Vot e NO on SB 3573

SB 3573 is bad for Illinois consumers. It sacrifices consumer protections for corporate
profit. It alters the current process for setting rates and reduces transparency and public input.
Opponents of
SB 3573 include:
Senate Bill 3573 results in
HUGE water rate increases
for consumers
SB 3573 wi l l al l ow al l ow l arge pri vate
uti l i ti es l i ke Il l i noi s Ameri can Water
and Aqua Il l i noi s to rai se thei r exi st-
i ng water rates by as much as 5% i n
between rate cases, so that they can
ímmedíuteíy proít írom the purchuse oí
smal l systems. Thi s proposal i s outra-
geous because l arge pri vate uti l i ti es
al ready charge much hi gher water rates
than the typi cal l ocal government does
i n Il l i noi s.
Loss of public oversight
and accountability
SB 3573 al l ows compani es l i ke Il l i noi s
Ameri can Water to automati cal l y rai se
rutes íor exístíng customers ín order to
earn a return on thei r acqui si ti ons. Thi s
bííí modííes the lubííc Ltííítíes Act
such that the pri vate uti l i ti es can bypass
the standard regul atory process that i s
meunt to protect consumers írom the
expíoítutíve príces possíbíe írom mo-
nopol i es l i ke pri vate water uti l i ti es.
Unnecessary consumer burden
Large pri vate water uti l i ti es do not need
unother tuxpuyer-íunded boon ííke Sß
3573. Whi l e many Il l i noi s househol ds
and busi nesses were sti l l tryi ng to re-
cover írom the recent ínuncíuí turmoíí,
both Aqua Ameri ca and Ameri can Wa-
ter i ncreased thei r net i ncome by more
than 15% l ast year.
Facilitates water privatization
Many communi ti es i n Il l i noi s wi th
pri vati zed water systems have experi -
enced skyrocketi ng water rates i n return
íor poor vuter servíce. \hut's vorse,
pri vate water uti l i ti es, unl i ke muni ci pal
water systems, are not accountabl e to
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email: ecurroííºívvutch.org
phone: (773) 796-6086 (IL)
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