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The Coffin is Too Big for the Hole by Kuo Pao Kun

The filial grandson demands from the officer-in-charge of the burial sites for a larger hole because his grandfather s coffin is too big for the hole. But, the officer-in-charge is too rigid to follow the policy. At last, the grandfather get an exception to be buried in two plot. But, because the coffin is too big, the decease slept east-west and not north-south. Thus, this play s intention is to mock the Singapore society rigidity by exaggerating the situation in order to show how ridiculous the society are.

Reluctance to adapt changes
Singapore s limited space makes the state rigidly restricts its allocation of spaces for the individual so that the can be maximizing for the national development.

Filial grandson Responsible for his family Firm - insists on being given an extra plot for his grandfather s grave. (page 38)

Traditional like the olden days - expecting a huge and grand funeral like the olden days. (page 33) Rich old man Well prepared prepare his coffin early before he died.

The undertaker presents the society that always follow the rules and does not have sense of humanity to solve problem. (page 37) Bureaucrat (Officer-in-charge)
Negotiable and firm. He give an exception for the grandson to buried the coffin in two plot. Creative give suggestion for the grandson to delay the funeral until the next day so that his father can be buried next to a baby s coffin.

His grandfather s house
Too big Show that the protagonist and his family from a wealthy background. His father is rich, he wants a grand coffin for his funeral.

Important, shows the wealth of the family

The real conflict happen which is the coffin is too big for the hole. The parlour director keeps saying You see sir..... The undertaker cannot make the plot wider because he has work according to a standard size. (page 36) Officer-in-charge is uncompromising:
He reluctant to widen to plot because he is following the rule which is one plot allocated to one person.

Show how strict rules produce a society that follows the order. Densely populated nation with a small space. This play shows how ridiculous the rule are.

Social setting
Small population country
Unwilling to adapt changes. They follow the culture to buried the decease. They should consider cremation to reduce the using of spaces in their small country. But, they refused to do so.

Time : 1970s
Singapore wanted to build their own identity
Produce a good image and identity by using the law to make it possible. Negative effect : They are not flexible and too rigid to accept changes.