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Oil Toolkit - Symonds

Oil Toolkit - Symonds

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Maintaining current rate cuts ensures a soft landing
, Staff writer at the WSJ. ‘08

Wall Street Journal, “OPEC Pins Hope on US Soft Landing” 2/1/08 Proquest.com. Accessed 7/01/08
VIENNA -- With OPEC widely expected to hold oil production steady at its meeting today, the cartel's leaders
are facing the politically thorny possibility of an output cut in the weeks ahead.
For now, the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries hopes the U.S. Federal Reserve's rate cuts will
bring the U.S. economy in for a soft landing
. The U.S. is the world's largest oil consumer. A stronger U.S.
economy would shore up demand, stabilize oil prices and give leverage to OPEC members who want to keep
production levels where they are.

Soft landing most likely scenario, even if we can’t control oil prices
Irish Independent ‘07

“Working for A Soft Landing” 6/12/07 LexisNexis Accessed: 7/01/08

The Central Bank believes that the hoped-for "soft landing" now appears to be the most likely outcome. That
is a welcome analysis. However, not all the variables which can help deliver that soft landing are actually
within our control.
The "Known Unknowns",
as Donald Rumsfeld might call them, are international oil prices, currently at an 11-
month high, and rising, and the decline of the dollar against the euro.

Australia proves – soft landing inevitable
The Australian ‘08

“On the Market – Monday Briefing” June 23rd

2008 LexisNexis Accessed: 7/01/08

Forecasts for the Australian economy are for a soft landing, as growth slows down, UBS says.
"This slowdown is likely to bring its share of earnings pressures, particularly given the high level of starting
point profitability," strategist David Cassidy says.

"However, the NAB business survey continues to suggest profit conditions at present are far from disastrous."
Despite elevated interest rates and surging oil prices eating into the economy, the bank says it's too early to
forecast a hard landing because of
Australia's rising terms of trade and a healthy "starting point" for many
households and corporates.

Gonzaga Debate Institute 2008



Oil Toolkit

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