Falling economies are coming worldwide.

Look throughout the worlds at nations falling human economies are going broke. Mortgage companies have killed housing building worldwide false governments economies are being pit in the news. People are hungry homeless worldwide countries are killed by war people hunger thirst have no electric power or water. War mongers are killing world

trade by embargos while Wallmart uses slave labor throughout the world for profit. Oil is going through the floor at a hundred plus a barrel. Gas ranges from four to eight dollars a gallons rising. Political wars poverty killing is at an alltime high this helps kill economies. Nations continue to talk about improving economies where in this world in this world are economies improving. Nothing gets covered by modern day high tech tabloid news

worldwide. There are no thriving economies only the fall of human life by class until only rich or poor are left. Do you believe it the world is falling apart in all human life it·s at an all-time high?