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Aff & Neg Nukes

Aff & Neg Nukes

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Published by: AffNeg.Com on Jan 08, 2009
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Nuclear power succeeding over clean coal in the status quo – high coal prices, and environmental opposition
Public Utilities Fortnightly 7,
Next-gen technologies face to dominate the big build. PUBLIC UTILITIES
FORTNIGHTLY July, 2007, L/n, rday

Yet in the race to build the next fleet of base-load power plants, nuclear seems to be gaining ground on coal. The reasons
are complex, but they come down to this: Coal is no longer cheap.
"The economics have changed dramatically," Christopher says. "Coal prices and rail costs have risen. That's the number-
one driver for new nuclear power in the United States."
Environmental factors also are impeding coal's progress. Virtually every major pulverized-coal fired power project faces
public opposition on environmental grounds, and these concerns have driven some project sponsors--including FPL, TXU,
Duke, and Sempra--to scale back or cancel plans to build new pulverized-coal plants. Further, uncertainties about future
carbon regulation have increased risks and costs for new coal-fired projects.
"With the last 18 months of discussions around global warming, coal has become more of a challenge," says Jim Suciu,
president of global sales for GE Energy. "A lot of people are having difficulty permitting coal plants, and coal will see more
carbon pressure. Nuclear doesn't have that element."

Michigan 7 weeks


Nuclear power good / bad disads

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