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'Today those who are talking are people that normally don't.

A year ago the stre ets of Barcelona and many other cities of Spain were filled with outraged people sharing a diffic ult life situation. After a year we found them again on the streets and squares, and we keep organiz ing and screaming, but no one has taken notice. Those who now are speaking do not repres ent anyone, only ourselves. And we direct this message to all those women and men wh o, like us, feel outraged, swindled and neglected by politicians, governments in Europe, Spa in and Catalonia, and employers -true masters of the situation-, bankers -executives of luxury work for a handful of multinationals- and speculators of all sorts who, together, form th e black hole which is sequestering the hopes and lives of people. While they -who have names and su rnamescontinue kneading fortunes, getting tax breaks and getting huge amounts of public funds, we see how, every day, our chances of a decent life are diminishing. And when we have dared to speak up against this situation of injustice, of flagr ant impunity, those who benefit from it have threatened us with their hit men, disguised as ju dges, prosecutors and police, in order to -through police brutality, newspaper headlin es, fines, detentions- we remain silent and docile in the cage, like chickens, without bein g aware that we are going to the slaughterhouse. It is not only time we say "ENOUGH!", but also to really stand-up and make decis ions, because we are the ones who have to either accept or not the rules of the game. A year l ater we are still unaware of the real power, if we stay at home it's likely that we are left homel ess. If we do not actively protest against this unfair system, our children and our grandchildren will suffer it as well. All this is very serious. We have to take to the streets, because we have learned that no one represents us. (...) Let us make our desire for justice heard and take every opportunity to denounce and obstruct their infamous work of destruction of a territory that bel ongs to us all. Today we have spoken and we will no longer shut because we have lost the fear, a nd we salute from this house, the union partner Laura Gomez, imprisoned for burning fo ur false banknotes in a box cardboard in front of the Barcelona Stock Exchange. Welcome h ome.