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WHAM Nuclear Powr AFf Final

WHAM Nuclear Powr AFf Final

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Observation One Counterplan Text

Plan: The United States Federal Government should advocate and fund dry casks for nuclear waste

Observation Two Net benefits

The counterplan provides a sufficient incentive to spur the nuclear industry and avoids all our permanent
repository and Yucca links and avoids the transportation links to the terrorism disadvantage.

Politics is a net benefit Using the dry-cask storage would allow time to inform the public
about waste disposal bypassing the massive political opposition to waste disposal.
PAUL SLOVIC, JAMES H. FLYNN, and MARK LAYMAN, Decision Research professor of psychology at
the University of Oregon, AAAS Science Magazine, 13 December 1991, Perceived Risk, Trust, and the Politics of
Nuclear Waste, nna

The Department of Energy's program for disposing of high-level radioactive wastes has been
impeded by overwhelming political opposition fueled by public perceptions of risk. Analysis of these
perceptions shows them to be deeply rooted in images of fear
and dread that have been present since the
discovery of radioactivity. The development and use of nuclear weapons linked these images to reality and
the mishandling of radioactive wastes from the nation's military weapons facilities has contributed toward
creating a profound state of distrust that cannot be erased quickly or easily. Postponing the permanent
repository and employing dry-cask storage of wastes on site would provide the time necessary for
difficult social and political issues to be resolved.

Observation Three Solvency

Interim dry cask storage will work for many decades.
Micheal Totty, news editor for the Wall Street Journal, 6 Jun 2008, The Wall Street Journal, “Energy (a special
report); The case for—and against—Nuclear Power”, Proquest, AB
In the meantime, interim storage in deep pools next to nuclear plants is considered sufficiently safe to
meet the industry's needs until well into the future. The amount of waste produced is relatively small;
all the waste produced so far in the U.S. would only cover a football field about five yards deep. Older,
cooler fuel can also be stored for decades in dry casks.

SDI 2008

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