Zero Fossils Durban

Draft Kjell Kühne 19th February 2012

• Wind, sun, waves and small hydro for 100% renewable energy • Smart architecture for super-low air conditioning need • Efficient public transport, biking and walking account for 95% of all transport • No air pollution • Schools auto-sufficient in food through food gardens with animals • Creative re-purposing of refineries and other big industrial infrastructures (like solar city Vauban in Germany on WWII barracks), e.g. to create visionary "rainbow projects" that bring the different races together to reap synergies • Gandhi Sufficiency Centre to spread this message as a smoothener during the energy descent • University Excellence Centre for Detoxification Technologies - for in-city use and “export” • Labour intensive organic agriculture around the city for food sovereignty • No rich-poor divide, only a gradual difference, less crime, more security • Money inflow from tourists is used to build up the renewable energy infrastructure • Healthier food and lifestyle • Health as school subject with prevention and medicinal plants center stage • Local manufacturing traditions revived