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AFF Nuclear Power FINAL

AFF Nuclear Power FINAL

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Published by: AffNeg.Com on Dec 21, 2008
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Only true alternative to fossil fuels is nuclear power.

Waste News, 10-1-07, Revisiting the nuke debate, lexis, bc
It's back! After some 30 years, applications have been made for two new nuclear power plants in the United
States. And that likely will heat up the nuclear power debate. NRG Energy is seeking to build two new
facilities in Texas, the first serious attempt at new nuclear power operations since the infamous accident at
Three Mile Island in 1979. Time only has slightly cooled nuclear power as a hot button topic since then.
What may be different now is that the nation is willing to take a more serious look at alternative forms of
energy, as imperfect as they all are. Probably the biggest thing nuclear power has going for it right now is
, at this point in time, it is the only real large-scale alternative to fossil-fuel generated energy. But to
what extent its pros outweigh its cons, if at all, continues to be heatedly debated. But the current energy
portfolio needs to change, and quickly. Part of that means throwing away some of our preconceptions of the
past. This is a crucial crossroad for the nuclear power industry, and we hope they are up to the challenge.
A solid, viable alternative energy source such as nuclear would be a badly needed shot in the arm for
America's energy game plan.

Nuclear Energy is an emerging technology.
Micheal Totty, news editor for the Wall Street Journal, 6 Jun 2008, The Wall Street Journal, “Energy (a special
report); The case for—and against—Nuclear Power”, Proquest, AB
Loan guarantees and other federal incentives are needed to get us over this hump. They are not permanent
subsidies for uneconomical ventures. Instead, they're limited to the first half dozen of plants as a way to
reassure investors that regulatory delays won't needlessly hold up construction. It's important to remember
that although nuclear energy has been around a while, it's hardly a "mature" industry, as some critics
say. Because of the lack of new plants in so many years, nuclear in many ways is more like an emerging
technology, and so subsidies make sense to get it going.

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