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Romanian Conservative Party – Spain Branch - Madrid ”I condemn the new anti-Romanian statements of

Romanian Conservative Party – Spain Branch - Madrid

”I condemn the new anti-Romanian statements of MEP Laszlo Tokes, Vice President of European Parliament”

With regard to the statements made at the meeting held on Thursday, 17 November, of Minority Intergroup of the European Parliament by MEP Laszlo Tokes the President of PC Spain make the following press release:

The retrograde mentality of the MEP Laszlo Tokes, vice-president of the European Parliament, produced a regrettable episode in the meeting held on Thursday by the Minority Intergroup (MI) of the European Parliament where Mr. Tokes raised the issue of ethnic separation of the University of Medicine and Pharmacy in Targu Mures, Romania, on which occasion Mr. Tokes has demonstrated again his anti-Romanian rhetoric asking MEPs from the MI to take action against the policy of "Romanization" of Hungarians in Transylvania. Using his high official position, so generously paid from public funds, Mr. Laszlo Tokes militates so disgusting against Romania, promoting as desirable the ethnic separatism of a prestigious university in Romania, accusing, ironically, "Romanization" of Hungarians in Transylvania. This new gesture of Mr. Laszlo Tokes, which does not surprise me at all and naturally falls into his profoundly anti-Romanian political line, sketches a character that is not worthy of an official representative of the Romanian state. For over 20 years Mr. Tokes, along with the rest of Hungarian extremists in Romania, is fighting continuously for the ethnic enclavisation of an area from the center of Romania, serving the interests of Hungarian irredentism and chauvinism. I personally request the President of Romania, Romanian Government and Parliament to condemn this new inexcusable and deeply anti-Romanian act of Romanian MEP Laszlo Tokes. A lack of reaction from these institutions can only prove their complicity with the irredentist policy of MEP Laszlo Tokes.

Madrid, 20 November 2011

President of PC Spain, Dan Tanasa