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The Great Pyramid

The Great Pyramid

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Q & A worksheet for young learners. Linked to: http://funfacts.englishforyounglearners.org/mysteries/pyramid.html
Q & A worksheet for young learners. Linked to: http://funfacts.englishforyounglearners.org/mysteries/pyramid.html

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Published by: Kieran McGovern on Feb 26, 2012
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Great Pyramid:Worksheet

What is the Great Pyramid?
The Ancient Egyptian built pyramids for the mummies of their kings or pharaohs. They believed pharaohs lived forever. The Great Pyramid is the biggest and most famous pyramid in the world. It was built for Pharaoh Khufu and completed in 2560 B.C. It's more than 4,500 years-old!

Where is it?
At Giza in Egypt. Giza is on the edge of the Western Desert, near Cairo.

How big is it?
The Great Pyramid is over 140 metres high. This isn't very tall when compared to modern 'skyscrapers'. The Burj Khalifa building in Dubai is 828 metres high. But the base of the pyramid is 230 metres long. That’s longer than a football stadium. And it’s more than twice as high

Who built it?
Over 10,000 people worked on building the pyramids over a period of 20 years. Many people believe slaves did the building work. This is not true. The writing we have found on the walls is by local workers. There are also tombs for some of those building the pyramids. Pharaohs did not share tombs with slaves.

How did they build it?
The great pyramid was one of the biggest projects in history. We still are not certain exactly how they built them. Some people believe that aliens built the pyramids. They say that they arrived in space ships. This is very unlikely.

Who was Pharaoh Khufu?
We don't know much about him. There's no surviving mummy - only this tiny statue. Khufu ruled for at least twenty years. He also had over twenty children!

What was he like?
According to later stories, Khufu was a mean, unpopular pharaoh.


1. Write down five things we know about the Great Pyramid. 2.Write down three things we think we know about the Great Pyramid. 3. Draw the Great Pyramid.

4.You are Pharaoh Khufu. What do you want to have in your tomb? Write a list of five things 5.You are a slave working on the Great Pyramid. Write your diary for two days.

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