-Cassette 1: Side A Clay can t believe he's hearing Hannah's voice because in the previous weeks, Hann ah committed suicide

. Clay continues to listen to the tape and Hannah explains t hat whoever gets the cassettes is a reason why she killed herself. She has two r ules. You listen. And then you pass the tapes on to the person who follows your name on the tapes. Hannah says over the stereo that if you're on the list, you should have gotten a map. Clay realizes that this isn't a joke and just days bef ore Hannah overdosed on pills. Inside was a folded up map of the city that someo ne had slipped into his locker. Hannah begins to explain about Justin Foley. -Cassette 1: Side B Alex voted Hannah Best Ass in Freshman Class. Hannah was in class one day and a li st was going around the room to every student. As soon as Hannah saw it the teac her came by to get it. She saw her name and also Jessica Davis's name. She was v oted Worst Ass in Freshmen Class. Alex made this list to be mean to Jessica Davis. In this chapter Clay begins to listen to Side B of the tape. -Cassette 2: Side A Hannah explains that before school started, her guidance counselor, Ms. Antilly, wanted her to come by the school. While she was there she was introduced to Jes sica, who soon became one of her good friends. They went to Monet's Garden Cafe & Coffeehouse and got hot chocolate; that soon became their hang out spot. Alex then starts hanging with them there also because as like them he was a new stude nt also. They all one day met at Monet s and Jessica had heard some bad rumors abo ut Alex and Hannah that weren t true but she thought it was and slapped her anyway s leaving a scar on her face above her eyebrow. -Cassette 2: Side B Clay was at Monet s when he was listening to the tapes and he heard about Tyler Do wn, (the peeping tom) from Hannah s window. Hannah kept her window open often abo ut an inch or two to let in fresh air. She knew someone was out there because he wasn t keeping quiet out there and his phone kept making noises outside her windo w. The window blinds were kept at an angle exactly how she liked them so she cou ld fall asleep looking at the stars. Hannah didn t know for sure if it was him at first, so she called over a friend to catch him in the act (taking the picture). The girl pretends that Hannah has bad things in her drawer as she was looking f or lotion. The next day at school she asked around where everybody was last nigh t and Tyler had the most defensive response of everyone. -Cassette 3: Side A Courtney wanted everyone to vote for her Most Liked in the senior yearbook. She as ked if Hannah knew about the party that was going on that current night. Courtne y invited Hannah to a party just so that she could get a ride there. When they a rrived at the party Courtney and Hannah split up. She had really felt used. Cour tney sent over a cute boy to talk to Hannah, but once she realizes that he only reason that he comes over is because Courtney told him about the things in her dra wer in her room. She then told Courtney she could find her own way home and Hann ah left the party and left Courtney there. -Cassette 3: Side B Valentine s Day was coming up and the cheerleaders were having a fundraiser. You w ould take a survey and then you would pay to receive your results from the surve y. One day this boy Marcus calls Hannah and invites to take her out. Once she ag rees, they go to Rosie s for ice cream. When they get there Marcus tries to touch

Peer Communications. She really felt disgusted after that happened. Hannah agreed to this to try and force herself to the conclusion that committing suicide is right. Ryan Shaver is in the class too and he pub lishes things at school very often. She then feels really bad about not reporting it. She t hen wonders what people will think if she didn t come back to school. While she is passed out Bryce comes in and takes a dvantage of her basically raping her. She then refuses to report it. He just sat there and looked at her. and he didn t go after h er. Hannah connected with and fell in love with him. Clay was not on the list.2012] same par When Han Later on missing . She thought nobody was interested in her. She then ran out of his office.04. Mrs. -Cassette 5: Side A Hannah starts speaking of Clay on this tape and he's shocked at what she says. Porter and talks to him about committing suicide. He steals one of her poems and publishes it and embarrasses her. nah keeps going on and on about it she then puts Hannah out of the car. After she does this he then walks out an d then begins to tease her. Hannah writes a note about h er committing suicide and puts it into Mrs. After the fact Hannah holds herself responsible to letting Jessica s rape t ake place and her not doing anything about it. -Cassette 6: Side B Hannah finds herself with Bryce Walker before she commits suicide. -Cassette 4: Side B Hannah joins poetry class and enjoys writing poetry and going to the class becau se she feels like she's wanted there. wonderful. But in the end she came to find out that Zach was. drives Hannah home from that ty and hits and knocks over a stop sign. The notes put into other people s bags were anonymous. -Cassette 7: Side A Hannah goes to Mr. [23. A ll she heard about him around school was good. when Hannah finds out that a kid from school had an accident from that stop sign and died. After that night he spread the word around sc hool that she was a slut. Bradley's bag. Clay feels guilty that he didn't try harder to und erstand Hannah. -Cassette 5: Side B Hannah attends a party and Jessica Davis is there and she is very drunk.all over Hannah but she shoves him off. She then began to think that nobody really cared. -Cassette 4: Side A In Hannah's favorite class. At a party th ey had engaged in sexual activity. -Cassette 6: Side A Jenny Kurtz helped Hannah get with Marcus. who he had affection for in return. Matter of fact. Bradley made the students make bags. but she sent him the tapes because she regretted never getting the op portunity to know him better. She the n enters the room with a boy. Zach stole her paper notes of encouragement in class. Hannah is hidden in the closet quiet and u nseen. but at this point in her life she was having difficulty connecting with anyone on an emotional level.