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Mejora la velocidad de navegaci6n en las computadoras de tus cabinas


programas y buscar si tienes la carpeta ue se llama Accelenet inchar en el icono Accelenet iiHI 1!}@l ~If) rrocemes MicrosoFt Firewell Client Management (orlFiguracior. par favor coloca el raton sabre este icono y haz un clic y ve a la opcion de Enable ACDSee32 es 'II reletonce Plene A9!'"P INS!' PI. par favor ir a Inicio."11 @I!:.) Disco local (D.-~08-k-----------------------'5---~ II ~~ e ~r:.c".))(gtv-1116-3m Sie . Despues de haber hecho esta accion.~Sf~!!Ir:.) !iI ~ t$J ®l ~ I!flJ l!I I ®l gntono BI"m D 1 !:.. Micro~oft office PowerPoint 2007 Ayudaysoportetemico Ejecutar .. .!' ~~ rt!r". debe aparecer en la parte in un icono can una A en un drculo y de color verde. aD Apagar..y y y Si no aparece el icono.. pero no esta en color verde.. el icono debe aparecer en color verde y ya esta funcionando correctamente.II" Aceel = -p'!de 1O..» ~r<~G-.) II$J asnoeje d"c. JAdobe Reader 9 061 'melD.lComo verificar si ya tienes instalado Accelenet en tu rnaquina? Verifica que tienes un icono can una A en un drculo yen color verde.···1 III) justvoo eblastod 1 '1lI M. JAdobe Reader 9 J:1mclOt -~-------------------------E5 lEI "<_j~..33'~ " till!) Despues de haber realizado esta accion.··1 ~ Poe'.1 Accelecet.')l( 'I &>St l\31:' II ie e.m Si aparece una A can un circulo...

If you do not trust the source.16. do not run 01 save this software.00 'OU want to fun Of ~ave tm file? Name: TW TOP_1_1678.07 rve Flom: 172.2 ~ave II Cancel While files from the Internet cal be useful.99.·s the lisk? .exe Applkation. this file type can poten~ harm your computer. .

.Opening: TDP_I_1678.e1 could not be .:~~i2~:~2~~b~::~9. ""'"..16..~~~~:9:iil2)~\~~ The publi.2 Estinated time left 31 sec (744 KB of 6.d..Sfie does not ho!ve e v!IId digital ~ature that venrles ls pUblisher. You $Ml. Ar" you 5..99.~~~9.ild only n.l $oftw<1I'e from pubbom YOII trust.exefrom 172.07 MB copied) Download to: Transfer rate: Temporary Folder 174 t::B/Sec ~&(2:~~::iti!i.r 50ft". e you _nt to run thi5 Name: TDP_1_IG7S..exe Publisher: unknoMl Publisher Qon't Rill Tt-. ~ .

.nd~d INt you ed all Wr..omenl: .nd aimin<l pena '"'" and . USE OF THE SOFTWARE PROVIDED WlTH THlS A REEMENT OOHSTITUTES YOUR ACCEf'T AHCE OF THESE TERMS If' YOU 00 NOT ACREE TO THE TERMS Of' THIS AOREEMENT. Y READ THO. =~..".F.Welcome to the AcceleNet Installation Wizard It it ..llOfl eX ttn 1li'0IJiI!!I.m....blc under 111'1#. Un~lihOJlZ8d f!PllldJction 01 dtbo.rr'ngille setl.. )IOU hove lunnno C4ck N to co...bondy lecon"". '(OU muet "gre. then dose a~ progr"".i.¥> Dlogram CltckCcnco1 to " . ". m. end rl.'iit( I. cMI ..ecw..OWlNG LEGAL AGREEMENT.d to thelM.. PROMPTLY RETURN THE SOFTWARE AND THE ACCOMPANYINO ITEMS (lNCWD1NO WRITTEN MA TERlALS AND CONTAINERS) TO THE LOCATION WHERE YOU OET AINID THEM to ploceed...dows PIQgI ms belOIS rt.~ leNl n ..... the license <lglecrnent b. Accelebleo» End User License Agreement NOTICE TO END USER: CAREFUil. be po.e rmalaliCJ'l WARNI G T hls piOOfam it prOl2Cted b!J COPJ.".m CIIlent poo.§~~~~j r I lIo nol """epl the leense ogl. the so P 1l«>IJam.ever.<tional tleal . 01 «II' poI~"" 01i.

oose not to ....Il'l(¥ click CdnceHo OIe1<.. the "PIl1it4tion wi! be n. st.lCancetlo r C:\ProgJanl ~iIe$\IClV>.d.elected eie cu"<rI~ bang in. and YruCIm ct-. btJUoo.nttailihe To instal " a dtf •• enl flI. fa AcceleNel !he in the fo]o"ing fold..lIAccele W'lZclId 0 <=bndJon Folder et ~ clcki->. The Installation WlZa.. t . rc~e:ClientSideSeMce!netalle r. . Copying new es.d The teolue> you .S eleci e fold. olnstollal"". ".d ..~'ho W'.. whet.!he 9 ck bU~CIfllo re ert ..cceleNot\ ack N<><I 0 bcgrn in. . folde r.OI'I'. rold..toIbtion 1 iriormali:. 'he im'olotion exil the Ooila.ese Di'eclOflJ C:lJ'rog om FoIe$IJCT\AoceJeNel\ Siza: 2252a ..tolled.t~t.e1ect andne. cick B.

_. . '::1 . '_ . X~.AcceleNet has been successruny Installed."t tt.t..luration changes made to AcceleNet to t"ke efled.~_ _. . OicI<!he Firnh l::U:ton to .. Oiek Yes to restart now or No if vou piaI')to restart manual}' late! I..J You must restart ..I'OUI $Y$lernfor the confi!. m.IJaoon.