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Design Volume 2 Rip Weaver Process Piping Design Volume 2 Piping designers, engineers, students and college Instructors—this book is for you, In the two volumes of Process Piping Design, Rip Weaver systematically presents a complete course in the design of piping systems for processing Plants, Weaver has drawn on his own extensive exper- lence to explain each phase of piping design and its attendant problems. He writes in the simple descriptive language of the field man about stan- dards of the industry published here for the first time. Process Piping Design can be used as a text for schools or businesses. It takes up where Process, Piping Dratting, already a text in over 40 schools and * used in over 50 countries, ends, Easy-to-understand and absolutely complete, this book includes review questions at the end of each chapter and dozens of illustrations by the author as. well as many from industrial publications, This is the feference book on the design of piping systems. It deals in depth with problems and solu- tions of vital interest to all those involved in the design or installation of industrial piping. No one in the process industries can afford to be without it Rip Weaver Mr. Weaver has more than 25 years experience in drafting, design, and engineering with private busi- ness. During his career he has trained hyndreds of dralting technicians. His-drafting books are used as textbooks in hun- dreds of schools in the United States and Canada. In addition, his workbooks allow instructors and stu- dents to cover more course material more quickly and easily. Mr. Weaver has published numerous articles in trade and technical magazines and is known for his practical approach to training and his easy-to-read texts. He is currently employed by Pullman-Kellogg at its world headquarters in Houston, Texas. P.O. Box 2608 Houston, Texas 77001 Process Piping Design Volume . General Piping Process Terms i Plant Arrangement and Storage Tanks Process Unit*Plot Plans Piping Systems and Details Pipe Fabrication Vessels Instrumentation |. Appendix’ on Conversions Volume 2° : 4. Pumps and Turbines 2. Compressors 3. Fired Heaters 4. Exchangers 5. Piping Flexibility Books by Rip Weaver: Process Piping Dratting Process Piping Drafting Workbook Process Piping Design, 2 Volumes Modern Basic Drafting Modern Basic Drafting Workbook, Parts 1 and 2 ‘Structural Drafting Piper's Pocket Handbook Cover design by Bob Peterman ISBN 0-87201-760-5 Process Piping Design