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GRIM FANDANGO PUZZLE TOS Tim Schafer Peter Tsacle Eric Ingerson Bret Mogilefsky Peter Chan “This report, by it very length, defends itself against the isk of being reed." Winston Churchill Grim Fandango Puzzle Document YEAR ONE —- EL MARROW Characters MANNY CALAVERA. Travel agent of the dead, desperate for a good soul MERCEDES COLOMAR.. An innocent woman in the cross fire of con-men HECTOR LEMANS... Crime boss of the underworld’s underworld DOMINO HURLEY. Manny's competition. Higher sales, bigger pecs GLOTTIS SALVADOR LIMONES.... . Demon driver. Motorhead monster. Blood type: 10W-30 Ex-reaper-tumed-Zapatista-esque revolutionary Manny and Domino’s boss. Bad temper, bad toupee Copal’s secretary, Salvador's Chief of Staff . Client in opening cut-scene. Tough sell BRUNO MARTINEZ... Second client. Done in by bad gaspacho. Mediocre commission JUAN BRENNIS : ...Tube room repair demon. Shouts a lot RAOUL... -Obsequious concierge of the El Marrow Suites GIRAFFE WOMAN ...... What drives a person to put on a costume like that in this heat? BALLOON TWISTER.........- Making balloon animals for the Day of the Dead festival PIZZA DEMON Using Manny’s car to deliver in 3 minutes or less OTHER CHAUFEURS Sleek, ferrety, stuck-up demons WILD PIGEONS........ Human-looking heads don’t mean they can talk...yet FLYING SPIDERS...........- Huge tarantulas with bat wings and marrow-sucking fangs BONE BEAVERS... Flame-fur demons with razor teeth. Build damns with human bones Confidential and Proprietary Page2 April 30, 1996 1:52 PM ©1996 LucasArts Entertainment Co. Tim Schafer Puzzle Document Puzzle Structure — Year One THE FIRST REAP Three easy puzzles, to be completed linearly Fake Work Order STEALING A REAP Harder puzzles, but still linear Jam Door Open [TASKS FORTHE LSA [Ab-ha! Nonlinearity rears it’s repulsive, yet fascinating head! All puzzles must be solved, but boxes side by side can be worked on at the same time: (i.e. Manny can try t0 get on the roof, give up for 2 while, and go work on the teeth puzzle.) [STEAL THE BONE WAGON [These puzzles can be done in any order. Get i? | know you understand non-linearity. I'm just rying to make sure my chart is clear:) [GET THROUGH THE PETRIFIED FOREST Here we see a non-linear grouping of three linear puzzle chains of length 2. Notice how the non-linearity is increasing as we go on, like a pile of yarn from a sweater that you're lunraveling, but that someone keeps knitting land knitting and knitting AND KNITTING!!! |AAAAHHHH!!! But wait! There’s more Get Shocks (1) Get Shocks @) TOT Confidential and Proprietary Page 3 April 30, 1996 1:52 PM ©1996 LucasArts Entertainment Co. Tim Schafer