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Name:................................................................................ THERE IS NO WORK THE WORK IS RIGHT ENOUGHT THE WORK IS NOT ADMITTED BECAUSE THERE ARE PLAGIARISM.

PARTS THAT MAY/HAVE TO BE CORRECTED ARE IN RED 1 Summary (x2) It's right and complete, short but containing all main ideas 0.66 It's rightly summarized, but there is some missing idea 0.33 0

There are a great It's not the part of the ideas summary of the missing, or it's not presentations a right summary There are at least 3 coherent questions No questions or incoherent ones. Three parts are missing or not right

Personal questions More than 10 There are at least (x1,5) coherent questions 7 coherent questions Book (x1,5)

The reference is One of the parts is Two parts are right. The missing or not missing or not explanation about right right the book is complete and coherent. There are at least 6 questions The is some mistake in one of the part (no information, experiment no very right...)

Scientific Method The scientific (x3) method is totally applied (question, information, hypothesis and experiment)

There is some part There is more than missing or there is one part missing a big mistake in some of them (experiment without relation to hypothesis, without data to observe...)

Biography (x2)

It's right, with the structure asked and right information It's all written in right English

It's right but bit too short or with some part of the structure missing More than half of the work is written in right English. Or everything is in English but there are mistakes Some part is No English or just written in right one short part and English. Or a great with mistakes part of the work is written in English with mistakes

English (x1,5)