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HAROLD S: ‘ON BURR Blueprint for Immortality The Electric Patterns of Life Loxpox NEVILLE SPEARMAN sae Wl Sandan WP ADP ops soe by Ha Seton Bt 4 ph see pt fh ak may be ary of ano aaa Cad Neer Sec inp aan 6 pe Hd, a fence a Sense by Some CONTENTS Foreword Part ‘VOYAGE OF DISCOVERY Chapter Chapter» Chaper 5 Chapter 4 Chapter 5, Chapter 6. Chapter 7 ‘An Adventure in Science ‘The Course and the Compass ‘The Female Fld ‘The Ubiguitoos Feld ‘The Field asa Signpost Antennae the Universe ‘The Continuing Adventure Part SELECTED Pacis Appendix Bibliography of H.S. Bure 6 6 6 us 185 ILLUSTRATIONS Harold Saxton Burr Fromtispicce Volemeter recommended by the Author page 86 Measurement of hyp candiions age 87 FOREWORD The Universe in which we find ourselves and from which we can not be separated isa place of Law and Order. tis not 2 cident, nor chaos, Te is organized and maintained by an Flecrodynamie Fld capable of determining the positon and movement ofall charged parties For nearly hal 2 century the logical consequences of this theory have ben subjected to nigovouty conteled experimental onditions and met with no contadtions. HLS. Barr