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Muhammad Mokhtar English 10E (Ms Kerry) 9/1/2012

An Inspector Calls Act 2 Essay Question 2: Act II ends with Mrs Birling finally weakening. What is the cause of this? How does the inspector trap her into condemning her own son? Mrs Birling told Eva Smith to Go and look for the father of the child. Its his responsibility, after she refused to help her. The inspector reminded her that Eva Smith at that time needed help most when she went to the organization for help; she needed not only money but advice, sympathy and friendliness. However Mrs Birling did not believe her story when she said she did not want the money of the father of her child because it is stolen money. She used this fact to advise the committee to refuse claim for assistance. The Inspector asked Mrs Birling who was to blame. Firstly, she said Eva Smith, secondly, the young man who was the father of her child who didnt belong to her class and a drinker and he shouldnt escape. He should be made an example of. Mrs Birling believes the young man must be dealt with very severely for causing Evas death because she refused to take his stolen money and needed help. Mrs Birling said he must be made an example of a young man and to make public confession of responsibility for his action and said that it is the duty of the inspector. Mrs Birling only found out that she was trapped when she asked what the inspector was waiting for because she thought that the investigation was over, only to find out that the Inspector was doing his duty to question Eric.