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Read the text, circle all new words and answer the questions below.

IES PAY ARIAS.Espejo.Crdoba.


Order the following events as they have happened:

Investigators are using special radar to search a Bretons property. Jos Bretn is arrested in suspicion of murder. Sniffer dogs mark an orange grove as a possible burial site. Ruth and Jose disappeared. Jos Bretn left his children alone because he went to his car when he was in Cruz Conde Park. The childrens mother separates from his husband, Jos Bretn. A Judge will decide whether Breton is sent to prison or if he is set free.

Answer the following question. (Dont forget to use complete sentences)

Why are investigators searching again in Las Quemadillas ?

Can you tell me two contradictions in Bretons statements ?

According to the Police, How could we describe Bretons personality?

Do we know one of Jos Bretns previous jobs ?

Crime and Justice System Vocabulary . New Vocabulary Outskirts Orange grove Sniffer dog Burial site Statement Property CCTV footage Former He hasnt shed a tear IES PAY ARIAS.Espejo.Crdoba.

IES PAY ARIAS.Espejo.Crdoba.

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