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Dee . MOTORCYCLE x ACCESSORIES BUTLER & SMITH, INC. BMW ACCESSORY CATALOG All articles contained in this catalog are described to the best of our knowledge. All items are of high quolity. SPECIFICATIONS ond PRICES are subject to change without notice. All prices shown are f.0.b. New York and include Federal Excise Tax where applicable. Every effort is made to have all catalog items in stock at all times. Should an item have to be back-ordered we will ship it os quickly as circumstances permit. The articles shown in this catalog are available through authorized BMW dealers. Upon request we shall be pleased to furnish the name of the nearest BMW dealer (except in the ten Western stotes, where such information may be obtained from the Flanders Company, 200 W. Walnut Street, Posadena 3, Cal.). Should there be no BMW decler in your area you will be permitted 10 order directly from us, in which case a minimum deposit of 25% must accompany the order; the balance will be collected C.O.D, including shipping costs. It is our continuous endeavor to supply our dealers as promptly as possible. Please give your faithful BMW dealer your support and bear with us and with him should ony unexpected delay in the delivery of an accessory occur. No goods will be accepted for credit without permission. All returned goods must be Prepaid and insured. We will not be responsible for loss in transit. MAKE SURE THAT ORDERS ARE CORRECTLY MADE OUT! Description and Order Num- bers must be correct in order to avoid costly returns ond disappointment. BUTLER & SMITH, IN 160 WEST 83rd STREET + NEW YORK 24,N. Y. + SUSQUEHANNA 7-6175 BUTLER & SMITH Inc BMW SPORTS TANKS. 6% gallon Sports Tank, black, with top tool com: Partment. Complete with kneepads, fuel cap and emblems. 14080048 vee $110.00 7 gallon Sports Tank, black, available with or with- ‘out top tool compartment. Usable with standard dual seat, with tool compartment, chrome cover. WAETT pty $100.00 Without tool compartment MAHTINT cn $93.50 8 gallon Racing-type Sports Tank, Model RS, black, ‘no tool compartment, not usable with standard dual seat (see dual seats), MAHTRS $115.00 LOCKING GAS TANK CAP Fits all BMW models, including older machines. Heavily chromed, spring cover, 2 keys. 4080127 - ni ov $6.00 Poge 1