaths of sickened and dying people, cut down because the winds cut across THAT stretch of highway? Radiation
from a nuclear meltdown is carried by the wind, it does not simply radiate out evenly in all directions from the
stricken power plant. In a meltdown it is often carried thousands or even tens of thousands of feet into the air
before it begins to descend. The radioactive "plume" -- which will be invisible but deadly -- can stay fairly
concentrated -- that is, in a relatively small volume of air -- for hundreds or even thousands of miles. If that invisible foul wind rains
on your city, even half a world a way, it could kill thousands of people. Yet in a city of a million people, it would be nearly
impossible to prove what caused any rise in cancer deaths over a period of decades after the accident. Better health
care in the area affected might mean cancer rates will go down, yet still, they would have gone down more, if there had not been an accident. More likely
than landing half a world a way, of course, is that the "fallout" as it's called, will come down within the first couple of hundred miles. Exposure to
high doses of radiation via inhalation of nuclear particles causes gruesome deaths among those who happen to be
in the path of the fallout -- downwinders, as they are called.


SDI 2008


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