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Aff & Neg Nukes

Aff & Neg Nukes

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Published by: AffNeg.Com on Jan 08, 2009
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Nuclear power and renewables tradeoff – investment capital is finite and nuclear is winning now
Marshall, 08
(Christa,CLIMATE: Nuclear question is radioactive in Hill debate”, Environment and Energy Daily, 3/13,
lexis) //DH

"The private capital market isn't investing in new nuclear plants, and without financing, capitalist utilities aren't buying,"
said Amory Lovins, the co-founder and chief scientist at the Rocky Mountain Institute, a nonprofit energy research
organization, said at the House Select Committee on Energy Dependence and Global Warming hearing.
The creation of new power plants actually worsens global warming, Lovins said, because it saps investment money from
lower-cost renewable energy options such as wind power.
But more than a dozen companies are preparing license applications for as many as 31 new reactors and spending millions
on "developing, submitting and defending" existing applications, said Alex Flint, senior vice president of governmental
affairs at the Nuclear Energy Institute, the industry's trade group.
"Financing will be available for nuclear power under the right conditions," Flint said.
Flint added that billions in new federal loan guarantees to promote the construction of new plants cost the government
nothing, prompting a sharp retort from committee Chairman Ed Markey (D-Mass.).

Nuclear power and renewable energy tradeoff – investment capital is finite
Hanley, 08
(Paul, “Nuclear industry spins new mythology”, 6/24, The Star Pheonix (Saskatoon, Saskatchewan), lexis) //DH
Amory Lovins = chief scientist at the Rocky Mountain Institute

According to Amory Lovins, reducing carbon emissions would be cheaper and safer if nuclear was rejected in favour of
alternatives that are sustainable. "The bottom line is that nuclear buys two to 10 times less climate protection than its
Investing in the nuclear option in Saskatchewan would suck up all the capital that would be spent more cost-effectively on
renewable energy, efficiency and conservation.

Michigan 7 weeks


Nuclear power good / bad disads

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