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Nevada Gap Analysis_0

Nevada Gap Analysis_0

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Published by: bcap-ocean on Apr 18, 2012
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The 2006 IECC is adopted on the state level in Nevada, and all jurisdictions are expected to adopt the
code themselves. Although the state has not been very strict about holding the jurisdictions
accountable, adoption of the IECC in Nevada has not been a major problem, around 95% of the state’s
population is covered by an energy code.

Jurisdictions in Southern Nevada, which have historically had a great deal of cooperation from
homebuilders on code adoption, have already adopted the 2009 IECC and will enforce the code
beginning July 1, 2011. According to SWEEP, Northern Nevada’s jurisdictions are not as well organized;
some adopted the 2006 IECC just recently, and according to ICC (see Figure 4) some rural jurisdictions
have yet to adopt the IECC.

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