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My Life As an Immigrant

My Life As an Immigrant

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searching for jobs to survive without a green card and trying to find help as an immigrant .
then desperation comes in when you meet the wrong guy thinking he is going to help you.
watching someone run away with your money when you thought they are helping you file for you proper documents.
having to get arrested by the FBI and sleeping in a jail cell for a night was nightmere,then comes this tall handsome man into your love and happen to stand by your husband side as his best man.
searching for jobs to survive without a green card and trying to find help as an immigrant .
then desperation comes in when you meet the wrong guy thinking he is going to help you.
watching someone run away with your money when you thought they are helping you file for you proper documents.
having to get arrested by the FBI and sleeping in a jail cell for a night was nightmere,then comes this tall handsome man into your love and happen to stand by your husband side as his best man.

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My Life As an Immigrant
Being in the United States of America

Diana Frederick

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My Life As an Immigrant through for me. And finally the plane landed in America. I didn’t care I was just excited and want to go to America. and the plane stop and I got out in the airport in which a friend of a friend pick me up. when I got my Visa I was so excited and full of joy that am coming to the big apple. and even when I get to her house 3 days before the fourth day. And so I set out for the airport and boarded the plane and on my way I go. So I organize myself and get my ticket and pack my bags. But when the fourth day pass. And I know got to America for the first time in my life and 1 B eing in the United StateS of America was a dream comes . the lady of the house who were calling me her daughter from before I reach to America. even though everyone told me it was the month of November and it is very cold. so I could go stay at the house while am in the USA for 2 weeks that I plan on staying. decided to switch on me by telling me do this and do that and take her grandkids to school. while am on the plane all I could think about is the big things and what am going to do when I get to America.

then I told him am looking for a job and he told me what papers to buy and which section to look for the job. 2 . but I said to her ok and I left and go out into the street until I meet a liquor store. and I walk towards the entrance and push the door and walk right in. I didn’t even know she was moving. and he then told me that he’s from Trinidad. and saying she don’t cook much anymore since she is moving to Florida. and I walk up to him and ask how to play the lotto game. because she didn’t mention a word to me and it was the same weekend of the same week I came. I must say thanks to him and for the IRISH ECHO classifies for getting me my first job in America.Diana Frederick don’t even know where the front from the back is. And so I purchase couple of the lotto and we both started talking a little. and when he spoke to me I then ask what country you from. Meanwhile my eyes are wide open and my belly start hurting so bad it was not funny. I said to myself is this the start off for me in America ? Although she knew I didn’t have anywhere else to go. A guy from the Caribbean were selling lotto at the machine. so she even went on by looking to see if and what am drinking from the fridge. So here I am scared wondering what is going to happen to me because I now came to America for the first time and I don’t know what next to do were to go or who to call. and go as far saying to me that she is selling the house. I look at the outside of the liquor store. And she turns and looks at me and said that I have to find somewhere else to go.

And he give me his phone number so I can call him. and I told her I will come but not for 2pm.My Life As an Immigrant So anyway I went on telling the guy about the lady am staying with and how she is moving. because she had told the kids to show me where the school were. So I left and went back to the house and on that same morning I knew I had to act quickly. and after picking up the papers I pass by to look for the guy at the liquor store to tell him thanks. and I said okay I’ll take it because I don’t have a phone number to exchange. that will be the best time to make a couple calls concerning jobs before they leave on Saturday. So I did take his advice and got myself a living job Monday to Friday so he said the IRISH ECHO papers comes out on a Wednesday morning. and the woman ask if I could come for an interview that same day for 2 o’clock in Spring Field. because 3 . and so I came back out on the following day which was the Wednesday morning after dropping her grand kids off to school. and what he thinks I should do. and you could get to save some money to buy what you want for you and your family. or babysitting so you don’t have to come out much to stay at anyone place. so until I get a phone I will call you with my number when am settle. So I started looking into that classified section immediately and saw a few numbers to call. because the lady and her grand kids were leaving on that same weekend coming which will be the Saturday of the same week I bought that IRISH ECHO papers. And so I start calling and the first call I made was to New Jersey in which the ad was for a house keeper. and I mark it off so that when the lady left the house to go at the doctor for 12:30pm. He said the best thing to do is get a living job where you can stay on the job doing housekeeping.

So I call the guy at the liquor store and give him the good news and ask him where I go to get the train from where I am to go Manhattan. and she don’t have to question me about where am going.Diana Frederick am in Brooklyn and I have to wait for the lady of the house to get back in. where can get the train to go into Manhattan and she said she never took a train since she’s living in the U S. And she was nice enough to say sure no problem. and got to Manhattan and ask around and get the information I needed to get the correct bus for New Jersey. so I had time to get myself together. and she give me the proper address and which bus to take and where to take it. So I left a little note telling her I will be back before 6pm that even. But I know the lady were going to pick up the kids after her doctor visit on her way home. then she ask me how soon can I start working after getting some information about me. so I went on my journey to seek the housekeeping job that I called about. and I got to see the woman who needed the housekeeper and she offered me a cup of tea or coffee. I said to her as soon as you need me I’ll be ready. And she then gives me money for my travels and enough for 4 . As I told him I did ask the lady that am staying by before she go at the doctor. and I said that will be great but I have to go get my clothes and I could start working tomorrow. because am going to find a friend so I can get situated and have some where I can stay before she leaves on Saturday. And the guy at the liquor store told me where I should take the train. When I got their I was so proud of myself that I didn’t lose going and coming. and she said as soon as yesterday and we both smile.

Meanwhile the door bell rang out and she were still on the phone. Well the next day has come for me to go on my new first job even in America and I pack my stuff. And off I go to my job as an house keeper in America in New Jersey in which I was excited and proud of. spreading the money out the kids were right there playing in the room as well.My Life As an Immigrant me to travel back to work tomorrow. the lady called me upstairs and started showing me all her things that she have. So later on that same evening when I came back in from out on the street. And on top of that she then took out a lot of money from I don’t know where and place it on her bed. but he were not there he had left work and gone for the day. and so same time I walk down the to her and said excuse me before you do anything. could you come and put away the money that you have open out on the bed where the kids are playing. So I came back to Brooklyn and told the lady I got a job in New Jersey and am leaving in the morning. so then she got on the phone to talk quite with someone. and get ready to hit the road jack. well she just look at me and say’s to me okay am coming. and decided to leave the room and telling me she’ll be right back and asking me to wait right here and watch the kids for her. and heard the lady telling the person that she left me in the room with the money. and I just want to say thanks for having me stay here for the few days and I which her and family all the best in Florida. Then I took a walk out the street to see if the Guy where still working from the time I had left to go New Jersey and back. and so I kiss the kids and give her a hug and went on my way. and something just told me to walk by the steps same time. and all of her jewelry and birth stones plus all the clothes and other stuff. and of course I over 5 .

And so I work on that job for 5 months until the families were going on a trip to China. And he ask if I can take a toy for his son in Trinidad in which he haven’t seen in 2yrs and misses darely. just because I didn’t want history repeating itself by staying to long at someone home. and that was a good opportunity for me to organize myself to go back to Trinidad without having to tell the family I was leaving the job. I also ask if when am ready to come back to America If I can call upon my return to stay at his place until I get a sleeping job again. I had to come 6 . and he also said sure and just let him know when am about to come back. And I did contact him with my where about and my arrival time and he meet me at JFK airport and took me to his house.Diana Frederick stay my 2 weeks stay vacation I came on in America. But I manage to last 7 ½ months with that family in which the job were also in New Jersey and seeing the length of time I stayed.and I said of course no problem just give me the phone number that I can contact a family member to give for his son. but I said that’s okay because I got a job and I could make back the money and more. And I did got through with another job. So as soon as the next day break I were back on the field looking for work. But before I leave America to go back to my country I make sure and keep in touch with the guy at the liquor store. that means I over stay my time in the U S. and let him know I was about to go back to Trinidad for a little while then I will like to come back again soon. this time it was a babysitting job taking care of a 4 yr old boy. in which after a few weeks he starts spitting on me and taking up knife and pointing it at me.

and so I told him and he came right away and get me on church avenue between 34th and 35th street. and still that was good for me because in those times I didn’t have to pay for the things am paying for now.My Life As an Immigrant out on weekends and help out with rent by the same guy in which I didn’t have any problem what so ever. With the first job before I had leave and go back to Trinidad it was great because on weekends there I could of stay downstairs. because was very nice to me and that help him with his bills. after I had gotten the phone number to call him up and ask if I could come and stay with him for a while till I could go on my own. and move to a long lost uncle which I didn’t knew where living in Brooklyn as well. like rent and other utilities bills. because I had my own quarters to sleep and do anything I wanted and get to save more money. because I felt sorry for him and he needed someone to laugh and talk to. After a while I had over stay my welcome I believed. And also my first job were paying $275.00 per week. and then this other job with the 4 yr old boy paid $300. We will go to the grocery together since he has the car and every time we go to the grocery or a store like a department store 7 . and sound very happy to hear my voice and I told him I will love to come and stay with him and he then ask where I am now so that he could come pick me up with his car.00 per week and that time it was a lot of money and I save every week in a Tommy Hilfiger perfume tin. So I called him on the phone with the number I got from my mother and he did answer the phone. But after being there at uncle apartment for a few months turn out to be a different story. because his girlfriend haven’t too long die with Cancer. and he got very lonely and then so he decided to turn to me for comfort in which at first it seems okay.

mopping. making the beds and picking up dirty under wear after them. and hardly want to answer when I say good morning or good night and that went on for a week so after I did the class and got a job taking care of an elderly person he was happy that when we go to the store he will start the same thing all over again by picking up stuff and wants me to pay for it. so I will be staying there to work Monday to Friday with the dog. laundry cleaning. But I made it through for about 8 months and then ask the agency at the school to get me something else. because am not working at that time and trying to apply with an agency to do a Home Health Aide class so I could get a better job. he then will pick up stuff and wait till am at the register he will walk up to me and put the stuff he has in his hands next to my stuff am paying for so that I could pay for his items as well. and that was the biggest mistake when the agency called me back and tell me that she has this client in which is an old man who need someone to clean his place and walk his dog. wiping windows. And one day I decided to talk to him about it. Even though I will buy groceries and make sure his fridge is full with stuff. and when he wants me to buy him alcohol every now and then I will because I had nowhere else to and I the job was not paying much and it was hard for me but I needed the money so bad to keep up if I wanted to stay by my uncle to save in order to get myself a pace of my own. vacuuming. And the journey was very hard working with those elderly people. 8 . So my uncle got very upset and started walking around the apartment without speaking to me. bathrooms.Diana Frederick or so. because he travel’s all the time and he is very nice. going down my knees scrubbing floors.

And we did go on that business trip for the weekend with the dog. So the Monday morning I get there to the place before the man left so he could tell me what I have to do. then after that he ask me to go and get him some beers and other things from the store. he did his thing on the trip I walk the dog and still had some alone time in the swimming pool and at the gym as well. as you will read by now that the weekend is over and the Monday has start so I had to straight to work after the weekend business trip. Now this was my third week that am back at work in the man apartment with the dog. so he came again on the Friday I got paid and left. So I said thank you and he got up and call his dog to play with him for a while. and as I return from the store and put the stuff away and sat down he said that we will be going on a business trip over the weekend and we have to take the dog. and what times the dog goes outside to do his thing and he will be back on Friday. so I told him you know I don’t work on the weekend then he said he will be paying extra for that and I said ok. So am here in the city with the dog after coming back from the trip and the man has left at least I thought so.00 per week. and there the man was smiling and I said to him hi. and the next day which were Tuesday evening after 4:35pm I heard the door opening. and he went over to the computer and sat down for a while then turn around and said you Caribbean are sexy and pretty too. am off to bed 9 .My Life As an Immigrant And so the man will come on Friday to pay me before I leave and I said okay she then say the pay will be $350. He then came back at the end of the working week wish were Friday and I left for the weekend then return the following Monday morning to start my work week again. It was all fun for me until we came back to the city at his apartment in Manhattan.

00 from the $240. and she will try to get me something else.Diana Frederick and while I was a sleep which were not to strong I felt a shadow over me and I jump when I open my eyes. 10 .00 that he give to me.00. And of course I were stupid enough to give her the money because she was the only agency I knew. but you know what I just shack my head and walk away. And when I did go back to the agency to speak with coordinator face to face and tell her what happen on the job. I pack my bags with what little I could pick up quickly and he took me down stairs to the ATM and give me $240. she never come to the phone her assistant kept on saying she on the other line and will call me after she’s done on the other line. and I said to him just pay me for my weekend and day pay you owing me that I had to go with you and your dog on your business trip please so I could leave right now. Because she already spoke to him and ask him how much money that he give to me.00 in which he short paid. So I push him off with my left foot and he fell on his back on the floor and said that if he don’t get any sex he will call the agency to get him someone else. and since he told her the amount he give to me she said I have to give her $100. she told me straight to my face that I could of give the man what he wanted and that I could of gotten big money in the long run. so I went home and waited and waited for the call for work and after two weeks had pass I kept calling her back over and over. and look straight at the man naked over me on the bed and telling me that he want sex. just go home and wait for me to call you she said. and go on further by saying I have to give her $100. because he know that we island girls are freaky and we know how to make any man fell good.

My Life As an Immigrant

And I say to myself try something else pebbles which a name were giving to me years ago, so I say is time to get stepping and I start asking different people about jobs I got brave and ask around then I got a number from a lady I knew back in Trinidad to call his mom that lived here in the U S, and so I called her and told her who I am and that I got the number from her son and I told her am looking for a job. She then said to me that she will get back to me and the very next day she called me and told me to take down a phone number, and that she will call the number first to let them know that am her cousin, and am a baby sitter that saw they ad in the papers and will like very much to work for them. Then she call me back and told me to call them explain to them that am the person that my cousin called earlier about the baby sitting, so the lady ask me if I could to see her and meet the rest of the family. so I said sure no problem and we both schedule a date and time to meet for an interview and she give me the address and let me know what train I have to take because I was still learning the different places in America even though I got to work with other families. Don’t get me wrong all the places I go it’s for the first time and I never really had to ask any, one much where to get this or where to get that, unless is someone am going to work for because my own type of people meaning the Caribbean one’s they don’t ever tell you the right way unless you meet a good one. Because they never want to see you reach far in life, so they keep stuff from you like any information where work is concern, or even if you want to sign up with a school etc they will never tell you about that because some how they will think you may do better than them. Well I did get to the lady house in long island which were a

Diana Frederick

very beautiful area and meet with her and the rest of the family, meaning the husband and twin boys which where two years old at the time and they all were so nice, and we all sat down to talk a bit and the lady ask if I could start on the Tuesday since the job was from Tuesday to Saturday morning. And the interview with the family was on the Friday before so I had time to get myself organize for the following week ahead, which will be the Tuesday morning getting there for 8 o’clock sharp. So the Tuesday morning I got there and she told me all what I have to do concerning the kids and just make up her bed, because she has a cleaner that comes in and does everything else for her. So am just in charge of the kids cleaning up after them, feeding bathing before bed time, and training them to use the potty because they were still in diapers in which of course the kids didn’t like to go potty, but I did manage to get them to use the potty to make the poppies and peppy. When it was time for eating that was another big deal for the kids because they had an eating therapist, and so I change that because I started giving them things to eat and I sat down with them and make sure the both of them eat because their use to be watching TV at the same time while eating and one of them will just have a snack for breakfast, lunch and dinner. And the mother will say to me that she try giving them other things and they won’t eat it, so I ask her do you sit with them while the kids are eating and she will say sometimes, but other times she has stuff to do so she will just leave them alone on the table. So I said ok I will help them to eat better stuff, and then I give her a list of things to buy so I could give to them when is eating time, and all I had to do was switch off the TV and sit with them

My Life As an Immigrant

an all it takes was patients to get the job done by letting them know how good it is for them and how strong it will make them, for them to ride they bikes and swim in the summer time. So weeks and months had pass by and I kept on telling the lady who had call the family for me to get the job how happy things were, and the kids were great then the mom started added more work load for me to do and I started seeing less of the cleaning lady coming to work. One Saturday the mother of the kids and father who you hardly see in the house were going out so they ask me to stay over until they get back and the husband will drop me to the train, and that they will be out until 9:30 – 10:00 pm. So I said ok but they never came home until 11pm that night in which I were very upset and told me to leave in the morning, so the husband ask what time I will like to leave in the morning and I told him the first train that leaves at 7:15 am and went off to my room and get some sleep for my travel the next early morning. The next morning I were ready and waiting for the husband to take me to the train and saw a note to call a cab alone with an envelope saying the amount of pay I got on the outside of it, and thanking me for staying back till the morning an see you on Tuesday at the bottom of the envelope. I open the envelope though and saw I was under paid so I shook my head an say wow slavery days never done, because my pay were $350.00 per week and she told me I will be paid over time but that never happen, so I ask myself what time you call this under time I answered myself. Well I took the envelope call the cab, because they were still asleep of the time they both came home the night before and I were up at 6:30am to catch the 7:15am train so I waited for the cab to get here then I left.

So he started insulting me telling me that I should do whatever he say’s because I don’t have proper documents and I do what he says because it’s not just to see about the kids. and the storm were very mad with no service at all so I call the job and told the wife which is the kids mother what was going on and she could turn the TV on and see the news with the storm. When I got in to the train water stared running down from my eyes and I just ask myself this is what American people are like? Well after that episode the following week it had a bad storm and I had to travel of course from Brooklyn to long island so they were no train running because the train tracks were frozen with the snow. and she said we will play it by air and I could come when the storm is over and we both hang up on the phone. so I left him standing right there so I could go catch my train without doing any vacuum. the husband ask me to vacuum before I leave and I told him I can’t do that now am about to leave. you should be happy to come in our clean big house with heat so you could feel 14 .Diana Frederick The following weekend before I left the Saturday morning just as I came upstairs to leave at 8 o’clock the morning. Well that was not the end of the phone coming from the kids parent in which I thought was the wife calling back. but I know is the wife hired me and she is the one that pays me. Then she told me she really saw it on the news and its ok let’s wait until the storm is over obviously because the storm is very bad out there. and the cleaning lady is the one who those that. but know it was the husband that call me and started insulting me again by saying to me why are you not coming to work. and if I don’t vacuum before I leave I won’t get pay. The husband start cussing me off calling me ass hole and so on.

After collecting all the other necessary details from the family that I work with. because Brooklyn don’t have any heat and if I don’t find myself to work somehow am going to fire. He then told me the funking word also called me stupid so I said to him go look in the mirror and he will see which one of us is the funking stupid one. So I took a couple of weeks home. And good luck with everything and kiss the kids for me thank you again. And so I did went to labor board after calling my friend mother that call for me to get the job. and I told her maybe if she divorce that so call husband that she has because I cannot work with someone like that ever again. So on my arrival at labor board I told them what happen and they let me fill out some paper work then they contact him to get some more information about me working there and the day I started and how long I work in the home with kids etc. after that then I decided to start my search again for jobs because if you could relate you will know living in the U S you have to work and there’s no two ways 15 . but am so sorry I won’t be able to come your husband was very nasty with me. and told how horrible the lady husband were to me. then he said I am fired with no pay and I said we will see about the me not getting pay part because I didn’t apply for the job to get abuse and work for free. so answer me are you coming to work yes or no? And I told him no because there is know why to reach to work because of the storm and I had already spoke to your wife concerning the storm. I said it will never be a problem coming to help her with the kids under different situation. and she told me that was okay since she had saw the news on TV. I was awarded with a month pay although the kids mother beg me to come back to work.My Life As an Immigrant warm.

cook to which was not part of my job at first when I started so after the wife get me settle in a few weeks after the add on list steps in. Any way I look an look then where I were staying now was with a roommate from my same country. cooking cleaning the hold house doing the family laundry. So after 10 ½ months being on that job one day I was picking all the dirty laundry from every ones bedroom to take down to the wash room. a young lady who I knew was dating my mom best friend son.Diana Frederick about that remember no one gives you anything for free without looking for something in return. Meanwhile am minding my own business trying to get my 16 . So we both will dress warm enough since it was in the winter season. and when I get into the parents bathroom area to get the dirty towels then get the sheets off the bed I heard the garage door opening up so I didn’t paid it no mine. So she got me a job with her boss at their home to take care of a baby two months old in long island area again as a baby sitter. meanwhile before all of that I will do the laundry clean the house. because am doing my work while the baby is sleeping. my duties there were to pick up the 7 yr old daughter from school which is not to far from the house say about 5 – 6 blocks away and what I will do is get the baby ready at 2:15pm to get there by 2:30pm in time for when the school is over. not even family which may be hard to believe but its true especially in America. And the work started of pretty nice together with a 7 yr old daughter too. Then it was the kids father he said he forgot some paper work that he had to take to court with him this morning. yes the both husband and wife were lawyers that have they own offices on church avenue Brooklyn NY.

until one day the husband told me if he can’t have a secret relationship with me I will have to find another job. then he said to me I really like and if we could have something between us without his wife knowing and he will help me as being a lawyer for me to get my Green Card. I the thing is he was not only a lawyer or me and my roommate boss. but I ask more about the baby nurse and how you become one 17 . Well everything got back quit for a while at the baby sitting job. I said no thank you am fine and please don’t ever come to me with any kind of thing like that. I said to him okay thanks very much for letting me know what’s going on. One day which were the last week before the month ended I were walking the baby a little and I say a lady dress in nursing clothes. and he said no she is staying to work because is not she he want to sleep with. and I walk up to her just like that and ask her bravely and didn’t care what comes next. so I stop her while she were walk along the way and ask the question that’s in my head hello are you a nurse around here and she said to me that she Is a baby nurse in which I knew nothing about I’ve never heard such thing. but he was also the landlord for where my roommate and I were renting. the husband called out to me and I answered him by replying yes do you need something sir? And he said yes I come here please so I walk towards him where he was standing at the entrance of the bedroom door. Because he not suppose to hire anyone that don’t have proper documents. so I said to him well my roommate don’t have any proper documents either so are you going to let her go to.My Life As an Immigrant shores done before the baby wakes up. so I were getting more work load from the wife with little salary and on the other end I was getting sexual harassment from the husband.

Diana Frederick

and all the information I needed to become a baby nurse I got from her. I was so happy somehow even though I knew I didn’t had much money to get the uniform and book for the baby nurse school, so I stayed in the job a little long just to make enough money to get by and for the necessary things for the nursing school. And when I was good and ready to move on to pay for schooling I’ll leave the baby sitting job, because as the lady said baby nurse jobs you can go to different family all the time so you don’t stay with one family it’s like you work for two week here and then you more on to another family for a month or so, and you could also take time off on your on without someone over you all the time it comes like you are your own boss, and even give your own price to work for the family and their new born baby. I said to her thank you very much and hope to see you again someday, so I lasted 3 more weeks on the job and one day I got in to work because I had to travel every day to long island which were costing $100.00 per week in travel’s, an then that will leave me with $175.00. So got in the job do all my shores as usual and get though the day and left, and never return to the job the following day I call and the husband answer the phone and I told him I quit the job so they could find someone else for tomorrow and thank you very much for employment. Even though some other person wouldn’t of call and say anything but I grow up with principal and that is what I will take with me everywhere I go. I stayed at home for the rest of the week just sitting on my bed thinking and crying asking myself the same question again,

My Life As an Immigrant

is this really America is this the way these people are is this what I left my sweet tropical country to come in this four season place for. And it aren’t even feeling like four season it more like a hundred season with a place of evil an wicked people I really thought the people will welcome you in their home and appreciate you for taking good care of the kids, but no if his not the wife treating you like a slave or the husband wants to get sexual with you or cusses you out, and so on it goes and I will ask myself what next pebbles. Well after that journey I remember the number for the school that I had to call concerning the baby nursing program, and decided to call after the long days of crying and thinking so the Monday after I call because it was the weekend before and a lady answer the phone and I spoke to her about signing up with the school for baby nursing. So told me the different schedules of the classes alone with the fee to pay upon arrival when I get there, she said the next class were starting the Tuesday morning at 11am which is just in time when I call that Monday morning for me to start the next day, she ask if she should put me down for the class that start on the very next morning and I said yes very much so. The next morning I was ready set and gone to my class for better a job that could help me out more better, which were a step up and it had lots of students from different Caribbean county and I felt great to see other Caribbean people trying to get betterment. So I went to classes graduate and got my certificate as well and I were very happy and excited too, and the day of handing out certificate the director send out my certificate to different


Diana Frederick

agencies with baby nurse jobs, and he told me I did a great job with the training and I said thank you very much. He said you welcome and good luck with everything and to have patients work will come, then I left and after three weeks an agency called me and ask me to come in as soon as possible to sign up and full out an application form out, an what I should walk with upon arrival to the agency office and I said okay thank you. She give me the directions and what train that I should take, and to my surprise I was on the same journey to long island area again so I just smile, anyway I brought everything she needed for me to bring along with references she ask for in which I don’t have plus social security number which I don’t know anything about. So I told her I have my tax id number and she took that along with one reference from the lady with the nasty mean husband even though it was not a baby nurse job I did they, but at least I knew the lady there will speak good things about me. When getting a job I know for sure that people love to hear good things about you in order for them to hire you and trust you to. So the lady at the agency say okay then that will have to work and you will have to get more reference moving forward, then she told me she has a client coming home from the hospital the following day with twins and I said ok so she told me what I have to wear and how much the pay was etc, and the days also for how long I will be they working then I said okay that’s not a problem and I left the office. When I got home she called again with the address and the lady phone number for when I get there the following day. And with all this is going on the family in which my roommate and

the law office where right downstairs from the apartment we were renting so every time he will look at me while I passes in front of the building of the office. Then after the brisk ceremony were over the in-laws stayed 21 . That one day he told my roommate that I will have to find a place to go and I finally told her why he wants me to leave is because I didn’t want to sleep with him. it’s like it cannot stop but I say to myself you know what it was my first baby nurse job and I told myself that am not here forever at this family home its only three weeks and only 1 ½ week to go. even though I were a little scared going to take care of new born twins for the first time it will be a big challenge for me. which were great and then I had a little bump up the road on a next job and I said to myself as I always speak to myself. and she was very calm when I told her and I let it go but I knew he didn’t want his wife knowing what he was up to with women on the outside of the marriage so he left me alone and never bother me again. and say what is this lord because I got on the job to take care of the baby and the first week was settling and things were going nice. After that job was finish I moved on to a few more cases has the agencies will call it. The baby nurse job started money were great but somehow it always seems to have a problem after you all settle in someone’s home.My Life As an Immigrant I work for knowing what he had try on me. then up come the weekend the brisk ceremony because this family were Jewish and I got the baby all dress for the brisk and they came to get the baby and I stayed in my room. Meanwhile am getting organize to go on my first baby nurse job in the city which were a different environment for me and it were beautiful.

And I said to her by the way I thought that is what you mother had stayed back to help you out with. I just wanted to get the baby feed him and change his diaper and get ready for bed. it’s like what am I 22 . 65% of them will hire a baby nurse and when you get there it’s like Hi how are you nice to meet you and then the B S start up when you all settle down for a day or two. and since it’s his feeding time if you don’t mind its very much important for me to get him ready for bed time because its already pass his schedule by 45 minutes since its 9:45pm. and clean him up for bed also to feed him as he was only taking bottle feed and since I already over heard what her mother and in-law was saying to her. scrubbing and taking care their entire entire house. then she turn around and went for the baby. Is it to turn baby nurse into slaves as well or to make us feel like we just here to watch the babies while taking care of their home. by cleaning. so she said to me could you come and clean up the place before you do that. and all I could hear is call her she is not here just to sit on her black ass let her come and clean up the place. meeting new family each and every month as I go along until I said to myself again with a (shy) with a little different question amount myself why do people hire baby nurses. and I said to her I cannot do that. And so my week had come and passes and I had move on and on to different homes with different families with different drama. because a baby nurse don’t do housekeeping by cleaning house and the duties is to fully take care of the baby.Diana Frederick back to help the mother of the baby clean up. So the mother of the baby came to the room am staying into and as soon as she came in I ask for her to bring the baby so I could change.

My Life As an Immigrant doing here again because some of these families will make the baby nurse feel like if you don’t know what you doing. then the baby will start crying meanwhile the mother of the baby will ask why the baby is crying and you give the answer saying to her well the baby was sleeping and you friend came and pick up the baby and wake him/ her. like if they sure know what they doing where the baby is concern and start talking so loud that you will hear them in the next room and sometimes if their want you to do something. and then the next day will come and I will hear things are not working out because she don’t like how her child is crying and you know all that is because she and her friend talk the day before when she pick up the sleeping child. Then once again the one who will come over to you. The baby will now then have to still wait on the feeding time which is on a schedule time. Because they friends will come over and decides to pick up the sleeping baby. and of course I get some horrible clients and some very nice ones. And I pack my stuff up and left and move on once again to the next client. then so I decided it was time I get my own place 23 . Friends will come over and look at the baby nurse like if it’s shit on the chair. and then start asking a bunch of stupid question that don’t concern the baby which is far away from what you doing for the baby as a baby nurse. and now she gets upset but anyway I just say to her okay that’s fine with me and say to her my advice to you in the near further when you decide that you want a baby nurse please try and work with them. and you are trying to teach them the right way about the baby or even when they say that we really want our baby to be on a schedule they still will turn around and do something different. and not against them because we are just here to help.

So one day my roommate called me on my cell phone which I had gotten a prepaid at the time in those days a prepaid phone was all I could get since I didn’t have any social security number to get myself a monthly paid phone. and before I leave I told my roommate thanks for everything and good look with things. Anyway I will just be in my room thinking and wondering again is this really America am in with these people treating you 24 . Then after a while things got pretty slow for me and while I was home in my one room apartment. and I could go see it when I come out from my job which were in Massachusetts and that’s what I did since that was the last job for a while because things started slowing down. but it give me time to come see the room for rent and as soon as I saw it I said yes I will take it. which were all new to me because with those rooms you have to share the bathroom and toilet also share the kitchen as well. so anyway I call the guy he was from Jamaica and I said to please help look for a place o rent nothing big it’s only for me.Diana Frederick after staying and sharing the rent with the roommate I decided to organize and call a guy I met at a furniture store one time when I went to purchase a mattress. And went back at the roommate place and start packing and the same Jamaican guy got a van and help move the little I had in one trip. then he said ok and went looking about but didn’t get any thing. Then the guy my roommate was seeing tool me that he has a good friend father were renting out rooms. and they understand the situation because they were from the Caribbean and they were glad to have me move in. I came over to start my new life on my own fully and when I moved in I explain the landlord and son certain things. and he had give me his number we did keep in touch from time to time.

and what got for interested is most of the American kept on saying that they don’t want us here in the U S are the same ones who we work for and clean their houses. cook. and when the job is done it will be a job perfectly 25 . Eighty-five of the people who to all those jobs for next to nothing money is from other places besides America or the United Stated. What happen to all of these people different people who come from different islands that don’t have proper documents that scarify themselves here in the freezing cold that we are not used to. But yet still they saying send the Immigrants back to the country and what about the ones that working for next to nothing putting up buildings all across the different states of America. the plumbers. but we do it anyway to get by. their make us feel like we are no good and it gets worse when we go to the doctor or hospital. because we are illegal and because we didn’t go to school in America and we are not citizens. when you go to a doctor or a hospital they will be asking for your social security care or your Medicaid card in which I didn’t know anything about. take care of the kids see about the elderly which will be they mother or father in the private homes. do their laundry wash their dirty underwear. carpenter. So what is this what America want from me again what they want people to do am just trying to provide for my family and love ones back in the Caribbean. and if you have insurance where will I be getting that from I say to myself an if you don’t have that a bill will come to the address you give to them for thousands of dollars.My Life As an Immigrant like dirt or making you feel like if black people don’t have any brain. especially the ones that came from outside the U S like the Caribbean people as they will call us the Immigrants. the ones who cleaning these people lawn.

so you tell me who is doing this to us and the question you should ask yourself is why the illegal ones are taking it and why the immigrants are doing these jobs and how there are getting job done.Diana Frederick finish and we take insults spit on slap even try to get us to sleep with them. So as I said work pay bills and try to make things right. so then one day a friend came to me and said girl I have a hook up for you so that you could get your Green Card and I was happy to hear that and I ask how you get that and he said well the fee is ten thousand dollars. And so I work and work and take little under paid baby nurse jobs sometimes. and time but that’s America for you. because I have to pay bills and do grocery to eat and pay my rent and make ends meet. but as you are my friend the lady will take six thousand and he said that I will get my social security card and my work permit first. Some of us even get afraid thinking the people we working for may report us to immigration office for them to send us back to our country. Then if you don’t pay your rent on time the landlord will sure make you remember that the rent is due and it’s time to pay the rent and they are not studying about the time when the roof were leaking or your doors couldn’t lock properly or the bathroom were flooding or you didn’t have hot water to take a shower or the toilet were backing up. they don’t remember that part at all and that you always paid your rent before on time and this one time you late they were ready to kick you out the door telling you that you have to leave the place by such and such day. and then four to six months I will get my Green Card and I was so happy no one else could understand maybe a few people that was in my shoes will feel the same and so I went in the office a Saturday morning in which she had prefer you come in on that day and I saw a lot of workers on the 26 .

and the lady told her just pay five thousand dollars up front then she will call her to come and pay the next five. and she called me and said to me that she has gotten a reply from the immigration and I said to her that was great and am worried about mine. So I ask for a copy of the receipt before leaving the place and she said together with my guy who says he’s my friend told me that I didn’t need a receipt and normally I will make sure. birth paper. and if I have any one else to bring for the same thing and stupid me said yes and he said to me that the other person will have to pay the full price which is the ten thousand dollars and I said that I will ask her. And I went on working little jobs by the mean time hope to get my social number and my work permit soon. and she came to but at the lady apartment this time and do the paper work. Well she finish paid off the ten thousand dollars and waited a while then ups come a letter in my friends mail. and so I did ask my girl friend and she was ok with it and that she is very interested. So he told me that he will call her and ask so I said okay and then he called me back and tell me it’s coming soon she said. and 27 . and months after months has pass and I kept telling my friend it not suppose to take that long right but it was only three and a half months since I went to the lady office.My Life As an Immigrant floor as well and a security letting you know where you have to sit. and get one and I say to myself as usual it’s my friend and we go way back so it’s alright and I left. and then was my turn finally to go in and fill out some forms meanwhile my friend that introduce me to place where all this hook up is going down and so as I started filling out the form the lady whose running the business came over to me and said that I have to give her a money order of six hundred along with a photo copies of my pass port.

And I called her so many times and she never picks up the phone or returns my calls after I left her a million messages.Diana Frederick what’s going on so I started thinking that something is wrong because how it is she get something in the mail and I started my paper work a long time before her. then I told him that I change my mind and I will like to have my back my money then she said to me that she have to talk to her superior to see if I could get it back. And as we turn the corner to her place we both saw with our own eyes a U Haul truck loading stuff on the truck from her apartment. so I ask her when can I come back for my money and said she don’t have that kind of cash on her and I will have to wait tell she call her superior so I waited a couple of weeks and it seems to me that she never called anyone. So as I were saying I picked up my phone and made the call asking him to come go with me at the lady place on Snyder and 34th street in Brooklyn NY in that heavy rain which I really were not thinking about that the time and so he said ok if I wanted to go let go and we both meet up at New York Avenue and Beverly Rd. Suddenly one rainy night I pick up my phone and call a friend of the family and said I know it’s raining outside but and this is months after the fact I still hasn’t gotten a phone call or reply or anything at all. I really was surprise when I saw that so I turn to 28 . and then he said lets go to the lady I was so mad but I went any way and I ask her what is going on and she told me that one of her workers forget to send it in and I was more mad now when she told me that. And so I called my guy friend the one who put me on the hook up and I told him about my friend who has gotten a respond in the mail.

And so I look up at her window and saw her telling the truck man what to do and where to put stuff in the truck.My Life As an Immigrant the gentle man that were with me and said is this for real am I seeing right. and when he answered the phone I told him what was going on right this minute in the purring rain. people who try to get through with 29 . so she couldn’t come and the guy said that he’s in Brooklyn not that far from where we were and when he got here we talk and try to figure out where she’s moving and going. Is it with the innocent people money including myself she took and go buy herself a house wow that is seriously mess-up to do something like that. So any way I stayed a distance with my friend and while I were watching the truck being packed up I called the guy who suppose the be my friend the one that took me they to do the paper work. and I even saw the guy who were helping her in the office and who were even helping pack the things on the truck. Because when I went looking for at the office spot where she had people coming to sign up. And so my other friend said to me that we will take a taxi off the road and wait behind the truck by following it slowly and see where it’s going and to my surprise the truck stop at a house near one block from a girlfriend I knew was living on the same corner near a house that’s up for sale. with the truck and the packing that’s going on with the lady at the apartment where he had take me to. it was close down and a big sign were at the building saying place for rent. and I said to my friend did she really buy this house that has the for sale sign. I even called my girl friend that paid off the ten thousand dollars and I told where am at and she said just let her know more of what’s going down because she leaved all the way in queens.

We all came here trying so hard to fit into America life and dreams and turn around and get screwed like that its crazy. I cry my belly full day and night for a long time because I save my money from the different baby nurse job I did. and when he came and meet me he told me that the guy told him the woman at the her next home in Florida and he doesn’t know when she’ll be back but I ask why is he in her apartment and dress like that and my friend said that maybe he is just staying there till she comes back. So my friend went in and I decided to go back downstairs and wait the he comes back down and meet me. and as the year goes by I will just pray 30 . And then we both left and go our separate ways. and my friend went inside while I were hiding in a corner outside the door.Diana Frederick the Green Card and the promise she made by telling us that well get it soon. and I get nothing in return for it so but I took down the house number like an investigator to find out if she really bought the place. so they was no way finding this woman although we went by the new place that she took her things and we also went to the previous house she were and went up to her door and my friend who had took me to her in the first place knock on the door and who could open the door without a shirt on was the same guy that were helping her with paper work and with the U Haul truck. and I just came home and cry my heart out and wonder to myself will I ever become a legal citizen. and I said we will have to pay her a visit sometime soon and we left. because my girl friend didn’t get nothing after all because she had to get in touch with the lady as well because the immigration told her that she is missing a paper work at an has to get them. while everybody parted from the scene and then I called my friend and ask him what we going to do.

and just so you know I had to give up work and sacrifices taking time off without pay because it’s not a permanent job am doing it was for the agency. and know that someday I could have my own home so when my daughter comes she will be very comfortable in her own room as a teenager or as a young lady so one day I spoke with my daughter. I got a call on my cell phone while am at work. And I had to lie and tell the agency that I was not feeling well and am going to the hospital and when I left for Tacoma 31 .My Life As an Immigrant and ask God to help me get through the days weeks month and the year. But first she decided to give me her cousin friend phone number so we could talk on the phone for a while to get to a little more about each other. because I know that I have my daughter way out in Portland Oregon going to school and am in New York and am trying so hard to make things better that I could have a good job with benefits also with stability. and we did just that and one day while I was on a baby nursing job with twin that I love doing so much. and she said that her cousin has a good friend and he could marry me to get my papers and I will have to come down there to Tacoma Washington. And as time passes by we had our phone conversations and I organize myself to go where he lives in Tacoma Washington. Then I still had to ask him if he was sure about helping me with my stuff and he said yes and he said he have to go and we’ll talk soon again and I said okay bye. and the moment he said those words I broke down in tears at the job right there and then I said thank you to him and I thank God. and hope something good will happen to me. And it was the guy in Tacoma and we spoke for a few minutes then he told me that he will help me.

Diana Frederick Washington to meet with this stranger I was saying all kind of things to myself. And we both took off in his car from the parking lot talking away while we were on our way to his place and it seems all good. but I ignore it anyway and I went into the baggage claim to get my luggage’s and call him from that area and he came to meet me and we greet each other. so he said let him think about it so right there and then I was very surprise of his statement because we had already spoke on the phone a few month ago about it and to come all the way here to hear him say to me he has to think about it. Because it’s not in New York things like that take’s long there. Then I get on the plane at JFK airport and while am on the plane I was saying to myself I hope everything work out because I put out everything I got which were money to buy wedding rings for both of us and bought him something nice as well. but you know what I say its en experience and maybe I’ll get through and pretty quick too. but first when I saw this guy smiling coming towards me in my mind I were saying that’s the guy he so short but he is pretty handsome but a little solid oh well that’s okay. but didn’t fall asleep because I couldn’t so 32 . and you know by belly were feeling so funny inside so I said to myself if it was feeling that way before I ever bought the plane tickets I won’t have gone. Well it was time for the plane to land and my tummy were getting worse. and promising and my stomach stop then I got relax for the first week and we talk over candle light dinner one night about what we going to do where and when. It hit me like a ton of bricks anyway we finish eating and I clean up and he went to the living room to watch TV and I went to the bedroom of watch I am staying in change my clothes and went straight to bed.

really going on this is not happening I can’t believe what just took place no way and I just keep crying till I feel asleep. and that was the best thing could ever happen to me down their seeing my daughter my girl all grown up because I haven’t seen her in two and half years and I brought gifts from New York for her and her auntie. The very next morning I woke up and there he were looking at some ball game drinking his beer one after the next. but it’s just that I came here hoping to get through because he said that he will and I took time off work 33 . because your awesome pretty and one day if not now you will get the help you deceive. because it was Sunday and so I made some Trinidadian style food and one of my daughter cousin wife were coming to get me to take me to Portland Oregon to visit my daughter which so lovely and comforting for me after everything that’s going on. And I said thank you with a big hug thank you for saying that and I love you very much. and I told him morning and told him I needed stuff to cook and he took me to get some grocery so I said nothing about the situation for a few days while time was not waiting on no one. because she had knew what was the plain from the time with her cousin friend that am staying with and I said to her no with tears in my eyes its not I said to her. and then she ask if everything were going as plain. Although I knew I had two more weeks left to get things done and ones I got back to the house from the grocery store I cook a lot of food. she got very sad and say to me mom don’t worry everything will be find if not with him someone else. Whom I haven’t seen as well for over eight to nine years so I were very happy about that and I was very happy also to weave my daughter’s hair for her and have some alone time with her.My Life As an Immigrant I lay there for a while crying saying in my mine what the hell is really.

Then she look at me but I really didn’t pay her no mine because I say to myself you aren’t better than me although my daughter cousin wife said that she is very racial. and I don’t know how long that will take so we talk for a while and it was time for me to go back to Tacoma Washington.Diana Frederick without pay for a month and wasted money knowing that when I go back to New York I will have to wait for jobs again. and she don’t want a black woman for her son. And the thing is the boy mother is black herself along with her son is just that he is half black and half white since his father is a white man. Well days goes by and the weekend came again and he and the boys had a basketball game again. so I really couldn’t understand how some people is like that and is not like I come all the way down here to take away her son from her. and he took a little time before coming in and then everybody starts looking for food to eat and her son ask her if she wants something to eat and of course she says no thanks. 34 . but this time I didn’t go I really didn’t felt like it so I stayed at home and cook and then later that day they’ll were back from the game and along with his mother. So I said okay thank you and he give me a little note from his friends saying that they loved my cooking very much and they had to back in the pot for seconds. And she really was not pleased by seeing me when she walked in. and they will be back some time to see who are the people that cook up a storm like that and I smile. So I kiss my daughter my girl and we all go our separate ways and the girl that brought me to Portland took me back. and as I got back to the guys house he said that he had put away some food for me from what I had cook before I left.

35 . and tell everyone goodbye and before the guy drop me back at the airport I gave him the little box with the ring that I had brought him along with other gifts. and so she and I just talk on the phone and kept crying over and over all the time about the whole situation and she will keep on saying to me mom please don’t cry everything will be all right. and ask me you leaving now and he give me a big hug and he said to me am so sorry you have to leave you are so nice and kind and that he which he was four years older to help me. So it was time to go and we both went out to the car and his cousin came out from his room because he were sleeping.My Life As an Immigrant It was for something totally different. and said well you know what and then I said its okay I’ll be alright don’t worry about it and thanks anyway for having me here. but it didn’t seem like he had told her anything at all so I spend out my next few days that I had left and couldn’t even get to see more of my daughter again because there was no one at home in the week to take me back to Portland. And that’s when I was fully in tears this time nothing could of stop my tears from coming and I went into the car. The Immigration won’t send you back so don’t worry. And then the day came when I had to go back home to New York very early my flight was and I got up and get ready to leave. and he started crying and look up to me as he sitting on his chair and said am so sorry I could and he stop right there. and that I could still get though before my visa expired so please cheer up and I wipe my eyes and say to her ok and I love you so much and which you were next to me that I could hug and give you a big kiss. and he open it and his eyes lit up and said you didn’t have to do that no one never give me something so beautiful like this before.

and send it for him along with a lovely postcard and I know you wondering again my readers why did she do that after everything but as I said that’s the kind of person I am very thoughtful and caring even when the person don’t deserve it.Diana Frederick And we were very quit the guy and me all the way back to the airport and as we got there it was no time to waste because everyone were getting in line to board. And when he left one woman behind me said to me wow he looks very sad that you leaving and all I could do is look at her and try to hold the tears in at least till I get on the plain. Well after these few months had pass it was his birthday because I remembered it and am a nice person. And soon you know it were summer time with the warm weather that I could relate to from the Caribbean. so he follow me up to the end and we had to say our goodbyes and he hug me and we both parted from each other. And we kept on calling each other for a while then one day I said in my mind that I need to move on and see what else could happen good for me. until one of my friends kept on saying girls look how one of the guys 36 . because I need to really get over what happen for so many different reason then I did just that and move to the next level. And I came home to try and pull myself together but it was very hard for me for about at least two to four months. and nice it was in the month of July and one out of the few friends I have here in America invited me to a barbeque hang out and it was fun. and that is the exact thing happened to me I cry on the plane the hole time till I got back in New York. so is birthday coming up on the month of March into April so I pretty much remember his birthday and so I got him some stuff why I really didn’t know myself but I got him some stuff okay people yes I did.

And as time goes by that year and every time I look at the TV I will look at the news and one minute the president will say he will help the illegal Immigrants. till I really had enough of her nonsense. Well you know I got real upset by that statement because we all came to have fun and to try and to get my mind off things like that for a moment while am out. So I had to put her in check by letting her know that am not desperate for my papers and that is when she stop looking for guys for me. so after the barbeque hang out we all went home separately and I still was a little stress out about not getting my papers yet.My Life As an Immigrant over there is looking at pebbles maybe he’s not married and he could help you get your papers. and you know the story earlier about the hospital and no medical 37 . So I just say in my mind let me try my very best not to take it on and so I work with whatever jobs come my way and then I started falling down all over the place sometimes in the streets and people will help me up and at one point it had gotten so bad that the last fall I had it send me straight to the hospital. you will look at the news again and it will say that there are missing 15 votes and it’s not going to happen again which is the helping of the Immigrants and then that will make you feel so depress all over again. So I ignore her and everyone kept on dancing to the music and she came to me again with the talk saying look at this one who’s coming towards us and look over there and look this one and at that one. and that will get me excited and the next time after a couple of months had pass again. Because one minute you think the government will help us and the next it’s like they against giving us our papers to help ourselves.

now you could get some good cook food well my mother open her mouth and say to her pebbles know am not a kitchen person.Diana Frederick and stuff. and she did come to look for me with her two hands swinging and asking me upon her visit and she walk into my bedroom. Well the lady just hug me and tell me hope you feel better and left the room very quickly. So anyway he came there at the hospitals which were the one at Park Slope area so when the nurse called for him to come in at the hospital. which was the second time he came to help me and no one else beside God and the guy was there for me. but at this moment I couldn’t think at all so I had to get surgery and it was just me alone without my mother at my side and yes my mom were in the U S as well with all that were going on but anyway it were just me without her. So I said ok I’ll be out in two days after the day we spoke on the phone. And so I got to introduce my mother to the landlord wife at the same time and said this is my mom and the landlord wife say to me that’s nice. and they were coming up to see me the same time because the landlord wife were bringing soup for me to drink. because I couldn’t walk so the landlord that lives downstairs open the door for her. But anyway while my friend visited me in the hospital he wanted to call my mother at her job to let her know and she said that she will come to look for me when I come out at my home. because she don’t like hospital which I understand because not everyone could handle coming to look for a sick person in the hospital either. so a friend of the family of which you had read about earlier that went with me in the rain to find the woman concerning my money and paper work. then my mother pour some of the soup 38 .

and I will just say to him don’t worry pretty soon I’ll be there. And he went and brought me a nice flat screen TV and I still do enjoy it. and also got a part time job as cashier at a Caribbean restaurant so I will go to work in the night with the baby nursing and come at a certain time when the restaurant opens to work the register which will be on weekends only at the restaurant. but I did it slowly with all the pain I had I did it for a while and so I was on the bed rest for about four months and more. And then I was a little better to work and I started to work again and then I got a job at nights with a new born baby in Manhattan. and our friend of the family came to look for me the following day after my mom left and he said that you have to get a TV for your bedroom because you can’t be walking up and down like that you will damage yourself. so anyway he will take me out to fancy restaurants along with his driver and he will shower me with flowers which 39 . And I try to get some rests which were not that much but after my mom left that same day I took a good rest for a while although it was hard getting up to use the bathroom and getting myself cleaned up knowing how I love to bath and smell sweet with perfume. but he has gone back to Trinidad and sometimes he will call and ask me when am coming home to my country. because at first he was so nice like a real gentleman and that I like in a man.My Life As an Immigrant into a smaller bowl for me and then went into the living room to make some calls to Trinidad for a while. But one Friday at the restaurant because I had work there from Friday to Sunday only so one day I started talking to this customer and at first I was not into him because of his ways and I really should of see him for what he turn out to be in the end. But even getting back to bed as a lot of pain for me.

One day I told him that we needed to talk and he came one evening at the restaurant to pick me up and we went out for dinner. and very soon he’ll see about me and I said to him okay and I let it go. And he will keep telling me that he love me and I will see his brother sometimes and the brother will say to me I see my brother really love you girl and I will just smile when he say that. but I’ll be nice about it when he give them to me but it was nice then he will start asking me to sleep over and I say to him one evening not yet it’s too soon because it was only a little over two months if so much and am not really looking for a serious relationship. and we talk over dinner by ourselves while his driver left to come back for us and so I told him my gold’s and what I need and wont and he said to me ok I will help you but to me that word I WILL HELP YOU kept spinning in my head because it’s like a broken record just playing over in my head. And I bought the story for a while and he started treating me like dirt telling me stuff like I know when you not with me you are with a next man and you only talking to man on the phone all day on your cell phone. And he said to me don’t worry I will help you everything will be alright and that he just have to bring up his daughter from Trinidad and the paper work almost finish. So one night I took the train to go to work and as the moment I get outside my job in the city he will call my cell phone and say 40 . and I take that abuse from him for a while then it will the nights when I go to work he will drop me or let his driver drop me to work into Manhattan. and it also have the time when I will take the train. and how I don’t want to sleep with him when he wants it and I suppose to give him sex when he wants it and why I take so long to answer my cell phone.Diana Frederick am not a flowers person.

Well the next morning came and I went home to get some sleep and after I woke up he will already have called a million times and then he will call again with things like why you was not answering your phone look how much times I was calling you and you never answer. And before I open the door to go in my work place I will go on the stairway in the same building where my job is and listen to him on the phone saying all these things to me and I will cry and ask myself why am I still doing this to myself is it all for a Green Card this is not worth it. and I will go on with my day with my routine I will go on and on with him and then it was my birthday time around the corner which were a few days away and he said he’s going to take me out and he will start telling me about the cant marry me cause he don’t know me and kept on 41 . and I will stop him on the phone and say to him that I have to go inside to work now because it was time and he don’t want to come off the phone and I will just leave him on the phone and I will just go to the door and buzz the door bell for it to open and he will still be on the phone while it’s in my pocket. And he will get pretty upset and say to me you know what you doing and hang up on me. and I will organize myself for my work for the night with the baby that am taking care of and he will be listening on to hear what’s going on and that is when he heard the baby crying he hung up the phone after. and I will say to him when someone is sleeping they won’t be able to answer the phone if it ringing. I put the baby back to sleep for the night and everyone went to bed and I will just look down at the lights in the city and say what is going on and why am I putting all my energy on a guy who pretend.My Life As an Immigrant to me that he knows am not on my work and starts telling me all kind of hurt full things.

Diana Frederick

showing me some rings that he have in a box, and say to me that I was going to give you this but I don’t know if I want to and he have to see how good I behaved first. And the night of my birthday came which was the month of November 16th and he invite one of the girls from the restaurant where I work on weekends, and the evening were nice along with his driver and his brother being there and lots of flowers and champagne for everyone. Then he handed me a bag and I open it and saw two boxes and I took out the first one and open it for everyone to see and it was a Rolex watch, and I show everyone which I already knew the driver and his brother had seen before, but then I took the next box out and it was an engagement ring and I just give a little smile and put it out on the table for everyone to see again my gifts I have gotten. So is brother told him to put the ring on my finger and he did and gives me a kiss. After that now everyone make a toss and we all order our food to eat and listen to some nice music. The next morning after waking up at his house he started arguing saying things like he is not stupid and that the is watching me and hope I know that he is not going to marry me because he doesn’t know me and how he knew what going on and so he kept on going on over and over just the way he was behaving I felt so hurt and stupid, I just sit there crying so a little later on that day he call his driver to pick us up and the both of them drop me off at my apartment and left for work as he said. And I got ready for my work later on that night and then while I was getting dress for work he call to say that he is letting the driver come to get me so that I could get drop to work and he ask what time I have to reach for and I said for 8 pm and he

My Life As an Immigrant

said that the driver will be at my house at 7:15pm to pick you up, and I said okay I’ll be ready and thank we’ll talk later when am settle in work. And this went on for a while until it was his birthday and I took him to along with one of my co worker from the restaurant the driver and his brother of course to my boss my restaurant not far from the home at the city where I work with the new born baby. I took him there just to have that different scenery and style of food, but that was one of the biggest mistake of my life other than meeting him because when the waitress came to our table everyone order what their saw on the menu that there, or what they think they will like but my so call man wanted me to order for him and I did just that and while the meal were preparing we ask the waitress for red wine and she brought a bottle and pour into each of our glasses for us to taste and it was very dry I must admit. So she bring a few more bottles for us to try and she kept pouring and pouring and then I stop her and said Miss we just want the sweetest red wine that you have please. Then the manager of the place came over and ask what was the problem and instead my so call man stay quiet or be nice he began saying stuff like the waitress don’t know what she’s doing and what kind of place this is with no table cloth on the tables because when you really look around in the entire restaurant we were the only people without a table cloth on. And on and on he go then the manager brought a nice bottle of red wine and it was the best ever, and along came the food which was a disaster all over again because when they brought it to out table the meals look like when you cooking food for the dogs back in the Caribbean.

Diana Frederick

And you Mr. man start calling someone and anyone to come and move it away from him and so the waitress took all of our food from the table and came back to ask if we will like something else and we all took the ribs and that tasted a lot better. And it was time for me to give the birthday man his presents after eating and he loved everyone of his present, I bought three gifts for him a robe with his name on it, a cologne set and a lovely ring from Zale’s the diamond store. And everyone of us enjoy looking at him smiling and how is face lights up for me it was wonderful moments, and we all toss and then left the restaurant. Two days has gone by since his birthday hang out the n my phone rang which were a Sunday because his birthday was the Friday, so any how I answered the phone that Sunday afternoon a few hours before getting ready for work and I said hello and the person on the other line introduce themselves, and I said hi and it was my boss husband the man that own the restaurant where we had gone for the birthday hang out. All I could hear was you are no longer needed with no other explanation and he hung up before I could even ask a question or say anything, and so I put down the phone in slow motion and look at my guy at the time and he ask what happen and I told him and he said to me don’t worry about it, but I had to because I lost a good client with reference and I have no job now and am not expecting any baby nurse job any time soon. And yes I have to worry because if I didn’t go there I will be still working and have lots more job with her friends, and so he felt bad as he put it and he called his brother and told him and we meet later that day with his brother and the driver, and the brother said never mix business with please and that I learn. After that has happen one day we both had a big argument

And when you where through and you pull out you said to 45 . So as I has said he came up in side at my place and I show him the pregnancy text and started crying and I told him how much he is destroying my life first with my job now this pregnant thing. And asking me why I have people calling his phone so I said to him why you didn’t answer your phone and he told me he was at the doctor’s office so I said well anyway am pregnant and you know that I can’t carry any baby and I went on further and say to him that you knew what he was up to and he really will have to do something about it. and he came up stairs finally for the first time at my place for a little while to talk about what we have to about the pregnancy. and I said to him is for this same reason. So I ask what you have to say for yourself and I told him that I know exactly when it happen the night before my birthday and yes you did put on a condom but it bust and you kept on going until you satisfied yourself. and so he did call after that phone call and voice mail. And then he ask if he could come over and talk with me and I said yes and he let his driver bring him right away. So I decided to call a girl friend of mines at the time and told her what’s up and she said to give her his phone number and she will call him and if he don’t answer she will leave him a message to on his voicemail letting him think that I am calling from the board of health and that is what she ended up doing.My Life As an Immigrant because I try calling him several times and didn’t answer his phone and I left him a message on his cell phone and he still didn’t call me back. and as I say to him the couple times I ask him to please use condoms and he will say am helping you and doing everything for you so why he have to use condom.

Well any way the next day has come for him to take me to the doctor and we got there and sign up to see the doctor and I went in and the doctor took the test and also a pap mere test to and all other blood text you could think of one time and he told me that he will call me with the results for the text. but it was a good thing he but me to sleep because the after pain was not nice at all and on leaving the doctor’s office I cry all the way home and I just came and go straight to my bed when he drop me off. he said to 46 . And then I even say to myself I just had enough of him and I wanted to bring in the New Year without him in my life and now I come to find out that I miss my period is that bad luck or what. So he said to me don’t worry I will take you at a doctor and see about it. and you did show me and from that day on I knew what you where up to. and again I started crying and saying things to him like I hate you so much and that he came into my life to destroy me.Diana Frederick me that the condom bust. because he’s a liar and that he will pay because God don’t sleep what goes around comes around and that he have to remember that he have three girls as he said and he won’t like to see things like this happen to either one of them. Later on that day he call to see if I wanted anything and I said just the life before I met you and I hung up the phone till the next day. When he called around 7 am the following morning and I ask him why are you calling me so early in the morning. and how he know that he is not going to help me with anything and I just want to move on with my life. But he did the procedure one time to eliminate the pregnancy which were already five weeks old and it was very painful after wards.

And Mr. And I told him the situation and the time I have to be at the doctor the next morning. and I said to him let’s just talk when the doctor calls again to let me know what’s the next news please. and so then we were both on our way to the doctor and as soon as I got there the doctor called me in and told me what is wrong and when I heard the news I froze for a while and ask if he could call Mr. pain and disgust of him.My Life As an Immigrant see how am feeling and I said to him am hurting. and the doctor came to us and starts telling us what is the problem and I will have to go through surgery and take care of it as soon as possible. And that will cost five thousand dollars and to get a treatment cream for after the surgery for six months. And so he ask me to please come in the next day at 10 o’clock am and we’ll talk about your options and that is when I called Mr. so I left a message and that’s when he called back and ask what the doctor say. And he went outside to call him in and he came in looking at me and the doctor told us wait till he is finish with someone else and he’ll be right with us. man and of course he didn’t answer his phone. Man and just shook my head and the tears just 47 . And that will be in three days from now okay have a good evening. and I have to come in right away. Man starts asking me questions like. I look at Mr. man outside and let him come and explain him what is what please. and them comes the biggest nightmare ever when the doctor call to tell me that my pap’s mere come back negative. so the kind of job am doing as a baby nurse taking care of new born babies I will have to stop and. am sick and felling dirty plus useless and also destroyed by you. so what the doctor say and he is going on and on and all I could do is look at him with hurt.

and she need some assistance. And then he started talking a whole lot of B S and telling me that I will be alright and I say to him you don’t know that. and he will give you something for it and I did get to go see the Chinese doctor that same weekend. and he said I’ll get the money so don’t worry. And on our way back to drop me off at my apartment I was very quiet until he pisses me off by saying if it was someone else that person won’t have come through for you. and so when he call me on Saturday I told him that one of my girlfriend is working in the women’s clinic and she spoke to her doctor and told her that she has her cousin on vacation here from Trinidad without insurance and medical. Man call me on Saturday evening I already had plain for him because I had realized in America especially its survival for the fittest and the strongest. Well anyway it was the weekend and I had call one of my friend and told her and that is very unusual for me talking about my business but it was a good thing I did call her. she’ll come and get it done before the week is out I’ll bring the money and then we left. and she give me a number along with an address of a Chinese doctor in canal street to go to and tell him wants wrong. But when Mr. so I said to him go to the person and let them know that they give you a decease and they need to see a doctor. but am not so am doing what I have to because it’s my responsibility to do the right thing and so I said to him where did you get that thriccomonius decease from. and he just look at me and I said to answer the question and he didn’t answer.Diana Frederick went falling all over my face along with hate and anger for him and he told the doctor okay it’s no problem. And she told the doctor my problem and he said okay but 48 .

and when I told him that on the phone he was more happier than me that he don’t have to put out more.My Life As an Immigrant since I don’t have insurance it will course three thousand one hundred dollars. And he might of make up some kind of other excuse so I just wanted to get this man out of my life as soon as possible get some cash from him from what little I lost out on with work while am home. And so I call for the results the following week and it was perfectly clean and I went down on my knees and thank God and ask him for everything to work out for me. so I had to get money to survive for now until I could start back to work. So although I knew I was not going to Mr. because after I took it for the thirty days he told me to I went for another pap’s mere test at the hospital just to see what results I’ll get. along with two extra hundred to pay a bill as I ask him for. and so he ask me when I have to go in and get the procedure done I said on Tuesday and why I pick that day to tell him because if I had say Monday knowing him he could have said that the bank won’t give him that amount of money. So he came on Monday night in this big white van and call me down stairs and ask me to come in the van with a different driver. to give me the money so he let me check the money in front of both the driver and him and it all were there the hold three thousand one hundred dollars. And please let this man stop calling me and that is what 49 . Man doctor I knew I will be home for a while and won’t be calling him after this. And yes the herbs I gotten from the Chinese doctor in Canal Street really work very well. So I had to lie and tell him about the doctor and the amount of money I needed but the decease and every other disaster that took place between him and I was all truth.

Diana Frederick exactly happened to me slowly but surely. and look straight at me and said hello how you doing and I said to him fine thank you and he said alright enjoy your day and he left with the other guy that were with him. then one day my co worker told me that a guy been asking about me and wanted to know where am originally from and she told him Trinidad but he didn’t believe her for some strange reason. And he place is order with one of the girls at the front counter then came to me to cash out his order. So while my back was turn to the customers because I were packing stuff up from one of the customers I heard a deep voice say good afternoon. And he said sure and ask if I could work more than the weekends and I said yes as soon as you are ready for me I could start. So the next time he came into the restaurant I were helping one of the girls because people started coming in left right and center to order food and bakery stuff. Then one day I went back to see if I could speak to the owner of the restaurant I was working on the weekends to see if I could get back my position as a cashier. and one Friday evening two guys came into the restaurant and one of the guy were so tall and handsome plus very cute smile’s and all. And each and every week I will she him coming in to buy stuff from the restaurant and just look at me and smile. 50 . and I knew it was him that tall handsome guy from the islands of Trinidad. And that went on for a long while working there. so I started felling better and each day I kept on thanking God for having me alive still. And the very next day I went in as a cashier one again to work six days and every other Sundays will be my day off. and I did just that.

And then we got to where I lived and the truck stopped and he wanted to talk with me a little before I got out. then I say thanks for waiting but I have to go now because am not far from here just a little walk. Then he ask can I wait for you till you finish checking up and ready to go home and I smile of course and said okay no problem I’ll be right with you. and asking myself what a tall handsome man doing alone 51 . and he said hi to me personally and I said back hi too and I told him the girl will help you when she is through because I had to go back to my register and checkout for the day since my shift were over. and I sat a little while longer with him and he got my full name and he ask me where am from and different questions about if I do other things as a profession. So I said I do interior decorating back in Trinidad and I still know what to do and he ask me when can I come to his house and look at it. And that is what exactly happened he waited for me and I came outside and meet him and we then both walk out of the restaurant and he walk towards his vehicle.My Life As an Immigrant And I smile before turning around then I did turn and saw him standing there waiting patiently to be served. Then he said to me I’ll give a lift and I look at him and I look away then back at him and he said oh come on I won’t bite. so I could know exactly what he has to get and I told him I’ll let him know next time we talk and to have a great rest of the night. it’s just a lift right and I said okay and I got into his truck heading towards my apartment to where I lived. because he’s looking for someone to decorated his place. And I came out of his truck and we both said our good bye and I came upstairs to my apartment and I started smiling all over.

And when I got to his house from the outside it were very beautiful even when I got inside it was lovely. and take away my class with my wine I were drinking and sat it down on the night stand. then he took his shoes off at the front door and head for the bathroom on the main floor to wash his hands. Then he said he were thinking about this color and that color and so forth and we both went back downstairs into another door which leads to the basement area. He then take his and touch my face and kiss my lips slowly and gentle. and said to me sit and relax yourself and we talk a while then he got up from where he were sitting and came across to me. So days had pass weeks and months being friends with each other and I had gone to his place one evening after he came and pick me up from the restaurant job. Then he said okay would you like a glass of wine and I said as long as it’s red wine and not dry wine. but when I got down there I really didn’t want to leave wow it didn’t look like no basement to me at all the bed settings where lovely and all the little decorations around and the wine cellar were beautiful as well. and look at me and said are you okay are you comfortable 52 . And he said to me let me show you the stuff I want to get done with the place and I followed him up the stairs where the other bathroom were and bedrooms along with a little office section. And then he put the nice lights all around the room there and turn on the music. and he said okay then poured a glass for him and I and he made a toss saying to new beginning. then came out and ask me while headed to the kitchen If I will like something to drink and I said sure.Diana Frederick and looking for someone else to come decorate is place what’s up with that picture then I said all right let’s see where that takes me.

so he had me stood there while he continue washing all between my thighs and make me all soapy then put his lips on mines then the heat were on for both of us that water couldn’t of out the fire. Then I got into the shower with him and there he was already waiting for me to get into the shower. So he then turn and say relax am going for my shower now and ask if I could join him with a smile on my face I said okay very softly. and he said let me rinse you off so I could take you inside.My Life As an Immigrant and I said yes a little in which I were being honest because I was trembling in my clothes. and he was all set with a wash gloves and shower gel in his hands for me he said. And he made love to me from head to toe front to back left to right top and bottom in and out. And so he made love to me like there’s no tomorrow over and over the kiss me so gentle and passionate that I couldn’t think 53 . then I had turn to the front with the say motion from top to bottom all over my body were getting the soft touch and washing it needed from another hands. and that he did by lifting me up from in the shower and took me straight to his master bedroom. And I never ever bath with a man before in my entire life so I was about to with a tall sexy handsome man that lives by himself wow I say to myself and go for it. And he took out a big clean soft towel for me to use and a wash cloth. And he said turn your back to me so I can soap you down and that he did very gently from top to bottom rubbing and washing me. And I decided to do the same to him but not for long and not the way he wash me because he just wanted to make me feel good and relax more than ever. and even put candle light in the bathroom and turn the brighter light off so it was very romantic for me that evening.

Diana Frederick straight at all. and picking me up after my work and the days when am home and he calls to say he’s coming to get me. So after spending lots of time together and sleeping over’s and going to different places with him. Then he will take me home to his house sometimes for the weekend and cook for me and and go out and buy massaging old to massage me with. I didn’t know what he were feeling or thinking I just knew I started falling for this guy. And knowing that he couldn’t of help me because from the beginning I already had told him about my needs and what I had to put up with. and I will go upstarts to change my clothes when I get at his house and I will see a robe all lad out for me to wear while am at his house. which were so romantic when he call. So we both decided to go out to different place like restaurant and hang out and sometimes he will make fun and say okay look let’s see if any guy trying to get your attention. Each time on ward that he will make love to me it was always passionate nothing more nothing less. and we both will make fun out of it and besides being lovers we also become best friends when he needed each other to just talk too and that was very much amazing. I didn’t want him to ever stop at all and yes he did use protection. And all this romance went on for a long time that never stop and one day I told him I really have to get myself organize with my immigration status. because I need a better paying job and be able to do things in life so I could live in America better. 54 . and I loved it every time and things start looking like it were getting pretty serious on my end. before with a guy who lie and said that he will help me and I did tell him everything I went through with that son of a no good loser.

when I got there he kiss me and he both parted but while working on this job it had some times when I will take the train to go up to work there. and it was time for me to get off because it was my stop. And then I give her the proper information how to apply for the class and stuff. So anyway the person called out to me again a better this time by saying Diane.My Life As an Immigrant So different times days and months had pass and I were still seeking my Green Card without giving up. going different place losing money left and right with so call friends by telling me I’ll get my stuff by paying x y z as if I never learn yet from the beginning. Then one day I got a call for a private baby nurse job in Manhattan on the west side so I told my friend and he wanted to drop me up. since it was a night job from 8pm to 6am Monday to Friday. And so he came and pick me up and drop me on 86th and central park. so she said it’s me from back home in Trinidad we 55 . so while I walking I heard someone said Deane and I listen again without turning around because if you cannot pronounce my name properly I will never answer you. then ask if am a nurse because she had saw the bottom part of my clothing and I said a baby nurse and she said always wanted to be a baby nurse. and I said no its Diana with an A at the end. Then I went on my way to work having to walk two and a half blocks in the very cold part of Manhattan. then I turn around and she said my name again by asking the question is it Diane. and one night I was hustling to get the train on Atlantic Ave go to Manhattan side and I saw that person kept on looking at me and as the train approaches she came towards me as well and get on the train same time with me.

Meanwhile one day minding my business I got a phone call and it was the girl who grew up with me. whatever you need when you home and sometimes no lie I will get so confuse that I wouldn’t even know what shall I get. So she said listen girl listen am going up in the Bronx now to me with this guy one of my friend hook me up with. Then we will get there and he will tell me take what you want for yourself at home. and I will say yes am coming down now am locking my door and I will get in his truck and he will lean over for a kiss. and I said to him not much so he said okay what time is it and he said I’ll be there in twenty five to thirty minutes get dress. but am running late and she said take my number down and we both exchange numbers then hug and say good bye. And I just started thinking again which I really didn’t want to do then my tall sexy handsome friend call and ask me what am up to. started asking me if I got my papers yet and I said to her immediately please I really don’t want to talk about that is too much for me and I had enough about that for now am giving it a rest until I could try something else again. then I will ask where are we going t now and he will say Costco or B J’s. And those places has almost everything you could want to 56 .Diana Frederick grow up together she said and I look at her properly and said oh my god girl you look so different. and we take on the phone and he ask me to come up and meet with him so I said oh okay well go on and good luck. Then he were really here at that timing he give to me and I got a call saying am downstairs you ready. and she said I will talk to him for you and see if he knows anyone okay so take care she said to me and we both say bye.

And sometimes while he was the stuff on the stove or the oven he will join me in the living room. and then he will turn me around and starts untying my robe and I will say darling you got something on the fire. while he finish up in the kitchen and I’ll sit in the living room sometimes listening to some soothing music. we had some of the most 57 . Then he will start the kissing thing from my nick down to my back since it was my back facing him by the way I were sitting. And he will kiss slowly and soft as if he doesn’t want me to melt. and he will go start putting things in for me and I will feel so bad that I don’t even know what I eat or drink at the moment. Then he will run off to the kitchen and started laughing about the hold thing and I will just sit there for a while. while he take a shower in the other bathroom sometimes before me because he wanted to come out in time to prepare stuff for us to eat. and make me get up from where I were sitting for me to sit on his lap for a minute or two. Which were so nicely laid out. and wait for him to say dinner is ready and I will go over to the dining area which is all set with plate’s knife and folks. And then I will done with my shower and come downstairs in my pink robe that he got me. But we will get through that part and get out of there and he will make sure and have stuff for when he gets to his house as well. That sometimes he is the one will have to look in the basket and realize that it’s nothing much in it. but I will just try to get whatever little I could think of at the moment because my mine will be all screwed up that I cannot think straight. and a glass of wine will be chill waiting for me.My Life As an Immigrant eat drink. and of course we are going to his house after the store and when I get there as always my robe will be laid out on the bed and I will go get my shower.

It was amazing for real a good man has come into my life I sad and I felt all the bad things had gone out the door. Meanwhile a few days had pass and I was doing my own thing with little private jobs coming in very slow. So I ask her how thinks went and stuff and she said to me that he will be helping her to get her papers and that they have to set up a day when they will get married and go through the other process in getting the paper work send in to the immigration.Diana Frederick wonderful times in that house from week to weeks month to months and year to years. And I said am very happy for you and she said don’t worry he is checking someone for you and he will call. but I was still thankful as a person that don’t have the proper documents to work in a company with benefits and medical for if I have to go and see a doctor or claim back taxes from all the money I give to agencies by helping me find jobs or even when they send me out on jobs and has to take out a percentage every time. And I was more and more happier as time goes by and then. But that was okay because I believe someday and sometime later down the road I’ll get to pay tax. and I said okay that you very much for doing that for me while you have your own business to see about. one say I got a phone call as soon as he had drop me home and then I answer the phone and it was the girl I grow up with and call to tell me about the guy she had went to meet with up in the Bronx. Well my friend I grew up with call again one day and said that she already got married and also has send in her paper work 58 . me in a few days to give me a name and number to give to you so you can set up a day to meet. and claim back for the time am putting out within the time I’ll be on the books with whoever company I will be working for.

so I could get to speak with him and make arrangements for us to meet some time soon.My Life As an Immigrant to the immigration. So I say to myself this time everything will be fine one way or the other. and I said okay 59 . and I said okay cool thanks very much. But I made sure and pray still each and every day I awake and before I go to sleep. And he said you song lovely on the phone and we chat a little on the phone and we then made plans to meet in the city of Manhattan on 34th street on the Friday night which were the same week of the first phone call he made to me. with or without a Green Card so I just have to believe things will okay. And the days go by and the weeks came by and I just went on doing my private baby nurse jobs and try my best to save a little money. and just waiting to get a reply on as to what next they will have to do. So the call I been waiting for came in at noon on a Tuesday and I said hello. And we both say good bye but before she got off the phone she reminded me that her husband had spoke to his cousin and will be giving her the number soon within a day or two. And that is what I did save a little every chance I get because it could be any day time hour. but that was not a problem due to the situation and I said hi how are you and he said am good. I could get a call to help my life turn around for the better. because if or when I have to file for my paper work I knew I have to have money for that because it’s me who need it and I have to put the money out for everything. and I said you go girl that is great just keep your fingers cross and everything will be find. and it was the guy I had to go meet because my girl friend had even him my number without asking me. and that because I wanted a Green Card but because without the man above I will not be alive.

Finally we had got to Manhattan for me to meet the guy for the first time. in front of me was my friend who I grew up with was standing there smiling at me saying girl am here waiting for you to get here. 60 . So I said okay lets go over the road and see if he’s here yet. and what the guy is going to say when he sees me and we both laugh. and as my friend stop at 34th street to let me out. because I wanted to meet the guy too. so we play along with him a little to see if he could of figure it out when we did walk up to him smiling back to him. and as we both about to cross the street to the order side at TGI Friday they was a guy smiling and looking straight at us. Friday has come and I got dress and my handsome guy came to pick me up at the apartment.Diana Frederick and we set a time and where on 34th street then we both hung the phone up. Then I call the girl just to let her know that am going to meet him and where and what time also the day. While we were on our way for me to meet this guy for the first time we both started making jokes about how the guy maybe looking. and he took one look at me and say wow you shore look great and I said thank you very much with a big kiss. I just smile back at her because I knew it wasn’t for her I will not be here going to meet the person who could help change my life for the better. and what was a little funny to me is that he won’t even know which one of us he were meet. then I call my tall handsome friend and told him about it and he offered to take me to the city wait for me and bring me back home because to it was a very cold winter night. and see if he was good looking or not.

So my friend and I walk back across to the other side of the street where my tall handsome guy were waiting patiently for me in the truck. and I knew she felt so bad because he was making a joke at all. But as I said I really didn’t want her to feel bad because it was her idea in getting the guy to come see me in the first place. and my girlfriend ask me if we were going back to Brooklyn. but it got to a point that it was a little too much tell he turn to her and ask is which one of you I have to meet with. It was really too much for real she was going on and on with questions that don’t concern her at all. And we all enjoy the evening then the guy and myself decided we will continue with more important details another day and time. and we said no but we will give you a ride because it’s very cold and it was okay with him to give her the lift to Brooklyn. and the question go both ways between him and myself for a while as my friend sat there looking around and listening to our conversations while am wondering who invited her here. We were on our way back now from the city to Brooklyn to 61 . And then he turn to me and started talking a little trying to get some information about here I live work and what do I do for fun. so I said to myself it’s all good. then it was time to depart for the night so we all say our good night and nice meeting you stuff and walk out of the restaurant and separated from the scene. and I really didn’t want her to feel bad so I just let her be on a roll because sooner rather than later she will fall on her face by not minding her own business. so we all sat down and chat for a while and before I could of ask the guy any questions my girlfriend started on with different questions.My Life As an Immigrant And we all say hi good night and introduce ourselves and went into the restaurant at the TGI Friday.

Now we were off to a fancy restaurant somewhere I didn’t really know. Monday morning came and it was time to get back to reality and he drop me off at my apartment. then headed to where my handsome guy and myself had plan on going after the meeting with the mystery guy in Manhattan had lasted for a little over an hour which were pretty good. And in one week time the guy that I had met in on 34th street for the first time had call to find out what I was doing the coming Friday. so he decided to pick up some Chinese to take back to his house and watch a movie and relax since outside at the time was not a fun place to be. So we both got our dinner for the night and went back to his house where we’ll hang out watching movies. in which you know I didn’t need clothes to stay by his house just a robe will do since everything else was already in the house for breakfast lunch and dinner. Yes I did stay over for the night till Monday morning because that night was a Friday and he wanted me stay for the weekend. because of how freezing cold it was. then he went off to work feeling good from is wakeup call medication of love. and I said to him nothing much what’s up I ask and he said he wants to come to Brooklyn but I will have to give him directions. and two glasses for us and then he pored the wine in the two glasses and we sit together and watch a couple more movies for a while until it was time to go upstairs to bed. But now when we got there it was too late because of the time going to Brooklyn first and having to drop my girlfriend off.Diana Frederick drop off my girlfriend as we suggested and say good night. so I just sit back and enjoy the ride. in which I love very much and that karate action movies and after eating our Chinese food he got a bottle of wine out. and I said sure no problem just call early and let me 62 .

The reason why I didn’t want him to come at my apartment yet is one he were still a stranger that am still taking time to know. moving forward with going out to movies hanging out and getting to know more about each other before we decided to go further with things. Then op’s my phone started to ring out and when I look at the callers ID it was the guy calling. while in my apartment wondering what time he think he’s going to come to Brooklyn because am not going to stay outside late at all. We did just that my calling each other and getting to know his kids also because he had two boys ages 5 and 7 when we first 63 . so he said am on my way coming over the Brooklyn Bridge so give me the directions to meet up with you. And that’s what we did talk about the most important things concerning my papers and what steps we needed to take. And I give him the directions but not to my apartment but to where we will meet on the corner of Nostrand and Flatbush Ave. Well as the day went buy and the evening starting coming then time were passing by. because you never know people comes nice in all forms in this world and play nice and hurt you in different levels so I was playing it safe. So we both meet up at Nostrand and Flatbush Avenue although from there he had to drive a little more further to a diner. so I answered hi and hi he then answer back and say hi too. and I get myself ready and time him while I took the bus to meet up with him. so we can both get something to eat and drink while we talk some more about the important things.My Life As an Immigrant know what time you coming so I’ll be done with whatever am doing.

in which he had already told them that am they auntie pebbles so that is what they called me at all times when we meet. I help pack up they stuff in the truck and we where to drop me back to Brooklyn first so they could get an extra ride back. because the kids lived with the mother and plus the guy lives with his girlfriend so he where living three different lives here. It was time for every one fun to end meaning the kids because my situation was a little different and not about fun. After reaching back to Brooklyn we all said our goodbyes and I told the boys I hope to see them next time. and the ride they bikes also came back to the truck to get the roller blades in which that day were so beautiful because it was the beginning of spring.Diana Frederick meet. That day were fun for all of us. And so things were moving along slowly but sure because I 64 . we took the boys to the central park in the city of Manhattan. but I made sure and ask first because jumping into things. Of course the kids on the other hand didn’t want to leave central park yet but it started to get dark and it was time to leave. it was more like planning my life with a stranger and how to begin and when it will end as the guy had ask at the Diner that night on our first official meeting alone to discuss the plain. and so I got to meet them and they were very nice to me and playful too. and forth before getting home to sleep. The reason he wanted time to call me auntie pebbles were because of the situation concern the two of us getting to know each other and with the helping me out with my papers when the time is right. and was not so cold at all knowing the winter has just left. not because I wanted to get my proper documents I won’t care what he do or if he will be hurting other no it will never be nice am a woman too.

Yes that same guy came with me to meet up with my husband to be and we got they and I introduce them letting my husband to be knows that this is my best friend and that was it and the three of us went in and up the stairs to get the instructions were 65 . And yes right before we had left the park he said he will marry me to help me get my papers and he also said he were so sorry he already had someone in his life because am such a sweet sexy looking woman that he couldn’t understand why am I single still. Well anyway he start getting ourselves together with the date and time where we both will go and register for the marriage license. Now our big day came which were 03/05/07 and I started to get nervous and you will never believe when I told you who was our witness and my husband to be best man. and get the actual date for the marriage and rings were in place and my outfit ready as well for the big day of my life in which I never ever married before for anything or reason. plus for rings to married as well and the paper work was not cheap at all for when you have to send in a lot of different documents and copies of whatever Immigration needed.My Life As an Immigrant had to work a few baby nursing jobs to save money for my paper work. it’s not every day you could walk out the street and say wow he or she is a good person. okay remember the tall handsome guy who took me to met him for the first time on 34th street the same handsome guy that makes sweet love to me in so many ways etc. so this were the first time for me and also him too. I said to him thank you very much for what he said and as I go further in saying to him something’s you just have to wait be careful make sacrifices to achieve whatever you need in life.

And at the end of that same week I decided to get all the necessary paper work together and mail in for the immigration service. And we did just that waiting I meant and it took two weeks for a reply from the immigration office to say they have receive my documents. and by that time my body got so stiff it was not funny. and that was it until they send another mail after six weeks saying that I need to go take finger prints down town Brooklyn.Diana Frederick to go next. and then it was over meaning the ceremony and the three of us walk away from the upstairs level there and went downstairs from all that different ceremony was going on there. and know the thing is every time he had to go home after meeting up with me for anything he had to give me back the wedding band for me to keep. But I make sure and took the marriage license before my new husband make a mistake and took it home knowing that he don’t live alone. Then another letter along with that work permit had came so then I open that one second and it say I have to go to the 66 . in which could of make things pretty bad for both him and myself. Then the little ceremony started with the I does along with may you kiss the bride at that time I want to shoot myself so bad when the witness meaning the best man lord voice saying to us kiss let me get a picture. And couple more weeks had pass and another mail had come and I open it with a card with work permit writing on the card with my photo on it and I smile my body start feeling so funny but with joy and I cry and fell on my knees with tears in my eyes thanking God. and wait until we get a reply. then we both were called in by our last name along with the witness as best man too.

My Life As an Immigrant

social security off with my work permit and apply for my social security card and I was more thankful and praised him after I look at that work permit and the letter to get my order card with joy and tears that just kept running down my face. So it had no date for me to go get my social security card but I was very excited that I need to get my stuff and be organize so badly only the man above which is the Lord Jesus Christ knew how I felt, and I went and apply and the lady said at the office there that my card will come in the mail between ten to fifteen working days, and I wait for those days to come but it didn’t come in those days the lady said it came in less than ten days and made me more happy thank God as I said. Then I decided to go get my non drivers identification card from the ( DVM) motor vehicle of NY state and I stand in line waiting with my form filled out and everything, and reach up to the window and the desk clerk took my information, and input it in the system then turn to me asking me if I ever have a non drivers identification card before or try to get one and I said I try but never got one, and she said take back all these paper work and form and call this phone number and they will tell you what to do and I said okay thank you and I left the building. One time as I got out of the building I called the number the clerk give me and ask for the gentle man she give me to contact, and then I got one his co-worker and she told me I have to come in after I give her the information as is to what have to bring with me to apply for the ID card. And I were told what day I could come in and time and did just that which was the biggest mistake and horrifying drama of my life nothing else could of beat that when I get up to the office where they needed me to come. I got to the big DMV office in queens in which I have never

Diana Frederick

been since it already has one in Brooklyn, but I guess that one was bigger and with a lot of different offices for other things as well so any way I reach up to the 2nd floor where am looking for a Jewish guy in which I knew he were Jewish just by the name. So he came out and introduce himself and ask me to come inside and I said sure and walk in and didn’t know I were walking into a trap, that up to this day it is still in my mind from time to time from 2007. Well as I were saying he took me in a little area and ask me about the identification card I were applying for way back in 2003 which I really didn’t remember nothing of until he went inside and brought out this duplicate social security card, and put it in front of me alongside the original card and I was really amaze surprise shock confuse, and any other names that you could fine in the dictionary that I couldn’t believe I had forgot all about that since it was four years ago. Well he then ask me where did you get that social security number from and I explain how I got it till the person who I got it from charge me eight hundred dollars, and said it was good for me to get a job, and I took it because I really didn’t know better and go further as to telling him I never ever know a real social card from the faults one till he put the both of the side by side and there and then I saw the difference. Then the night mere came rushing straight through my body when he turn and say to me I will have to lock you up, and those words never ever leave me and still haunts me today from time to time because I never had to go through nothing like this before, and so when the FBI woman came is there and then I realize he also was an FBL agent and the FBI woman place the handcuffs on my and I scream like I saw death in front of me, and it was no turning back I cry and scream nonstop from queens to

My Life As an Immigrant

Brooklyn where they were doing the booking I was just confuse even though the Jewish FBI man told me that it’s just to pass me through the system, and it won’t affect me going back to Trinidad and stuff it’s for one night in a cell he says and I will get a Legal Aid lawyer to represent me and I will be out. Even though the FBI was every nice to me I was going crazy crying nonstop over and over and they asking me if I wanted pizza and soda while am crying down the place standing up in a jail cell. And girls nice young girls go to jail over and over like is nothing to them because meanwhile am standing there trying to find out if am crazy yet or what, inside the cell I were in had this toilet bowl standing right there in the middle for them to used and all I could do is cry more and more that whole day and night. Then names started calling out then my name call which other girls were upset because they started saying I only came in today and I am getting call already, but anything to get out that side from these crazy looking girls is fine by me. And onto another cell by this one was for the girls who are waiting to be call me the judge but a lawyer has to be assign to you first in order for you to go see the judge and a few got call and the tears starts falling slowly again but in silence. Then another Jewish man came calling out my name and I answer with grace fright and everything at the same time, but I walk towards him and he ask me why am in here and what I did it for and I said I didn’t know better I just someone I thought was my friend told me she got a social card, and I could get one as well for eight hundred dollars that I thought I could of get a better job, and so I want to get my ID card because I only had a passport


and the judge dismiss the case and I were free to go home and I thank the lawyer and ran out of that place so fast like if a snake was coming to sting me. So one day he called me and ask how are you doing in a very low tone and I said am okay and he said to me that he had a dream and that I were on his mind so he had to call. and the judge told me I was lucky that the social card number was not anyone own it was just a makeup number so the judge told me to be careful with people not everybody is a friend. and catch the first taxi at the corner to come home and throw the clothes I had on so far away from me.Diana Frederick moving around the place with so I thought it was all good and never knew it wont of landed me up in jail for the night. and it cut me like a knife. It also took me some time before I could call my tall handsome friend since he went away to Florida and live after is 6yr old son started giving trouble in school and kept getting sick. Then it came out of my mouth that I had been arrested and I broke down with tears and started crying on the phone tell I 70 . so he had to pack up here where he where living in the borough of Queens NY. in which was the second worst thing that could badly hurt be so much after being arrested and I had to help him pack some of the small stuff and it was just weakening me so bad that I felt as if I was choking in my own saliva I cry and cry and cry till I felt weak and sick. So he had to give me up and go to his son and the wife he been separated from for over four years going on five. That right there was a lot for me since we become so close throughout the years with everything we both has gone through. But I went before the judge with the lawyer and he told me don’t say anything let him do all the talking.

and he was oh no that he felt bad as he said that he won’t there for me at the time everything was going down with the arrest and being in that jail cell it really hurt him a lot he said. because remember I had to give him money in order to get the help I needed.My Life As an Immigrant couldn’t speak to him yet about it no more. but it was over and we try not to think about it at all. So I finally get around in telling him about the whole thing that happen to me and how it led to the rest. so he said to me relax and I will call you again soon because after he move to Florida I had stop calling because remember now that he is not living alone anymore so you have to respect the situation for what it is. And right there is how we started back talking by the he calling me from time to time and it’s like nonstop calls and texting from him about how much he misses me and all. And so when I got my first part of stuff like my work permit and social security card I didn’t tell my husband because I still have to give him more money and I didn’t have yet to give to him. But with all that happen I didn’t tell the husband because the first thing is I didn’t wanted him to think am a bad person and I hang out with the wrong crowed and do wrong things at all. even though I felt all alone without my best friend and my everything to me has pack up and make a drastic move to Florida by quitting his job selling his house and one of his vehicles to try and make things work once again with the wife and help take care of the son. so everything remain on a down low till 71 . And I told him I will always remember those moments for the rest of my life and I learn very much never trust people just like that where getting arrested is concern and trusting people with hock ups and any black market stuff.

And each to have copies of birth paper and with me to have my passport and anything else that they wanted. Well it started getting a lot for my husband to soak in with all those information they wanted from him.Diana Frederick I could make a little money from my baby nurse jobs to save up for him. By the time we both say we’ll try and get all the other paper work they needed. Then separately we had to know everything about ourselves because remember now we are husband and wife. but anyway we had to know everything and when I say everything I really mean everything. And that went on for a while until I got into a little private work to make ends meet then it was getting close to the time for us to go for an interview with the immigration from the letter they had send us. but yes they were so we had to get things in order even though it seems far away it was not because we got married the month of march and the interview was the month of July to see if I will get my Green Card. but he went along with it because he really wanted to help me very much even though it seems like the day was not coming for the interview. and when my husband saw the list along with me we were like oh my god really are they serious. and I guess they expect us to know everything about each other in which I know in the Caribbean husband and wife don’t even know each other as they think. So we had to bring in all the stuff they require for us to bring with us upon arrival on the date and month they give us. medical coverage and also making sure his name is on the utility bill and rent bill and both of us with life insurance as well. like making sure to have our joint banking account. 72 . health insurance. we must have and be ready for when is time to go in to immigration.

Then the interviewer ask us for the photo ID’s. and had to be on time for this interview because if we are not there on time they will have us reschedule the interview. birth papers my 73 . Because the interviewer started off by asking how long we been married. how old the kids are and if they live with us and where my husband lived before we lived together. and didn’t want to see my husband all I wanted was to go straight home just pass go and crawl into my bed. that when we left there I was crying inside so bad that it hurt my chest.My Life As an Immigrant Now the time has come for the interview which held in long island and of curse my husband has to drive to Brooklyn to meet from Manhattan where he lives. were we met. and how old your wife daughter his and he answer that correctly as well. Then move on to him and ask if most of the same questions only a few added on to his questions besides asking if I have kids and my husband had knew the situation about my daughter and I never mention much to my husband throughout any time when we are hanging out so anyway my husband answered yes my wife have one child and the interviewer ask where is your wife child and if it’s a girl or boy and he told the interviewer that’s my child lived in Portland Oregon and it’s a daughter my wife has. what we give each other for each other for our birthday and what we give each other for our birthdays. where we go to celebrate after the wedding. who proposed to who. and what make that so for me was him being late and then having to deal with the interviewer at the immigration center with all these questions that made messes everything up. And men he was not on time with the time I told him to meet me and I were freaking out so much that I had a bad day. then ask me if he have kiss. how many.

and the question to me was why your daughter birth paper is not here and I told him I really didn’t know since my daughter pass eighteen years of age I didn’t thought that she will be involve in this interview since she is not a miner and lived all the way in Portland Oregon with her father. And so when we both thought the interviewer had finish asking question it seems like he had just begun. So now it looks like we had reach the finishing of the interview with the immigration officer. and the interviewer said no you are the mother that has a child and we need to see the child birth paper still. and how much.Diana Frederick work permit and our wedding album so he can see the pictures of the family and see the different places we have gone which won’t much because we were newlyweds that trying to get by with work and bills. now that answer right there hunts me for weeks months and so on because of the answer I had give before separately from my husband into another room my husband were when I was being ask those 74 . so he ask my husband where did you take your wife for her birthday he then answered and say he took me out for ice cream and cake. but he had one more question for me after looking over all the paper work that they had ask us to bring in. so he turn to me and ask if my husband had any siblings and I said yes. and I did tell him with one of them I forgot the name so I made that up because it’s like I was starting to go out my mind. and I told him three of them and he ask how many boys and girls and I said one brother and two girls and of course he ask what is they names. You know what happen there right is because I got screwed up by me not having my child birth paper and by my husband answering the wrong question when the interviewer ask him one of the question concerning our birthday.

and all he could throw in my face was where all the friends that you have am sure. Well that was the biggest mess of the day week month and year because we had letter that came in the mail and said we fail and we could appeal. So lying was not an option at all if he had just came out. And it was a big night mere for me I had to think a while and let my husband know the bull shit that he made in my life. and that was a knife that just push straight into my heart without thinking. because he will have to wait until I am fully completed that is when he will get the rest of his money an when I do give if any money I will always give him a receipt with date and it so he won’t ever say he never gotten any money from me. and say I couldn’t give or take my wife anywhere because I had to work out of new York since my job needed someone to work out in Texas. but I work again as always to save some money with all the little baby nurse jobs that coming in. and so he kept on going on until I look as if am falling asleep so he could just drive and shoot up.My Life As an Immigrant questions and because they already check his files and saw that he work in Texas for the few month from the end of September till the month of December 27th. And no we never got a lawyer to guide us because we didn’t had any money to pay a lawyer at all. Now I have to wait till I work my behind off even harder now because I have to really fine myself a lawyer this time for him to 75 . that not one of them could help you to get your stuff. and all that conversation is happening while driving back to Brooklyn in the truck with this and that. and he himself were very upset that he had to try this all over again to file better paper work information and other things and to.

And I took some days before I could call my tall handsome guy to give him the bad news. I just wanted to go and tell him the hold situation first before I call to see if I should proceed. we just have to work on your husband because he don’t be on time and don’t remember stuff that much but he will learn to know it’s not a joke its reality. Then after going to see the lawyer I felt a little better after he said don’t worry it will work out. and he told me that one of his friend went to a lawyer but that lawyer was not available so that lawyer give him a number for this lawyer down on chambers street side. and as soon as I came off that phone I cry till I could cry no more but I got very silence for some days. And then I call my husband a few days before and tell him 76 .Diana Frederick guide us on a straight and narrow road where all these things are concern. because I were feeling like you hold my hands and walk with me till I reach freedom at the end of the stifling tunnel and then all the dirt of the tunnel was tumbling down on me. and get things right this time because it was too much money running down the drain and I said okay I will. and when I did call him is like I couldn’t really breath properly at all. and he wanted me to call and get some information and see if he could give me a price deal in order to move on. So he stayed very quite on the phone when I called and tell him what happened then he said you know what I’ll call you back. and I made the appointment with her to come in first before I call my husband. Then my tall handsome friend call me back later that even. and give me a number for a lawyer down town chambers street area. And the very next day I made the call and the secretary answer the phone and so I got the full name of the lawyer I wanted to see.

but we could not change that we just had to move on from they with the help of the lawyer now. then we went up to see the lawyer and sat with him and chat for a while and give him all the information he needed about both of us and from the interview we had in long island NY. but knowing my husband you have to tell him to in advance when it is and always give a different time which will be a little more earlier so he will be on time. and he said 77 . And I gathered the amount of the money that the lawyer wanted me to pay down which were very fare.My Life As an Immigrant when to come to queens and we both will meet with the lawyer from time to time. And he lay out the rules and that we have to make time once a week to come in the lawyer’s office and go over all the questionnaire and make sure that we have everything down like our personal live both inside and outside of our life which will be like the pass the present and the future as well and we studied each week once a week and the money were coming in slowly but surely from my baby nurse job and I were making sure am showing my husband the amount of money am still spending because of his lies with answering the question about giving me cake and ice cream for my birthday like if am a child you giving that on the birthday in which you done tell a lie. Then finally a date was made to go in for the second interview and I believe we were prepared but knowing how these people come to work with a bad mud. The my husband came to down town at Chambers street side location and meet up with me and we both greet each other and say hi. and then we get the paper prepared and send in and just sit and wait for a response in which the lawyer and myself got a copy at my address. and I was still nervous but not like before because we had a great lawyer in your hands.

So we got there and my husband is getting frustrated because he is not seeing the lawyer and telling me to go back through the scanner like if you’re in the airport because the immigration office wants to make sure no one comes in with any objects. so I had done answer all my questions and then my husband hard to answer a few more questions like where is the TV in the house. Then we were call in to see a woman interviewer this time and she was on a roll with questions which is nothing compare to what the man had ask. explain how the furniture’s in the 78 . so I had to tell my husband hours in front as always because he was not good at all where timing is concern because he will never make you reach anywhere important on time at all. if his wife have any tattoo or mark on her skin and where. what brand toothpaste you both use. what color is your wife toothbrush. And it was time to get to the interview and the lawyer said that he will meet us they at long island once again. and I guess she could take her time and run through all what we been ask long before and more. They comes the lawyer I said to my husband just in time for when they call our name for us to go stairs and do a little more sitting because people was here long before us and it goes in order. well she had the hold would to ask me about by the rate she was going. but the lawyer manage to help us out big time since the lady were asking be questions separate from the both of us seriously this time and with a recording so we can’t repeat any other the answers last year. And then she started off with my husband who was pretty much upset with all the questions already. what name brand is the TV.Diana Frederick that once the interviewer ask a question either of us don’t have to answer it’s up to us.

And he went on further telling what I have to do exactly to get it in which I called my husband and told him what had happen with the mail I got from the immigration and what they needed and that I needed him to come and take me to that same horrifying place the FBI had take me for the time I were held after my arrested. but at least it was not in the area where I stayed. and how often the kids come to visit us in Brooklyn. But it was all good because after all the million questions that day and we walk away from there the lawyer smile and said that. the new kiss and say our good bye until I got another mail from the immigration services that the disposition was missing. so I had to call the lawyer one time and ask him what is a disposition and he told me that it’s the later that tells you that the case was thrown out from when you had gotten arrested in 2007. After all that I let my husband take me back to the lawyer office and the lawyer send his secretary right away to the immigration 79 . Then we left the lawyer and went back to the truck for my husband to drop me home. I had to go up the escalator on the 2nd floor and get in a line to explain at one window what I had came there for. and they will lead me to the other window so I could collect the disposition that I had came for as long as they had gotten the right year and information from me they were able to pull it up. and how many bed in the apartment and when my husband kids come over where do they sleep. and where do the kids sleep when they visit us.My Life As an Immigrant situated and if we have any DVD player. then I finally got it which took less than an 30 minutes to collect and I was out of there so fast that I told myself if I only stop and ponder I will get a melt down with the phobia of the place all entirely. it’s okay you guys you great don’t worry and we will keep in touch and as soon as any letter comes we will call.

Mariah Carey. so I stayed with Macy’s working and at 34th street were great seeing all those different celebrities coming in like Rihanna. 80 . so I said okay I’ll come and apply just give me all the details to where I go to apply etc and he give me a number to call and set up the interviewing date and time and who to say that recommended me for the job. then one day I got a call from my ex boyfriend from way back in Trinidad that he is working at Manhattan Mini Storage and wanted me to come and apply there as an Storage Associate that has to sell storage and the other things you have to do in the company. because they had an immigration office down town Brooklyn as well which work out pretty good to our advantage since the lawyer office were walking distance from immigration. but then I decided to apply for work so I could start paying tax and I apply to Radio Shack then to Macy’s because the pay was not great for me at the Shack so I started working the two jobs with different days and time was good for about four months but then it was a little too much for me going back and forth. and then he left after dropping me off. so meanwhile my husband and I both were on our separate lives he were going to school and I were trying to see how much baby nurse job I could get to make end meet. So the secretary to the document across to the immigration building and my husband took me to my home. but then I had to go see two other people which were area manages of the company. Then we wait like while things we putting in place at the immigration office.Diana Frederick building right away which were not too far from his office. Jessica Simpson and others which were really wonderful. Then I did just that by going to apply for the job by taking a test and answering a few question from the director of the company were a white man.

My Life As an Immigrant First one out of the other two go sees I had to meet with was in the same building where I apply and took the test in which he were a African American and he was not nice in no way. 81 . you could look at the form and she if they have an education because one don’t have anything to do with the other education is one thing and experience is another and I got up and look at him and said thank you for your time and have a nice day. so then before wrapping up is questions to me he then said to me without looking at me and said am to over qualified to be a Storage Associate and no experience with storage and I look at him in the eye of his and ask the question how could someone get the experience if they don’t get the experience and how could someone be over qualified to work as a customer service. Just by the way he were speaking to me and the questions he ask then look at my qualifications that concerning customer service. the interview was very short with him that you could barely get a word in. because you have the education and now you want the experience. because it’s like you go to college or any school then you finish school and came out looking for a job for the first time and you go to apply for that job not that you want or need a job is because you went to school in the first place to study and get a proper education so when you come out to look for a job you won’t hear from the owner. I guess he decided not to give much people a break after he stared from nothing in the company till he reach up as an area manager. And I went on further by saying to have experience is to get the experience. boss or management that you don’t have any education. So it really don’t make any sense telling someone who is going out there to look for a job that they don’t have the experience for the job.

so I couldn’t work the two jobs anymore but because I was working at Macys I got to 82 . So my foot was in the door at the storage place and am doing both jobs back and forth till one day I wanted to leave the storage place but everyone say don’t worry you will do great just give it some time. and I did give it two years of my time after the training an after leaving Macy’s because after the train I had different shifts to come into work at a location lower Manhattan because I were training upper Manhattan. So to me it seems like it was an African American just reach up in the company and were just trying to have power over anyone who trying to get their foot in the door. Frederick and I said yes and he said to me you got the job can you start to work form this week and I said yes sure and then he give me the day I should start and time and where to go and what I should wear until I get my uniform and I said thank you very much.Diana Frederick Then I was on my way to the next interviewer which were at one of the locations at Canal street down town Manhattan in which were more delightful the area manager there were very nice and he took me around to see the building and ask a few question and as I were leaving he said well good luck and hope to see you on board. Then I was smiling all evening at Macy’s but hello I was not about to leave my job at Macy’s yet until I was sure about this job while doing the four weeks training. And by the time I got to work at Macy’s that evening after that last interview I got a phone call and it was the director for Manhattan Mini Storage that I took the test with after filling out the application right well that’s the one he called me that evening as I got to my locker at Macys and I answer the phone and say hi he then say hello is this Ms.

and when I got there this African American lady came out of her office area and greet me and ask if I wanted a cup of coffee or tea and I aid tea and she then showed me where to go get it in the next room from where we were.My Life As an Immigrant have a Macy’s credit card and I was very happy about that since I get to buy lovely stuff there. or they may have to let me go and I said okay and then she went on further by asking me if I knew when I will be getting my green card and I told her am still waiting on the immigration by mail because I did the interviews already and then she said okay but just know that if by the end of the next month comes around and I don’t have proper documents they will have to let me go even though am doing a great job as she said but it’s the law that they cannot have anyone with proper proof of working in the U S and I said to her I understand very much and I will let her know what’s happening as soon as possible. It was over whelming that day for me a day that I will never forget that filled with joy to the fullest that I drop straight to the floor and start praising. Well I worked at the storage place for a while until one day I got a call from the head office to come in and see one of the people up there in corporate. and thanking the Lord God with all I had 83 . And as the weeks pass and the month has just pass us and approaching the next month and as the within the first seven working business days had pass a letter came in the mail which make my stomach starts hurting and feeling bubbly inside and I started walking up the starts opening the mail slowly but surely feeling a hardness inside the envelope and I open it and there this card that say welcome to America it was my green card finally arrive. Then she said to me that my work permit is going to expire in the following month end and they will have to get a renewal.

I bought my ticket online and I were all set to travel which were in the late hour of the morning I will get there. that I got my green card and he was speechless and happy so much for me with every interview I have gone though and fail. Then I did just that by putting in my vacation notice at the storage company and being excited to travel and seeing my love ones again my siblings and friends. lover and like brother and sister in due times. And so I text the tall handsome guy that is my one and only best friend. and paper work with money orders that I had to send in over and over to immigration in order to reach this journey was a blessing from the Father up above and my handsome guy was really happy for me. 84 .Diana Frederick in me with tears of joy and happiness in each and every way that I couldn’t even think because it came in the right time before I got dismiss from the job that day for me in which the good Lord has made. because she stood there with a really surprise face then drop on the chair and started crying of being so happy to see me. but not to late because I had to get someone home to open the door at the house for me and oh my goodness it was very worming and beautiful when the first person I surprise was my best friend when the car pulled up at her place. so I started buying stuff and going shopping little by little and getting things in order for my trip. but no other with all the trials and tribulations I come to realize that it’s not a joke because the man above the Lord our God exists and no man could stop anything from happen if the Lord says otherwise. and I organize myself after a few months that I will go to my country and surprise my family and friends. and I just walk up to her in the little shop she had selling snacks for the school kids there and as soon as she saw me she were in deep shock I believed.

And I did enjoy myself and it was time to leave again and just 85 . you have to come to work otherwise they snap their fingers and say next person to work and you out the door in that snap. And we both hug each other and we happy to see his little sister once again because I were the last child out of seven kids but not a spoil kid at all. So I open the door and went in which felt so great that I thank God again and still do thank him each and every day. but with all the happiness that’s going on and the distraction I really forgot that I had a key to get in the house so I didn’t have to wait on any one to get inside.My Life As an Immigrant It was really wonderful seeing her in person again although we chat and saw each other from time to time on Skype. And I waited a while and then realize oh my mother give me a key to get in the house. And I had a great time even though the time spend was very short but you know when you have a job in America you can play with your job. but it still was not the same like how it felt in person and then was to go home where I grew up and where two of my brother are at my mom’s house so when I got there no one was home yet only my uncle next door was home in front of his yard then he walk up and give me a big hug and was very happy to see me too. And I came back up to work and couldn’t wait to go back down that same year for my birthday to hang out. so as I were saying I sat there trying to sought things out that I brought for my brothers’ and others then I heard one of my brother big mouth coming through the yard and I am smiling at that time from ear to ear and there he was looking young still like he never aged. and I did just that with personal days from my job and took a few extra’s to make the length of time I were planning on staying in the Caribbean.

opportunity to visit the Caribbean from time to time as I always ask him to keep me safe at all time because if wasn’t for the man above I will still be wondering if. You see I never like goodbyes and so I keep it the way that’s work for me and no one else I was sorry and sad about the way I do it but I really preferred it that way. but and maybe. 86 .Diana Frederick so you know they never knew from the beginning till the end when I were coming to Trinidad of leaving from Trinidad I were always appearing and disappearing. But I still have the struggles and trails and every other thing that comes along with the devil that tries to keep you from success with whatever good you want to do in life. And from time to time I go and thank the Lord above as always to give me the chance and.


then comes this tall handsome man into your life and offered to stand by your husband side as his best man. Having to get arrested by the FBI and sleeping in a jail cell for a night was nightmere. Watching someone run away with your money when you thought they are helping you file for you proper documents. And so I said some day I will love to go America and get a better life so I could help my brothers and sister just the way I saw the advertisement on the television about the big apple. I want to tell the public how being an immigrant is really like and the things you go through without proper documents in the United States of America. . At times things were hard for my mother having to take care of us without a father. but we make the best of things. I had my schooling in Trinidad and studied business and after I finish school I had a daughter and now she lives in Portland Oregon. • My name is Diana Frederick. Am originally from Trinidad I grow up in a village called Belle Vue in a family of seven kids and I am the baby of my siblings. Then desperation comes in when you meet the wrong guy thinking he is going to help you. I have a one room apartment.Searching for jobs to survive without a green card and trying to find help as an immigrant. I live in New York now in Brooklyn.

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