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Basic Electronics 92%

Navigation (ALW) 92%

Computer Operation 92%
WP Revolver
Personality Program: Gung-ho, Friend, Dynamic,
Cheerful, Quick to Act
SDC by Location:
*Main Body: 150
Arms (2): 15 each
Legs (2): 15 each
*Depleting the SDC of the main body will
completely shut down the unit.

AR: 10
Size: 8 ft tall, 6 ft wide
Reinforced Frame:
Weight: 160 lbs
Power Supply: Fusion Power System (Micro) 6 yr
CONXJE-7491 life
Light Maintenance Droid Spd: 10
Enron Advancements Division as a maintenance PS: 30
robot and for their space exploration project Cost: ?
designed the CONXJE-7491. It is in the Prototype
stage, and as such still has a 1 – 18% chance of
malfunctioning. The CONXJE-7491 has a standard
artificial intelligence which means it cannot go
beyond the parameters of it’s programming. It has
been programmed to obey most vocal commands.
While deactivated it is in a Folded position and has
a plug that plugs into any outlet to keep it’s basic
systems powered while the main power supply is
powered down.
Skills: Equipment:
Basic Math 98% Utility Arms: (2 hidden R forearm)
Advanced Math 98% 1 ft long
Biology 50% 2 fingers and opposable thumb on each
PS: 10
Common sense laws of physics & Social Behavior
Advanced hearing capacity:
Automotive Mechanics 92% 5x human hearing
Aircraft Mechanics 92% 360 ft radius
Basic Mechanics 92% Estimate Distance of sound 65%
Paramedic 92% Est. speed and direction of approach 55%
Robot Mechanic 92% Recognize a voice or sound 98%
Locksmith 92% Bug Detector: Picks up and centralizes signals
from listening devices. Range 20ft
Pilot Hover Vehicle 92%
Wide band radio receiver and transmitter with
Automobile 92% Directional: Range 300 miles
Pilot Space Shuttle 92% Loud Speaker: up to 90 decibels.
Motor Cycle 92%
Navigation Space 92% Basic Robot Optic systems:
Read Sensory Instruments 92% Color Vision
3D analysis
Telescopic Vision: Range 1600ft 10ft area
Chemical Analysis System: 86%
60,000 stored in mem, room for 1000
Radiation Detector: Range 60ft
Thermo Imager: Range 1600 ft
Video Receiver/Transmitter: Range 40 miles
Self destruct system: 3D6x100 to a 40ft radius.

Electrical Discharge: hand
12 ft range
500 lb rewind weight limit
Damage: 4D6
Rate of fire: 1 per melee

+1 to Strike
Attacks: 2

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