Efficient WiMAX Networks with Base Station Testing

Technology has leapt from one milestone to another with ease. Taking this forward is the combination of broadband and mobile that gives access to information from anywhere and also brings the best out of the wireless communication era. 4G WiMAX is aimed at providing major mobile operators and the telecommunication industry a cost-effective method towards mass market adoption of wireless broadband services. To successfully operate mobile WiMAX testing the base station, including the testing of interoperability between the base station and Access Network Gateways (ASN-GW), QoS and mobility management, needs to be incorporated. Any effective test or monitoring solution needs to tap into many other physical links, including the R4 (ASN GW to ASN GW) and R3 (ASN to CSN) Interfaces. Furthermore, it must also capture Protocol Data Units (PDUs) on both control and user plane, decode them and present them in a readable format. Time-synchronized capture of multiple Rx interfaces is the key to providing efficient WiMAX network.