S2 E-Portfolios

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The Maths department have saved around £350 this year by placing pupil homework and revision materials onto the schools This Reflective Language Tool Kit When pupils are writing their posts Website.

they should consider the following questions: What have you been doing? What have you learnt? How did you feel you did? How could you use this learning in different situations? What do you still need to improve on? What will you do next?

may also help pupils

In the future I am developing I learned about I learned how I really enjoyed I now understand I know how to I liked it when I can speak confidently about I liked the challenge of Through learning this I

I am able to I am proud of I am motivated by Reflecting on I took part in I have become This showed I can explain how Although At first I found I felt I had to consider I was challenged I had to

How and when will pupils upload materials onto their e-Portfolios?
 Fixed points/times will be added to the 2012/13 calendar, reserved for the upload and maintenance of pupils e-portfolios Individual Faculties may manage the upload of materials at fixed points during their rotas

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Upload of materials may be facilitated directly by the classroom teacher, either on an individual pupil basis or as a class i.e. at the end of the block an IT suite booked for the class to upload work. Examples of best work discussed as part of monthly tracking and monitoring meetings held with pupils Upload of content and pupil’s reflections on learning may be set as homework tasks throughout the year. Pupil homework would then be checked by teacher via the e-portfolio page.