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WHAM Nuclear Power Aff 2.0

WHAM Nuclear Power Aff 2.0

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Nuclear Power Use Strengthens US-Australian Relations-- solving global poverty, living
standards, and economic growth

Ben Packham, 9-6-07, Herald Sun, PM feels heat as nuke deal struck, lexis, bc
JOHN Howard stepped up his claim for climate change credibility yesterday, announcing a joint
nuclear energy action plan with the US
. But APEC business leaders demanded immediate action on global
warming. They called on their governments to put a price on carbon emissions as soon as possible, saying
action on climate change was ''urgently needed''. The Prime Minister said Austral ia and the US had agreed
to tackle climate change as a priority. ''This stems from our commitment to action on climate change
that reduces greenhouse gas emissions in ways that enable all countries to grow their economies,
reduce poverty, and improve living standards,''
Mr Howard said. Under the deal, the US will back
Australia's membership of a global partnership to develop a new generation of nuclear reactors
Nuclear and clean coal technology will be shared directly with the US under the pact. US President
George Bush said the PM had been an international leader on climate change. ''Now, I know some say, 'Well,
since he's against Kyoto he doesn't care about climate change','' Mr Bush said. ''That's urban legend. That is

Australia and the US are currently forming a nuclear energy alliance

Barlow, Karen, 2007. Reporter for ABC. ABC, . July 20, 2007. “Govt leak confirm Australia-US nuclear
plan.” Lexis VF

TONY EASTLEY: The Federal Government is taking steps to move Australia further down the nuclear
power track. Australia could soon be working much more closely with the United States in developing
an Australian nuclear energy industry.
A leaked draft letter from the Foreign Affairs Minister and the
Resources Minister to John Howard talks about cooperating with the United States. The letter, seen by AM,
appears to be from senior Australian ministers, Alexander Downer and Ian Macfarlane. It proposes that the
Prime Minister announce an Australian-American plan on nuclear energy during the APEC leaders summit in
September. Karen Barlow reports. KAREN BARLOW: The letter, marked confidential, is unsigned and
undated but the Foreign Affairs Minister, Alexander Downer, and the Resources Minister, Ian Macfarlane,
indicate they're seeking action before the end of this month. EXCERPT FROM LETTER: "We are writing to
seek your approval for officials to begin discussions on a joint nuclear energy action plan with the United
States. The US Department of Energy has suggested Australia and the United States conclude such a
plan to provide an overall framework for nuclear energy cooperation
Macfarlane's office says Australia and the United States have had a nuclear energy cooperation agreement
since 1982. The sending of spent nuclear fuel rods to the US earlier this year could be seen as an
example of that agreement.
But this letter talks of technical and engineering cooperation relevant to the
international groupings known as the Global Nuclear Energy Partnership and the Generation IV International
Forum. EXCERPT FROM LETTER: "While some areas of the action plan proposal require clarification, we
believe there would be an advantage in commencing discussions with US officials. The proposed action
plan could help open the way for valuable nuclear energy cooperation with the United States."

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AFF Nuclear Power 2.0

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