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Responsabilidad Social Empresarial (RSE) Como Ventaja Competitiva

Responsabilidad Social Empresarial (RSE) Como Ventaja Competitiva

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Published by: Manuel Reyno Momberg on Mar 21, 2012
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Responsabilidad Social Empresarial
Como Ventaja Competitiva.


Actualmente se encuentra en una etapa de expansión del negocio de

fruticultura. Sus predios e instalaciones se encuentran en el Cajón San Pedro.

Gran parte de su producción se exporta a diversos lugares del mundo.

Responsabilidad Social Empresarial
Como Ventaja Competitiva.


he following investigation one focuses to the analysis of the

incorporated concept of Social Responsibility to the enterprise

management. In this process ethical values, political and designed

programs are gotten up to sustain to the decision making, extending the

enterprise vision of the strictly economic thing to the preoccupation by the

impact of these in their social and natural surroundings.

The Social Responsibility it appears in answer to observed the economic and

social changes within the globalization process, in which a new concept of

business visualizes, that comes to respond the exigencies that the society and

the market do to the company. This process takes to that a series of rules in

voluntary form is gotten up, under which a commitment with the community and

the surroundings is created, being translated these in a new paradigm the one

that introduced to the enterprise management appears like a source of

competitive advantage by on the companies that operate in the market.

Then, to explain the advantage that represents the Enterprise Social

Responsibility, the analysis of their competitiveness is divided in three parts,

being first introductory to the basic concepts of this one new tool of

management, the second part focuses to the motivations that move to the

company to incorporate this concept. Finishing with as one introduces to the

enterprise management and analysis with the results of the incorporation of

Social Responsibility to Manquillahue Agriculturist it is a Closed Joint-stock

company, familiar company, and the partners are four, was founded on 1988

dedicated to the production of fresh fruit, specially paltas.

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