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2º Sección: AESO C Asignatura: ENGLISH

Nombre: Número: Temario:

Fecha: WRITING 0-1

READING 1 Read the text. Then write true (T) or false (F). My school day School starts at nine o’clock in the morning. I usually go by bus, and I leave home at quarter past eight. We have four classes in the morning, and then we have lunch at half past twelve. In the afternoon, we usually have three classes. I study ten subjects. My favourite subjects are Spanish and French. I love languages! I don’t like maths or science. I don’t mind P.E. We usually play basketball or hockey. The teachers at my school are nice. My favourite teacher is Miss Smith. She teaches Spanish. Her classroom is really nice. There’s a TV, and we sometimes watch Spanish films. There’s also a stereo, and we often listen to Spanish conversations. But we hardly ever listen to pop music! There’s a library at my school. We can read there, and we can also use the computers. After school, I sometimes go to the library and surf the Internet for my homework. On Tuesday, I always go to the music club. I enjoy playing the guitar. Jane (aged 15) 1 2 3 4 5 Jane starts school at quarter past eight. _____ Jane loves French and Spanish. _____ Jane hates P.E. _____ Jane often listens to pop music at school. _____ Jane plays the guitar on Tuesday. _____ Mark 2 Read the text again. Then answer the questions. 1 How does Jane travel to school? _________________________________________________ 2 How many classes does she have in the morning? _________________________________________________ 3 What time does Jane have lunch? _________________________________________________ 4 What sports does Jane usually play at school? _________________________________________________ 5 Where does Jane surf the Internet? _________________________________________________ Mark WRITING 3 Write about a typical school day. Think about these questions: • What time does school start / finish? • How do you usually travel to school? • What is your favourite subject / classroom? • Is there a library / café / swimming pool at your school? • What do you usually do after school? Mark 30 70 10

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