Preschool Lesson Plans Week 5

Bible Songs Bible Reading The Beginners Bible Verse Theme Poem Nursery Rhyme Songs Pg. 206

Tuesday Wednesday Thursday
God is So Good (Wee Sing) Jesus, Name Above All Names (Brentwood Kids) Pg. 209 Pg. 216 Pg. 222 Proverbs 20:11 Eye/ Iris Eyes Lavender Blue ABC’s Jack and Jill (Cedarmont Kids) The More We Get Together (Cedarmont Kids) I See, You Saw I See the Moon, and the I Can Read with My Moon Sees Me Eyes Shut Match names Spell names Match names Review Letters and Review Review sounds Match Upper Case to Match Upper Case to Lower Case Lower Case Count to 20 Match Dots to Numbers Count to 20 Number circle with clothespins Review colors Review Shapes Pattern Blocks Review Shapes Review #’s with dots Count bears

Pg. 226

Reading Names Letters

My Eyes Tell name/ age Review previous letters “E” What Starts with “E” Review #’s/ Count to 20 Intro 5

Eye Spy Colors Spell names Letter Puppets Match sounds to letters Run to numbers


Colors Patterns Shapes Prepositions Opposites Fine Motor Gross Motor

Fish for colors

Review Intro: around Cutting Practice Tracing Beanbag toss Big/ Little Color Letter Tracing Jump off stool Playdoh mats Walk on a board Dot Paint Letter Stand on one foot Big/ Little Pom pom sorting Catch a ball

Preschool Lesson Plans Week 5
Eyes by Katrina Lybbert Some eyes are blue, some eyes are brown, Eyes can look up, eyes can look down, Eyes can blink, and wink, and stare, Come look with me, what's over there? My eyes see flowers on a hill, They see a bird with a yellow bill, Across the road I see a tree, Among the blossoms sweet, a bee! I look at you, you look at me, There are many things that eyes can see, Can you see all of these things too? Eyes are important, so true, so true. Prepositions: On, off, over, under, beside, in, out