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WHAM Nuclear Powr AFf Final

WHAM Nuclear Powr AFf Final

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Published by: AffNeg.Com on Dec 16, 2008
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Recent spending cuts prove the majority of congress is against reprocessing.

EnergyWashington Week, July 2, 2008, Newsroom Notes, Lexis VF
Sen. Pete Domenici (R-NM), ranking Republican on the Senate energy committee, has introduced legislation that he
and his co-sponsors hope will jump-start nuclear waste recycling in the United States, thereby clearing the way for
an expansion of nuclear power, which Domenici says is "the only way for America to meet our increasing energy
demands while at the same time reducing our greenhouse gas emissions." The new bill, "Strengthening Management
of Advanced Recycling Technologies (SMART) Act (S.3215)-- introduced along with Sens. Jeff Sessions (R-AL.),
Mary Landrieu (D-LA), and Lisa Murkowski (R-AK) -- seeks to promote the establishment of privately owned and
operated facilities for the storage an recycling of used nuclear fuel. Under the proposal, Congress would establish a
new competitive 50-50 cost share program between DOE and private industry to finance up to two spent fuel
recycling facilities--from engineering and design work through the development of license applications. Domenici is
certain that a nuclear renaissance is underway -- as does the Clean and Safe Energy Coalition, which issued a report
on the issue--and believes S. 3215 will help it along. Co-sponsor Sessions has this to say about the bill: "Nuclear
recycling will help us permanently and safely dispose of spent fuel while simultaneously increasing the amount of
nuclear material available to generate base load power. In the past, the issue of waste disposal has provided an
argument to object to expanding nuclear power, and I'm hopeful this legislation will jump-start recycling in America
-- leading to more clean, reliable nuclear power here at home. It is time the United States caught up with other
nations that have demonstrated that recycling can be conducted in a safe and cost-efficient way." Nuclear
renaissance or not, Domenici and his co-sponsors can expect an uphill struggle. Just two days ago, the House
Appropriations Committee approved legislation to fund DOE for fiscal year 2009 that includes eliminating
spending on the Global Nuclear Energy Partnership (GNEP), the Bush administration's signature nuclear
power initiative to reprocess spent nuclear fuel
, as we reported.

Reprocessing issues will become election issues
Business Week, July 7, 2008, NUCLEAR'S TANGLED ECONOMICS; John McCain says new plants can
help solve the energy crisis and address climate change. It's not that simple, Lexis, VF
The trouble is, separating out plutonium in the spent fuel for reuse is costly and dangerous, argue critics
like Princeton University physicist Frank N. von Hippel. And in any case, worries over separated
plutonium being diverted to make bombs led the U.S. to ban reprocessing 31 years ago.
The upcoming
election will pull many of these issues into the limelight.
The nuclear industry's call for still more
government support will find a more sympathetic ear in McCain than in Senator Barack Obama (D-Ill.). The
presumptive Democratic nominee agrees nuclear energy could help combat global warming, but he says there
are better alternatives. Indeed, many Democrats and renewable power advocates are upset that the playing
field is tilted so far in favor of nukes.

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